Recognizing The Mercy Behind The Hardship

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your loved one was reflecting at some point of time and he made a beautiful statement that really needs to be internalized by each one of us, especially at this hard times. Once he said, your loved one, well, I saw but even more so, whenever Allah subhana wa Taala puts me in a situation that's really hard in our hammock to lava Allah urba except that I would be grateful to Allah, Allah for four reasons for them for a second

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masaba masaba when I go through a test, should I be patient or grateful to the trauma of your loved one is taking us to another level? Because normally when a light gives us we should be grateful. And the last pattern tests us we should be patient but Omar can see the rough man disguised in the test itself. Yes. How many times will you go through a test it will be the turning point in your life and you go back

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look at the beauty of the music behind me.

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social distancing, you know, between like each burden the other 60 feet, that's a lesson for us and show love from nature. But back to the point so out of your loved one is teaching us a level of seeing the mercy and the test itself because as I said, that car accident made you go to the hospital and while you're sitting on the deathbed, it's like no man, I was so busy with the life. I didn't have a plan for after. So he said, whenever loss of destiny, I would be grateful to all of you for reasons that I want you to exercise this in sha Allah. Allah, Allah analemma country, Dini, the first reason I thank Allah and I am grateful to him when I go through a test is that I did not

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lose my faith. How many times some people say hello when they go through a harvest, they lose it and they say, Why me? Why is a lot don't this to me. I'm a Muslim. Hold on, don't lose your faith. It's a test that is because Allah loves you. Yes. Second, and the Harlem token. It could have been worse. What did I lose a job? Who gave me a job to start with alone? Give me another job, inshallah. What if it's the end of life, and I'm going to go and meet all the law, that's the best thing when you are in the company.

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And NACA for the time being, because when you go through this and you're patient, it's expiation for your sense for raffia.

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Any calamity after losing Prophet Muhammad Ali Salim is nothing and that's what the prophet said. If you go through difficulty compared to losing me There is nothing worse than that. was said I want a good one.