Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2012 – P26 260A Translation Al-Ahqaf 21-35

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The group discusses their recent events and potential consequences, including a woman named Nika who refuses to give out her name and a man named Elgin who claims to be the only one who knows the truth about a woman named Lila. They also mention a woman named Lila who claims to be the only one with a secret connection to a woman named Liza. The group also touches on various topics such as the return of their hometown, the use of Phone-M probation, and the potential consequences of their actions. They mention a woman named FEMA who was supposed to help them and a woman named Ruby who was supposed to help them.
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Salam alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

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nationally who on a Sunday Arnaldo Sudhi Hill Karim, Amma beret Pharaoh the bIllahi min ash shaytani R rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim. LaBiche fleshly acidity way acidity MD wash looked at Amelie Saniya Kahu Kohli Robin as in our EMA

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pseudo class I am number 21 to 35.

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word good and mentioned her her brother, Rod

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is when and Zara he warned OMA who his people build off at the scarf. Workout, while in fact holiday, it passed another the Warner's men from benei a day he before him, were men and from kullfi behind him, Allah that not Darboux your worship Illa Allah except Allah in me, indeed I a half who I fear or lay come upon you are thereby punishment, Yom or stay or leave. Great.

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Arlo, they said, Turner, have you come to us later? fika so you delude us away

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from earlier Tina, our gods

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Dina then come to us Bhima with what very doona you threaten us in if you were men from a Saudi pain, those who are truthful. Allah He said in nama indeed not but l mu the knowledge or in the law with Allah. Wa Obelisco come and I conveyed to you ma what autoseal to I was sent be with it. When I kidney but I Arakan, I see you, Coleman of people that you have alone, you all behave ignorantly. For an AMA but when

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they saw it already been as a cloud. Mr. Kabila one approaching. Oh dear to him their valleys. Or Lou they said, Heather, this audio blown a cloud monthly Runa one that brings rain on us.

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Both brother who was it ma that which is started gelatin, y'all hastened be with it. de Haan a wind fee her in it either a boon punishment, or Lehman painful to done mero it destroys color every che in thing be angry by command. Rob behalf of its Rob for us by who then they became law not Euro. It is seen Illa except Messiah Kino home their homes. Gallica thus Niger z we recompense Aloma the people almajiri mean the criminals all occurred and certainly MK Khanna who we established them FEMA in that which in Not much can come we established you all fee it was your honor. And we made law home for them. Some are hearing what elbow swollen and sites what have either done and hearts firmer

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so not only it availed on home from them, some are home they're hearing wala and not a bhusawal home their sites or Allah and not a feeder to home their hearts men from che in anything is when Colonel they were you had your Haroon they reject big fat with versus Allah of Allah Wahaca and it's surrounded by him with them ma that which can or they were be here with it yesterday on the mock

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one occurred and certainly Luckner we destroyed math what hola come around you men from Al Qura the city's was on Ruffner and we have explained in diverse ways. I add the signs, the versus

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Lila home so that they yield your own. They return

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for Lola so why not NASA or home he helped them Alladhina those who it took her though they took men from doing Allah other than Allah O'Bannon as a means of approach. Ali Hatton as God's been rather Balu they got lost on home from them. Whether Nika and that if go home their lie warmer and that which can oh they were yesterday goon they fabricate what is and when sawed off now. We directed. We turned a Laker towards you

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Nasaan a group a few men from Elgin the gin the estimate Runa though listen attentively, Al Khurana to the Quran selama then when How about who? Who they attended it?

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They said unsullied to you or listened silently

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for alumna, so when Tobia it was concluded. When no, they turned ILA towards Omi him there people Munzee read as Warner's Carlu they said, Yeah, oh Omona our people in indeed we Submariner we have heard kita been a book on Zillow. It was revealed men from Bardi, after Musa Musa alayhis salam Musa Deacon one confirming Lima for that which been a day before it. Yesterday. It guides ILA towards a health the truth. Were ILA and towards batik about Muslim one straight Jaco Munna for our people. Ijebu you all respond, Daria color, Allah, Allah, what amino and you all believe, be he in him? Yo said he will forgive Lacan for you, men from the no become your sins, while you did come and he will

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protect you, men from our Durban punishment, Aleem painful woman and whoever love not your job here response barrier color Allah of Allah Felisa so not be more isn't at all one to cause failure

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fill in the earth when a sir and is not law who for him, Min Dhoni he from besides him earlier, any clause protecting friends,

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when I ICA those fee in Berlin and error, more been one clear.

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Oh ALLAH did a not Euro they see and that indeed, Allah Allah, Allah the is the one who Holika he created a summer worth the heavens while and the earth 1am And not Uriah he fields

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behind the Hiner with their creation because this definitely one who is able Allah upon on that you're here he gives life a motor to the dead ones. Bala Yes, in the who indeed He Allah upon cliche in everything or deal on always all Abell

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while you OMA and on day your arrival he will be exposed. And Medina those who care for rue de disbelieved Allah upon a now the fire Elisa, is it not? Heather this will help. Definitely the truth. I know they said Bala. Yes. What are Bina by our Allah He said for the cuckoo. So you all taste Elijah the punishment Bhima because of what Gundam you were duck foreign, you all deny. First smear, so be patient, comma just as Saba, he was patient, although possessors a lot of the determination. Men from a whistle the messengers were Allah and do not start Do you be impatient? Or the start Do you seek to hasten the home for them? Go under home as if indeed they Yoma on day your

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owner they will see ma that which you are doing they are promised La Miel bustle they did not remain in LA except Sarah tan and our men from the hair, a de Bello a conveying for her so not your local he is destroyed in LA except El Cajon the people and first you could listen for

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let's listen to the recitation

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or the

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news photography well according

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to you I mean photography

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more II

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Jamie knows

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the law well

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to be

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Jim Toby reation up

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early journey to the miracle

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but also hula you're all in

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Canada and he can

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can FEMA

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movie watch

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either to me shake it can weird you're gonna be

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mobbing him

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Wow for being

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really busy

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were a

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genius to me

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Maha bottle poured

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the rain all

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mana in

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deals one

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day yesterday Elon

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Ruby in our lives

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ready all of us

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been boarded before during

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the way oh my

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god all over the Oh Bina all

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mean up

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to me

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