Ramadan 2020 – Reminder Day 25

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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. Dear brothers and sisters, welcome to Torah we reminder they 25

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yesterday we're talking about a recipe how to change our 24 seven into a better and we started by following the Prophet salallahu alaihe salam whose heart was attached to Allah 24 seven. So if you follow this example, all your life is very bad and the record of good deeds is non stop registering deeds for you. We started with the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam when he wakes up in the morning.

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Check you should

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sorry. So we started with the prophecy. Solomon he wakes up in the morning. What's the first thing he would do? You guys have he wakes up? No, he opens his eyes. Okay, I'm just kidding. Okay. So he starts with a dry he would tell him to lead the piano, but I met an hour late in short, All praise is due to Allah subhana wa tada who brought us back to life after we're dead. Yes, when you sleep, it's minor that you're not aware of anything. And even if you do anything, your dream you're not held accountable for that. So

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what are you saying? Your hearts attached to all and you're thanking Allah that He gave you a chance to live? You know what the problem is to make another guy he used to say Alhamdulillah Allah de Rob de la rue. He was in elliptically used also to say all praises to to us metal who gave me my soul back and he gave me permission to remember him. Yes, you know, hustle and bustle used to say sugar law he never met this the HIPAA shook a lot of work, but the fact that Allah subhanaw taala guided you to be grateful is a blessing in itself and you need to be grateful for that.

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So, after that, we said the professor Selim will go to the washroom and we explain what he used to say when he goes to the washroom then after that, what are you going to do you make that you know, when you start like making water and you said that I just Bismillah as simple as that. Nothing in between and then at the end you make to either a lot of loves you. What do you mean, when you say a Chateau La ilaha illAllah

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Muhammadan rasul Allah homogeny. Well, I make me in a way be amongst those who are in a constant state of making Toba turning back to Allah acknowledging their sin seeking forgiveness, repenting.

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And then which is even more hidden and make me amongst those who are in a constant state of purification. And I said purification is only to purify the body, but also to purify the heart from the diseases. Many of us who stand in front of Allah subhanaw taala in Salah, and you say, Sure, I don't connect with Allah. Allah means Silla, which means connection, but I don't connect to Allah. Yes, because there is no signal. There is no network. You know why? Because your heart is rusty. The processor lumps it

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up to them, Ben Nikita, Toby looked at him so that every time we commit a sin, then a black drop falls in your heart, wherever you live, and you continue to make sense and you continue to commit sense until your heart is completely covered with a layer of blackness. And then he decided that he saw something off of him. Calabrian Rauner and Abu Dhabi him can react Cebu, their hearts are covered with a layer of

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blackness, your heart becomes rusty. Allah in Nakuru, Bella Casa Salaam said In fact, indeed, hearts get rusty you know when you have a bottle of iron and you leave it exposed to rain or water What does happen? It makes that rust right pillar magilla Hara sola helps you can I remove that rust and make my heart clean to receive Allah subhana wa Tada. So I can connect in Salah I can enjoy the sweetness of talking to a lion Salah he said to our Koran with the note two things beside the Quran a lot because you can connect with a lot and decrease out and remembering death. Because if you think about death, you know you're likely to be closer to Allah and everything and your heart will

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be awake, your heart will be living. And this is why Subhan Allah many of us today will say Allahu Akbar and you start praying and you're looking around and you're thinking about everything except Salah. You know why? Because there's a special schita for Salah. Yes

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A bar called cleanser, cleanser cleanser. It was a nickname for him. They're all correct. His job is to come and remind you of everything except Allah.

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We tried this, you remember that he prayed a few minutes ago. Remember the pm that you will do. I wanted to find a talk that I thought, and this is why I always share that story. If you heard it here again.

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Remember what honey falaknuma what a man came to me said, Man, I put some I put my money somewhere. And I can't remember where the money is. He said, go and pray to Raka Islam, like the man talking about money, masala.

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He said, Go and play soccer. And sometimes we think that the man is dumb. You asked him a question. He gives you an answer, like far away from your expectation. We say go and create records like, You know what? I have to go and pay for a car to come and ask him again. That's what he thought. He went to pray to record. The moment is that a lot of work about Alhamdulillah. He said, Man, since it came right away, remember that tree when you dig under the tree? And he said yes. And he ran away to the tree. He got the money. He came back to Abu hanifa said.

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Now I know why he told me to play soccer. Because hands up would come into mind me. He said yes. Now you got the money. You have the peace of the heart, put the money aside, play taraka for Allah Subhana Allah focus near Salah. So what do we need to do? We need to find the answer. To focus if you understand the meaning of a factor, and that you are in a very special spiritual dialogue with Allah, the moment you say Al hamdu, lillahi Rabbil aalameen pause for a second. Wait, why? Because a lot of seven episodes are gonna say Come with me. It was a loss talking back to you. He's saying my slave is singing humming delays thanking me and then you say Iraq, man, it will not be stopped

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because a lot of books dividends are gonna say

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my slaves praising you say Maddie kiyomi the pause because I was gonna say my journey. I think my state is glorifying me. He gonna I would worry. Yeah, sorry, I'm signing a contract with you Yama. You're the master and the slave. If I need any help you out my only resort? That's Yeah. Can I put Oh, yeah, can this die? So Panama? Some people they say this, but they don't mean it. Why? Because he said,

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Oh, the pandemic, I lost my job. But I'm gonna do it tomorrow. You know, how long would this pandemic would continue, man, and he's saying that he cannot sustain? Who would give you a job? shaitan you're thinking about your concern? The one that you're saying? What? Yeah, can we seek help from you alone. So seek the hell

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out of you busy with something that you need. And you're standing in front of the one who will fulfill all your needs. We need to enjoy the salon. We need to understand the meaning at least that will factor because we saw that 17 times in the photo, let alone the sooner and then he just signed the contract and said you're the master. I'm the same. I seek help from you. What's the first help you need? What's the most important thing that will guarantee your success in this dunya? And after he died?

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Do you mean it? Do you feel it when you say

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just lip service? How many times a day every day? When was the time that you stopped and it hit you and you really meant it? Yeah, Allah guide me. I'm in a situation now where I'm so confused. What decision should I make a Dini guide me?

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silica levina anti aging. So once you reach ear canal with a kind of study, Allah still talking to you. It said, this is between me and nicely

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if you're sincere alone.

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And then the last part is the last part of

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guide me. I looked at the straight path, the path of those on whom You have bestowed your own blessings, not the path with whom you're angry, why they're why I was angry with them because they have the knowledge. But they didn't act upon that knowledge. How many Muslims today they have the knowledge but they don't act upon it. They know the trip is haram but they're dealing with it. They know that flying is haram but they're still lying. They know that backbiting is haram but they still backbiting. One of the leaders are those who go astray in life. Those who you know, worship, you know, the Son of God or they think last matter has a son. They'll go astray in this life.

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Then, at the very end, the last part I said that it was at my side, my slave is making that he wants me to guide him or her to the straight path. I'll give it to them, but for who, for those who already talked

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Allah meaning it, feeling it, brothers and sisters, if you only understand that fact it will save your life. Well it will help you to have that for sure inshallah. So let me conclude with this after the porcelain will make you know better after we'll do what's next is going to look at them

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when the problem is to look at them or what did he used to say?

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would he say what you and I say today look at you know, to say Allahumma

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Alhamdulillah the ass and healthy all praises to to Allah subhanaw taala who created me in the best form?

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Yeah, you have an insane amount of detail carry Allah. Allah Kaka fessor worker to either

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last matter has created you in the best form. What teeny was a tool you are to receive me better than I mean, the developmental insanity accent aqui Allah has failed to do in the best form. But this is the form. This is the external beauty. What's more important?

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your manners, the essence of this Deen you do a better so that you Aflac will be better. If you do lots of data and it doesn't change a clap. Congratulations for the physical exercise. You're just going up and down.

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So the problem is to say a lot of my husband Hold up. Can I ask him to help me? Yeah, a lot perfect. My banners. Perfect my character, the same way you perfected my shape. May Allah subhanaw taala make us amongst those who listened to the speech and follow the rest of it. And may Allah subhanho wa Taala extend our life to witness a little further which could be tonight. Yeah, it's one of the old lines. So do not be lazy. do lots of foreign attire, lots of Vicar, you get tired. Lots of stuff.

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You get tired besides some for an you know, like pray the night prayers, so many things to do.

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And I would like to remind you have a surprise coming soon. When Tuesday.

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What time the same time that we have our reminder. But because this is going to be a special night, which also could be a little further. We're going to double the time inshallah. And instead of 10 minutes, we're going to be talking for 10 hours, sort of 20 minutes in Sharla. But guess what is going to be a very special problem. It's going to be a very special program. Don't miss it. inshallah, I'll see you on the 27th and maybe in church sorry. We ask Allah Subhana Allah Allah to extend our life to live till the end of Ramadan. So we are sure that we hit a little further. And the ultimate goal of every Muslim in the month of Ramadan is to be saved from hellfire. A lot of

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madness elephants in a lot of MMR while low oxygen or less save us from hellfire. I'll leave you with tonight could be like the other give as much as you can. Maybe $1,000 you give to your manager tonight would be equal to give him $1,000 for at three years and six months. You do the calculation and smile