Ramadan 2020 – Reminder Day 14

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Assalamu alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh dear brothers and sisters Welcome to salary minder day 14

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Can you repeat after me please? Three come before eight I can't hear you three come before eight. What does the lesson for tonight Let's read the I saw number nine so the total number 24 Allah subhanaw taala says holding

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was to come while I'm wide enough to know what a

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woman said

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they make a mistake we start again pulling can Allah saying this is conditional f Oh Mohammed say to them if you wanted to count with me about one parents? Well I've been out open to children what if one of your siblings what as well?

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This is spouses the one that I missed last year to come your extended family your folk your kinship what I'm wanting to know her meaning wealth property you have been accumulating have been gathering

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What is your account of Shona casada the money has become so much so we started the business and you feel declined that business woman Sakyo Boehner her houses were in goodwill and you like so today? We want to change the color we want to change the furniture How many? Eight so the porcelain set is thinking about hard Oh Mohamed say to them if those eight What about them? I have a

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lot in say if you love them No, be careful. If you love them more, it's the comparative degree so let's comparing those eight to mean a lot.

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If you love those with more than a lot, we're also Willie and His Messenger. Why do you had him she said Really? and struggling for the cause of Allah subhanho wa Taala

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what happens if I love those eight more than those three? What's the result? This is conditional f test the condition was the result. But our bozo Allah threatening us wait, had to love will be a marine until the law brings about his action meaning you're going to leave this to me. While love hula and dill comb and sap if you die in such a state, if you die in such a condition where you have those eight more than those three,

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you are faster. meaning you're staying away from the commandments of Allah subhanaw taala you're away from the wave of loss of planet will dial. You're not listening to what Allah says do

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it and you're not guided.

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Emotionally meet Allah subhanho wa Taala and you're not listening to his commands, and you're not guided.

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What's the benefit of this life in the process? Well, I'm said adonia Daruma parent, it's a passage. It's a bridge. Well after dharma.

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It's a place where you're gonna be settling.

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So Alessi if you love those eight more than those three, what ends up happening? You're not guided. You're a passer. So you fail the test. What are those eight compared to those three?

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The eight represent what can show a reminder again, your parents, your children, your siblings, your spouse's your your kinship, wealth, business houses. Give me one word dounia

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if you love those eight, if they come first in your life, if they have the priority in your life,

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more than the three what are the three? Allah

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His Messenger and striving for the sake of Allah subhana wa tada in your friend the test. So what is the lesson for tonight? Three come before eight again. It means after comes before

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that's what it means. Loving those three should come first. Am I saying Should I hate those eight? I shouldn't love them. No, in fact, loving your parents being kind to him is the second is the second most beloved act of worship Allah. But you can love the model.

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Here's the problem that we let me ask you a question. Do you love a lot more than your children? Hey, hold on before he says

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Because I'm going to put you through a test right now.

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Do you love your children more than a lot?

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To tell you the truth I love a lot more. Come on. Ready for the test? Let's go time to clock in the morning. setting. It's your house. What's happening? Your baby's crying in the next room.

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You're sleeping in peace with your wife and your baby starts making attire. You know, the end of the baby. Ah, that's the that. What do you do? Even if you wake up first? You're gonna say this your way, honey. Honey, wake up. It's going on. Your baby's crying. Hmm. Your baby's crying? Isn't he our baby? No, no when he's when he's naughty, like this is yours. Well, he's cute his mind. Wake up, take care of your baby. And the mother will run and she's tried all the troubleshooting. She's tried to breastfeed him. Still the other is on.

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She's gonna try to change the diaper still. The other is on.

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She's gonna try to give him the medication. Last time when the civil doctor still the Adhan is on. This is gonna say boss, it's not working. I did all the troubleshooting. It's not working. Let's go where today are the hospital emergency. So almost to 230 in the morning.

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They're going to go to the emergency wait in the queue until they're seen by the doctor. The doctor will examine the baby and give the baby the medication. We take the baby go back home. What time is it now? 325.

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Then you put the baby in bed. He's in peace now and you go back to your bed. And by the time you put your head in the pillow. Another eye then comes out.

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But you know,

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what if retired, didn't sleep the whole life because the baby was crying. So you are before Rahim

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which is going to speak for another five minutes.

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What? When the call of the Adhan of the baby when he was crying came you left the bed. But now Allah is saying Allahu Akbar, what does it mean? God is the great stewardship. No. Allahu Akbar means God is greater than what you're doing leave it

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under suspicion in addition to that type of prayer, as salam

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if allowed, but four times is not enough. It's

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not enough to remind you that you are taking that Shahada What does it mean? When I say shadow Allah Allah did you

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know but when you say I bear witness that there is no god worthy of worship but Allah it's time to worship him now proven by your action you can say you have to prove it. I

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remember when was the prophet SAW Selim be at that moment it would be in the magic

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you know, it's not enough Allah saying come to solo, it's explicitly was inviting themselves what have you here?

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Because this is success, your name is going to be recorded?

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No, there is a lot of hype.

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But you know what to say at that moment? You know what I know but but but sleep is better for me now because I'm tired. You see, this is why the ISS or Mohammed tell them

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I'm just giving you one example if their children are more beloved to the hearts than Allah there's a problem.

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We're going to continue next time we decided because I'm going to give you examples from the lives of the Sahaba that they apply that I

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and all what we need from now until we meet again, inshallah we are still alive. I remind you it's not haram to love your parents. Love your children, but don't make their love a priority to love them.

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And the job is try to take those eight out. Put Allah first is messenger second

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you know striving for the sake of Allah third didn't put the parents input there. You know, there is now an exam in your next time inshallah. Until next time, do not forget Ramadan is the month of sadhaka

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Give you a magical soda and give me silicone