Ramadan With The Quran – Day 23

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Surah Al-Bayyinah

In this talk Ustadh Nouman focuses on the first two ayat of Surah Al-Bayyinah, which he says have been the subject of many different interpretations. Here, he delves into the meanings of two key words: “munfakkeen”, which denotes “getting separated”, and “al-bayyinah” (The Quran) which means “that which provides clear evidence.” In his interpretation, Ustadh concludes that these ayat refer to Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) himself, and how his credibility in his community and his honesty, combined with the delivery of this purified scripture, transformed Mecca (and the world) separating those who are truly and genuinely faithful, from those who disbelieve. This separation took place in this world and will continue in the afterlife.

2017-06-19 – Ramadan 2017


AI: Summary © The conversation discusses the theory that individual speakers should not be separated until they see the special symbol of the angel until they see the book's shiny image of the angel. The speakers emphasize the importance of identifying oneself and writing clearly to avoid confusion and confusion. The conversation also touches on the idea of separation in communication and the importance of writing clearly to avoid confusion and confusion.
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Anyway, so let's begin let me akoni Latina Kapha luminol keytab well machete kinnaman fokin head to home will be naturo sudo Mina La Jolla to supermoto has really one large sentence. And so let's understand it. Those who had disbelieved from among the People of the Book, and the idol worshipers, two groups, those who have just believed from among those two groups would never have separated themselves. One fokin would not have been cut up would not have been separated, like there's a yellow like they wouldn't wouldn't have been distinguished had until the clearest evidence came to them. Now, let me repeat that sentence two groups have been talked about those who disbelieved among

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the People of the Book, and those who disbelieved among the idol worshipers would never have separated themselves until the final evidence to conclusive evidence came to them. Okay. Now, the question that kind of started perplexing with a saloon is separate themselves from what that's That was the question, what are they separating themselves from? And so a few theories were forwarded because it's not spelled out in the suit, I just have separated themselves, when Becky and Hickok is to cut something up and to break it apart. Something that used to be held together is now being taken apart. That's that's essentially what it means. And so other what some groups said, well, they

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wouldn't have been separated from their disbelief. Until, until the clearest proof came. Meaning they were they were bound together with their comfort with their ship, with their denial and with the corruption of their previous scriptures, and nothing would have separated them until the final evidence came meaning until the Koran came, and that's going to be elaborated in the next I assume in Allah here at Lusaka Mata, we kind of have to read both of these together until a messenger came, who would recite to them purified scriptures, until that happened, they would have never separated ways from their previous corruption. Okay, that's one view. There. There's counter arguments to

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that. Because obviously, even when the messenger came, they didn't separate themselves, the vast majority of them didn't. So then how do we understand it? Then the messenger it you know, the second argument is this messenger Elisa to Islam that came to them, they should have separated themselves, they would never have separated themselves, even if the clearest proof came to them had that as

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a job. Even if the greatest proof came to them, they were too stubborn to let go of their old ways, they would never have come this way. Even if a messenger came that was reciting scripture to that meeting, even now that a messenger has come and recite scripture onto them, that's still not enough for them. They're just not ones to separate themselves, even in the presence of the most clear evidence, and even are sure to kind of, you know, leans towards that, that view also, others then held the view that this ayah means that it's essentially saying, they would never have separated themselves, until they saw like an angel come like real soon in the meaning of an angel come, and

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the angel himself would recite scriptures to them. Until then they're not ready to accept this is the claim that they make, and so many other places in the Quran, about, you know, we're not going to accept until we see the angel until we see the book descending itself, until you take a ladder up to the sky, you know, and bring it for us or you don't turn this mountain into gold. So until they see the special effects of the rave, they're not interested. Okay. But in all of these theories that have been forwarded in others, the common thread the common thread, is that separate themselves and then they have to fill in the blank separate themselves from what separate themselves from their

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misguidance separate themselves from their disbelief, something they're separating themselves from. But Abou hayyan offers a view that I find extremely compelling at least the first half of his view. I find it very complaint compelling. I'll read that for you. Well, law hero and Amanda lahmacun fokin Iman faasil and bamboo Hummingbird balcanica lawmen home mocha vanilla her Allahu alayhi Masada holiness, he hasn't been at Casa de Shariati

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Nami well mana Anahata Salat Nevada to home washed America to home Ella and Ella and atone. Well, let me explain that in Simple English for you what what in the world he's saying? He's saying allies commenting here on the fact that the Arabs of Makkah, were one unified society despite the fact that they had many different religions. There were people who worship different idols, obviously every idol, its own religion. Right. And so they had that, and even some among them were exposed to the people of the book, or were People of the Book like the the rear water pipe, but no fun. So that's there too. And they had interactions with the people of Medina and other tribes where they were Jews

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and Christians. They were they were exposed to that. But they all kind of they were still united. Everybody gets along. Nobody questions anybody else. Yes, I think you're wrong. And if you think I'm wrong, but that's cool. We're still doing business. It's all good. Nobody got to step on anybody's toes. They were still a united people completely. Nothing was going to break them apart. And the other interesting meeting here is so when I say you know, nothing would have broken them apart, not from something from among themselves. Like they were a unified people in a sense, even though they had a plurality. There were people of pluralism, multiple different religions. They still

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got along, everything was harmonious. The only problem was Islam actually, all those idols and no problem. And one religion comes and says no idols and everybody has a problem, you understand. So the only problematic, you could say intolerant, the aggressive religion, the offensive religion in the entire scheme was Islam. There were actually Christians and Jews also coming into contact with them people of Scripture who considered them pagans and misguided and all of it. But that was okay. They weren't like there to change society. They're just like, you do your thing. We'll do our thing. It's all good. You know, so long as we do business together, what kind of stuff to hoonah Allah

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Latina guru, they used to interact, we know they even sometimes fight with the Jewish tribes and others. So that happened.

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Building on that notion, I want you to understand that in Makkah, of course, before the Prophet comes, there are socialists, there are people of all kinds there are, there are people that are abubaker, who's still not a Muslim, there are people like a Buddha, who was still not a Muslim, and is still not a Muslim, these are, these are people that live in that society. And so what I'm trying to get at is in every society, there are good people and bad people, if you take Islam out of the picture. It's a mix. It's a complete mix. And you don't know you know, there are some good apples and bad apples decent people in decent people, criminal people, we're all living in society

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together. Allah azza wa jal wanted that this messenger come, this clear proof come, and it separates those who truly have goodness inside of them and it comes out light clears day, these people are a different category than those people. The only thing that could have separated people by good and evil in the most convincing way in this the argument of the Quran here is Elena. This is actually reverse engineering if you follow my train of thought. It's reverse engineering, the one of the great criticisms against the Prophet sallallahu Sallam the criticism against the Prophet was as the moment he stepped in and started talking about this, we used to like him before, he was the nicest

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guy among us. We called him a surgical Amina, there's no problem. As soon as he starts talking about this Islam thing, and it's called on thing. He's caused separation between father and son, he's breaking tribes apart, he's taking families and ripping them apart, husband and wife are getting along anymore. He's causing so much separation in society. And the sooner comes and says, Yes, separation had to happen. And it would never have happened this way. Until elvina came, it's a remarkable statement to the contrast of tribal life. You know, for them, nothing is stronger than tribe, nothing is stronger than tribe. And yet this these words came, and now people are ready to

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not only sacrifice tribe, but ancestry and 1000s of years of tradition, just walk away from it all because of these words from Allah, like this separation could never have taken place like the Arabs could never have imagined. These people that are so unified in tribal and, you know, local pride and family pride, that nothing could have broken them apart. And Allah says there was something stronger than their bloodlines. It was something stronger than their culture and their civilization, there was something stronger than their their sense of self that came and shattered it. And even though within themselves, there were people that started separating themselves accepting the call of Assam

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and becoming completely separated from within one fokina, there were people from the Christians who accept it from the Jews who accept it from different tribes of the pagans, who accepted from the leaders from the slaves from the foreigners, there were people who started pulling away, and now they became a unity of their own the unity of Islam, this could never have happened until something so clear and so evident came that was so powerful to remove all of those sensibilities, all of those identities. That's the remarkable beginning of the surah it's actually talking about how powerful the Quran is to make you make every other identity you have become second priority, and La ilaha

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illAllah Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam is your identity. This is how you identify yourself. And everything else is just a secondary information, secondary detail. You know, think about what that means for us today. Like we are living in nationalistic times and many of us come from parts of the world we're very tribal. We're very you know, our village our tribe, our you know, our language. You know, I come from Pakistan, people in Lahore don't like people from Karachi. You know, like, it's a thing. You know, the accent, you have the dialect, you have the color of your skin, the village you come from, we're so our identities are so entrenched in other than Islam. Actually, all

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those things are top priority. And Islam is kind of Yeah, of course. Yeah. Muslim. Yeah, but we're not like those guys. No, no, you know, we have that in us. In other words, we haven't experienced you know, the argument that is we haven't experienced elvina Now, I'm not referring to the institution. I'm talking about what Allah is taught. That's why I never called it Alabama. You know, Arabs asked me you know, because when you when you name an institute, or any kind of, you know, markers or any kind of manhood, then the convention is to put oil on it, okay? So Institute it can be called as salam or, you know, Al Islam or you know, whatever, as shams, but I didn't call it any

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Vienna I called it, Vienna. And as I go, ha, ha, it was like,

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Tata Tata. I didn't say that a mistake. I just can't get myself to call it elvina because Calderon called something else, Elena. It's, I can't do it. Let's listen even Akira it's fine. It could be hotter and veloza la Romagna. Okay. And because what Elia is talking about is something way higher is something way, way bigger than what we represent. It's way bigger. And that's what I'm hoping to explain to you today. So the first interesting word in this ayah was one fokin, separating, becoming separated, okay, or broken apart. The second interesting word is billionaire. The word billionaire comes from Bana Urbino, which means to be separated also, something for something to be clear, it

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can't be mixed or muddled with other things. When ideas or sentences or words are jumbled together, you can't tell what somebody's saying. When letters are fused together, you can tell what somebody's saying, When somebody enunciates clearly and separates every sound from every other sound, the word becomes clear. By extension, the phenomenon becomes clear. If one paragraph is dealing with eight different subjects mixed together, you're confused. But if one paragraph deals with one subject clarifies it separates it from item number two separates that from item number three. Now you're clear. When you ask your accountant, what are the numbers and he mixes it all in one sentence?

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You're like, what is this separate this so I know what you're talking about color coded at least do something. In other words, separation is the essence of clarity. separation is the essence of clarity, okay? Things don't become clear until they are separated. Okay? Now, if you understand that, then you also understand the word lbr. By all means language itself. One of the words for clear communication in Arabic actually means for things, ideas, words, even letters to be separated from one another, distinct from one another. And that's actually why even in the ritual aspects of the Quran, we emphasize so much the science of the precise recitation of the Prophet sallallahu

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alayhi wasallam. Why? Because every letter gets clearly must read Clear Mathematics separately separated from every other letter. So there's no confusion about what Allah says. Nobody gets to get, you know, muddled about what Allah says, you know, now, this, what is this? What is this clear evidence that's going to be clarified in the next ayah and some have looked at that next ayah from the previous views that I shared with you, they still wouldn't separate themselves from shoot even though messenger came that view I respect but I'm arguing there's something else this is actually out of ban. What that means is I Eve heard the terms IE in English, that is to say, until the

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clearest most self evident proof came to them. Now what is that clear, self evident proof? Let's define what a pseudo mean Allah He Lucifer Mata hora, a messenger from Allah, a messenger from Allah came, who, as he came, recites, purified scriptures, fi hukou to Luca and this is the sentence connected to it in which there are established firm standing books. Now, this statement, this is describing what beta is, we would think beta is clear proof evidence meaning the Quran itself the arguments of the Quran, these are the units, not in this surah. In this surah, the proof is the messenger himself sallallahu alayhi wasallam, as he recites the Scripture, in other words, to Allah,

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the Most conclusive evidence is the messenger and the message together. The fact that those came together, it wasn't just a book that came down from the sky, it was this person in front of you, who's claiming to be a messenger, whose character himself is a proof, he, you will testify to the truthfulness of his character before he says anything. You know, that's the problem of credibility, right? credibility means you testify to the honesty of somebody, the character of somebody, the integrity of somebody, and then if they say something good, then it means something. If a dirty politician says something you already know, his dirty track record, he gives the best speech, it

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won't mean anything, because he doesn't have credibility. So it's the credibility of the Messenger of Allah sallallahu isonem, his character, how he how he represents this message, and then on top of that, he recites purified scriptures also means that what he's preaching the purified scriptures that he's talking about, he actually embodies them. You could see them when he's when he's critiquing. When he's challenging the leaders of the time, then he doesn't have skeletons in his closet is actually speaking openly and clearly. This is what made the strongest Society of the time it was the character of the prophets, I seldom combined with the delivery of the message of the

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Quran, that became an unstoppable force. It was enough to even separate the strongest people with the strongest sense of tribe and affiliation and cut them off from that enjoying themselves with La ilaha illAllah. That's that's the argument that's being made here. And assuming Allah He yet Lusaka Mata hora