Reda Bedeir – Ramadan 2020 – Reminder Day 24

Reda Bedeir
AI: Summary © The importance of following Prophet Muhammad's instructions for a better day is emphasized, along with the importance of recognizing the person attached to Allah's teachings and praising him. The use of the hand eighteenth symbol to remember Jesus's teachings is also discussed, along with the use of a secret feature in Islam called the use of a hand eighteenth symbol to remember Jesus's name. The importance of changing one's life, particularly in regards to their religion, is emphasized, along with avoiding mistakes and making mistakes. The segment ends with a reminder of their upcoming show, "The young man."
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Assalamu aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. Dear brothers and sisters, welcome to taraweeh reminder, day 24.

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I'm coming with the recipe today. Would you like to change your 24? Seven into a better? Yes, that's exactly that we have our Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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If you follow what I'm going to be saying, now we're going to be turning the entire day into a better not a single second about, all you need to do is just follow the example of the Prophet salallahu alaihe salam. Let me start with asking a question.

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What was the first thing the porcelain will do? In the morning?

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I'm looking for an answer. Or somebody says he's gonna wake up. No, he's gonna open his eyes first. Okay, just kidding. So once the problem opens his eyes, what's the first thing that will come out of his mouth?

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What does this give you? His heart was always attached 24 seven. That's what we need to develop in Ramadan and then take it with us and build this as a habit. So it becomes one of our character, remembrance of Allah spattered over time, my heart is always attached to Allah. So the first thing he would do, he would say Alhamdulillah and lay the piano. When you go to bed, you're dead. That is minor. Sorry, sleep is minor.

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So when you're sleeping, you're not aware of what happens around you. You're not even held accountable for what you're doing in your dreams. So the person who would say Alhamdulillah Allah, the Ayana, all praises due to Allah subhanho wa Taala. You know, like unhemmed entails two things. It's like gratitude, plus praise of Allah subhanaw taala. So he's taking a loss of Allah, and he's praising him. Allah, the ohana, who brought us back to life. by Adam, I'm aterna after we're dead, we're a human issue. And to him His resurrection. This is a sign for those who deny resurrection, you die every day. And you come back to life. And that's what the person is teaching us through

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this. So again, you start your day, by thanking Allah by praising Allah. And by remembering a lot, what a beautiful day. Then what's next? Let's just like go into, like, part of the day in sha Allah today with the processor, what's the next thing is going to go to my guru? Right? So entering the washroom? Do I enter with my right foot or left foot, the sooner is to enter the left foot. Was there the other person would say yes, before he enters, he would say a lot in the air, although bigger, you see, again, the hearts attached to a lot. He's making the art all the time, because that is the weapon of the Muslim. That is the weapon of the Muslim and many of us Unfortunately, these

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days, we don't use that. So he would say a lot of them are a lot in the hour. The big secret feature, do you mean a hook see when Cabell hooks means impurity and Habad you know is the plural of lecture things like you know, devils. So you're seeking refuge in Allah subhanaw taala from the Jessa impurity, and, you know, the Sharia thing because we're to the shayateen live, they live in the washrooms they live in the wasteland. They live in a barren land. This is why always always when you go you know inside your house, you know, you have to start with with saying Bismillah that way you're warning them and once they hit the name of Allah, they go away. You know when we decide.

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fellow seeking refuge with Allah subhanaw taala Who is he? He is Robin nurse, Malika NASS illa hiddenness and then you say min Charles was from the evil of the one that is in a constant state of whispering into our ears. Not he does he doesn't that was was a long time is worse whereas is like the like Pella Alaska thing he'd never stopped.

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Except la said alkanet What does that mean? Once you remember Allah? Yes, yes means is always in a constant state of running away when when you remember Allah. So you know that we could know if you want to get rid of shaitan remember Allah subhana wa

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so once the porcelain will go into the washroom to go with the left hand and he will be now you are in the washroom? Am I allowed to remember a lot to talk about a lot in the washroom especially if it's just that small toilet, just a toilet but sometimes Mashallah you have like a restroom you have Mashallah like almost like almost like a room inside. What do you have like a shower or what do you have a top and then you have a space where they have a sink, and then you have the toilet.

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So if I am using the toilet, I cannot remember

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Last time, and my toilet should not be facing the Qibla or giving my back to the public. So planula even my house has to be built according to Islam, so I shouldn't be sitting while I'm in the washroom facing the Qibla or giving my back to the public as the son of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam some people enter the you know, some kind of law, the washroom, especially women with ayatul kursi like they are wearing like a bracelet or something or a necklace that has ayatul kursi can I take this into the washroom? Would you take the name of Allah and Allah into the washroom? No, you better take this out. You shouldn't be wearing it while you are in the washroom.

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Then after I finish, what's next, I'm going to use the sink to start making will do is, of course I told you every single second of the life of the salon, there was a door and there was connection, which is why my recipe today is how can I change my 24 seven into a better life. My entire day is about that if I follow the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, so I start my widow, all I would say Bismillah as simple as that. Don't follow your grandfather, who was going to be chanting so many things along after Nikita, baby Amelia will adopt Nikita Chameli or law Give me my request with my right hand and don't give it there's nothing that the sooner is to say Bismillah Bismillah that's

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it. What about Bismillah?

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I said for the Sunnah it's very serious The problem was teaching as a hobby. And at the end of the day, you know the person will say, you know, I meant to

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be in a vehicle because Africa Lady of the manor vehicle Lady of salt, so the person is telling the Sahabi and the Sahaba instead of using nebia use the sulak

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is like the end of the diet says and I believe in the profit that you sent meaning profit from selling the Sahabi wanted to give it like spice that little bit so instead of using profit, because a messenger is better than a profit is like is a higher brand. He said what I saw like Olivia said the person said Ben we want to be a quality ourself forever. I said don't change it.

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It's that sooner that's the sooner because if you change something to the processor from you know used to teach us as if you're saying you know prophet of Allah, I know better than you Who am I? To claim that?

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Was that or that we should say during the last night of Ramadan? Very simple. Allah in Mecca. I for one to have an awkward foreign mess. I know many people, especially in my culture, they like to spice it a lot of men nikka Korean honeymoon, what do you have this?

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For the similar? The problem is I was very clear when he said prophet of Allah Teach me that I should say when I

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say lamonica, who?

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You know, it's awful. What's the ultimate goal of a Muslim and Ramadan to be saved from Hellfire? That's exactly the meaning. Afro means the one who will you know, forgive your sins and erase them. That's what we want. Many times in the Koran was filmed in Serbia. In Morocco, Magellan should raise for the forgiveness of Allah first, then you can imagine so that forgiveness comes from Africa. So don't add don't don't try to to show that I know better than approximate. I know that you don't mean it. But for this one, that's the way it should be. So the person would say Bismillah and

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like nothing in between will just make the law and at the end he's gonna say a shadow Allah either in the law, what had the hula sharika why shadow Mohammed an Abba horizontal? And he would say, the minister will be which I need

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a lot of work but you know, by default what he means that Salaam Salaam, Allahu Allah make me amongst, being not a terribie in support Allah, utter well being is more why it means your * amongst those who are in a constant state of making cold. Why? Because we are in a constant state of making mistakes and committing sins. So as much as you make mistakes, you need to go back and make over to, that's the well being. And the second one, or two and even a new total heading will not make me also amongst those who are in a constant state of purifying themselves. And purification here doesn't mean just the body. No, it is also the heart function. This is very

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important. So as if the professor is making that, that Allah would love him, What do you mean by that go to number 2222 pretty simple to the source two, and then triple two. At the end of this last part I said, a loss of petulant loves those who are being super hairy, and all of those who are in a constant state of Toba and who are in a constant state of purification. So as if, as if when you ask Allah to make you amongst us, by default, you're asking Allah to be amongst those whom Allah love me, Allah Subhana Allah grant us His love and accept all of our good deeds.

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These last 10 nights May Allah subhanaw taala extend our life to witness the month of assorted Laila to mother and accept all of our visits Allah, I'll leave you with a reminder tomorrow 5pm we have our beautiful show called The young Muslim show inshallah 5pm. We'll see you there in sha Allah Assalamu alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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