Ramadan 2020 – Reminder Day 26

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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh and welcome to Torah with reminder day 26.

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We stop last night talking about how can we change our 24 seven into acts of worship into a better and we were scored in the processor limb from the moment he wakes up and we're going to end up in Charlotte until he goes to bed inshallah. Now we talked about first thing he does, first of all he makes, then he goes to the washroom enters with the left foot, and he would start the will do we set the door before we do that, after we do. And last night, we stopped at saying that when you look at the mirror, we say Alhamdulillah, all praises due to Allah subhanaw taala led to us and FLP who created in the best form and then you're asking what's more important this is called external

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beauty. What's more important is the internal beauty the UCLA, Alabama Hudson Polo p, or law perfect my manners, my behavior the same way you perfected my shape,

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then what else would the processor do? Let's see when when when he leaves the house and he's going to the metric. So when you leave the house, you know you're going out to the dounia remember this when you go to any place which is good the house or or the masjid you enter with the right foot, but when you when you leave to the dounia when you go outside the house will go outside of the message you leave with the left foot. So you leave the house with the left foot and you say

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Bismillah tawakkol to Allah when a how knowing apporter 11 What does that mean? Bismillah we explain this like for almost like two hours, you can go back to the lecture. People would say in the name of Allah, what does that mean? That's incomplete. If I say In the name of Allah, okay, continue. What's In the name of Allah, what's next? What's up Allah Bismillah and the Arabic language means I do everything for the sake of Allah, I do everything with the help of Allah, even I eat but the food may or may not give me energy. So it was this is why when we start eating, we say Bismillah. Again, it doesn't just look literally meaning in the name of Allah, it means it's for the sake of Allah,

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it's by the help of Allah subhanaw taala I can do nothing. I'm starting with the name of Allah. So Allah Subhana Allah will put Baraka and everything that I do. And then I say, our call to Allah, I put my trust in Allah subhanho wa Taala. And then I say, when I will not want to work at 11

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and there is no light, there is no power, there is no energy except that that which Allah Allah will give me to, you know, to keep walking or to be able to drive the car. So this is very important. You know what happens when we make a

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lot of signs on engine who will say this to you?

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COVID will teach it what an a handkerchief on delicately. This is very serious. You have to take these two acts as something part and parcel of your life. Because imagine when you're leaving your house, meaning what you're saying, understanding what you're saying, feeling what you're saying, Allah assigns you an angel, he will say Goofy, you know, you're like you said I put my trust in Allah Allah sufficient for you. What will keep and you're protected that de la vaca what Anaheim cache 20 delicately and shaitan will have no power over you that day. You will not be whispering. So I want you when you go out of the house, try to memorize this. What's more important than memorizing

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the words and doing lip service you have to feel them and mean them because a lot of your loved one time he passed by the man and the man who say stuff a lot stuff a lot of stuff a lot. And I said he in the state of Florida had that he had Hodges investor for

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the man who's saying I see I see a loss forgiveness. But the way he was saying it's like lip service is repeating I said what law he the way you're saying I stopped for law needs you to do suffer to a loss of hundreds.

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Because it's lip service you're just repeating without understanding. Same way I was paying next to someone one time and after they finished he went like this

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I said Mashallah. You finish them Salah. He said, Man,

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this is the Express Express way. I said Masha Allah, it took you about like maybe 10 seconds to say Subhanallah 33 times was the moose upon Allah. He sits upon Allah Subhana laughy Yeah, and he fell seven. I'm just saying so pal, Allah, it's up philosophy. I said, What does it mean is that I have no idea. Do you know I said, I can show you what my teacher taught me. He said Go ahead.

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I said it means Tansy. hula Zoltan lampoon Linux, for the law has original camellia Smith. He was the father.

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He was fine. He said, Listen, I don't understand that eloquent Arabic make it simple for me. Let me make it simple for you in English. When I say so Pamela, I'm saying Allah is perfect in everything and compare this to yourself. He is the Creator, you are the creation. Do you need to sleep say yes or yes, of course because you get tired a lot never gets tired. So less perfect than that.

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Sometimes when you're too tired, you dust off, you will have this right, a loss it in it could see the greatest time the peran letter uploaded once in a while alone, Allah is never overtaken by slumber, or even deep sleep.

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But you do because you get so less perfect, but we are imperfect. You need a sun. Why? To cover your name after you die? Or you might be so weak you might not have an income so he will help you as you helped him when he was young. But what is it No need a lot a sum of

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all his creation needs him but he doesn't need his creation.

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So when I say a lot isn't a valine also Eliza No need but you and I are in need

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a lot of supplies subhanho wa Taala is Al Hakim, you might have some wisdom, I might have some wisdom but Allah is the source of all wisdom as the old wise, you might have some knowledge, I might have some knowledge but Allah is Elohim he has all the knowledge is the old knowing. So you see, that's what I mean by Allah is perfect in all of his names, acts and attributes.

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Now, this is why you will be amazed in the Quran and you need to ask this question. Why is it when the last panel talks about his actions in the Quran? He uses the plural.

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Go into the Quran, what a potty upon upon an insertion and why not? To once wish to be enough so wanna know uporabo la HeMan hobbiton worried? This is 16 and so number 50 slipup Allah saying and indeed we have created banned he said we somebody told me haha, stop here. You're always attacking the Trinity. You're saying we isn't a plural? I said Yes, Mr. ignorant. It's the Royal way, not the plural we What do you mean, when the Queen talks? What pronoun does she use? She said, We the queen is in more than one. Now this is out of royalty out of majesty. So who is the queen compared to Allah Who created her? So since we are of majesty, not the plural we this is why it tells you that

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whatever Allah is mentioning, in the plural sense, it means this is an action that no one can do except Allah. Allah said, why not Allah to us, which will be enough so Allah knows what goes on in your mind now. Right? So parallel, sometimes you're sitting in front of someone and his smiling. That's what he shows you but what's in his heart, he might be cursing you. He can even stand looking at you, who knows what's on his heart? Only Allah, Allah said once again, and we are closer to him than the dragon or vain. What does that mean? There's a lot, there's a lot here. There's a lot here with every one of you know, Allah is everywhere through his knowledge, but the loss of Allah himself

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as he told us, so number 22. Haha, and number five, a man or Island allowances.

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We have seven we have seven skies, seven heavens. And then on top of that there is water and then there is the airship I was

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there. Who told us this a lot. Some people say no, you can partner with a space or hold on Who said that? It's not me. This way. Remember, Malik said and is to omalu

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one k four module a lesson.

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I can't deny that because a lot told me how we don't know. When a man will be here. I urge you to believe in that it's an obligation because Allah said that was to be done. And to ask about it. It's an innovation because the Prophet didn't ask the Sahaba didn't ask. So we take it away it is. So Allah scattered. I said, What? Why? Why did Allah say and we are closer to him? Because Allah subhanaw taala assigns each and every one of us to angels here one of the right answer and the next day explains it. Mayan featherman tonin tomberlin illa de hiraki when it Allah said, well, that's probably him and having to read India Tara. Tara piano led me to Anna Shivani Nyan featherman tonin

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illa de Hara people it This is how I was putana keeps a record through these angels. So we have to know this before we conclude. What is it that we are on camera? 24 seven. Hmm, let's tackle the listener problem.

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There are two engines writing down everything you will see the movie of your life on the Day of Judgment. And you will be given that record and there is nothing missing in that paper. So make sure what's written in that record is always something good before you speak, make sure that you're seeing something that will be written here. Not here in sha Allah, may Allah subhanaw taala make us among those who listen to the speech and follow the rest of it in sha Allah. And may Allah subhanho wa Taala extend our life to witness that. It could have been the 21st the 23rd the 25th and guess what it could be tomorrow, because tomorrow is the 27th it could be the 29th in sha Allah so Allah

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did not tell us an exact night why because he wants us to compete and always do good otherwise, if we say that 27 people will only come to the 2729 and they're going to abandon the massage or very bad for the rest of the days. So inshallah tomorrow we have a very special program Expect us inshallah at 11 sharp, and we're going to be with you for 20 minutes instead of 10 minutes. There's a video you can watch it into a lot and tomorrow I will see you don't forget helping me

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and giving me charity right now.