This Deed Guarantees You A House In Jannah

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What's that do

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that little? Puppy? levena you

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brothers and sisters, this is an invitation by Allah subhana wa Tada. If Allah is offering you something What do you take it say yes or yes, Allah subhanaw taala saying What do

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you mean? It means race? compete with one another for what?

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Do you want the love to forgive your sense? Not only that what Jana and paradise was the ultimate dream of every Muslim is to go to

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all of our steps. Say I mean, our motto, are they expensive, which is equal to the heavens and the earth? What is that? Is it ready?

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Yes, it's ready for the people of taqwa those who are conscious of Allah subhanaw taala all the time. What's the first quality of those people and the real

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raw, what the raw they spend at times of ease and also a times of the law of hardship. Here's the test. If you are going through a lot, now you don't have lots of money. You lost your job you got laid off. Can I still give that's the sign from Allah that people of taqwa last month Allah said they spent at ease and during the times of hardship, whatever you give, so my appeal to you today is if you are spending in grocery $60 can you make it 61? And just to give $1 to the masjid.

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You know what? You are contributing to the masjid? You know, what does that mean? With that intention? The prophets of Salaam told us whoever builds a house for Allah.

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Allah subhanaw taala will build the house for him in paradise.

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Imagine that the budget has to be a huge budget now he said volcanica I'll see a thought meaning even if that means it is equal to the size of a nest of a bird, can you imagine? So without $1 a day you are contributing to the operation of the budget. So we need your help and Sharla just $1 a day that means $30 a month and we're lucky on the day of judgment or last month and is it going to give you a policy gentleman who would like to compete and start doing this inshallah from today? Yes, I know you're going through a lot. I know I thought it will come to you and say, Man, you don't have a job. You don't have money. You don't have that much. But we're lucky we still allow it provides for

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us. And instead of spending $50 $30 on the groceries at $1 a day and that will guarantee you a house engineer who would refuse this offer an offer guaranteed by a loss of final water Island scenario. The word the key word is race compete with one another. So who will be the first one to say yes, not with one hand with the two hands up be one of those who in sha Allah. We are a lot of work you immensely and accept all of your good deeds at these times of hardship.