Ramadan 2020 – Reminder Day 28

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Welcome to total wave reminder day 28 now I'm coming with a recipe for you. Now if you go through the Koran and you skim through you will find that the last pattern is talking about three types of nuts and I want you to reach Allah. This is psychology, okay, I want you to decide which type of neffs and what are you gonna do so Allah towards the end of Ramadan

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the worst type of knifes as mentioned in some of your stuff, so number 12 and number 53, Allah subhanaw taala says, Why am I wearing one FC in an F cell? I'm gonna do this too.

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Rocky Mountain be in beautiful, Rocky, innocent America. So a lot of insight and that's an American pursuit. What? A Mara. Allah wasn't a fallacy that novella. It's the neffs that is in a constant state of commanding you to do wrong. Why? Because you got used to this. You know, you got addicted to this. That's the worst type of laughs But then suppiler across your life, you go through stages, and you try to improve your character and you become a bitterness. So last five talks about the second type of glyphs into a piano. So number 75 and number two after losses in the first

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I lost the hand Oh, by the day of piano standing, everybody gonna be standing in front of Allah subhanaw taala the loss of the next one

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will be enough silho

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that's the second type of notes. Again a lot insane enough saying that Emma, but it sure enough, sing the worm. What's the difference? And that's the lemma means it will blame you one time but Aloma you're in a constant state of blaming yourself once you do something wrong. And it's that type of person is upon law when they become far away from Allah Subhana Allah and they get so depressed because there is nothing meaningful in their life. But then they start feeling you know what I need to connect with Allah subhanaw taala and once they start this, it takes time to get it out of your system to become a better person because you want us to do everything evil. So now you do something

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good. And you trip to get up again. No problem every time we try allow and accept you why because the last panel told us assorted areas for number 15 and number 50 for federal rule Ilan law when all the doors are closed, there is a door that's open 24 seven if you turn to Allah anytime you will never say no to you. When those group of wish the king came to the practices sell them and these were like knifes, a mirage so they said oh Mohamed Salah because they're not Muslims yet. In nanohub boom I thoroughly and the Haitians like Muslim we love that what you advocate when I can reflect on it, unfortunately my Aussie but we have gone to extreme and committing all types of sins and they're

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all major sins, killing Riba, adultery, you name it.

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valen amento if we're to accept Islam is the explanation for our sins and Absalom had no answer for them. Yet Allah subhanaw taala revealed the following, which is one of the most hopeful as in the Quran.

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So 39 and number 53, Allah subhanaw taala says konia A baddie Allahu Akbar Allah is talking to my husband, oh Mohammed say to those names, look at the mercy. He didn't say couldn't

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have said this. Say to those polytheists those who are straight partners with me know Allah called America you see, even if you're a mother, or you want to turn back to Allah, Allah will never send you back. He said, Polya a baddie a lady in a salon

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fusi him. Oh Mohamed, say to those states of mine, who have been to the extreme and committing all types of sins latter Kanako tomorrow

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never lose hope in the mercy of Allah Allahu Akbar. Think about this some of us who say yeah, he then be Kabir, Allah, what should you say? You know, my sins are great Illustrator. I will accept you why Allah said Don't lose hope in the mercy of Allah in La Jolla. Nova Jeremy. Indeed, Allah forgives all types of sins he or she if you don't know how many sins are committed, I have done so much bad. Less than you I forgive all types of sins, minor and major. What else do you want? Why in

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Rahim, because he called himself not offer. He forgives one time he committed so many cents. He's a fool. Allah was nice.

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Every time you turn it back and repentance to him. He will forgive you Rahim. He will show you with His mercy all the time. So you can skip from an amount of a suit to the next type of laughs and the next type of laughs I was had to cut off by it means it's still great nursing a woman Why? Because

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When you commit the sin, you feel the heat of the sin. And then you want to go back to Allah. You know what, because you need to clean the car. The person said, Kula I've never done but Lupita erupts within so that every single time you commit a sin, a black rock falls on your heart until you continue singing and singing until your heart is covered with a layer of Bluetooth. And at that point, the person decided this is sort of a few kettlebell prana Boo.

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Boo Rambo solid, it means that their hearts are covered with a layer of blackness A man came to visit. Yeah, a man wearing a hoodie. What are you working on?

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Oh, man, I sleep early. And I have the intention to wake up for Virgin and I prepare my water food. There were no taps at this. Like Like, what after day life was not that easy. But I didn't wake up for pleasure. You know what? I told him?

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Isn't careful. He said, If there's no book, Your sins are a barrier between you and

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what's the relationship between this and how many of us stand in prayer and he asked him if there was a lot of hate Did you communicate with Allah?

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Did you connect with Alon Salah comes from Silla connection? Was there a strong signal that you connect with Allah? Did you feel that I had behind the Imam did when I hit you in the heart? If the heart is clean? Because the sins what do they do? They cover Allah in

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what Sam said hearts get rusty killer maija O'Hara sola How can we remove that rust pilot in our barn where they can remote he said two things that will clean that heart he said recitation of the Quran because you will remember whoever does this alas preparing this for him. You get motivated

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and decode remote remembering death if I know that I might meet a lot tonight and have to be ready for that meeting. I'm also plan on

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continuing so if I become an FC lawanna what do I need to do? I need to work on becoming the business what's the business go to Surat Al surah number 89. And number 27. Allah subhanaw taala thinks another author said

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Allah is calling the best type of nurse

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Neff Sugimoto in

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the neffs that has the serenity of Eman the neffs that have that peace inside

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orangetheory in a big hero.

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As if like the person on the on the deathbed and there is not enough signal to my inner I was what I said and levena

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wapato ma boo boo boo baby

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Alavi de karela hematoma poo what would give me that piece a lot further said alladhina amanu those who believe

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them they will achieve that peace and security and serenity of the heart. How the decree law by remembering a lot the Quran is different philosophy that Allah Subhana Allah loves apart from imperfection was perfect and everything. That's the loss of Hannah Mota Allah. Allah says Allah the decree law he taught in Oulu with the remembrance of Allah subhanaw taala you get the peace of heart and you get that peace of the mind that Allah subhanho wa Taala is telling us that it's a lot bigger audience you are content with a lot more Lee and a love we keep giving you until your content Allah didn't say sorry that then and then the last packet I will make you sir either no Allah.

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Well, so for your ticker, buka satara, Allah will keep giving you because happiness is something temporary could be happy. Now, in a few minutes, you will not be happy, you will be sad, but I lost my train of thought of God, meaning you'll be content with whatever life gives you so much better said you are content with me. Regardless of what happens in your lifetime. You're going through a pandemic and going through difficulties, but you accepted my father, while lost paradise. So number 64. And number 11 sorts of turabian Allah said

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mostly betting maybe in Allah knows what happens. any hardship that you go through, it's with the permission of Allah, Allah, this thing you Allah, this thing me, Allah said, woman you

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It doesn't mean whoever believes in Allah because you're a believer. It means whoever accepts the father of all your content with the hearts of the children through you know that this life is nothing but a test. You accept the test, and you're happy with that allows testing me Why is it that

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if Allah loves one of his slaves will keep testing him so Allah loves me allows this thing. So I know it means it's a sign of the love of Allah subhanaw taala so I'm accepted this of Allah, Allah said, Then Allah wins you accept the feather of Allah, Allah will give you that peace. So you need to work from an amount of soup the worst time

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To enough's, Aloma and then you work for the rest of your life to be an absolute May Allah Subhana Allah make us all amongst an absolute multiple in mean mean? Salaam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh