The Ten Days of Dhulhijjah

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So the 10 days of the job, the first 10 days of the future,

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the first 10 days of the month of HUD. So this is the month of HUD.

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But there's things I need to know

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how many of you know the value and the virtue of these days?

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I'd have to live here at home. The law made us talk about this. Because what we just arrived in the beginning, it's sort of

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white, we said what a while ago,

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just these two are fragile by the dawn on early Nash, the turn lights, and almost all the squirrels, when you read the commentary about the song, they tell you that tonight's is actually the 10 days of

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is these 10 days of the starting day one, and it ends on the day of

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the day off, the day off. The what we celebrate is actually the day number 10 are often the day where all the who judge all the pilgrimage, when the pilgrims will be standing on our offer is the day nine. So what do I do to prepare? What do I do to prepare myself to these days? I have three or four days number one,

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number one, this is all this callers are getting? repent.

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repent to Allah. Make sure part of your part of your supplication. Part of what you are asking a lot from today is your law. Please forgive me.

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Forgive me. I didn't do one. I missed a lot. I said things I shouldn't say. I looked at things I should look at. I didn't I did not do things I should have done. So know what you saw the absolute truthful repentance to repent to Allah from today. Repent on how do I repent to Allah?

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How do I repent? Think of repentance. Because some A lot of us don't know exactly what does it mean.

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Think of repentance when someone does wrong to you.

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someone does something wrong to set something up to you that was really inappropriate. Or did something that really hurts you. What do you want from that person?

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And Allah is Exalted. What do you want from that person? You want from that person? What's number one? acknowledge that he or she made a mistake, right? You don't want someone look at you says What did I say the righteous people before you and me used to look up to three times they call three times three times or 310 days or 10 days or three months let's put it this way this is easier. So there is a three months of the lunar month that attendees in them are highly virtuous

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I think you should be able to say at least two

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so what is the last 10 days of Ramadan and we usually refer to them as the last 10 nights of Ramadan and then we said the first 10 days off

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and then which are the third one?

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The first 10 days off

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so the first 10 days of the first month of the lunar year, which is next the month after?

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So here Do you want you have Ramadan? hamdulillah we passed it the shot why aren't we I mean accepted from us. And we've done our best European I mean, any forgive our shortcomings, zero. Now this 10 days are coming in a few days and hamdulillah what made us remembering Allah made us talk about Allah brought us the knowledge to all of us so that we can think of them and given them do right. The same is gonna apply to the 10 first 10 days all the question was, can I fast every other day, and then every other day, it's gonna be it's a Friday, and then it's gonna be somebody. Yes, because your knee is so yamoto your knee your intention is to fast the day and break the other and

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not fast the next day. So you're not singling Friday only. You're not singling Sunday on you're making them every other day. In fact, this is one this is the most highly recommended fastest. This is the best level of fasting as you fast one day and you eat the other day.

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Again, doesn't matter because I told you the levels, the levels is the first thing is you post them all the nine days, then every other, then Monday and Thursdays, then the rest is you will do is

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the day number three, you do the following

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extra solar

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the most beloved De Tomaso

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now before I say extra solar, I'm gonna say one thing is make sure you do your solar properly, five times a day, your obligatory solar five times a day, on time, as much as you can, you can read the budget even better. So you do that.

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These now will help you that this is fine, I'm going to add the extras. So I've managed to make sure there is to be 400. There is two or four before the hub nodes, to after, I am going to do two after model two after I show now, because, number five, the most important, I wouldn't say the most important because that's not very accurate. The most virtuous, good deed in these days, specifically for these days to do is Vicar of

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specifically these days, these days, signal more in the remembrance of Allah by saying what? By saying 100 Allah.

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Allah, Allah what cover? So these and there's a habito for swatting southwest and he says, Now mean the same thing there's no days more virtuous, the good deeds in them than these days, then no one this is an extra then please do plenty of tech COVID meaning say Allahu Akbar. Definitely say Allah, Allah to Hamid say Alhamdulillah and extra dicker. Keep your tongue in these days with the Quran of a mosque.

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Keep it even tape it and put it in your homes. Tape it meaning put it as a recording to remind you is the problem of the vicar is the easiest form of anybody that we can do, but we forget. So keep your tongue moist with the remembrance of Allah. But it's specifically Allahu Akbar. Subhana Allah.

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Yeah, specially a law. One these days start there's something called a TextView remotelock You keep saying Allahu Akbar.