Ramadan 2020 – Reminder Day 13

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The American Memorial Service reminds people of the Americanase and the importance of visiting cemetery, but it is not related to sex or drugs. During the Memorial Service, various challenges faced by people include disobeying, finding a place, and testing their behavior. forgiveness is emphasized, and permission is given for people to turn off lights and write down everything they say.

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I want

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to work out with your brothers and sisters yesterday we're talking about the story of visiting degraves. And as I told you, at the very beginning, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, say salatu salam, he said, Allah in Ukraine to cut in a hurry to come and Dr. bore NFS I used to forbid you all men and women from visiting the graves LFSR now I'm giving you permission to visit the graves for in the heart of the curriculum and underline this because it reminds you of the hereafter. So, what is the purpose of going to the cemetery or the graveyard because it reminds you have the Acura Now, some people would say no, the problem said that analog was a war after the war.

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I agree with you, but it says zawada loadsa era you need to understand the Arabic language zawada means those who frequently you go they go all the time, you know for reason and for no reason. So the process alum said zawada meaning those who frequently visit the graves. So is it allowed to visit the graves between now and then with the permission sorry, with the intention of remembering the accurate and conditions for women, they should go there wearing the hijab, they should not be mixing with with men, they shouldn't be waiting. Yes. Can we shift gears? Yes we can. Can we feel sadness in the heart? It's a mercy from Allah subhanho wa Taala. So if a woman is becoming emotional

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and uncontrollable when she has gone to the grave, it's better for her not to go. So I hope now everything is clear. And I gave you the evidence yesterday from the hadith of Allah and I want you to the process of him saying to him era sola if I were to visit them, what did the person say? He said, No, I shot her arm you can go. He said, in anticipatory homeschooling, if you were to go and visit them say Salaam Alaikum. I mean, we learned also yesterday, that alpha has the great surrender for all but it has nothing to do with visiting the grapes because there is a personal image to say which is Peace be upon you are believers.

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You came first we will join you very soon. We asked Allah subhanho wa Taala for you, forgiveness. Now. I promised you yesterday that I'm going to share another Hadith with you the professor Lim was going amongst the graves and he saw a woman and the way she was reacting to you know what happened to her. She lost her husband and he was young. So the way she was talking was not appropriate. She said as if like you know, some people don't know why Allah, he's young, who is going to provide for me now Allah is the provider, not your husband, your husband is a means the professor and his father passed away before he came to this dunya and he's the best man ever. So your husband is not the

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he is a means through which a loss into the wrist. So your heart should be not attached to the means but it should be attached to the creator of the means. That's very important.

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So the professor when he passed by her and she was speaking in such a way the professor said it tequila was very

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Listen carefully. He didn't say Why are you hitting the graveyard. They didn't say that. But he said, Be conscious of Allah and have some patience. And she waved with her right hand to the proximate saying la can live in Nicaragua. sabemos que buddy, get away from me. You don't know the pain that I'm going through. And Basilan was so nice. And he just walked away. And then the people also like Do you know who is this? You said? No. So this is the Messenger of Allah to Sharon after the messenger. She said once I arrived at the house of Salaam, there were no bodyguards. There was no bodyguards there. Then she said prophet of Allah, forgive me, I didn't know you. I didn't know it

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was you. And the Muslim said underlined is in number sobro in the submittal oola. Indeed, patience is when the calamity hits. Because many of us say things that are not becoming at the moment of death. Sometimes we say why a lot no law said and so number 21. And number 23 lives.

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Well whom used

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to be Christian, Allah has the absolute wisdom. Allah subhanaw taala would choose the best for you and the best for somebody who dies.

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And it's a law who decided everything its decree, nobody can stop it. A doctor cannot stop death when it comes to him. Although he's treating people, but who is the healer, so the doctor, the doctor as a means.

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So from this Hadith, we'll learn the following. At the very beginning, both men and women were not allowed to the grave. Later on both of them are allowed to in the grave. But women are not supposed to go frequently. And when they go, they shouldn't go mixing with men. They should be dressed in proper hijab, they shouldn't be wearing perfume, they shouldn't be waning meaning like you know, crying out loud and saying things that are not befitting. Okay, now, let me share something new with you for this. Reminder. Salva. Ibrahim Adham is one of the writers predecessors

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One day a man came to him and he said to him

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Yeah, I bet his hub father was hot. I want to disobey Allah Subhana Medina, but I don't want

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especially this one, the angel who writes down all the bad deeds, I don't want him to write down what I'm going to do.

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I don't want Alaska to hold me accountable for this. He said,

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I'll give you five conditions. If you fulfill them, do whatever you want.

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He said, Okay, give me the first one.

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He said it has like a Andros in paella Tomasi. Find someone else to give respect you to sustain you other than Allah then disobey Him.

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He said, who

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would provide for me other than Allah? Give me the second one. It might be easier. Instead, okay. Try to find a land that does not belong to Allah, then disobey him there.

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And the man said, What? A land that does not belong to Allah. The entire universe belongs to Allah.

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He said, Give me the third, it might be easier.

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He said, go to a place where nobody can see you. Then disobey Allah.

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He should work. What can I hide from Allah?

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Allah can see me everywhere.

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Man, give me the fourth, that might be easier.

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He said when the Angel of Death comes to you, and he wants to take your soul, tell him? I'm not ready. Come after a month. I need to make total.

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He said the Angel of Death comes to me and say I'm not ready. He's not gonna wait for me.

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Give me the fifth one, it might be easier.

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He said When the angels of punishment come to you on the Day of Judgment, and they want to grab you to throw you in hellfire. Tell them I'm not coming with you.

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Who dares to do that?

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He said, If Allah provides for you every day, what a shame that you think of disobeying him. How dare you think of this obeying Him? And he's providing for you every day? How come that you're walking in the land of Allah and you are disobeying him in his own land.

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How come that you look around and say nobody can see me. What do you know that he can see you all the time?

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And we all know that when the Angel of Death comes, we cannot say no to him. How dare you think about disobeying a law.

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And we all know when the angels of punishment when they come into their judgment, Allah says I lay her mother eager to love him. She doesn't love

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the angels of punishment on alpha. They're so harsh hearted. They have no mercy. Once a Lhasa Lou, drop him put him in fitters and chains, and his hands will be behind his back so that he can stop the Hellfire burning his face. They wouldn't say no. And he can say no to them. How dare you think of this obeying a law and the man feels sick for a month. And he made Toba

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and Allah subhana wa dialler. to console what he was making our brothers and sisters. Think about this. There was a shake.

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We wanted to test his students one day. And he gave each one of them a chicken. He said go. And I want you to slaughter this chicken in a place where nobody can see you. And come back.

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So all of them came back with the chicken slaughter except for one.

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And then he asked the first one, what are the slaughtering? He said in the basement.

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Nobody can see me. The other one said I went to the room and I turned off the light. Nobody could see me. And the only one he came back with it with the chicken alive. He said Why didn't you slaughter yours? It's just you. I went to the basement for work and see me. I turned off the light but Allah can see me. So I can find a place where nobody can see me because Allah can see me wherever I am. You said you are the only one who pass the test. Ramadan teaches us taqwa. And that's the meaning of taqwa. We are on camera 24 seven, this angels will write down everything.

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He will write everything and the one on the right hand side. He writes the good deed and it's multiplied 10 times 70 times 700 times countless times. But this one

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is the permission of this one. You would say to her, she'll write it down here.

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Say, Allah, we have to wait on Russia about six hours. Maybe he will repent. And if you repent, it's not written even if it's written, it's written only one. And when you ask Allah for forgiveness, it's raised away. This is how Allah treats us. How should we treat the last

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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh reminder. Next one is day, which is tomorrow 5pm we have Ramadan q&a. See you then. salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. Two challenges, one for the masjid one for me now. Smile.

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I like that love