Ramadan 2020 – Reminder Day 22

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Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh. And welcome to Torah we reminder day 22

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the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, Mr. Almighty, Venus Latinos study,

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the average lifespan of the life of myeloma is between 60 to 70. Live, which I was in very few people who live beyond that age.

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There was a woman at the time of Musa alayhis salam, when she heard about an oma that the average span of life is going to be 60 to 70. She had a child who was 300 years old, she said, finally, those six, this will be like a

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lot, but you know what this oma is the shortest span of life.

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But the biggest rewards ever. Can you imagine during these 10 nights, there's a night that if you catch that night, it's 83 years of data.

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Imagine if you live for 60 years, rule out 20 years when you were young, 40 years, multiply them by 83.

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So if you missed a lot in your life, you still have a chance during these 10 nights.

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This is the second night. And guess what? I'm going to share a very, very important story with you tonight.

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There was a giant amongst the tambourine and when I say tambourine, it's the plural of a Turnberry and utter berry is someone who lived with us a hobby and he learned from them. So at the time of a hustle and bustle he used to live in Basra, which is like part of Iraq now.

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There was a library called Malik abney dinar and I wanted to know, to learn this name, Malik ebin dinar.

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One day, when he entered the budget and hustle bustle, he was sitting there teaching people. And he told him Malik, why don't you come to the front here and share your story how Allah subhanaw taala guided you. And this is an inspirational story for all of us now young and old.

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So Molly came to the front and he said,

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I have lived for 30 years of my life.

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And imagine any type of vice any type of sin have committed such as when I was a drunkard. I used to, you know, steel, I usually not only just like, you know, I know those pirates, this highwayman. He used to ambush people and take their money. And he enjoyed to watch fights between people.

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That was him for 30 years.

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And then he said, One day, I went out to the market after drinking a lot. And then I just wanted to see a fight. So I saw a man

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trying to buy something. And then the seller took the money of that man, and he wouldn't give him whatever he wanted to buy.

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And the man said to him, why do you do this to me?

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Why do you steal the joy of my daughters? How can I go back home to them now with nothing with me? And he took my money.

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And then the man said, Who cares about your daughter? And then he said, You know what? I'll do something very serious, like, what is it that I'm going to make against you? And the man like started laughing out loud. Who cares about your dog? What do you mean by your dog.

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And then the man raised his hand. And he made that point, medically, VR is watching the fight. At the beginning, who is enjoying the fight that's upon love. For some reason. He said, something hit me in the heart when that man talked about his daughters. And the fact that this man by taking his money, he's stealing the joy of those daughters,

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when the father will go back home with nothing with his hands.

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So he said, I found myself coming and approaching the seller. And I said to him,

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give the man whatever he wants.

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And of course, people know who is backing me, you know, like imagine like a thug, talking to someone.

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So the man got scared, and he gave the mayor whatever he wanted, and he left. So Mike said, I went back home and I said,

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I wish I can have a dog like that.

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And then, of course, everybody around him who would marry him who would give him his daughter for marriage, because he's a very bad reputation. He was abusive. He was, as I told you, so he went and he bought a slave home. And he freed her, and he married her. And Allah subhanaw taala has given him a daughter and he called her Fatima.

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Year after year, Fatima started growing up

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while she was three or four and she's sitting here

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In the lap of her dad, and he said, Allah has given me what I wanted yet, I was still on the wrong path. I was still doing everything bad. Even though Allah has given me what I asked for.

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So he said I was drinking and drinking and drinking. He said, even Allah sent me a sign because my daughter would sit in my lap, and she will push the alcohol away from my hands. But it's still I insist that I drink

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until I came back one night. And guess what?

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My daughter died. I was so angry with a loss opponent. And I said, like, Why? Why do you do this to me? And I forget, like, what am I doing with my life? And I said, Well, why did you run the Laila? Mine I've got tonight, I'm going to commit all types of sins. I'm going to leave no voice, except I'm going to commit that tonight.

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And it was the first night of Ramadan.

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So he said, I went, and I drank and drank and drank until I passed up.

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And then he said, when I passed out, I had a dream.

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And I saw myself running, as if it's like the Day of Judgment, and somebody is calling my likability in our it's time to stand in front of and widen our spine for you. Now you're going to be standing in front of Allah subhanaw taala. And I said to myself, I haven't prepared myself for that meeting. Brothers and sisters, do you hear that? I haven't prepared myself for that meeting.

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And so I kept running. And the more I run, I see a snake a huge snake running behind me

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until I tripped, and I saw some sort of like Hill fire in front of me. And I was about even to throw myself to save myself from the snake. But then he said, I got up and I started running again. And I was so tired. And then I saw an old man who looked nice. And I said, Man, please help me, help me save me. He said, I'm too weak to help you. I can't.

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And they said, I kept running and running and running. And then I saw the man again. I said, Please, old man, help me help me to look, as you see, I'm very fragile. I can't help you. But you know what, go down that hill.

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Go down that mountain. Maybe you'll find something there.

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Then he said, I went.

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And I saw a place. And they say that place quote was called the place of the trust of the believers.

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And he said, once I arrived there, there was like a screen in front of me.

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And then he said, I saw so many faces of children.

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And I heard somebody calling, saying Fatima, Fatima, come and save your dad.

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And he said, all of a sudden, I saw my daughter brushing towards me. And she held me with her right hand. And she put her hand out to the snake. He said, like, stay away from us. Get away from here.

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And then the snake left.

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And I was I feel so relieved. And I said, Fatima. What is this? What is happening? What's the snake? She said that that snake is your bad deeds.

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You have done so much bad deeds.

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This was like it was a huge serpent.

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He said, What's that old man? She said, this is your good deeds was so weak, wouldn't even save you.

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And then he said, After that, I woke up. And today, I American with you know, one of the Giants. Amongst the tablet. He has the story of his Toba. So brothers and sisters, I'm not entertaining you tonight. But my message is this. If you have lived 40 years, 50 years, like Malika he left like he lived 30 years and he was doing everything bad, you still have a chance and seek the opportunity. It's the last month of Ramadan. If you hit that item further, that's 83 years.

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Who can who can live for another 83 years. Just one night you will get the reward of a bad anything that you do on that night whether it's South Africa, whether it's a salon or whether it is you know, zyk Vicar of Allah subhanaw taala what's reciting for on?

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It will be the reward of at three years Hiraman alpha, alpha is at three years and six months.

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So don't miss the opportunity.

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and act like malakut maybe not me Allah subhanho wa Taala give us Toba before that emulous pantalla give us a header at the moment of death and May Allah subhanaw taala give us gender after death.

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And tomorrow, don't forget inshallah at 5pm we have the continuation of our beautiful patients tafsir series of 5pm. See tomorrow, Allah Don't forget helping him as yet and giving me my own charity.

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That's my smile.