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Shaykh Yasir Qadhi delves into the beauty and blessings of praying the Tahajjud (Qiyam Al-Layl) as mentioned in the Quran and Sunnah, and as it relates to verse 79 of Surat Al-Isra.

The best Salat after the Fard prayer is the Tahajjud. The Prophet ﷺ encouraged to pray Tahajjud as is narrated in many Hadith. 

The window for Tahajjud is the time after Salat ul Isha till the Adhan of Salat ul Fajr. 

The following are the benefits of praying Tahajjud:

  • It is the manner of the righteous people of all times.
  • It brings you closer to Allah.
  • It prevents you from committing sins.
  • Our sins will be forgiven.
  • It removes the diseases from your body.


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Sal Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah Ali he was a happy woman Wada we just recited pseudo Israel verse 79 wamena layli for to hija de nephila, Turlock and during the night then pray to her Jude as enough either for you Asa and your Botha Cora boo como common Mahmoud, it is possible it is likely that Allah Subhana which Allah will resurrect you upon the praise worthy station, tonight is the first night of the last 10 nights of Ramadan the odd nights and on these nights we will be praying selected to have Jude the concept of of later to Qatar will be discussed in the hood but tomorrow inshallah So tonight we will discuss the concept of the concept of tiamo Lane. And in

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fact what we have been doing every single night, this tarawih prayer is in reality the same as the head, it is the same as the emulate, this is what we are doing every single night and especially now in these last 10 nights, we will be increasing the quality and inshallah the quantity of our selected 200. So a reminder to myself in all of you of the beauty of the Salah, the benefits of the Salah, the blessings that Allah subhana wa Taala has mentioned regarding salata, tahajjud and Subhana Allah Do you know brothers and sisters that the very second revelation of the Quran that came down, encouraged our Prophet system to pray tahajjud Yeah, you halmos de Mille como la la la la

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la la misma who own cosmin who kalila This is the third revelation fourth revelation, all you who is wrapped up stand the night in prayer stand the night except a little bit of it. Oh man, Laila Illa, kalila nilsa, who have the night owl in cosmin honkala, or maybe a little bit less than half the night, Jose de la or maybe even increase of the half What are on the Tour de la and recite the Quran with 13 during that half. So can you imagine from the very beginning our Prophet salallahu alaihe salam is told to praise Allah to her God. And in Surah Israel we just recited right now that Allah subhana wa Taala mentioned to him one minute lately for the hijab be and in the night, do your

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tahajjud now feel that luck? It is something that is not failure, it is not followed. Now, by the way, you should know Yes, by unanimous consensus, the head Jude is nothing It is not for this not wajib However, some scholars said that the head Jude was fought for the profits of the law while you send them and others said that he made it further upon himself and that seems to be the correct opinion. Not that Allah made it for but he made it obligatory that I'm never gonna leave 200 and our Profit System never left to her job. Whether he was traveling or sick, he made his best to pray and if he was not capable of praying because he was physically sick, he would make up for the 200 the

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next day during the date he would never left 200 in his entire life, and our Prophet sallallahu Sallam was asked a use allottee of God which Salah is the best Salah what is the best seller so our prophets listened and responded to that question that the best seller after the photo is the seller too late it is the seller that is prayed at night that is the seller of 200 and the Quran is full of verses about 200 and the Hadith or two more to mention than in a simple heart there are so many verses Allah says woman a lady for severe worried about under June and during the night praise Allah when the stars have disappeared when the stars are not visible meaning in the darkness of the night

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praise Allah subhana wa tada one minute lady first Jude Law and during the night do such the to Allah subhana wa to Allah. Allah describes the righteous people can or kalila mina Lady Maria Jeroen they would sleep little of the night what Bill is howdy home yourself? You don't and during the Twilight or the darkness they would seek a luz Mo Farah Allah says in the Quran regarding the people that occupy the highest levels of Jenna what is called in the Quran, the horror of the horror of our like the apartments or the suites you can translate it these are the VIP suites of Jelena and Ola describes who has them to Jafar Juno boom and in their battle their their sides of their bodies are

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fighting a battle with their beds, and they are standing up to the Java Judo boom I'm under mobolaji you're the owner of the home whoa fun we'll talk about and they are making dua to Allah in fear and in hope and in love. They're making dua and their prayers in the middle of the night and our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam encouraged to hydrate and so many ideas. Perhaps the strongest motivation is that beautiful heavy that is narrated by check this out 22 companions 22 companions It is one of the most is called moto watu, or the most numerous

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Narrated ID in our entire tradition. It's in every book of ideas Bukhari Muslim and all of them. And it has many wordings, but one simple wording, our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, Allah Subhana, WA tada comes down to the lower heavens, in the last third of the night, Allah Himself descends down in a manner and a way we don't think about we just believe a lot comes down in the last third of the night. And he asks, Who is there that is praying? Who is there that is wanting to be forgiven? I shall forgive him, Who is there asking me I will give him who is there invoking I shall respond? So Allah Subhana, WA, tada comes down, and he's saying, Who is there? Who's there? So

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our scholars have said, anyone who wants a private audience with a law, this is his opportunity, anyone who wants to be engaged in a private conversation, Allah is opening his doors, who is there, I will respond. And other scholars said, anybody who wants his daughter to be answered, but he's not praying to God doesn't really want his daughter to be answered, you really want something, but you're not using this opportunity. Allah is telling you, who is there who's making up, I will give him what he wants, who is there asking me I shall respond, who is there wanting to be forgiven, I shall forgive him in the last third of the night. That is the opportunity to engage in this private

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conversation. Now brothers and sisters, it is true that the best is the last third of the night. That is no doubt about it. However, it is permissible to perform to hedger earlier than this. And our scholars have said that the window of tahajjud is between salata Alicia when you finish it, and the beginning of the Adana fudger so when you finish praying Isha and before thee as an official, this entire window is the opportunity of tahajjud and some of the Sahaba that not all the Sahaba were able to pray in the last third and Abu huraira de la one because he was busy preparing memorizing knowledge, what not Abu hurayrah rhodiola, one at certain points of his life was not able

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to pray in the last third of the night. So he advised his students that my my master, my mentor, my family, my beloved meaning the Prophet system told me that whoever is not able to pray in the last part of the night, let him pray in the earlier part of the night. And so sometimes Abu huraira and he is who he is, would not wake up because he was whatever he was not somebody that was wasting his time he was doing his butt to the religion. So he would pray to her Jude before going to sleep after Salatin Asia. In other words, brothers and sisters, those of us who are not able to wake up before fudger by an hour before fudger by two hours, that is the ideal time if you're not able to do that,

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then you may still share the blessings of God by praying to God before going to sleep and that is exactly what we are doing right now in this month. This is what we are doing this is the this is the least if you like you know accept not accept it was not a good word. It's the least Baraka time no question about it the most Buttercup is the last third. But guess what? It is still 200 we still get the blessings. Not the best, the best is the last third. But nonetheless, it's much better than not praying tahajud we will able we are able to get the share of salata tahajjud by praying after Isha and before going to sleep, and that is a habit that inshallah we should start now these days we are

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spending an hour and a half an hour and 45 minutes including the drive in our tahajjud when Ramadan finishes, okay, make it cut it back to half an hour 20 minutes, but let's make this habit every single night of praying Salatu tahajjud our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, la can be delayed. I advise you I encourage you to pray at night Why? He gave us four or five reasons. Number one, he said because it is the manner and the custom of the righteous people in all times in places in the hudec vasarely hate them in public on the solid, the good people they would pray to hurt you when you pray that you will be amongst them. Number two, our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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said it is Makarova totally rob it brings you close to Allah subhanho wa Taala number three our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said Manhattan and in Islam, it prevents you from committing sins. Brothers and sisters when you pray to hedger that night, your day will also become more blessing. You cannot pray to hydrate at night and then go about backbiting and stabbing in the butt in the daytime your tahajjud will make you a better person. Number four, our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said will cut ferraccioli Zulu your sins fall off your sins become nothing Allah will forgive them. And number five and this is an amazing blessing. Our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa

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sallam said and it removes the diseases from your body. In other words, he is saying even from a medical and health perspective praying

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Hey Jude will make you more healthy. And these are the words of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. So Allah subhana wa tada is telling us woman, a lady for tahajjud B and during the night, pray to her God, any part of the night, the beginning of the night, the middle of the night, or the best is the last third of the night and Subhana Allah, the ending of this verse, as an attacker become a common Mahmoud, perhaps because you pray 200, perhaps Allah will give you the most common mode. And what is the most common mode, it is the highest station given to any man, it is the highest macom it is the macom that will be praised by all of mankind, the first of them and the last

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of them that I did is I Bahati that on the Day of Judgment. People are going to become worried anxious, they will become terrified, and they will want judgment day to start. They're going to be so worried about the next step, that they're willing to just get the results right here and now. And so they will go to our father Adam, and they will say to Adam, Adam, why don't you ask Allah to begin Judgment Day, we don't want to wait this long. And Adam alayhis salam will say today, my lord has become so angry. It is an anger he has never had before he will never have again so don't come to me. I'm worried about myself enough. See enough. See, I'm not going to ask anything go to

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somebody else go to new holiday his setup. So they will go to nor the same conversation. He will also say I'm worried about my sense and myself and go to somebody else go to Abraham, Abraham will say the same thing. Say go to Musa Musa, will they say the same things, they go to Isa, so this is now a delegation of all of mankind, Muslims, Christians, Jews, Buddhists, Hindus, everybody, because on Judgement Day, everybody's going to know Islam is true. on Judgement Day, there is going to be about one God, everybody knows that is the true God, there's not going to be any difference of opinion, then they will go to the Prophet sallallahu I think he was setting them and they will say

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you are the one whom Allah has chosen, you are this you are that can you stand in front of a law and make shefa for all of us, so that judgement day begins. And so the profit system will say, this is my job and aloha and Aloha. This is my task, this is my task. And he will then stand in front of the throne of a law as the head it says, and he will then fall into such depth and stay there for as long as Allah wills and the Prophet system said at that point, Allah will teach me how to praise him in a manner I don't know right now. He will teach me a new way to praise him. I don't know how and then Allah will say to me, yeah, Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam irrfan sick son ishfaq to shefa raise up

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your head Yasuda law, ask you shall be given intercede. Your intercession will be accepted. That is the most common Mahmoud the one person who will represent mankind, the delegate the ambassador, that all of mankind will praise by common Mahmoud, the Praiseworthy macom This is the most common in my mood, and it is the highest macom any human is given and only one person will be given it and it is our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and look this macom was linked to salata, tahajjud woman and lately for the hijab big enough that like us, and the Vita caribou como COVID. makhmudov so brothers and sisters, let us pray to God as much as we can, whoever cannot pray every night, once a week,

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once a month, there should be something in our daily routine, weekly routine monthly routine and inshallah with these are the last 10 nights, we will begin an extra round of prayer at 2:15am Leon will lay we will have them as well we'll pray a tracker and then winter as well. The one who wants to join us for pm should pray the winter of Torah we and then when the Imam says Salaam should stand up and finish the winter so that it's not with it. It's not odd. So they will then pray for a quarter of the winter, then they will join us for night and then pray the winter with us in case you prayed with her. Then you change your mind and you want to come let that not be a factor still come

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and you may then either pray wonder a cow before joining or when we pray with it and you will then stand up and finish the winter to be odd. The point is you don't pray two winters in one night. Ideally winter should be the last prayer but in case you want to pray more, do not let the fact that you prayed with it earlier be a preventing factor to pray more enough if you change your mind. It happens sometimes you say I don't want to pray tonight. Then you feel an energy later on. Don't let that excuse say oh I pray with it. I cannot pray no still pray. These are the last 10 nights tomorrow's Hooda will talk about the blessings of those nights in sha Allah May Allah make us of

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those who were able to pray on laylat other was Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.