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Mufti Menk
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Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim al hamdu Lillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah why Allah Allah He was happy he mean

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we praise the last carnivore to Allah we send blessings and salutations upon Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, his household his companions, we ask Allah Subhana Allah to Allah to bless them to bless every one of us to grant us goodness. And to open our doors this evening we have verses from Surah Al anon, commencing with verse

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number 65, of the surah, where Allah subhanho wa Taala, having in the previous verses, made mention of the fact that he is the one who saves and who can save and who does save everyone requiring that savior from the calamities and destruction of the world. And he made mention of how people who had promised that if they were saved from certain calamities, they would be from among the thankful and Allah says after they were saved, the then associated partners with Allah subhanho wa Taala and forgot

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my brothers, my sisters, what happens to us is something of a lesser level, mostly. But it is equally important to mention it. When we are in need, we call out to Allah. When we want things we try to Allah, at times we make promises to Allah, that we will do this, and we will do that. And sometimes, when what we wanted happens, we forget that promise to Allah, we say we will become better people, we will become better muslimeen I want to pause for a moment to remind you that to make promises to Allah, to do extra acts of worship or something, in return for something being done for you, is actually a very miserly promise. It's the promise of a miser. The Hadith says, lay it

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behave what you know, you still have your minute but

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when you make such promises such vows that oh life you cure me, I'm going to read five for

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you, what are you trying to treat Allah by? And what are you trying to actually say to Allah? Does he really need the act of worship? The answer is no. It's us who need it.

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Do you really think that treatment is in line with the duty unto Allah? Many people do this? They say, Oh Allah, if you kill me, I will fast for 60 days.

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does Allah need that fasting? The answer is no. You don't know what you're saying. In your desperation. You say, Allah, if you grant me this, I'm going to give a sadaqa of 1 million. I think the old Zimbabwean dollars, by the way,

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and you will say oh life, you're going to do this for me, I will do that. Although if you have said that, you will be held responsible for your promise. But you should not have done it in the first place because it is a very low level of doing things. We are taught that when you want something from Allah, you do an act of worship, then you say Oh, Allah gave us sadaqa Please help me. Oh Allah, I read salah and I did so much of extra please help me Oh Allah, I follow the messenger as best as I can. So grant me forgiveness and help me Oh Allah, I've already quit my bad ways helped me You can say if you help me I quit my bad ways. So it's a very interesting topic because it's called

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another in the Arabic language. Some call it a minute. That means we are vowing to ally it's like telling a little baby sobre la stavola. I'm going to give you this example. If you come here, I'll give you a sweet stowford Allah. May Allah forgive us. I know the example of Allah is far higher, but Allah doesn't even need that act of worship. We need it. So change your life and ask Allah make a little charity and ask Allah And like we normally say, I've had someone come to me and say, you know, I promised that if this this happened, then I would do this. And they said a big thing, a really big thing. And they said, Now it has happened but I can't do this anymore. I said you

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shouldn't have done it in the first place. You know, what beats me is for Allah nothing is to be to seek to resolve he can solve it. He knows what is better for us. Keep making, keep trying change your ways. don't promise big big things. You know, easy are the ones who say oh life This happens as we call Ola one time sobre la bella. It doesn't mean that that makes your problem any smaller. But what I am saying is the problem

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way to do it the other way around you change your life for Allah say Allah robina Amen, Monsanto, Rasulullah tabla Masha, Allah, we have believed we have followed the messenger. And we followed the message we are trying hard so right as from among those who have borne witness or whatever goodness you want to ask, you're asking, and by telling Allah all other good deeds are done, at least except them. It is called seeking Allah subhana wa tallas help through the good deeds that you may have done. May Allah subhanho wa Taala grant us an understanding. So Allah says here in the previous verses, just prior to verse 65, that there are people who have said that if you save goddess, we

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will be thankful then when we safeguard them, they turned away, they pretended like they never called out to us before regarding the help of Allah. Now, in these verses, Allah is expressing his might, his power, his ability to destroy in what ever way he wants, and he has shown that to us, not only in the previous times, but I promise you Even now, in our own times, Allah has shown us he's done it in front of us who's done it. May Allah subhanho wa Taala safeguard us good. Oh Muhammad sallahu wa salam, tell them who Allah. Allah is the old Abel the old able to do what Allah Ania basa la kamasan he is able he can and he's able well able to send upon you a punishment if he wants he

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can. In another verse, Allah subhanho wa Taala says, Well, are you active? Allahu nasaa below him madaraka Allah.

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If Allah wanted to punish people immediately due to their wrongdoings, nothing would have been left on earth it would have been gone. Imagine if we had a quick response to a sin, you commit a sin you immediately get immediate feel it immediately you commit another one will you commit a big one, destroy everyone Allah says that everyone would be destroyed, because it is part of the plan of Allah to give you time to give me time to make sure that we do good but Allah is here only telling us his ability. I can if I want, I can. But through my mercy, I don't do it.

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Except where people may deserve it. And that doesn't mean that every disaster we see on earth is necessarily the punishment of Allah for everyone that was destroyed. It can be for some a punishment for some a test for some a means of martyrdom for some different things. Those who die while in the obedience of Allah in the huge earthquake, they will definitely go to Jenna if they have done it for the sake of Allah. And Allah knows that. And those who have died whilst transgressing and earning their oath of Allah, only Allah knows what he's going to do to them. Perhaps it may be a punishment of Allah, may Allah subhanho wa Taala, grant us ease. So here Allah subhanho wa Taala says it is he

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who is able to send a punishment if he wants, I either mean foci come from the top, from the heavens from the top, it can come from above. You look at the rainfall, if it's too much, it's a problem. If it's too little, it's a problem. So Pamela, it has to be right. That's the gift of Allah. You look at various other factors in the past Allah subhanho wa Taala has sent different types of punishments from the top stones, and Allah has sent birds coming on top of the armies and destroying them the whole of Surah Al field is making mention of this. So Allah subhanho wa Taala says, meanwhile, click home he can send it from the top when the process alone heard this verse, He used to seek the

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protection in a lot from this type of calamity or all will be magic. I seek the protection of Allah from this. It is an amazing quality of Allah subhanho wa Taala. and thereafter he says Omen, Dotty Allah Julie come all he is able to send you a punishment from underneath. from underneath. You know when floods happen. Sometimes it's both the top and the bottom, the water table rises to the degree that what a gushes from the bottom and from the top as well. It can happen a lot can do it from the top or from the bottom or both. And he has done it the bottom sometimes you see locusts coming out. Sometimes you see different types of plagues happening. Sometimes it might just be an earthquake, it

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could be tremors, it could be tsunamis. It could be anything. But like I said, not every time and not every person whom that happens to is it necessarily a punishment, it is wrong for us to declare that we know this was the punishment of Allah for everyone that was there. We are not the ones who sent it. So only Allah knows the Sahaba who struggled, whether it was with certain types of plagues or there was a disease that had

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Spread at a certain time, it doesn't mean they were being punished. They were being tested by Allah, some lost their lives.

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Our own is a plague it happened. And this is why the laws and rules and regulations came to us because we heard about it from what happened at the time of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. So, the point is, Allah is all able, we cannot decide what Allah has intention was when something happened. That is left for Allah alone, and we believe it but it is definitely for us to take heed, for us to be bothered when someone dies in Santa Institute, is indeed for us to say Mashallah good death, but it shouldn't stop there. We should ask ourselves do I even read Salah so that the chances of me dying like this become a little bit better. People don't read Salah at all. And then they say Oh

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Allah give me that death. You don't make Salah. I remember one youngster few years back telling me Well, the reason is I don't want to die. So if Allah accepts it, then one day when I started reading him, give it to me now that is foolish, extremely foolish. May Allah Subhana Allah Allah grant us an understanding. He says, Oh man that Dr. Julie como from beneath your feet, he is able to send you that punishment. He is able to destroy you to smithereens if he wishes he has done it. You know if you take a look nowadays we have technology that has shown us what has happened when just a little flood has come in a few seconds. entire cities have been demolished cities and powerful people have

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gone May Allah protect us. Allah is saying look don't forget when we did good to you don't go back to your bad ways.

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And if you have and you do quickly come back before the punishment comes. Then he says

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I will Oh lb Saku Shia and when you read Kabbalah combat Saba

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the professor Salam. twice, he sought the refuge in Allah from this type of punishment when he said, when Allah says Allah is able to send you the punishment from the top or the bottom, the profits of asylum seekers are also the word. When it came to the last one. He says this one is a one. He says, oh, we'll be circle mushiya. And when you read Kabbalah comes about or if Allah once he can punish you in a different way, you know how he can make you into different groupings and sects, and let you taste each other's violence, and punishment.

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So possibility, people become different groups, different *, and then you find problems and issues and violence. And this is why no matter what we should not be violent, no matter what the problem is. Respectfully manage it and handle it, even if you have to say words that are very hard, but don't let them be abusive.

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May Allah guide us it is very tempting, when your blood is boiling. The winner is He who can extinguish that and deal with the matter without becoming violence. Allah subhanho wa Taala Grant astuteness. Remember, this is a very important factor. Because if we were to become that, what's the difference between us and those whom Allah is mentioning?

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Yes, if a thief comes to you, or someone is beating you up, it's your right to defend. In fact, if you were to die as a result of defending yourself and your family, their honor, their wealth, the property, etc, etc, then you would die a noble death, people would say this man died, saving and protecting his own family members, etc. The Hadith says that is a type of Shahada. It's a type of martyrdom. So we are not saying when someone comes to you and start slapping you, you say, thank you so much. No, slap them back harder, slap, there's no harm. If you have the energy there There goes. But what we are saying is, we don't become violent for me it disputes of the * that we have. And

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it's amazing because we will see more verses in tonight's

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scene that will prove to us that you know what, it's not even the duty and responsibility of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam to ensure that the people are guided that is in the hands of Allah, he just has to deliver the guidance, he has to deliver the message and it's up to Allah what happens thereafter. Allah subhanho wa Taala guide so Allah says subhanahu wa taala one of the types of punishments of Allah subhanho wa Taala is that he creates he could he could if he wishes, create different sects and each one tastes the the the anger or the violence of the other.

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Now, I know people may be thinking of this in our little context, which is my news. But to be honest, this is a much much broader matter. It goes to humanity at large. Take a look at the oma the oma and this goes beyond just the oma but take a look at the home.

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We are struggling because of one another. If you were to ask me today,

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the harm that is caused to the oma is more from those who are attending the Shahada than those who are not.

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If you look at the destruction, the killing the violence, and

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those who are going around, but treating acts of terrorism against Muslims, there are a lot of the times others who are also saying the same Shahada. Go and study the globe. Go and check what's happening. Now Allah subhanho wa Taala, safe goddess, don't become so passionate about something that it makes you believe that if this person is not guided, they're supposed to be destroyed. Be patient with them. Be patient with everyone. Remember, guidance is in the hands of Allah, Your duty is to deliver the message, you don't beat up someone because they don't agree with your system of belief. You don't beat them up, you don't harm them. Because of that. Your duty is to continue to

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try and convince them in a beautiful way they may die without becoming convinced they were created by Allah, they have returned to Allah, your hisab your accounts you have one because you conveyed the message. Their accounts they have lost because they do not. They didn't want to listen to the message but their hisab is with Allah. Their account is with Allah. So Allah subhana wa tada after making mention of those three things, the one is punishment from the top the other is the punishment from the bottom and the third is amongst each other. He says Ooo, k FOMO, suddenly full iottie Lumia kahun. Look at how we have diversified all these verses of ours, given them so many different types

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of examples regarding our power, our existence, our might our ability, so that they can understand so that they can think this is Allah, may Allah soften our hearts towards what is right. May Allah Subhana Allah Allah grant us goodness thereafter, Allah says what can be he como wahoo.

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Regarding the bow on your people have belied this book yet it is the truth,

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the Quran, the co founder of Quraysh, they didn't believe in it, but it was the truth and they knew it was the truth in another verse, not too far from this one, Allah subhanho wa Taala says that, you know, they are denying due to their arrogance, and due to their their wrongdoing.

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geohot they just want to deny it, but they know deep down now you can be born on the Koran says it down. They know that it's right, but they are just bashing it because they don't want they have too much to lose. And this is why when you have a powerful person doing something wrong, and someone says you know you are wrong, it requires a noble characteristic to be able to admit your fault and say yes, yes, I should change this, the more powerful you are, whether it is through wealth, or through authority or popularity, it becomes more difficult to acknowledge your error,

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to make amends to say, you know what, you're right. And I'm wrong Subhan Allah. So the co founder of Quraysh, the cronies from among them, the chief from amongst them, they used to always,

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you know, worry about their seat and their power. If we did if we decide to, to acknowledge the prophethood of this man, we're going to lose our chain, we're going to lose our power, he's going to become the leader, suddenly, that's what made them deny. Never let your popularity your wealth, your authority deny the truth. Even if the truth is coming to you through a person you don't like. The fact that they are speaking the truth you surrender to it, may Allah subhanho wa Taala, grant us goodness and protection. So Allah says they have belied it, but it is the truth. Let's do Allah can be working, tell them that I am not a manager over you. I'm not responsible for what happened, what

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do you have done thereafter I gave the message. There we go. I'm not a disposal of your affairs. You are answerable to Allah, Allah is the one who's the disposal of all affairs.

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I am not the one.

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So if you have belied you will have to answer to Allah. In other words, nikolina by the Quran, you know, the literal translation of this is for every news, there is a period where it will come to floatation.

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And the deeper meaning of it is every promise that Allah has made and everything that has been said, it will come to pass. It's just a matter of time. That's why Allah immediately says was so fertile

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Moon and soon you will know you will know why. Because liquid cleaner and most of everything that we have said is going to come to pass. Every piece of news has its reality. spamela when we've told you this will happen is going to happen if not today, tomorrow if not tomorrow, the next day it is coming. You can't run away. So Allah says nikolina by Takara amazing May Allah protect us all was so fun to Allah mon very soon you shall know. And Allah is then telling Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam and all of us by extension, what either are eaten levina yehudah una de Tina.

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Now there is an issue what was the issue? People used to scoff at Mark about the war on scoff at the prophets are seldom used to create a mockery talk that which is displeasing to Allah. Regarding the signs of Allah, the verses of Allah they used to make a mockery.

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So Allah says when you see the people who are indulging in speech that is

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against our versus making a mockery of it, insulting it, earning the displeasure of Allah subhanho wa Taala for is turned away from them. Don't sit with him turn away from them.

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He had eaten v until they engage in some other speech. Even if you're sitting in the company of people, they start talking about Allah in a derogatory way, about something that is sacred in a derogatory way the Koran, the prophets or sanlam, etc. The signs of Allah subhanho wa Taala in a derogatory way, you should try and stop it if you can by telling them brothers, don't talk about this. Don't say this. Generally these would be the non Muslims. Allah subhanho wa Taala says, if they persist in insulting then you know what you should do? You should walk away for either

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did Allah say beat them up, slap them, smash them, etc? No, nothing of that nature. Beautiful. Allah walk away, they will see the light. I've seen people now in recent history. who insulted Islam insulted Allah insulted the prophet SAW Selim created movies and cartoons against the prophets of Salaam. And you know what? After a while, Allah gave them guidance. Well, I know some of these people personally.

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Allah gave them guidance today. They are more strong Muslims than una semana Allah. What happened? Well, Allah says, You saw them doing this bad. It's a phase. In a lot of cases. It's a phase, they'll come out of it. If Allah wills what you do work out for it man who had a goofy Hadith. And really, unless and until they change the speech, they change it, they talk about something else and you can go back and when you get an opportunity to throw in your good word here and there. So Allah, Allah says, Why am I on CNN cache? Pam, this is one of the most beautiful verses, if she plan makes you to forget to leave the discussion that is earning the displeasure of Allah, then when you

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remember, walk out. Wow. So panela number one, Allah is blaming the devil to say, you know, who makes you forget things? It's shapen.

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So if I'm sitting intentionally, I'm to blame. But if I'm sitting and I didn't even realize due to whatever other distractions were in my mind, or whatever it was, and I didn't realize these people are earning the displeasure of Allah and I'm in the group. You know what? I need to get out the moment I realized and blame, shape and shape and made you forget, you're a good person. Look at how Allah is encouraging us. We're in Allah wood. It's easy for him to have said, if you have forgotten when you remember, walk out, but he didn't say that. If she can make you forget, then you remember, woke up. Amazing how Allah is also looking at the good side of us.

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May Allah subhanho wa Taala grant us ease. We who don't even know what's in the hearts of others immediately judge them by thinking the worst faults possible. When something happens to people. May Allah strengthen us Allah says Allah Akbar the vicar. Once you have remembered, don't sit after that. Mild coma volley mean with those who are transgressing against the law with the sinful oppresses

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those who are sinful and transgressing against Allah subhanho wa Taala. I'll read one more verse because it's quite connected also. And it's what I was saying earlier, ma Allah La Vina Hakuna minha sahbihi minchie, those who are conscious and they have a strong relationship with Allah, they are not accountable. They are not to be held accountable at all for the disbelief of the disbelievers.

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They are not, you can't take the pious and execute them and say that's because of the sinful. That doesn't happen in the in with Allah subhanho wa Taala. It doesn't and this is one of the reasons

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Why we believe that for Allah to perpetrate an injustice to crucify one person for the response of the rest is a grave injustice with common logic and sense for humankind, more so with Allah subhanho wa Taala. It's just a matter of belief.

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Each one is responsible for his own sin, and each one will be forgiven immediately by Allah. If he repents sincerely, there is no way that you are sincere and you do it properly seeking the forgiveness of Allah and he says, no chance for you. It's okay, go away. Never ever can that happen. For as long as you've met the conditions of Toba, it is wiped out, don't lose hope in the mercy of Allah subhanho wa Taala. So Allah says, it is not those who are meaning those who are

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God conscious those who have a good relationship with Allah we call recording them emoticon. Those who are close to Allah subhanho wa Taala.

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Allah says, they are not responsible, they will not be held accountable. For those who are astray or who are doing bad or sinful or for the disbelievers. Men have been lacking. But what is the duty vichara laleham. But a gentle reminder, so that perhaps they may also develop the relationship with Allah, they may also become conscious of Allah. So what's your duty? And what's my duty? May Allah make us from among those who are conscious of him?

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The duty is a reminder, a good reminder, look at this.

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If Allah wanted, he could have said but you should go out and attack them. But he didn't say that.

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He says, but you remind and keep reminding how many of us have benefited from a good reminder. Why are we sitting here today? It's a good reminder. And we we want an encouragement, we want a good reminder. So I tell you, you want a good reminder, a good way of consolidating and strengthening that is to remind others with the same that's one of the beauties of Islam, but leave only one Oh no, I uh convey from me, even if it is one little verse, one verse, you know of us, you learn something, tell it to someone, share it with someone, put it in a nice way and tell your family tell your friends so hon Allah What did you do? You consolidated what you had, in many ways, many ways,

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just by conveying the message that's a topic on its own, the benefits of conveying the message. Now Allah subhanho wa Taala strengthen all of us. These were the beautiful verses that that we have gone through very briefly, this evening. May Allah grant us all goodness and forgiveness upon only hava sallallahu wasallam. Ah Baraka and Amina Mohammed Suhana, line MD. So Hannukah Lacombe Hamdi, kenisha, to Allah, Allah, Allah

Tafseer Lesson 22/02/2019
Surah An’aam V65

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