The Day of Judgement #16 – The Separation of Mankind Before Heaven & Hell

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al hamdu Lillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah why Allah Allah He was so happy he woman was murdered. So we are now resuming our day of judgment series for those of you that are watching this live you know that we took a bit of a break because of hedges and other things going on. For those of you that are watching many, many months or years from now and just watching continuously make drama for all of us and I made for you as well. So we are now resuming after a bit of a hiatus for those of you that are watching regularly, I do need to pause here and do a quick recap that Alhamdulillah in the last so many lectures, we have done quite a lot of stages and details of the

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Day of Judgment, from the actual resurrection of from the grave to the gurus, in front of Allah subhanho wa Taala the presentation, we have done the the hisab where the actual judgment, we have done the issue of the scrolls, the issue of the Mi Zahn, the opportunity for excuse, last lessons we did the hold or the drinking from the fountain of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. And so all of this has now come. And according to our knowledge of what we have in the forum is sooner we're getting to the end of what we know of what's going to happen on the Day of Judgment, we're basically winding down here and getting to the next stage. And the next stage is of course going to

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be Jen. Now we asked galarza for that, or we seek Allah's refuge. jahannam and the beginnings of that winding down are going to take place by gathering people according to the camps that they were in. And so what's going to happen is the demarcation of various groups of people, the segregation, or the separation of groups of people, and the believers will be one group. And all of those who believed in other gods, they would be resurrected in accordance with the gods that they believed in IE on that day, at this timeframe, people will be separated based upon their gods which is based upon the religions. And therefore this will demonstrate for us the real separation, and those who

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worshiped other than a loss of habitat or those who rejected the worship of Allah, they will be separated from the believers. And the Quran mentions that they will then be and we mentioned this previously, that they will be dragged on their faces to jahannam There will come a point in time where they will be made blinded and deaf and dumb, there will come a point in time where their senses will be operating. Again, I explained in the previous lectures that they will possibly be variations during that timeframe, they're going to feel jahannam sense Gen mc jahannam, they will beg Allah xojo to come back at that stage again. And they will also at that stage as well. They will

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regret How do you relate Anna Nora do what I look at the way it rabina that they're going to regret how long to us how we wish we can go back in this world and that we don't have to see all of this punishment, and each group will be resurrected following its gods and its leaders the false gods and the false leaders every single group shall be resurrected based upon the people whom they looked up to the religions that they followed the gods that they worshipped and allies origin mentioned this multiple times in the Quran. And it is mentioned that as soon as well for example, as soon as soft fat verse 22 or shorter Latino volume was wider home warmer can we are we doing them in daily life?

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I do who else at all? Please enjoy him, gather and resurrect those who did wrong to themselves and their helpers and gather them with those whom they worshipped besides Allah and then Usher them into jahannam Fado VEDA salted jehane Walkley form in Noma saloon and cause them to stop they will be questioned about what they have done. And Allah mentions in the Quran about the people of Freetown ensuited hood, verse 98, yeah, po do mo Palma who yom Okayama Tifa hora de humo. Now, he shall lead his people on the Day of Judgment, and their end result is going to be the fire of hell. He shall lead the people Yoko Docomo Yokoyama, so for our own is going to be the leader of his people,

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anybody who looked up to fit down anybody who worship that out anybody who took her out

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As a false god, anybody who followed that religion will be resurrected upon the leaders of that religion and their false gods will be there as well. There are those who worship the sun, those who worship the moon, they will see either the actual sun and moon or a replica of that and they're going to be told to go to that area, those who worship other than a larger region will be resurrected according to their false gods. And what I wanted to do today and hamdulillah one of the things that I thank Allah for that when we have these types of classes in my lengthy series, that I'm not pressured for time, and so we can discuss things that are relevant without having to worry

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about oh, I have to finish this and whatnot. No, today inshallah, without I'm going to do, I'm going to discuss one of the most important traditions about the day of judgment in detail. And I've done this in previous lectures as well. And today, we're going to do one of those as well it is and with that flokati, Bahati and Muslim Hadith, and it is the lengthy Hadith from Abu Salah, Quadri, rhodiola Tada, and that describes multiple things about the Day of Judgment, and we have discussed bits and portions of it from the beginning, and we have left certain things to the end. So today I wanted to pause here and do this entire Hadith from the words of our Prophet salallahu alayhi

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wasallam. And then inshallah In our next lesson, we shall resume the next stage which is going to be the issue of the Surat or the issue of crossing over the bridge. So today's lecture is about the division of mankind and what's going to happen and this idea in particular, even though it talks about other things, but it spends the most amount of time talking about these divisions, and it is a hadith reported by Abu Salah hodari in Bukhari and Muslim and I will be narrating the version in Sahih Muslim and in my edition, it is Hadith number 453. That I will say the hard reset and onerous and unnecessary fees emanate Rasulullah sallallahu. I sent him a call YOLO pseudo Allah has not

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already been a yarmulke Yokoyama, a group of people asked the messenger solo laquanda he was seldom will we see a lot of zoa gel on the Day of Judgment, and the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, yes, you shall. And then he said that how to bore rune if you wrote yet a sham see before he wrote you so one day seminar has a hab. Do you have any problem seeing the sun in the full mid day and there's no clouds? Is there any problem to notice the sun over there? In the middle of the day? There's no clouds is bright, shining bright. Do you How can anybody not see the sun? They said, Of course not. We see the sun. Then he said, Do you have a problem seeing the full moon in the middle of the month

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and there's no cloud. So in the 15th of the month, the 14th of the month, the full moon is there, there's no clouds. Do you have a problem? They said no. And so our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam then said in the same way, you shall have no problems looking at a low yet Allah heat about Nikola Tesla on the Day of Judgment, just like you can sense the sun and the moon. You see it over there, nobody's gonna be jostling and shoving and fighting. There's no issue everybody can equally see the sun and moon and so to everybody will equally see Allah subhanho wa Taala. And then the Prophet system said either Can I Oh pm at ln mo and then when it will be the day of judgment, and a

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person shall proclaim or an entity shall proclaim most likely an angel, detectable, kulu Mateen maca, and that would let every group follow what it used to worship. Notice this idea that every group follow what it used to worship, and so no one shall be left because everybody worships something, even if they worship themselves if they rejected God, they're worshiping themselves. Even atheists have something they look up to. They today have something that they consider sacred and so everybody shall be divided based upon that which they used to worship. And so the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that those who worship idols and stones besides Allah azza wa jal, they will

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follow them into jahannam until who will be left? The only people that will be left are those who let me up in them and Canada Buddha law min min burrin Oh, forget what Roger well hope buddy, a little kita

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none shall be left except those who used to worship a lot the righteous and the sinful. So sinful Muslims shall remain with the righteous Muslims because in the end of the day, their God was one their religion was one their Lord was one. So right now they're all going to be together and remnants of the People of the Book well over 100 keytab that there's going to be some people of the people of the book as well are going to be left not all of them, why not all of them are scholars have different Some have said that the people that will be left over here are those that are not the correct people I eat. So we believe as Muslims that the keytab were righteous and they worshipped

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Allah properly and in their timeframes. They were rightly guided. So those of them are separate the real followers of Jesus, the real followers of Moses, the righteous

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Amongst them, who believed in the appropriate timeframes, right? Because again, every prophet comes in cancels the previous prophets, meaning that he supersedes them. So we believe that the righteous Jews in the time of Musa are Muslims, and the righteous Christians at the time of ERISA are Muslims, so they shall be with us, they shall be with the righteous, or they shall be in a group with their profits. How about those that were not righteous, and they rejected the next prophet? So this is then those people. So we're talking about those who were not righteous to Allah, not faithful to a lot and rejecting the prophets of Allah, they shall remain and the Muslim shall remain, and the

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idolaters have now been taken to jahannam then the who they're going to be asked, What did you choose to worship? And so they would say, we worship Hosea, the son of a lot. And so it will be said to them, You are lying, Allah does not have a partner or a child, and they shall then be dragged into jahannam. And the Christians, then Assad are going to be asked that what did you choose to worship? So they will say we used to worship at Mercy obey no law. And so it will be said to them you are lying that Allah did not have a son nor a partner, and they too will be dragged into punishment. And then what will happen then Allah subhanahu wa tada will come, then no one will be

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left except the believers as the Hadith says here, except those who worshipped Allah subhanho wa Taala townhome or boulard Amina Subhana, WA tada surah to Manila to her our or Oh houfy have, that their Lord shall come to them in a form that is the least recognizable. Now, the issue of the coming of Allah I have mentioned this a few lectures ago, I have mentioned the controversy amongst mainstream Sunni Islam, we have those who affirmed it literally, we have those who said, Allah knows only and we're not going to even think about it. We have those who affirmed it metaphorically. And all of these we find precedents and the third, fourth, fifth centuries in this regard, and the

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safest I have already explained, is that we narrate these a hadith and we don't think too deeply about them, they are authentic, they are from the wordings of the prophets of the law. Finally, he will sell them those whom he spoke these a hadith to understood the generically the words that are being used, and they did not question the details of how and why. So that is the best Eman And we should stick with that level. And Eliza knows best. And so their Lord shall come to them in the least recognizable fashion IE they will not recognize that this is their Lord and their Lord will say what are you waiting for? And they will respond. We are waiting for our Lord, we are waiting for

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our Lord. And so a lot as the agenda will say on our book. I am your Lord and they will not recognize it. And so they will say Neruda Billahi min Koo seek Allah as refugee and you whatever they will they will not think this to be Allah we seek Allah's refuge from you, we will never worship other than Allah subhanho wa Taala. So they will assume that this entity is other than Allah, and they shall mistakenly

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mean it well, they're turning to all those correct they shall turn to Allah against this entity not knowing that the entity is in fact Allah subhanahu wa tada and this is in Bukhari Muslim By the way, and Allah will then ask them, is there a sign that you shall recognize that you shall know that this is your Lord? And so they say, yes, there is a sign there is something that we know that when we see it, this will be our Lord, for you chef wines. Now, this is another one of those phrases that has been interpreted radically differently amongst scholars in the third, fourth, fifth century and from that time, we have these various strands so for Yorkshire for itself, it is a phrase and the phrase

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has a literal meaning and it has a metaphorical meaning. The literal meaning is that the shin shall be displayed the shin the shin is the area of a human being it is beneath the knee, and above the foot, that's the shin. So the word SAP is the shin you shaft one sock, the shin shall be displayed. Now, this is the literal meaning. The phrase Yorkshire foreign SAP also has a metaphorical meaning in the Arabic language, which is well known in poetry and in pre Islamic and early language and it is the same as when you say in English, for example, that he was caught red handed, right there is an expression he was caught red handed. And the meaning as you all know, is he was caught guilty

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doesn't mean his hands were red. So the phrase usual foreigners have also has this interpretation. And therefore from the beginning of our theological debates, not from the beginning of Islam because the Sahaba and tab your own. By and large, they didn't really think about these attributes in that depth in that level, and they accepted the outer meanings of it. So one group understands this to be literal, and they say that

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LA's origin will display the South his self and others understand it to be metaphorical. And the meaning here is that things will become clear. This is what the metaphorical meaning is, is that things will become clear or the matter will become settled. Or the issue is going to reach the level of, you know, a level of certainty. This is how they interpret UHF one south and when that happens when the UHF one South happens, no one who used to prostrate to Allah subhana wa tada in this world of his own accord shall remain standing when they recognize this to be a lot, everybody shall fall down in such that this is what the Hadith is saying. None shall remain standing that used to worship

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Allah azza wa jal upon EMA and that upon the class they shall all fall down in such depth. However, those who used to worship Allah to show off to others, those who used to prostrate out of fear of the people out of showing off they will not be able to prostrate and their backs will become straight, and when they try to prostrate they will fall flat onto their faces or they will fall flat onto their backs they will not be able to prostrate to Allah subhanho wa Taala. Now, this is the separation of the munaf your own the hypocrites from the righteous and the sinful. So we have three categories in this group of people in this dunya they all were called Muslims. So in the ark era,

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they will be resurrected in as one group within Muslims, there will be three categories. The first are the righteous, the people of taqwa and the man a little bit. The second are going to be the Farjeon the evil sinners. They're Muslims, but they have committed murder. They have not worshipped a lot properly and they still say that Kadima so this is the father and the third is the Mona, the hypocrite and that is the worst of the three. So according to this narration, the Muslim the movement and the jury will be able to prostrate to Allah and the Muna. The hypocrite will not be able to prostrate to a lot and that person will fall back onto their backs so that they will be

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exposed in front of the people. And when they raise their heads up again. Somebody out also what are the two how well have you sold it Leterrier? Oh houfy Uh, well, Amara, Allah azza wa jal will now appear to them in the form or fashion when they first saw him. In other words, when the gurus took place, so the Hadith begins, you shall see your Lord, how we see him What is all of this is beyond our knowledge. The Hadith mentions that Allah will come to them and they will not recognize a lot. When the sign happens, the future for itself happens and of course, this is in the Quran, yo Moksha for itself, then when you downloaded the Sudafed, I still to your room, this is experts in the

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Foreign Service, okay, I'm Oh, by the way, it's very explicit. On that day, I the shin will be exposed or the other translation, which is again, I don't prefer that translation, but it is there in our classical scholars, you've been photographed, and you have a very happy and about ilani and arduini. And then bizarrely, they interpreted it that way. And then of course, the first school or even Jose Emma Emma who live in Hamburg and those that follow the the authority interpretation, they have the the literal understanding and then the other school it understands it metaphorically, that's the matter will be made clear that the sign will be done. What is that sign we do not know.

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According to the second school according to the first school, the sign is to see the shin of the robe and Allah azza wa jal, so when they prostrate to Allah subhana wa Tada. They then raise their heads up, and then what will happen, they will now recognize a large zoologist, because he shall appear to them in the same surah in the same fashion or matter that they first saw him at the very beginning of the day of judgment. And so now they recognized him firehall Luna, and Terra buena. And so they're going to say You are our Lord, we recognize you to be our Lord. Okay, so this is now the separation what's going to happen after this. So my horrible juicer Allah jahannam, then the juicer

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or the bridge will be placed over jahannam the bridge will be set up over jahannam. So and where to hell Lucia and intercession will begin, I'm going to when we finished the highlight, I'm going to extract some benefits from it. So now just bear with me. We have kulu Allahumma, Selim, Selim. And the people will say, Oh Allah, we ask for your safety or Allah, we ask for your safety, sell them, sell them, keep us safe, keep us safe. They said O Messenger of Allah, what is this bridge villages? So the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, Boy, don't Mozilla fee hatachi phone worker Larry

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de Beauvoir has second call finished in fee her shoe waker to new collar aside and so the profitsystem said the bridge is something that is not steady and firm but rather it is like a void that you can slip off of the bridge is not something that is steady and firm. He described the bridge with adjectives he did not describe the essence of the bridge he described the qualities of the bridge and are in shallow data the next lesson will be about the bridge or the salt or they just said all of this will be next lesson today we're just going over this Howdy. So the profitsystem said it is the bridge that is the void by Boone Mozilla by means that which is not firm Mozilla that

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means you're going to slip on it you can easily slip and fall down so it's neither is it firm nor can you put your feet on it you're going to easily slip fi hot off the phone work I'll leave that in it will be hooks and tongs and spits that are like the thorns of a tree in niche that is called a sedan. So a sedan is a tree in northern Arabia that has long spiky thorns very problematic very difficult. So the process of saying that the the hooks there are actually going to have thorns on them. It's not just a hook on it rather the hook itself has thorns on it. And then the believers are going to pass by for your moral munakata Fellini what Cal Berkeley will carry he woke up at work he

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did at work at work whether the Cabot final Jean Michel Lim will do Sean Marcel want to do so in finale jahannam. So the believers are going across now This version has one one order, another version has another order. And the other version of Bahati has that the first to go will go like this at the speed of light at the speed of lightning, it literally goes and then some will go like the wind, and then some will go like the bird. And then some will go like the fastest horses and then the fastest camels. And then the profitsystem said some of them are going to be saved without any scratches and harm. And that is for now Jean mussalam, they're going to pass through without any

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scratches and harms male lawmakers amongst them will do shouldn't move sell, there will be those that have Kadosh means a scratch, but they're let go. So the hooks are going to come and scratch them. But they'll still manage to go through and get to the other side work to do soon. feanor de jahannam and there will be those that will be caught up and dragged and pushed into the fire of jahannam. So there's three categories that are going to be crossing the bridge, the first nothing happens, the second scars but they get to the end. And the third those that don't make it and they're going to be dragged into the fire of hell had they either Hello, Sally Newman and by the

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time then that the believers are now safe from the fire of hell they've crossed over. So now the groups that have crossed over they know who has not crossed over here the prophets of the law. Why did he was seldom said for well let enough cvad mermin had the mini combi I showed them on a shed that said the law he puts the ball in half a minute and what me Nina de la he yomo pm at the one a marina fin now it's a very powerful phrase over here that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, I swear by the one in whose hands is my life, that there will be none amongst you that will be more eager to claim a right than the believers on the Day of Resurrection for their brethren who

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have been in the fire of hell. Meaning what is all of this talking about?

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All power paraphrase, no one will argue more passionately than the believers in front of a lot to save their brethren. You've never had a more passionate argument. You've never made a stronger case you have never pleaded with more certainty and with more passion and with more enthusiasm. That is the time of pleading when the believers who have passed over and they see some of their brethren that have not passed over and so they're going to beg or plead alemannic shefa with Allah subhana wa tada with regards to those brethren over that they have not crossed over in the bridge. And so

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the the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam said that he akuna robina curioso Mona Mona will use a Luna mana with her June, the believers will say Oh Allah, those people that didn't make it, they prayed with us and fasted with us and they did hedge with us. And so Allah subhana wa tada will say, to you, man out of tomb for to horombo surah Hamada. Allah will say to the believers that have made it over go ahead and get take out anybody whom you recognize, and Allah will forbid the fire of hell from touching them. For your college una halycon kathira for auditing now in this visa, he will either look at a lot of people will be brought out

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Johanna and the fire of hell would have gone to the middle of their Shin or maybe even to their knees.

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The fire of hell would have gone to their * or maybe even to their knees, but it would not have gone to their actual bodies, it would not have gone to the actual shapes. And so a lot of people will be taken out. And they will say, robina McAfee, I don't mean a mouth and they will say, Oh Lord, no one is left that you have commanded us to take out. And so Allah subhana wa tada will say it would you go back from Abuja to fuchal behemoth Kala Dena rim in hiring you, whoever you find who has one, silver one weight Silver's weight Dino, which is like a coins weight of good take him out. So they're going to take out a large group of people, then Allah will say to them, then they will

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say that Oh Allah that anybody you've told us to with that condition, we have taken him out, then Allah will say go back, and whoever you find that has half a coin, take him out. So they will take him out a large group of people, and they will say well up, no one whom you commanded to oppress to take out his left, then Allah will say go back. And if you find anybody who has a mustard seed myth called Aurora, now the phrase mythical udara, we in Arabic, it basically is the smallest amount because a mustard seed if you've ever seen it, it is the smallest seed and so we can say n atoms, which are the smallest amount of hype, take him out. And so they will take out a large group and

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they will say, Oh Allah, we have left no one according to your conditions here. I will say to hoody pause the Hadith, and he said, If you don't believe me, then read the Quran in the La hyla. You're gonna miss Carla Dora waynetech who has entered a new life with him in the dune who Adriana Lima? Allah does not wrong, anyone. And whoever has an atom's wait even a good deed, Allah azzawajal will exaggerate that and give it more and He will give a great reward because of that. Then he goes back to the Hadith. Then Allah will say, the angels have interceded, and the prophets have interceded, and the believers have interceded, and the only one who is left is our hammer rahimian. And that is

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Allah subhana wa tada the Most Merciful of all who have mercy, then Allah will take out a handful for Yelp or Google pub, in our language of law for human beings, you take something with our hands, that's not possible. For the sake of a law for the help of a law. We don't know how it is, it is going to be a problem of a law. And the problem of a law cannot be compared with anything that we know. But it will be a large amount more than we can imagine. And Eliza will take out a handful of people who have never done any good lemmya mlo hire on top. Now this group of people, the other believers did not even recognize them. None of the believers recognize them, and they have not done

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any good worthy of mention, and yet Allah azza wa jal knows that they have something that is worthwhile, that is in them, and so they shall be taken out by the mercy of a law by the sheer fact of a law or their I do human map. They have been burnt to a crisp, they have been burnt into complete charcoal complete they are completely burnt up him he didn't have why his agenda to Hollywood or hoonah will hire these people will be thrown into a river in heaven that is called the river of life. And fire Kuru Juna Kamata a battlefield Hamid is safey hammy, they say they shall sprout from this river, they shall sprout from this river, the way that a seed it sprouts forth,

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that has been carried from the silt of a flood. So it's a very interesting metaphor that the Prophet system is giving that imagine a seed is lying in the dust and people ignore it. And then the rain falls and the rain comes and it carries the seeds and it carries it to a fertile soil. And then it plants it somewhere. So our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, I that's our own corner either a hedgerow either szegedi my akuna illa Shamsi also a fear of what will how you live, what am I gonna mean her in? In a windy corner Abele, the prophet system said Don't you see that if the seed comes under the stone or near the tree? Don't you see that when it comes out close to this stone or

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the tree that if it is facing the sun, it's going to be slightly yellow or slightly green and if it is under the shade, then it will be slightly white. So he's very specifically saying that these seeds they will have different colors depending on where they are planted. And the Sahaba said O Messenger of Allah kaneka Quinta Tara, and Bill by the year it is as if he used to tend flocks in the desert, and of course he did. He is speaking this Hadeeth in his 60s and when he was a teenager, 14 years before this, he was actually

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Shepherd, so he knows very well the different types of trees and the different types of colors that happen. So he's describing it in that detail. And then the prophets a little listener said Heidi is winding down, they shall be taken out like pearls. And they shall have seals around their necks and the people of Jen will know and recognize these people. And the people of gender will say, how would I return a court of law he led to adhara, Houma, la hogen nebulae, Dr. Marina Emmylou, who were hired in a demo, these are the ones who will love read, and they were entered into gender without any good that they have done a lot chose them to be in Jannah. And they didn't earn anything of

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gender. So Allah freed them from his pure mercy. They're called the rota part of Allah. And there are two homies The one who have been freed by the Compassionate One. And Allah zoa did will tell these people that foodhero agenda, go ahead and enter agenda. And whatever you find in there it is for you, whatever is left, whatever is there it is for you. And so they will thank a lot and say that I've been an athlete and Mr. them put them in an aisle, I mean, our law you have given us that which you have not given any other person, what is that, to be entered into agenda without any good deeds, this is a blessing that Allah is going to give a group of people, they're going to be the

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last batch to enter gentlemen, no batch entry agenda after them. And so Allah will say, I have something even more precious than this, they will say what is more precious than what you have given us, you know, you've saved us from gender, we're in gender, now we have everything we can see around us. And Allah will say, real boy, my pleasure, from now on, I shall never be angry for all of eternity. Now, this is a beautiful, very, very long Hadith. And I wanted to do this, because it is one of the fundamental ideas of this chapter. And we should be aware of it or remember it is in Bahati, and the Muslim. Now, I want to extract from this Hadith, a number of benefits. And of

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course, much more can be said, of the benefits that we extract from this very beautiful Hadith is that the real division amongst mankind is not based upon skin color, or the place of birth, or heritage, or passport, or ethnicity, or language or where you live. The real division is based upon the religion based upon the God that you worship. And that's something you choose nobody. This is something that where you're born and your skin color and your heritage, you cannot choose and to divide people based upon that is utterly superficial. It is paganistic it is Jay Lee, why would you discriminate against somebody based upon something that is not in his control? Isn't that so

00:32:43--> 00:33:24

shallow, but the shady does not do that. And that's why in terms of race, and and in terms of culture, and in terms of heritage, and in terms of skin color, all of humanity is equal, who cares what the color of your passport or the color of your skin is? How are you divided on the Day of Judgment is not going to be based upon nation states are those of you who are so obsessed with your heritage with your skin color with your nation state, overcome this superficial reality? It is Jay Z, it is the essence of paganism. concentrate more on your primary identity and your primary identity by which and through which you shall be recognized, and you shall be separated is the

00:33:24--> 00:34:03

identity of your faith, what you believe what you consider sacred, the God that you worship, that is what defines you. And so be careful that you don't take these superficial other things and make them the primary Yes, there's nothing wrong with recognizing your heritage and your passport and your skin color. You know, as long as no, you know, you're not looking down at other people, we all have our heritage. But it is definitely wrong to make those the adult and the be all and anybody who does so you have taken those things as your primary demarcation, and on the Day of Judgment, that's not the primary demarcation. Also, we learn here that exactly what our Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, a

00:34:03--> 00:34:16

person shall be with those whom he loves, and worships a model environment, a hub. So if you love the look, you'll be resurrected with those who worship to live you love the believers, if you identify with the believers, you will be resurrected with the believers.

00:34:17--> 00:34:59

of the benefits as well that we see over here is that even the rejecters from the keytab are better than the isolators from the machete keen. And this is demonstrated by the fact that they remain when everybody else goes and then of course, because they rejected a lot so then they too are going to go to Johanna but, but in this world, and in the art here, certain perks and privileges are given to the ad Nicky tab. Even those that rejected the other prophets, obviously the idukki tab that were righteous and believed in their profits at the right timeframe. They are Muslims. We're talking about the sneaky dab who were not loyal to Allah, they are still better than the ones who worshipped

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00:35:00--> 00:35:46

Choosing stones because the worship of Allah through the religions of the idukki tab is still infinitely more logical and rational than the worship of a stone that you carve or an idol that you yourself have created. Also, another benefit that we get from this hadith is that the wicked of the believers and the hypocrites of the believers, just like they enjoyed the physical companionship of the believers and the perks of the oma. So to they will enjoy it for a period of time, at the end of the day of judgment, they will all be together, but then separations are going to occur. And how will those separations occur. So the moon after all, are the hypocrites, they will not even get to

00:35:46--> 00:36:28

the seraphs because they're not going to even be able to get there. And the sinful of the believers, they shall get to the set off, and some amongst them are going to fall into jahannam. We also learn from this as well, that there is going to be a final test of final mini test on the date of judgment. And that mini test is that the believers are going to be left for a period of time in suspension in suspense, I should say, not knowing what is going on, they don't know what is going on where all of the other false religions, they have been taken into jahannam, their false gods have led them into jahannam. And no one will be left on the plains of the day of judgment other than the

00:36:28--> 00:37:08

believers, and the panic will rise amongst the mainstream groups of people and the mainstream believers meaning the average Muslim, they're going to be wondering what's going on, then they will see an entity and not recognize that entity to be a lots of hands on with either. And when the entity says I am your Lord, they will seek refuge and they will say no, we we never did * in this world. We're not going to do shooter canalis heinola. So there's one final test that when they don't recognize a lot, and they think that this entity is not a law, and so they say we cannot worship you. We were firm in this dunya How can we now turn back in the theater. And this shows us that

00:37:09--> 00:37:48

those who are committed to Iman and taqwa and those that are firm in this dunya Allah will bless them in the theater as well. Now, we also have to mention here that indeed, the average Muslim might be worried or concerned or in suspense, however, not from this headed but from generic texts in the Quran, we learned that the righteous amongst the believers are not going to be in any panic or suspense, we learned that the righteous man would attain the highest category. And these are the Buddha said, Behold, these are the righteous the people of Allah says in the Quran, the whole funada him without whom, you know, they're never going to worry, they're never going to grieve. Allah says

00:37:48--> 00:38:26

in the Quran, in the linear circuit, Allahu mindwell, Krishna will I can move by doing those who won the race those who are at the very forefront, Allah will promise them Jihad agenda. And then Allah says they're not even going to hear jahannam. And then Alonzo just says, Love your husband. Oh, well, first, I will talk about that they're not even going to be worried on the day of the great worry, they're not even going to be worried there is no reason there is no worry. So amongst this category, there will be those that have absolutely no worry whatsoever. Now, if somebody were to say, what is the wisdom of this final test that Allah is coming? And a lot of ga is saying, I am

00:38:26--> 00:39:09

your Lord. And the believers say no, you're not We seek refuge in You. And we're not going to recognize we're not going to do * in this in this phase, when we did not do * before the wisdom and Allah knows best is that this is the stage where the hypocrites will be separated from the pious and the hypocrites will not be able to prostrate fully to Allah subhanho wa Taala. And so this is the the wisdom here that those who pass this test were not hypocrites, and the hypocrites will now be taken away and drag. So the hypocrites are gone. So who is left? The believers that had some sincerity, or more sincerity or the most sincerity, ie anybody who was a genuine Muslim and

00:39:09--> 00:39:51

movement, genuine Eman? Even if they were sinful? They were murderers. They were taking drugs doing Zina, although that might be there. They're not righteous Muslims. They're not worshipping Allah properly, they're breaking their trust, etc, etc. But deep down inside they believe in Allah Muhammad Rasul Allah, and that is more precious that that Kadima is more precious than any other deed ever. There's no comparison with the Kadima versus anything else. So anybody who said the Kalima with an ounce of Eman and to what they will remain over there. And of course, the the once the Allah subhana wa tada then comes to them in the gives them the sign the future for itself. And

00:39:51--> 00:40:00

again, I already mentioned that there's, you know, two or three interpretations that goes back to early Islam. But it is true to point out and again, I try my best to

00:40:00--> 00:40:45

To not be sectarian here, but it is factually true simply from a historical perspective, that when these controversies erupted, the first group that existed in the second and third century were those that took these traditions at their face value, and they affirmed in a manner that befits a lot subhana wa Tada. And we have plenty of narrations. I encourage the advanced students to look up any book, for example, keytab Dorito, even Hosea, who died 311 or even keytab, as soon as Abdullah bin Hamad, or they could have a son of Abdullah bin of indata, Luke booty and other of these early books that predate the other trends that come nonetheless, it is my position that we should not make these

00:40:45--> 00:41:31

issues one to become obsessed with and it is a mistake in my opinion. It is a mistake for our preachers and our theologians to resurrect these issues and teach the Muslims to hate other groups and Muslims based upon these theoretical abstract issues more important, dear Muslim, more important than understanding Yama? yaksha winesap is the next phrase fella Yeah, because mankind yes to do the law him until called NFC he, anybody who did such the from his own accord will not remain standing would rather be in session, rather than debate, what is the meaning of workshop, one Sup? Let's do such that to Allah sincerely. So that whenever that happens, we will be in the group that does such

00:41:31--> 00:42:04

that and this is I think the biggest mistake of those theologians and May Allah forgive me, I was also amongst them many, many years ago that your teachers teach you to be obsessed about these issues. And then you teach your students to be obsessed, and you don't see the forest for the trees and you just become in your own little network and circle that echo chamber. And you have to step out of it and realize panela, both sides need to just stop exaggerating the differences in the end of the day, we believe in Allah and Allah is one and Allah is perfect. And we worship Allah in the same manner that we believe in the same prophet. Let's look at what is common rather than what is

00:42:04--> 00:42:45

not uncommon. And more importantly, then how we interpret the attributes is what is the purpose of the attribute and here the purpose is we do says that to Allah sincerely in this world. Another point of benefit in these narrations is that our Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, The bridge is going to be placed over jahannam and then the shefa will be allowed. Now, this is a very clear indication that the shift of the believers will take place at this stage. As for the shift out of the profits, we already mentioned, when I talked about shefa, in a lot of detail, that the shift out of the profits is multiple levels, and it will take place at different timeframes. So the shift out of the

00:42:45--> 00:43:22

profits, some categories have already come and some categories are going to come along with the believers, but the rest of the believers, the shift begins after the bridge is set up and they cross over it that is when their shift begins and this is befitting because only when the believer has known that he himself is being saved, can he then argue on behalf of somebody else right. So this is a now some have said and again, this is all there in the middle they Some have said that this is one type of Shabbat and the believers might have another type before this timeframe and Allah Zoda knows best all of this is something that we really do not know for. Sure. So and by the way, next lesson,

00:43:22--> 00:44:04

inshallah we'll talk about the issue of the bridge in and the Surat in a lot of detail. Another thing that is very interesting in in one version of the Hadith in one version of this Hadith, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, two things will stand next to the bridge, as people pass by encouraging and affirming those people, ie two things will act as helpers for those that cross the bridge. This is very important, because we want to cross the bridge with certainty. We want to cross the bridge with firmness. What are those two things? Listen to this, Amanda to wear Rahim. Trust and family. Were you a trustworthy person? Did you fulfill your promises? Did you act in an

00:44:04--> 00:44:43

ethical manner? Whatever you did? Well, then if you did, trust will come and support you as you cross the bridge, family. How were you with your family? How were you with your parents, your siblings, your children? How were you with your extended family? Were you a loving father, son, daughter, brother, were you a person who fulfill the ties of kinship, where you went who went out of your way to make sure your family was taken care of if you also were able to take care of them or where you want to cut off the ties of kinship. If you were a good family member, then family itself will support you as you cross over the concept of family will support you as you cross over the

00:44:43--> 00:44:59

bridge. Another point of benefit we gained from this is that the profits themselves are worried about their own. And we learn in the Hadith that the Prophet system himself is going to be standing at the end at the other side. And he's going to be saying or some said the beginning.

00:45:00--> 00:45:38

At the beginning, before you cross over, sell him a lahoma. sell him that Oh Allah, peace of Allah grant peace of Allah grant peace to those that are crossing over. And this indicates the love that all prophets had, and especially our Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Why do you send them at every stage of the Day of Judgment, when he is giving water with the help when the visa is being placed when things are happening, he's at every stage at the very beginning, he's making sure and at the very end, he is making shefa. So from the beginning to the end, our Nabi sallallahu, I sent him is concerned about his room is concerned about all of us. And so he is making shefa and he is saying

00:45:38--> 00:46:15

Selim Allahumma, Selim, Allah peace or love, peace, security or luck, and therefore, there is no question that some people will be saved from jahannam at this very end by the chef of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. Now, another very interesting point, and this is something that not a lot of people talk about. So there's going to be something new to almost all of you, it's a very interesting point, we will come back to this point, inshallah, in a future series. And by the way, I have told you before that once we finish this series, I think we will be finishing inshallah, in maybe, I think, maybe two lectures, I think we'll be done. So once we finish this series, the next

00:46:15--> 00:46:58

series is going to be Jen and Johanna. Right. So we're going to be starting this series about heaven and hell. So we'll talk about this issue again during that series. So now I'll introduce this concept. Notice here that the sinful of the believers, they get to the setups, and they start crossing the setups. And they then fall from the slot into Jana. They do not enter jahannam from the doors of Jana. This indicates that the area that the believers who are sinful are going to be punished in is a different area than the main areas of john.

00:46:59--> 00:47:45

The believers are not going to occupy the same areas that those who rejected a lot will occupy. And the believers will not be dragged into jahannam the way that those who rejected Allah will be and the believers will not be made deaf, dumb and blind. And the believers will not even be punished in the same manner as those who rejected a lot and His Messenger not same or those who believe versus those who reject law yesterday, not at all There are not the same those who believe in La ilaha illa Allah even if they commit sins, versus those who reject the Kadima. Also, the interesting point over here as well is that the Justice the infinite justice of Allah subhana wa, tada is demonstrated over

00:47:45--> 00:48:14

here as well, that the people, that the believers are going to benefit from safety and security to the very end. And then if they don't, if they're not worthy of crossing over, then they're going to be taken into jahannam. And of course, they'll be taken in by the, the, the hooks coming in and making them fall into jahannam. And therefore what we also learn over here, the Quran mentions that those who enter jahannam from the doors of jahannam

00:48:15--> 00:49:03

they will never exit jahannam would Hello awaba Johanna Emma hardy Dean fee her notice this technicality. Enter the doors of jahannam to remain there in forever. Somebody can say if they read this verse, how can Allah say remain there and forever when there will be groups of people as we just heard in this idea that allows that widget will save and they will enter jahannam and the responses they will not enter jahannam through the door through the gates of jahannam know the gates of Jannah are reserved for the worst of the worst. As for the sinful of the believers, they will not enter the actual jahannam of the same place of gender I should say that the non the rejecters are

00:49:03--> 00:49:45

occupied, neither will they enter jahannam through the doors of jahannam rather, as the profitsystem said why the half but they will serve article de Beauvoir I love it occur more or two in the afternoon and O'Meara be on both sides of the Surat they will be hooks that are going to be taken taking those who will command them to take so people are crossing and by the way, notice the infinite justice of a lot that even the speed of crossing and the manner of crossing will be dependent on piety and I think it's interesting by the way the physics side of me likes this that the Prophet system said in the head human body so the first will go as fast as lightning so he made

00:49:45--> 00:49:59

the speed of light the fastest right which is interesting those who don't know and then others after this then the speed of the the the wind and and the galloping horse and the birds. All of these are mentioned there, but it's just interesting. When he went in to set the bar as the highest. He said they shall crawl

00:50:00--> 00:50:36

at the speed of light called birthday, which is lightning is the fastest speed. So according to one's email, there will be those that are running, trotting, jogging. Now, obviously, the faster you're zooming, the less chance the hooks to catch you. And so when you're going super fast, the hooks are not going to catch you, then slowly, people are going to become slower and slower and slower, until they will be those that are just dragging. There'll be those that are crawling even, there'll be those that are literally on their fours, the crawling with and all of this will be proportional to their good deeds and their eemaan. And so be careful do your Muslims, you're right

00:50:36--> 00:51:18

piety and your good deeds will help you in this world all the way until the next and engender always Eman and tackler will always benefit you. And you want to cross the Sahara at lightning speed. So make sure you have the light of this dunya the light of hidayah the light of the Koran the light of Vicar, make sure you do whatever you can in this world to do that back to our point here is that the people are going to be crossing at various speeds. And then some people as the profitsystem said that Medusa in Baku shun that some of them are going to be scratched. And this in this is the final final final aspect of punishment. There will be those

00:51:19--> 00:52:02

who deserved a little bit of punishment, but still to go to jail. And this is it now, the the hooks are going to come and scratch them, that punishment was for their backbiting, or their betrayal, or they're hurting other people, or they did something that they deserve that last bit because Allah is justice is infinite, but their good deeds were good enough to get them through. So there will be those that are scratched. And we don't want to be scratched by the thorns of jahannam. But still, they're going to get in. And then there will be those that the hope comes and grabs them and literally drags them down. And that is definitely not the category we want to be in. And we already

00:52:02--> 00:52:38

mentioned that the fact that they're dragged from the slot, it indicates the place that they're going to be is a different place. Now also very interesting point here. And that is that. So then there's going to be you know, lots of people that fell over from the salons, and they're going to be others that have crossed over to the salon, every single person will then do a check. Where's my friends, where's my family, whereas the people that I know, did they cross or not because they saw them on one side. And remember we said in the early part of the series, we said, That day is a very strange and interesting day, whoever you want to see, you will see through the crowd, you will see

00:52:38--> 00:52:53

anybody you want to think of your friend, you're going to see that friend immediately. And you will know if your friend made it or not your brother made it or not your partner made it or not, you will know if they didn't make it, what's going to happen. What our Prophet system said, No,

00:52:54--> 00:53:32

I interpreted slightly and Allah knows best This is something only Allah knows that this haddie does not indicate that all of the shift will take place right then and there. Rather, that the door of chifa will open and will continue for as long as a low will so that people might even enter agenda. And at some point in time, they will think of somebody whenever Allah wills, and then they will make sure far later on, it does not necessarily indicate that before they get to agenda, everybody is saved, because that doesn't make sense, people are going to be punished for different timeframes in janam. Rather, this is an alunos visit is my interpretation. And Allah knows best rather what this

00:53:32--> 00:54:09

indicates the doors of shefa will open up after the bridge is laid out. That's what it means that after this point in time, for however long a low once people will continue to remember their relatives, their friends, their business partners, their colleagues, their acquaintances, they'll think of somebody whenever a low wants them to think of and then when they think of that person, maybe even before entering genda, maybe even, you know after agenda for a period of time, they will argue with the passion. And with the sincerity that you can't even imagine, as our Prophet system said, and why would you not now that they're safe and they know they're safe. Now they have the

00:54:09--> 00:54:50

right to beg and plead to Allah for their brothers. And notice here, very beautiful, the first category of people are going to be the ones that are removed the fastest. And also, they will not be scarred. The profitsystem said, Allah will make the fire of hell out of them upon their bodies, their solar overall. Rather, the fire of hell will be to their Shin or to their knees so they feel the heat, but it is not actually burning them. So how to lessen panela we don't want that we don't want that. But compared to what's going to happen compared to the ones that have become charcoal. Obviously that's better. Who are these people? Listen to this.

00:54:51--> 00:54:59

They will say the believers or law, those groups, they prayed with us fasted with us.

00:55:00--> 00:55:10

Did Hadji with us. Notice here, if you fulfill the five pillars of Islam, if you fulfill the facade of of Islam,

00:55:12--> 00:55:15

even if you have major sins,

00:55:16--> 00:55:58

you shall eventually be interceded for and enter agenda. This is and the fire of hell itself shall not actually burn you. The heat of health shall inflict to be inflicted upon the sinners of that category, and we seek refuge from that. But the actual fire of hell shall not touch somebody who regularly pray to Allah regularly to give charity regularly, fasted Ramadan regularly went for Hajj. So it is essential to your Muslim, that you fulfill the Pillars of Islam, it is essential that you do all of them for the sake of Allah. And by the way, whoever fulfills the pillars for the sake of Islam automatically becomes righteous automatically minimize I mean, you know, it's impossible that

00:55:58--> 00:56:34

you're doing all of these things, and then, and not fully impossible, but almost impossible, then you're murdering people, it doesn't make sense. You don't, you don't wake up for budget, and then you know, go and commit the biggest crisis in the world. Generally speaking, when you're of that nature, your sins and your crimes go down. And that's why there will be some people, their sins are so much, they will go through jahannam, but not into Jan, they will be punished externally, internally, ie, the fire, as the process of herself said is going to their ankles, or their shins or even to their knees. But the fire itself is not going to burn them. This is explicit in the header,

00:56:35--> 00:57:15

that's the first category. And that's the category that your junior saw more, and you saw load. So then Allah will say, go ahead and get them out. Everybody who was of this category shall be removed, eventually, that's the first batch out, okay, then a low will allow another category. So this is up to a lot, these stages are happening. And as I said, a Leno's best is not necessarily happening right now, it's going to happen. At some point in time, when the people are in gender, the next stage, if you have a small amount, you know, it's just this big. If you have that much, you can go and find them. So the believers and the angels and anybody who Allah has allowed, they're going to

00:57:15--> 00:57:54

scour through how they do that we do not know. But they're going to have some mechanism that the fire doesn't touch them. And visually or alone knows how it's not something we know at this stage, they're gonna swoop in or whatever, and choose those people whom Allah has allowed them to choose because again, all goes back to Allah, Allah has allowed them to choose people that have a coins Wait, then after a while, Allah will say, go find people that have coins, wait just a little bit. So they're gonna find that then after a while Allah will say, anybody who even has an atom's with the smallest amount go and find them. So then all of them who caught that are allowed every human being

00:57:54--> 00:58:32

that is righteous engine, every Angel, every person that is allowed, will go and help out and basically get rid of all of the people in jahannam that even had an atom's wait. And then Allah xojo will say, Are you done? They'll say, There's nobody left Oh, Allah, but then there will be a category of people. And this shows us that we should never lose hope of Allah's mercy for anybody. There are people that Allah knows why we don't know why. They in this world, we did not sense any good from them. But for some reason that we don't understand there was still something deep down inside. Nobody can recognize it. So in this world, nobody recognized it. In the era, nobody would

00:58:32--> 00:59:07

recognize it. them. Yeah, Umberto hyaluron caught, they never did any good deed. And this means that they never did a good deed of significance as for not doing any good deed at all, obviously, I mean, you smile in somebody's face, that's a good deed. I mean, you were kind to your child, that's a good deed. So here, we just need to understand that phrase, as being a bit of an exaggeration, of course, is held out to be exaggerating this matter, they've never done good have significance. So those people are neither recognized in this world, nor in the next world, what's going to happen, Allah will say, I know they deserve to have mercy. So Allah will take out the last batch. Now, this

00:59:07--> 00:59:48

indicates that the batches before this have not been harmed to this level, that jahannam and the fire of jahannam has not burned them to that level of crisp and this batch has been left to the very, very, very, very end of the batches are going to be removed. And that batch is going to be called a taco lock, that the people who will law has freed and what are you going to do when they've been burned to a charcoal so then they will be taken into a beautiful river and they'll be thrown into that river and from the embers from the charcoal from the scarred bodies will come forth fresh, new, absolutely crisp and clean. And they shall have a badge of honor and a badge of distinction

00:59:48--> 00:59:59

that it will say that these are the words of how a lot and the believers in general will recognize and at that stage, there is no real or hazard or hiccup or animosity or anger or looking down at that stage.

01:00:00--> 01:00:39

Everybody is pure hearted. So this is a description they're gonna say oh welcome you people whom Allah has freed, no one has had that honor that you are given Jenna It is an honor you were given gender for no good deed of yours. And that is something that Allah has blessed you with. And so they will be asked to enter Jannah and they will be the last batch that enters gender. So this is a beautiful hadith of Osama hoodie, it talks about the main point of today's lecture, which we're going to conclude at is that on this day, at the very end of this day, people will be separated based upon the God that they worship and therefore us Muslims will be in one category because we

01:00:39--> 01:01:14

worship Allah subhanho wa Taala every single group will follow the God that it worship, the false gods would lead them to jahannam and a loss of Hannah hota Allah will lead the believers onto the set off and into Jen obviously, the believers will cross the zeros and then get into Gen net. And those people who crossed over to the Surat they are guaranteed to get into gender. We still have the issue of the Surat and the bridge and the comparison. We'll talk about that in shallow data in our next lecture. Until then cizek moolah will clear on Santa Monica to y e