Ramadan 2020 – Reminder Day 23

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Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh dear brothers and sisters and welcome to Torah with reminder day 23.

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I'm coming with an offer and guess what the offer is from Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam what's the offer? insurance for free? What? Yes, it is again, life insurance for free. Listen to the Hadith, the prophet Salam said manansala Shafi Gemma, if the Hopi didn't met the last time, whoever prays Richa in Jamaica is under the protection of Allah subhanho wa Taala in the morning. Okay, let's go to the morning when someone says refugia Morocco if you didn't matter, like, at times, if you pray fudger in Jamaica, you are under the protection of Allah spotted in the evening. What do you call that? 24? Seven insurance?

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What's the premium? $0? Free? Yes. So how much does it cost me to get the premium? So panela now we are tone, you can play in the masjid. So if you claims a man shall get the same reward inshallah. So if you do this, you have life insurance for free. And who is ensuring you are

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the one who lives life? Now,

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here's the story.

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You know, kids are very innocent. When you tell them something, they believe in it. And he's that kid, when he heard this, had it in the budget, he go, he goes back home and he tells his dad, he said that I will not go to school tomorrow, if you don't wake me up for future. Because the Shaykh said, you will be under the protection of Allah Subhana Allah till the evening, and I need the protection from all I know sometimes as parents was like, Nah, he's a kid. It's very cold outside. So the following morning, the kid woke up, and it's already sunrise. She told her that I'm not going to school.

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That didn't take him serious. But the kid insisted, well, I haven't gone to school. And if you don't wake me up tomorrow, I'm not going to school the

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following day, the dad was obedient, will come up to come to the masjid. They prayed for ginger Ma, they came back and he was late for school.

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What happened? He went to school, you know, back home, if you are late, they discipline you. And they use a stick. So like here. So the guy lined up with the other four kids who are waiting to be disciplined. So the first one, the teacher said, open your hand because he wants to hit him five times. And everybody got there like, you know, discipline and this kid when the teacher said open your hand, he said, I don't think so. He's like you're late and you're rude to open your hand. He said, I don't think he can touch me. He's like, Oh my God. What did you bring the courage to talk to your teacher like this? He said, because the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, Whoever prays virgin

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jamaa, he's under the protection of our last breath in the evening. Are you gonna do that to me? No, no, no, no go to class.

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Well, I asked colossal Canada to give us the innocence of those children. Sometimes we'll learn from them. Well, I'll tell you another person's story. You know, I was in the masjid one day, and the man was giving the hook back. And my son is almost three years old, sitting next to me. And a man said interlaw hawan. To mukono Level A Jabba when Allahu Allah to kopelman Albin LA, often, you know, make dua and be certain that Allah Allah will give you what you want. But a love is not accept a door from a hideous art. You know how we did with the last packet when it comes to the art today? This the problem? What is our hands like this alone? Oh, look, I don't like the color of the

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ceiling. I love them. I don't even like the color of the carpets. They're not matching with these colors.

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Which will take into how you're talking to Allah subhanho wa Taala in that way, how come? Well, why if you're standing in front of your boss at work, you wouldn't even blink.

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But in salon measure law, we're standing like this and we go like

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oh my goodness like this and I'm assuming lots of money. We have something outside

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and then you're making to her and you're communicating with a lot is this how respect that should be shown to Allah subhanho wa Taala.

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So my kid was listening to the show and it just hit him in the heart. So he said it Allah ask Allah want to

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be certain Allah will give you what you asked for.

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Well, in the law when a law does not accept miracles, not from a tongue, Allah stone about

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The heart die should be coming from the heart. You should feel it because the last part a certain certain number.

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way a chief was too

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unless it who other than the last method I would respond to, and motor we don't do

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when you're in a bad mood and you say you're alone. Well, I have no one except you. I've lost my job. I've been affected by this pandemic. Y'all know what's gonna happen in the future. Listen, it's all in the hands of Allah, Allah sending this Coronavirus to tell you I am in control. No one is in control, even with the most advanced technology and medicine and all these luck, medical knowledge and stuff. No one except Allah will remove this.

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So we have to put our trust in Allah subhanaw taala.

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So do we do the doctor when you raise your hand all I say yeah, Allah, you are the one who said in certain hedge number 21. What?

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shakin, Illa

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Allah said in this if we have the inexhaustible treasures of everything, what do you want love, marriage, job, car, house health, whatever it is, Allah said, we have the inexhaustible treasures of everything. But guess what? We're man known as Zulu Illa. Because

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we only give it to the lock on our door uniform, all the doors, I needed the dorabella till the end. But the problem is to rush to Allah when he's in need.

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unless it who removes where Khufu a suit, who removes the evil that's happening now? none but Allah. And Allah said, 11 mala? Do you think there is a partner of the law? And by the way, this is not a question.

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It's a statement in the form of a question called is the time to pray in the Arabic language. And last name is Allah is not waiting for me to say, let me think, is there a God with a lot? No, La ilaha illa Allah.

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But you need to depend on lead means there is no god worthy of worship. And that do i is the essence of worship in the Medina Aztec Bruna and reality Allah subhanaw taala. Before this, he said, what color of droning, Allah commanded us, asked me, I studied black hole, not as big black hole essentially means instantaneously right away, as it means it takes time. But he said in the Latinas take Bruna and a bed at some people are going to wash their skin color.

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I think I have everything there. When you are a hardship like this, you go back to Allah. So to conclude the story, I saw my son, what is making guys cry?

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Three years old, he's crying. What is making that? What is it?

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And then after we finish this a lot, he said, Dad, can you wait for like five minutes? I said, Okay, waited for five minutes, nothing happened. And then he came back and said, Oh, can I ask for an extension of another three minutes. I said, let's do it. But then after that, we have to go. Three minutes later, nothing happened. He said.

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I can see he said, I said why are you said he said I don't want to embarrass you. I said, Look, go ahead. you embarrass me everything. No problem. Go ahead. And he's like, you know what?

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This shakes it or law asked a lot. What am Tomoko Nebula, the villager and be certain that Allah will give you what you asked for? And I said, Well, why that like I am certain Allah will give me

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and he also said, we're in the Mahabharata problem. And Calvin law does not accept from a town for a hideous heart. Well, no, he My heart was there. I meant it. I felt it. I said, I saw you I saw you. I saw you.

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He said, What is it that you asked?

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I don't want to embarrass you. So go ahead. is like you know, the bike that you bought me a year ago. So yeah, the bike is shrinking, and I'm growing so as the love for a bigger bike.

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And I thought it's gonna take five minutes to download from the seven heaven, but it seems it's gonna take longer. So let's go home.

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And I started crying. I said supply upon. You could the appeal of a child he's making to heart and he knew that Allah will give him what he asked for. That instantaneously soften my heart. So I said, Okay, let's go home to the car. And I made a phone call. And then once we arrived home, who's still sad? So we knocked on the door. His mom opened the door. Give her a heart with a smile. This time he just walked to his room.

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Like, what's wrong? What's wrong is nothing. So what did he do to him? I said, suppiler I'm embarrassed by him. I'm embarrassed by YouTube. I didn't do anything wrong. Then a

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few seconds later, my son is coming back from his room, screaming that I said, Yes. He said, good news. I said, What would you like to know the end of the story?

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My time is over. But since we have a guest today, I'm going to continue the story, inshallah. Maybe we'll take another minute. extensional. So what happened is, is that the angels made a mistake. I said, What is it instead of delivering the bike at the masjid, they deliver it to my room?

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And now I have to correct this appeal. I'm like, Are you happy? He said, Yes. I said, the last part that I send you the bike? He said, Yes. I said, but not through the angels. It was throw me. You know, when you told me this, that I asked you to the code to go to the car. And then I made a phone call. He said yes. I said, I placed an order for the bike. But you know what, who gave you the bike he said, You I said no of law. And means

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that's it. So when you did cry, and as the love from your heart, Allah moved my heart and his soul to my heart, then I ordered the bike for you. So your heart should be attached to a lot not your dad because your dad is here today. He's not going to be here tomorrow, but allow will never die. So keep doing what you're doing. And I am the one who learned the lesson from him. Brothers and sisters, let's act as those kids. Let's learn this innocence from them. Let's have your opinion. Allah subhanho wa Taala and make up from our hearts inshallah. Tomorrow we have the popular program as you know, at 2pm time for the kids.

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You know the phone number 306-974-6564. It's going to be on the screen to more inshallah, call us. We're going to correct your recitation and we're going to also share some gems and pearls from the Quran. See you tomorrow. Don't forget, help your visit and give me charity. Not Not this fake one, the genuine salaam alaikum wa rahmatullahi

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went beyond the little bit