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What do you think about the new salon? As you can say, you said Abu Salim and Abdullah because to them his to Aleppo saying he did not sell for St. Augustine is no longer his name. What do you think about ibnu, salah and the son of Salaam. They said he is a master and he is the son of our master. He's our Rabbi in Scala, the son of a rabbi installer.

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Then Mohammed sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said to them,

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would you embrace Islam? If he embraced Islam, they said, God forbid that he embraced Islam, he will never do that.

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That goes to them, he was a leader. He was a master. He was the scholar, he was their rabbi. He was one of the most learned out of them. And then at that moment, when they said that he walked out from his hiding place.

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He said, Oh, Jews,

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have fee for our lane your hearts, and accept the teachings of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, for you certainly know that he is the Messenger of Allah, as mentioned, in the books that we read, his name and descriptions is mentioned in the books that we read. Then he said, I bear witness and testify that Mohammed is the Messenger of Allah, I believe in him, and I trust in Him, this is in front of them. They looked at him in amazement.

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They said, You are a liar, the son of a liar. And you are the worst one, the son of the worst one, and you are the most ignorant, the son of the most ignorant and they threw all these false allegations towards you. You know, it's against him. You see, you can't i can't say he is a master.

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Because the master is going to be followed. Now he's become the biggest lawyer, the worst of them, and the most ignorant of them will lie, they're the worst and did a lie as he did. And

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then they started throwing all these allegations against him.

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Until he looked at Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam said they do not say to you, oh, Prophet of Allah, that the Jews are people of corruption and, and slander, people are falsehood and treachery

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and will lie they are. So he is to proof, that affirm and there was many others that they knew

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with certainty, that Mohammed sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is the Prophet of Allah and the Last messenger. And they came with a false hood, deliberately. If you read the history of Islam, Allah to Allah,

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save them of this slavery to from he saved them from the seas and drown for their own. And he's army. He selected them to receive food from the sky. He sent to them prophet after prophet from amongst themselves, he sent to them the Holy Scriptures, he favors them in their time over others, he showed them his signs, his miracles, he gave them good protection. He blessed him of glory, he gave him lucky as given no other people have at hand. I mean, how did they reply to these blessings?

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How did they reply to these blessings? Why are they animal dubya lay him

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we must Hey, take heed with this and understand this and keep far away from what they did. They followed only what they wanted to follow, every time a Prophet came to them. With that, which did not appeal to them. They just rejected the proof the truth and walked away from the prophet or they rejected the proof and slit the throat of the Prophet, Kula, Masha hombre Solon, the Maratha and Busan Toria concoct double or farrakhan Jaco lon, every time I Prophet came to them with that which their soul did not desire, a group of them they said they're liars and a group of them they killed.

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So you must understand, we don't want to fold in the same trip they did it right. If you look at the situation, many Muslims take the matters of Islam in a as not being serious for mockery.

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And when you advise them or you warn them, they throw at you all these feeble excuses in order to justify their actions into excused himself from obeying Alana's messenger

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following that, which appeals to them, and rejecting that which does not appeal to them. This is the action of the Jews, the modern African, this is why Allah put the rough on them.

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I'm not guided yet. A lot of us saying

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I'm not guided yet. Allah mahad la, la Edina

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Oh, the rulings are too difficult.

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Or you know, there is a difficult times and everyone's like this we have to blend into 20th century today, you know to take it easy chill out a bit. They say, you know, just relax. Don't be those hardcore people, the extremists in the past.

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Oh, my heart is pure. I've got a good heart. My intention is sound 100 I believe. I believe he believes in a nightclub in the pub. And then what's the name? Yes, he believes.

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Oh, a little girl at the age of 15 or 16 or 17 or 18? Or even to the 30 year old was you? Hmm? Yeah.

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I'm still young. I'm not married. I'm afraid that a foreigner for now. No one's gonna marry me.

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Or what other people gonna say about me? Or does it look good on me? Oh, I'm choking is too tight.

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I'm suffocating.

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The hijab suffocates?

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Oh, you get other people for example? Well, I think my parents put too much pressure on me too much pressure. I can't take it. Too much pressure.

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Oh, my mother puts pressure on your wife. Oh, my husband puts pressure on me. Oh, my wife puts pressure on me or my children put pressure on me. So Hannah, Lady holla can read the Quran. If that's not going to put pressure on you. The hola wala quwata illa.

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Others you hear that or don't want to sort of commit myself to an ongoing commitment,

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ongoing commitment. So panelists, you don't want to commit yourself with Allah while obeying His laws because it's gonna be an ongoing commitment, but you want to commit yourself to shaitan with an ongoing commitment.

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Oh, other side, really? I'm not interested. Shalini Holloman Islam ladies time aside, I'm not interested