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Islam Allah,

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Allah Allah, He will remain our beloved brothers and sister Mr. Mr.

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Zach. Hello. Hi, thank you so much for joining us this episode 16 of our series, The Blissett women around the messenger of salaria send them. In the last couple of episodes, we're discussing the incident of the, or the slander of a mother, Ayesha law, the law and how, how she was accused of adultery.

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And how she had gone through a month of separation from the prophet SAW Selim, how the two of them had been emotionally

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hurt by the separation, how there was so much confusion and that really our mother had become the talk of the town. And so behind Allah, it is Allah himself who exonerated her. It is Allah himself from the seventh, seven heavens above, he had revealed yet which we recite still today about the innocence and the honor our mother, I shadowed Ilana, how amazing must be for for your story. And your, your honor to be mentioned by Allah until the end of time. And this gives us an insight as to who this great lady was our mother, I shall have Yolanda her status and her position in the sight of Allah subhanaw taala. And we went through briefly quickly over the is in our last episode, and

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there's so many lessons to be extracted from the story of the life. But perhaps the lesson which is most profound for you for me, and we need these reminders is the damage that we can do with our tongue. You know, as kids we are taught, you know, sticks and stones will break your bones but names or words can never hurt me. Nose, vanilla, we know as we become older, that words can actually hurt someone more than even stick with stone. And let's vandalia someone's honor, and he they dignity. Once it is tarnished. Once it is harmed, that it can you know it takes much longer to repeat when a bruise or a broken bone. And it's vanilla we have one one name, we only have one name, and if that

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name is ruined or tarnish, then you know your reputation. It's so hard to come back from that and therefore Allah subhanaw taala is telling us that these malicious rumors, gossip, insulting words we say to one another, these things are mighty in the eyes of Allah these things are not small. We take them as small but these are big. And I was one of the sisters when we hear a rumor. Allah says in this is why for those that who heard the rumor, those who heard this slander, Ayesha, when you hear any something negative about somebody people have in mind, why don't you say Subhan Allah This is not for us to talk about. It is wrong for us to talk about a brother or sister I shall not even only

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the believers but any human being any person. It is wrong for us to talk like this about somebody. And it is for us. Allah says when you hear a negative mention of someone you hear something bad about somebody, your Eman should push you to think positively of that person. And if you jump to a negative conclusion, as a panelist, some of us even we get a kick out of hearing something bad that someone is falling into some kind of sin, someone has been caught doing something wrong, we actually feel happy inside. When it's a sickness and a disease of the heart May Allah protect us it is a sign that our email is not correct. And we should you know really pin to Allah for that how many of us

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have our tongues are guilty of that is none of us that can say I will tons of free of this. And we find in Surah Allah subhanaw taala mentions many things with regards to the tongue. Allah Subhana tells us that when we receive information, any information that is that is negative or bad with evil in nature. butterbean always seek for evidence we are a religion of evidence that we are a religion, we don't act on assumptions or suspicion or rumor or gossip. We butterbean who make clear before you act before you pass this information on before you before you you you act on this rumor that you have been received by the by no and I just make it relevant today. So many times we see anything on

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our WhatsApp, a hadith or a a saying from Allah subhanho wa Taala whatever it is, and immediately we forward we forward without chicking in this day and age. So the highlight is so easy to fall into to ruin yourself with with within quick speech harming someone was or news that is fake. We send that and it causes harm. 1000s of people may act on that incorrect information that we share. So we are in religion when we receive information. We first check it we vet it and when it's valid then only do we activate Allah subhana wa tada also tell us in the soul, so 200 Do not be little one another. Don't you may create someone else don't. Whether it be the physical appearance, whether it be the

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status, what they don't have, don't belittle someone through your words because it is very possible that that person

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In which you are belittling, belittling, that person which you are making small in the sight of Allah that is someone very big, that is someone very important and beloved to Allah and do not have one of one another, Allah goes further and says even do not have suspicion of each other, do not have this assumptions, insinuation, sometimes we see something. And we immediately the worst case scenario runs in our mind, we just, someone may look at us in a certain way. And we already think, what is that person doing? What is that person thinking we might drive possibly find someone in a certain area, and immediately our thoughts, you know, run wild with us. So Allah Subhana, Allah

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says, avoid this kind of negative thinking, avoid suspicion, because many a time these assumptions will lead to send these other whisperings of shavon these are the kind of things how shaytaan both animosity inside ourselves to create, you know, a false rumors inside our minds. And then we act on that and that somehow law will cause harm not only to the other person, but more to us. And a law also says whatever just so we don't look out for the faults of one another. Don't try and peek into the business of someone else to you know, check the Facebook account, or to go out and find and look for information. This is when you look out for the faults of someone and try to unearth it and

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discover it then Allah subhanaw tells us that you will be exposed your faults in the dunya. And in the outer panel, we all have skeletons in the closet. We all have sins that you know if it came out, may Allah protect us How humiliating it would be for us that if we were to, if our sins had an odor, how would we smell we wouldn't leave our homes, yet we look to dig up those skeletons of our neighbors or our friends of our colleagues. Why Subhanallah Why? What benefit is there for us in bringing someone else down in belittling someone else, except that it makes it makes you feel good about yourself. And there's an inferiority in yourself and you cannot feel strong except by making

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someone else feel small. So Allah Subhana Allah don't just say so don't spy and look for the faults of each other, because this will be brought your own faults will be brought out. And similarly, the one who covers up the faults of someone else, the one who overlooks the faults that Allah subhana wa Taala will cover up your faults, Allah subhana wa overlook your faults. And Allah Subhana Allah mentions as well do not abuse each other, do not sway one another, do not give each other ugly nicknames. Many times we have an intake term, for example, we have a culture of giving each other nicknames when it's Pamela we don't like to give a person the name which the parents had given them.

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And usually that I mean that name which was given was a good name, we somehow you know, shorten his name, Abu Bakar becomes backer or Hanif becomes nifi, whatever it might be, we take away you know the good name, and we replace it with a bad name. And Allah sees the single quote on all mentions of all the things that's good. And Allah says, How bad is it to give someone an ugly name after they have a good name? So don't give each other names which harms one another? In our Sharia. Yes, we can give names, but the nickname is something good, something which that person likes. And of course this issue the analysis and do not backbite each other because the backbiting is actually like

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eating someone's dead flesh to actually chew on this person, you are actually eating him his honor. Now, many people don't understand what backbiting means there are different categories with backbiting. They slander and his name eema malicious gossip, and what are these things? So the prophets of Salaam asks us harbor? Do you know what is backbiting? So they said a lot is assumed space. So the prophecy is to backbite someone is to is to mention something about that person that they don't like. So you say something about a man mark, Weaver, even a non Muslim, and they don't like what you said. So the Sahaba said, Well, what is the thing we say is true. So we say You know

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what? This is a fat guy. And this is a fat guy, he's overweight. So what's wrong? I'm not making up any stories. I'm only saying the truth. So the professor who says if you say something which he doesn't like that's backbiting and it's truthful. But if you were to say something bad about someone, and it's false, that you actually slon that this is broken. This is even worse, to insult someone or to say something negative about someone. And it's not even true. This is even so much worse. This is what happened to I shut up. And then NEMA is when we spread false rumors, or even we it might even be true, but we split the rumors around we carry information from one. It's like a

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virus like a disease, we pass it from one person to the other, causing mischief, causing animosity causing suspicion. And this is the heroin law. This issue of lemina is one of the things that is specifically punished in the grave for the province passed by passed by two graves, and he says that we should seek protection, the punishment of the grave that these two people they are being punished for matters

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We take very likely the one person used the bathroom incorrectly. You didn't take care about how you use the bathroom and he would splash and his urine fall on himself and you take care about it. So he's being punished in the grave because of that. The other one would pass on making the Mima he would pass gossip, he would be a gossip monger, you will go around telling stories here and me passing the information or other people yeah, and the stories in his mind, but it is something which you're being tormented in and Allah protect us and protect those who are in the cupboard or not cause for us to spend, you know, agony because of the sins of our tongues. The prophets of Salaam

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also tells us the Sahaba he asked them, Do you know who is the bankrupt person? And was harbor Sierra so you know, they answered actually they said, The bankrupt person is someone who's whose debts are more than his assets. Basically, he has more things he owes than he owns. So the professor says, I'm not talking about that kind of bankruptcy. I'm talking about bankruptcy basically, in the afternoon. What is that bankruptcy, it is the one who will come to Allah, with lots of good deeds, Salah, fasting, zeca, Hajj, he will have he spent his life in evader, he has like mountains of good deeds for hamdulillah he comes to Allah. But before he can be rewarded for these things, he's

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accused of people who have claims against him on piano, what kind of claims he insulted this one, he swore that one, he lied and took the honor of this one. And he may he was backbiting about this person. So all the people that he harmed in the dunya, they will line up and they will start taking off his good deeds, or his salada tragedy made, because he spoke ill he belittled, he thought even you know, as someone was inferior, and he would say, look at this person, they don't perform Salah, this girl, she doesn't have to scoff this person we don't see in the motion. You know, that isn't Riba that is harmful. Even if it's true. It takes away the honor the dignity of someone else. So his

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Salah, his charity goes to the center goes to someone else. Until so behind all of this man, he's all his lifetime of good deeds is taken away, nothing zero to his account, what now, and there are still people that he harmed in the dunya that still have claims against him. So what now, now he takes the sin onto his account, he takes the punishment of Jana on his account, he takes the Zener he takes the I'm stealing the mischief that they had done. He takes it on to his account, and he's punished because of that. This is a bankrupt person. So Subhan Allah, sometimes we, we take these matters lightly. But think about it. Every time you say something, which someone that you speak

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about will not like, just think about it. I've just given away my solder. I've just given away my vehicle for the day, I've just given away my hedge. Well, that was when I sweat at someone, I give someone a nickname, i t somebody, and that person doesn't like what you're saying, think about how your good deeds are disappearing like that you're burning it, you're throwing it away. Subhana Allah, so Allah protect us with this. And the good news, as we said, the prosecution promises us that if we can protect our tongue, and protect our private parts, these are the two organs that come at the most sort of sin, if we can protect our private parts and our tongues, and maybe some holla

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today, when we are communicating more with our hands, what's happened and sending messages, if we can, you know, purify that aspect of our life, that one aspect, you don't have to make a you know, 1000s of Raka as integers. You don't have to spend millions in charity, if you can purify that aspect of your life if you can say for the one thing I don't there's not gonna be a single person on this dunya that can claim against me that he spoke ill of me publicly or privately that no one can point the finger that I shared malicious rumors about them. And if you can, you can you can promise that the promises of them says if you can keep predict your tongue, what's between your lips and

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what's between your legs keep that safe, then general almost basically becomes guaranteed for him Allah protect us and purify us And forgive us. What do we do? Subhanallah if we have you know already defame someone we've already insulted someone, then the proper system advises us if we have harmed and taken the Huck have anyone insulted someone in this dunya then we should fix this matter. Before a day comes when there will be no money to bargain with before kiama basically, on kiama if anyone has a claim against you, then to Ohio law, you're only the only thing that is bothering exchanges do good deeds, and sin, reward and punishment that's the only thing so fix these things in

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the dunya is someone that you've heard and maybe when we were kids were small we didn't know any better we were in high school with Willie people. You know how we insult and mock people these things leave scars. Yeah, Allah. We think now that we have kids, what are the things we said when we were younger? We should actually phone our you know, those people up and apologize and ask them for their forgiveness because it is a

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claim which Allah subhanho wa Taala will enforce on the day of karma. We hope for the mercy of Allah and Allah is quick to forgive the sins done against him when we sinned against Allah a sin between us and Allah, Allah is quick to forgive those sins. But when it comes between us and the other creation, those sins, those are not going to go easily. Those are the things that will hold us back and to Panama. Those are the things that we should be the most worried about. That will cause us to fall into gentlemen las panatela protect us.

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Then to conclude the story of the Allah subhana wa Tada This one ayah that is also related to the effect of Asia. I am number 22 in Surah Noor but it's not related to her all it is to Abu Bakr radi Allahu Allah subhanaw taala says, what I

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mean, come was Sati and you will korva Wilma Sakina will Maha de Sevilla? Well, yeah, for a while you're allowed to hit boonah if it Allahu Allah kumala for him. So Allah sees and lick not those people are virtually not the good ones among you, and those who have wealth, sweet, to give to the relatives and the needy, and those who make each other for the cause of Allah. And let them pardon and overlook. We do not like that Allah should forgive you. And Allah is Forgiving and Merciful whatsoever Allah speaking about you, we think back, remember who told about the if it was the mother of Mr. And Mr. was basically like ashes cousin, workers cousin, he was an editor of hers. And he was

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of those who had spread the rumor of the if he was the one who was spreading the story of the four of those who had spread the story of Russia. So obviously, he's a relative of a backer and on top of that, he was a poor man. So buckle on the line, I just father had had been supporting Mr. He would give him some charity, you know, monthly. So when the rumor emerged, that of ISIS slander, and after Allah had exonerated her, and he came to know that advocate came to know that my own cousin Mr. is spreading these rumors Russia, he said, I swear by a lot, I will never give you anything anymore. finished, I cut you off completely. So a lot of you is to our backer, and Allah says to those of you

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who are people of virtue again, it's an honor to have Baccarat in Swan Allah, they are those of us who continue to slander Russia continue to slander our beloved advocate of the law. And yet unless those of you have virtual describes him, a man of virtue, those of you who are good people, and those who will be given wealth, meaning what could you know, we know that he was given a law had been generous towards him, Do not swayed by a lot or take an oath that you won't help someone because of the sin that they had done against you. And rather overlook and forgive. So if you are the victim, someone harmed you, someone insulted you, someone did something horrible against you,

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you also forgive, no matter what this person had done to you forgive, why not for that for the sake of that person, but for your own sake? Because Allah says, Do you not want a lot to forgive you? Do you not want to let go of that claim? So Allah can let go of his claims against you. So many times, when we are when we are wronged. We are very quick to retaliate. We are very quick to take retribution. But immediately when we commit sin, and we are wronged, we weren't allowed to forgive us. So Allah says double bucket, don't do what you just did. Don't continue to give Mr. That money, because he's a muhajir. Because he fought if he said, Yes, he committed the sin. Yes, he committed

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what he had committed. And Allah subhanho wa Taala. He got his punishment, he was legit, he got his punishment in the dunya. And Allah for gave His Son so you probably could forgive even though it's your daughter, forgive and cannot only forgive, but continue to support you now to handle the shows you the caliber of luck of your line. Someone you know, even today, someone just looks at us wrong. And we don't want to speak to them. We don't want to even greet them. This is someone who slandered his daughter, who had you know, put her in the worst of turmoil. And Allah is saying, continue not only to be good to him, but actually give him charity. And Abubakar did that. You know, these are

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great, great people. So whatever graduates we have, let those things go. Let these graduates go. Don't harm people. And if you have been harmed, let it go. Ask for forgiveness. ask Allah subhana wa tada to keep this format together. May the words we speak about one another, the only words of goodness, the words that pleases Allah. And may Allah bless us in our communication in our with our tongues. Our social media might well keep these things clean and purified. As we said it's a big fitna. It's something that we can easily fall into, or handle or things we put out on social media. We can never take it back. Never before was it like this. You put one bit of information that is

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wrong, that is harmful. That is that is ugly, that is racist and you know Subhanallah it is the

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Ever it's out there in cyberspace for ever. And in Sudoku gerat almost beautifully summarized all this, about insulting each other belittling one another. Allah reminds us that we came from one mother, one Father, and we have different colors. And we have different races, but ultimately in a Chroma come in the light Akaka that the one who has the most honor and the most prestige in the sight of Allah is the one with the cleanest inside the one with the most taqwa Allah doesn't look at the outside. He looks on the inside the kind of person you are on the inside. So Allah purifies from the inside. Before I leave you just an announcement in sha Allah, this coming Saturday, the sixth of

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october of the Isha, which is after about eight o'clock in Cape Town, we will be having at Burano nursery school which is in pink street in the Boca, we have our annual night me on Elm Street and Nightmare on Elm Street. So it's an outdoor program of the shy outside. We've implemented in sha Allah, three entry for males and females. We will have A Nightmare on Elm Street, we will discuss the night of the date, we'll be talking about all things attached to the grave, the bars off from the moment we die, what happens in the cupboard, what is the procedure leading up to piano it is the journey that all of us will take you will take I will take my look protect us And forgive us. Allah

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keep us safe. What is happening currently for those who have passed away in the cupboard, may Allah bless all those of our relatives that have died. May Allah grant him a high place maybe probably a golf regardless of gender, and a place of mercy and peace and tranquility. I mean, so this insha Allah will be having this this program, a nightmare. Obviously, everybody's invited. It's free entry. Please join us the sixth of October off the shy at Penn street in the book of disciple of salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.