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Al-Fath 1-17 Tafsir 4-7

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Why on Soraka Allahu Allah, Allah may help you, he may aid you with what naissance Aziza with a mighty victory, this treaty was signed this treaty took place Why? So that Allah can give you know Swan Aziza What does this nestling Aziza refer to Fatima

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because it will be such a victory, it will be such a help that Allah will give you that will be a disease or disease in the sense that it will be a mighty victory, a victory that will bring glory, a victory that is exemplary, after which there is no humiliation, and such a victory that will involve no humiliation.

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Because up until now, the Muslims were victorious, but then had happened and they suffered. Then 100

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and 100 also there was victory, but the Muslims have to suffer a lot, isn't it so? But maca was nestled under Aziza, the Muslims entered Makkah with dignity with honor, without any loss without any suffering nasaan Aziza a mighty victory and such a victory that brought Glory to the Muslims and Islam, that Allah subhanaw taala has given till today that that place is still a place of what they hate. It's a place where Allah is worshipped a place where the messenger is praised. So I am Soraka Allahu nasaan Aziza so today via this treaty that took place, it was a gateway to future conquests to future success. And

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a cause of many, many blessings for the prophets are a lot of setup and Muslims.

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And what are those blessings? First of all, Leah Villa de colo, Moffitt of forgiveness. Secondly, it Mahmoud nirma.

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Thirdly, he Daya And fourthly NUS runner Aziza, William Soraka, Allahu nursling, Aziza, that Allah subhanaw taala has given you so many blessings, so many gifts after this.

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Why is it so that Allah subhanaw taala rewarded the Prophet sallallahu Sallam and the Muslims abundantly after this treaty?

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Because her davia was very difficult for the Muslims. It was very, very difficult for the Muslims. As you know how the companions work, when the Prophet sallallahu Sallam instructed them to open up their home to slaughter their animals, not even one was willing to move,

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or model the learn who imagined he was getting so upset that he dared to question the province of autism of aterna is this. What kind of victory is this?

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So you can imagine the state of the Muslims, it was very difficult upon them. And Has it ever happened with you that you go somewhere you traveled all the way but you can't reach your destination and you have to go back. It is very, very upsetting. very upsetting. You travel all the way you can't get your work done and you come back many times that happens with women who go for Hajj, and on the days of Hajj, they begin their period. And they come back with a heavy heart that I went there, okay, in my head, somehow it was vetted, I managed to perform all the major things. However, I was not able to go to the Halloween parade. I wasn't able to go into tawaf over there. So

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at this point, a person comes back with a very heavy heart. Imagine the Muslims were going to mock after six years, six years is a long time.

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And imagine they went all the way and they couldn't do or

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they could not perform Umrah. You might not be able to understand this. Because you know, when you haven't experienced something like this, you don't know how bad it feels. But just imagine you're traveling somewhere you go all the way. And right when you reach that country, your immigration is refused and you turn around and sent back.

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Just imagine this is what the Muslims had to experience. But they accepted, they submitted and what does Allah subhanaw taala say that in your fasab Luna agilon the lady

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that Allah gives to those who are patient they reward without any measure in through the Zoomer Iam return.

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So we see that because of the Sovereign of the Prophet sallallahu.

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And his Saba was the greatest at this point, the greatest because of his sovereign, and because of the Sovereign of the companions, Allah subhanaw taala rewarded them so much. That future victories, so many blessings, forgiveness, guidance, help, victory, so many blessings. Why? Because of acceptance because of submission.

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So there is a great lesson in this for us that whenever we endure some difficult times, what do we have to do? Have patience, accept. Don't be angry. Don't be in denial. Because when you accept when you submit, then Allah will create these for you

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who are lazy, he is the one who ends Ella Sakina, who sent down tranquility were few clover mini in the hearts of the believers,

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that at a time when they were overwhelmed with grief, a loss of private data sent upon them Sakina Why? To relax them, to satisfy them, to assure them what is Sakina

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Sakina is from the root fetters seen calf noon, any other word from the same root? sukoon. What does it mean, to become still write, the word sukoon is used for physical stillness, that when something was moving, and then it came to a point and it stopped over there, this is so called physical and Sakina is the stillness it is a tranquility of the heart.

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What happens when a person is angry? What a person has said, when a person is depressed? What are his emotions? Like? Up and down? Up and down? Isn't it? What is his heartbeat like? It's very fast. It's not steady. He's going through ups and downs, when in a difficult situation. So what is subpoena then? That after having experienced great turmoil, anxiety, fear, restlessness, sadness, grief, Allah give Sakina to the person that no matter what happens, he doesn't freak out anymore. He doesn't panic anymore. So Sakina is a state of relief from worries. It's a state of relief from worries relief from anxieties relief from scary thoughts. Remember, in the cave, the prophet said a

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lot is a worker of the learner they were there. What is the loss of Paradise if it ends at a loss Akina de la alesund down his tranquility upon the profits on a monastery, that the machine were right outside the cave, right outside. But how was the proper totalizer? calm, relaxed, that where another person who would be freaking out, would faint out of fear would scream out of fear, cry out of fear, he was gone, he was relaxed. So who am lady Angela Sakina. Allah is the one who sent down the subpoena the tranquility, when, after the Treaty of her debut, when the Muslims were overcome with sadness, after that, Allah sent his Sakina about them, so that they became calm. They accepted

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the decree of Allah. Yes, initially, they were very sad. Initially, they were upset, but eventually what happened? Allah gave them Sakina. So they became feel colluvial meaning in the hearts of the believers.

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And we see that despite the fact that the Sahaba were upset, they were sad. We don't find them arguing with the Prophet settlements, or muraleedharan. Who Yes, he asked him why? To know. It wasn't that he was angry with the Prophet sallallahu sallam, he didn't have any respect for him. No. Because in a situation where a person is upset is said is worried it's only natural to ask the question, isn't it so? So this is why the so how about some of them were asking, but generally what was the state of the Muslims that they were sad, but they were accepting. They accepted the situation. They felt the anguish and distress. However, they had subpoenaed as well. And this was

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the gift of a last panel Donna abundant. So who led Angela Sakina De Fuca Louisville? momineen Why did he send the Sakina upon them Leah's there do even more emailing him so that they would increase in Eman with their email?

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What does it mean by this? They may increase in email with their email emails. Imani him the second Eman in the sentence Imani him, this refers to the man that they had before the Treaty of her navia.

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So that was their email. But what does Allah say that after the Treaty of her they via what Allah sent Sakina upon them, what happened? They increased on top of that

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their Eman was increased. How has it increased?

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The thing is, that when a person is in normal circumstances, everything is fine, everything is smooth. Then his Eman is at a certain level.

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But when he goes through a job, when he goes through a turbulence when he goes through some difficulty, then what happens? Either it will increase him in his email or it will decrease him in his email.

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And a believer what happens to him that allows help is with him, Allah gives him Sakina. So he increases in his faith, he increases in his circle, he increases in his team.

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This think about yourself, you are sometimes in a situation where you know when you're making, okay, your heart is not as present. But if you experience something difficult, you have an exam coming up, or your body is hurting somewhere. Is that going to make your daughter more lively? Is it? Yes. Are you going to pray with more devotion with more humidity? Of course, you are going to so Leah's dadoo, Eman and Mara Imani him.

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And these difficulties in life are necessary. Because a person may wonder that why did this happen? I have to go through the difficulty of going all the way to Makkah. But first a prophet sallallahu Sallam was shown the dream. The muscles were so hopeful they went and then on their way back they were so sad. Why all this difficulty? Because this difficulty is a means of increasing your faith.

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This is a means of increasing your yaqeen This gives you more courage to obey Allah. Leah's dadoo Eman and Mara Imani him,

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well Allah He Judah, somehow it will up and to Allah belong the armies of the heavens and the earth. insalata modesitt ayah 31 Allah says, well, Maryana Mooji neuter of because Allah who knows the soldiers of your Lord except for him? So Allah, He doesn't need people to fight for his religion. No, Allah owns the junoon of the heavens and the earth. If he wanted to give this victory to His Messenger, if he wanted to give this victory to the religion of Islam at this point, he could have done it even without the Muslims, even without those 1400 men, what Allah hid You know, this summer what you will work on a lot, who are the men hakima and Allah is Ever knowing and wise. Everything

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that he does is based on his knowledge and everything that he decides is based on his wisdom. So, what should we do? trust him accept what he has decided. And only then we can be successful?

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will listen to the recitation

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learn you walking

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be in the

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way Soraka Ma, Mona Swan Aziza

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Jackie Natasha Paulo meanie

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Are you willing

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work? Long Honeyman Hakeem.

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Hi beautiful, that we see. The Muslims were refused entry into Makkah at this point.

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It was very difficult for them. But they accept it. they obeyed the messenger sallallahu wasallam. And because of that, it led to further Makkah. Because of that it led to many other victories. And because of that, when we go for a run hatch today, we are not refused. We are able to go easily. When you're entering Makkah, what sign Do you see outside only Muslims or non Muslims beyond this point. And at that time you feel so special that you can go here because of your EMA because of your being Muslim.

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But they were refused at that time. Imagine how difficult it was. But because of their acceptance because of their suburb because of their struggle. So many others are able to go and they are not refused. And if they did not accept at that time, they said no, we're gonna fight we're gonna go. They didn't accept the decree of Allah, then something else could have happened. So there's always always good in accepting that is

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visions of Allah, there's always good in following the footsteps of the messenger sallallahu wasallam. Even if you find no benefit, apparently, but there is good and you just have to trust a line His Messenger there.

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What else

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difficulties they are in means of increase in demand. This is why Allah subhanaw taala tests people again and again. Because it humbled a person, it draws him closer to Allah, it makes him remember a lot more. It makes him reflect on his sins more, isn't it? So, when you're going through a difficult you think, okay, I'll give sadaqa when you go into a difficulty you start making or you start doing this default and you see that difficulty go away, you're a man and doing this the heart doesn't that increase, of course it increases. So when difficulties come, what should be our behavior, embracing them, not being resentful, not getting upset, because Allah said that your way so when Allah sent

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that your way, there is a reason. And if you rely upon Allah, He will give Sakina like he gave to the believers at her baby, and he gave to his prophet in the kingdom that were other person will be freaking out, you'll become where a person will be panicking and saying why, how come Why is this happening? you're relaxed. Where does this relaxation come from? From Allah subhanaw taala Sakina Lee is there to email me or email him? What alerted you know, to somehow it will all work out Allahu Arlene and hakima so difficult times hardships. What do they do they increase the man of the believers. But they have a different effect on some other people.

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On Who?

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On the one everything on the wish seeking.

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Allah says Ludo halal me Nina one minute and that he may admit the believing men and believing women were into generating into gardens which gardens, veggie demon tactical and how underneath which rivers flow Holly Dena Fie her abiding there eternally. At the beginning, we learned about the special blessings which were bestowed on the Prophet sallallahu Sallam for this flutter movie. And now we learn about the general blessings that Allah will give to the believers. And amongst them is that he will admit them into gender, both believing men and believing women. Because we see that on the strip. It wasn't just the believing men who had gone believing women had also gone for this.

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And in the very added line, even there to the bear, even they took the pledge. Obviously, they did not touch the profits of autosomes. And but they also participated in that they're

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saluda mininova minette genetic integrity and tactical unhearable. Highly Dena Fie her when you can feel on him say to him, and he will expect from them their sins. Will Canada liquor in the law he foes and our Lima and that near Allah is great achievement is great success, what entry into gender and forgiveness of sins. Do things are promised to the believers over here, entry in general and forgiveness of sins. Why? Because they were patient, they obeyed the messenger. And when a person is patient over a difficulty, it is a means of forgiveness of sense. And at the same time, it's also a means of greater reward, double benefit.

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And another benefit that we learned earlier was that a person's email increases, when a person's email will increase, his obedience will increase. He will stay farther away from sins and that is a result of entry into agenda that is a result of forgiveness of sins. So so many benefits come forth from what accepting the decree of Allah. And Such are the people who are truly successful, who are admitted into gender and removed from Hellfire forgiven for their sins because from observe the Hara and unnati or other halal janetta photographers.

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And this tells us that their award for one who is patient is what Jenna

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liudmyla allow me to admit them into Jenna, in which he will remain forever. And not only this, but he will also be forgiven for his sins.

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But the same test the same difficulty the same trial. The same experience brings other things to other people. Depending on where they stand. Where the profits are, a lot of them benefited immensely. The Muslims benefited immensely. We see that the moon African and the Michigan what happened to them after this event where you are at double moon Africa well moon Africa and that he may punish the hypocrite man

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And the hypocrite women, while mushy kena Well, mushy cat and then we shake man and the mystic women, the incident that happened at her they via the Muslims were there. Back in Medina, the Mana 15. Were there. And on the other hand in Makkah, who was there, the machine were there, three types of people were involved.

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And all three came with different results. Why? Because their participation in this event was different.

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It was the same thing difficulty were the Muslims wanted to perform or MRA. And they were not allowed the machine did not want to allow the Muslims to come they felt fear. They were afraid. Even they had to compromise. They had to allow the Muslims to come next year. They also had to have a treaty with the Muslims. But we see that they came with different results. Why? Because they had no

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they had no Sakina the Muslims were coming with only one sword each in Iran. But look at how fearful the Michigan where they wouldn't allow the Muslims to come in

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where you are as evil whenever Tina wellmune Africa that allowed me to punish them when I feel command and then when African women and the Muslim men and the Muslim women, if you notice women are mentioned separately over here. Whereas in the Quran generally, when a group of people are mentioned women are understood. But when the women are specified, they mentioned separately, this shows the special importance that is being given to the subject at hand.

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Who are them when i 15? And then we're stuck in our lawn Nina Villa Helena. So those who think evil thoughts about Allah, as long Nene floral off lawn, and who is lawn is some feral one who has one, one who entertains a one and what is a one, one is a dominant belief about something whose contrary is also expected. You understand a dominant belief about something whose contrary is also expected is also feared. For example, you go to the mall, hoping, thinking that you'll find the shoes you want to buy. But you also have this thought that what if I don't find them, you understand? You're going with the thought that you will be able to find them. But you're also going with the thought

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that you might not be able to find them understand, do opposite things.

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When used positively the words one, it leads to yucking it leads to certainty. This is why sometimes the word one is understood as they believe with conviction.

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And when using the negative sense, then it is used for shut for doubt. So it leads to shock as well.

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When the word one is followed by another that it gives me enough certainty when it's followed by an it gives a meaning of thinking and when it comes by itself it gives a meaning of assumption.

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So Alon Nina Villa he alumna, so what meaning of love, is it over here?

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assumption? Because it's coming by itself, what evil thought what evil supposition did the machine and the one after 18 have about a loss of paradigm with the machine understood that he has a *ty that he has a partner? This is an assumption, right? It's a supposition. Do they have any evidence behind that? No. It's a supposition. But it's an evil thought about Allah, that he has a partner that he has daughters that he needs children that he has a spouse

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with regard to them when africaine What was the evil thought they had about Allah and even the machine? What was the evil thought that Allah will not help his messenger that Allah will not help the believers?

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then whenever you clean who are in Medina, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam told everybody to come from LA. But there were some people who didn't come and Who are they? The hypocrites mostly,

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why did they not come? Because they were worried? What if Allah does not help the messenger? And what if the messenger is skilled? What if the Muslims are fought with and what if they're defeated? They're going to the enemy? You understand Makkah was what the home of the enemy so the Muna feeling, the hypocrites What did they have that the Muslims are going there? They're going to be finished the prophet will be killed now. This is a thought that they had

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into the fat higher 12 only we learned about this one of them an African that builds London to LA and kalibo Rasulullah Mina illa helenium every day

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That you thought that the messenger and the believers would never return to their families ever. This is a thought that they had about Allah. And this was an evil thought.

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And the machine when they made the treaty with the Muslims, what were they thinking? With all of the clauses in their favor against the Muslims? What were they thinking that they were going to win over the Muslims, Allah is never going to help these people. So this was an evil thought at the machine. And then when I've been entertained about Allah, that he will not help his messenger. Allah says, I lay him down in order to sow upon them is the era of evil. What does it mean by that era?

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That it was literally one that goes around.

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So that era is used for a turn of events, or a calamity that completely surrounds a person, a misfortune that completely surrounds a person, so upon them is that in order to so the misfortune of evil and evil turn of fortune is abundant.

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They think that the Muslims will be surrounded by evil. No, these people will be surrounded by evil. Well, dibala who are lay him, and Allah is angry with them will learn at home and he has cursed them. Well, I did a home Johanna. And he has prepared for them Hellfire was at Mozilla and what an evil destination it is.

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You see a person no matter what difficulty you may be in, no matter what situation he may be in, he has no right to entertain bad thoughts about Allah.

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He has no right to think negative thoughts about

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that I am in this difficulty. I have prayed I upgrade. My prayers will never be answered. God never listens to me.

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I'm in this difficulty. And I'm on my own. I don't have anyone's help. It says Oh, Allah has abandoned me. No, no person has the right to think like this. about himself or about another person, that there is another person who is in difficulty, a lot will never help them. Allah will never take them out that difficulty they will die in the state No, never, ever think negatively about Allah.

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We are to think positively about Allah. And tawakkol includes that fart of the worker is having positive thoughts about almost a part of he man is part of a vida is hope of, isn't it? So?

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So many names of Allah subhanaw taala? What do they show to us? that we have to have positive thoughts about him? Not negative.

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Not that Allah will abandon his servants?

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And what is this related with? When a person accepts the decision of Allah? Then what happens? It makes him peacefully make some positive, isn't it? Because what helps you to accept the decision of Allah? There is some higher in this, there is some good in this, I don't see it. But definitely there's some good in this.

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But when a person does not accept the decision of Allah, then he has negative thoughts about what that there's no good industry. Why is this happening with me? This is not fair. So when a person he thinks negative about Allah, what do we learn over here I lay him that you know, too, so then yes, evil will befall him. Because what is the loss of penalty? I am as my servant thinks I am.

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When a person entertains evil thoughts about Allah, then look at the consequences or lay him down. So while they will know who are they who were the believers benefited by increasing their Eman, coming closer to Allah getting reward from Allah being admitted into agenda here we see complete opposite of all the beloved are they him when learner home are done at home? Johanna was sir atmosfera. So it's very, very important that our times of difficulty, we accept the situation. We submit over there. We don't say negative things.

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Because remember, what is in the heart will also come on the tongue. If you entertain positive thoughts, positive words will come out. If you entertain negative thoughts, negative words will come. So don't complain, rather accept.

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And we see over here that when everything in Michigan Why are they being punished because of their evil thoughts? Even evil thoughts can be a source of great trouble for a person. What do we think only evil words are? Only evil actions are? But even bad thoughts are a means of punishment for a person.

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Because thoughts What do they lead to? words they lead to actions that lead to habits it all begins from thoughts

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Illa heed you know the similarity will have and to Allah belong the genome, the soldiers, the armies of the heavens and the earth. What can Allahu Aziz and hakima and Allah is Ever mighty and wise, he's able to do anything. He's able to do everything. He doesn't need to depend on anyone, not even on his denude. He is all powerful, but at the same time he is hacky.

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If you don't accept his decisions, can you cause any loss to Allah? Not at all.

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But at the same time, you have to have trust in Allah, that whatever he has decided, that is based on his hikma, therefore, submit, and you will succeed.

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while you on the bell, Mona

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long while

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we're in

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it, do you want to work?

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disease? And

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we see that twice this has been mentioned over here, what do you notice?

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And what are the genomes of Allah,

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his armies right through which he helps his servants, through which he helps his worshipers, those who are patient, those who accept the decree of Allah. So sometimes it happens that you are in a situation and you think it's not good for you, it's not favorable for you. But you never know. From there comes a help. From there comes the help of a law musasa when he was in the court of federal, what happened, the logical movements broke up. You don't know, in a situation where it seems it's not favorable for you to help them unless a penalty might come from there, from that very place. So this is why a person must always always trust upon his Lord, and accept the decree of Allah because

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Allah can do anything. And you don't know from where he will help you. Could anyone imagined that the Treaty of her baby would lead to the conquest of Makkah? Can anyone imagine that?

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Because part of the treaty was that any person who goes to Makkah, from Muslims doesn't have to be returned. But any person who goes to Medina, from Makkah, becoming a Muslim, he has to be returned. There was also very sad about that. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam assured them to think about it, a person who has left us and joined the machine that Allah has distanced him from us. We don't need that person, isn't it? A person who has left us willingly gone there? We don't need him. Allez distance, that man from us. And a person who has left the machine and come to us, he has to be sent back. But Allah will make a way for him. Allah will help him when he left Did you do this in my way

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it will up and that's exactly what happened. Because remember that the Muslims of hamartia, they were not part of this treaty. So the Muslims of Makkah, they could always go and join the Muslims and have a shot.

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And you know about what happened with some Muslims who escaped Makkah, they went towards the sea, and they lived over there. And whenever then when she came there, caravans would be passing by, they would harass them. So then when she came back the Prophet sallallahu sallam, please call these people to yourself. So Allah will make a way for them. Accept the situation, it might seem very unfavorable. But in the long run, remember, it's good.

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When elected, you know the similarity will work out a lot more Aziz and Hakeem, if you don't accept, you're only going to suffer.

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This is the difference between African and believe. believe that everything Allah decrees is good and always know that Allah subhanaw taala is

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always funny. They always have negative thoughts. This is the difference between a man and

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a man and check what that a person always has positive thoughts about good times and also back dives is an altered difficulty because

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In every situation there is good for you what you learn through difficulty, you don't learn through ease, isn't it? What you learn through difficulty you don't learn through ease. So difficulty is also necessary. So when Allah says difficulty your way, accept it.

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These eyes are so beautiful holiday really touched me it feels like a lot is giving us and telling us it's your choice because calamities and grief are part of life. Either you accept it and you get sick enough from Allah or you entertain evil thoughts and only harm yourself, have fear, be worried, be anxious, get panic, and only harm yourself.

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danika and ally. So the non GMO, just respecting this part of the ayah and SubhanAllah. You know, our society is very materialistic. Like we're constantly being told, You know what successive, you have to have a high paying job, we have to like have a university degree you have to have this and that, you know, it's all about the money. And sometimes we don't accept the difficulty that Allah has sent our way, thinking that otherwise we will not be successful. But the thing is, you accept and Allah will guide you and He will make you successful in learning and

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listen to the recitation of all of these is from the beginning.

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Dr. Judy