Ramadan 2020 – Reminder Day 12

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The transcript describes a sexual encounter between a woman and a man, where the man is embarrassed and causing her to wake up. The woman tells the man to stay in peace and not worry about the alarm, emphasizing identifying root causes of stress and learning to stop and learn from them. The segment also touches on negative reactions to stress, including false assumptions and fear of trust, and emphasizes the importance of not being afraid of the situation and learning to remember the memory of the funeral. A brief advertisement for a book and song follows.

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Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh two brothers and sisters Welcome to tarawih reminder date Well,

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it was the night of I shall have your loved one. And the prophets of Salaam was late.

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And she got worried.

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Where's the proxy SLM is becoming or not? Then she was sleeping in bed.

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But she was not really sleeping, just like laying in bed. And she said, The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam arrived. And he opened the door very quietly.

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And he entered her room, very quietly. He changed his clothing very quietly, to see how many times that I said very quietly, can the men hear me.

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And then she said, then he shred my bed very quietly.

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And then she said, the second he put his head on the pillow.

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He said up again. And he left my bed very quietly. And he changed his clothes very quietly. And then he left the room or the house because the house was wrong. And he left. Then she said to herself, what's going on? The professor lamb came late. And it didn't stay that long. And his leaving, she got more concerned. She She put on her clothes, it was night. And then she followed him

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the processor and went someplace. He did what he needed to do, and he came back. Now we have a problem because the processor and the way he walks he walks quickly, and I shall have the alarm has to be home before him because she left without his permission.

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Now she had almost two jobs to run to be at home before him.

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Fast forward the proposal and now is entering the house. I'm in the room.

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And then once he entered, of course I shall galanos in bed again. But this time was different. Because the bed The first time was in peace. But this time the bed was shaking. Why? Because I shut up the Alona She's out of breath.

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Because she had to run to be at home before him.

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Now, when the processor Lam enter this time, again, he entered quietly. But then when he saw I shut the alarm, I'm not finding it hard to breathe. He did not jump to conclusions say What's going on here? No, he gave him the benefit of the doubt. He said, Maybe

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he was so gentle and nice. He even used the nickname. And I'm going to stop at certain points to discuss how do we treat each other as two spouses today. And that's the lesson today.

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Then I'm going to complete the full story. And then I'm going to get back and stop to learn listens.

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So you should know the key is what's wrong with you. It

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has to be like, Do you have something wrong with your respiratory system? Like you know, are you finding it hard to breathe?

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And then of course she was embarrassed. She didn't know what to say.

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And then he said,

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Tell me what's going on. Otherwise the Koran would come down.

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she said, Prophet of Allah, I was following you. He said an anti sodomy candidate ban was the one walking behind. Of course, the problem knew that.

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She said yes. She said he pushed me. And he said, if you have a lava lake, you're awesome.

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What are you afraid that Allah and His messenger will be unfair to you?

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And then the person started talking to her. He said, Man him to the moment I put my head in the pillow jabril li Salaam came to me. And they said, Oh Mohammed, Allah subhanaw taala commands you to go to the graveyard, the symmetry of Obamacare or the Sahaba barbaric and to suffer for them.

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Then what was the reaction bias and the situation is tense now? How would she act? She said, Fine. Anna's otomi Rasul Allah metropol.

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If I were to visit them, Prophet of Allah, what should I say? The Prophet said. Ali salaam aleikum, Torah calm many say Peace be upon you all believers. And Tomas Sabu. You died before us. When insha Allah have become law.

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And very soon we'll join you. That's a lot and I would recommend if you ask Allah subhana wa Taala to shower

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Now, the Hadith is over. But let's go back and stop and learn the reasons.

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First of all,

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when the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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came back the second time, first of all, when he arrived, he was very quiet. That's a lesson for us as men, when we come back home and it's late, we shouldn't make noise to wake up everyone.

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Everybody's sleeping peace, you should keep them in peace.

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Second, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, when he was commanded by a lot to do something, he would never say no. So he followed the commander by law.

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And I showed the alarm, how was wrong to leave the house without the permission of the processor at night.

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But when the personal m came the second time, and he asked him her first thing, and that's a lesson for the system, she did not lie.

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It's very easy today that people would say, You know what? I couldn't tell the truth. I have to say, I have to fabricate something. And you know what, sometimes you get in more trouble.

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Because if you are in the mall, and your husband is asking, how are you? Where are you going to say, I'm at home? Guess what? He's in the mall, and he can see you.

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You're in deep trouble. And then he will not trust you anymore. Because this is she lying when you say I am at home while you're in the mall, a certain woman job telling the truth will always find your way out. So I showed the one that didn't lie. She didn't say anything. And then another person said, You're the one behind me. She said yes. She didn't lie.

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Now in the situation was tense. How did the person react? Do the prop seven has to justify what he was. But we as men, we become too arrogant to share this like what? What have you been? It's like It's one o'clock in the morning. Ha, you're asking me on demand. So what

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is the best man but he told her he said, You know what, the reason I left is this and this jabril came to me and asked me to do this. He doesn't have to he's the Prophet of Allah.

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But he's teaching us as husbands how to behave.

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Because your wife when she's asked, she's worried. She's not doing policing on you, but you want to know, that's not wrong. It doesn't take anything out of your manliness.

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Now, the prop salon told her the situation is this because when she said yes, I was the one behind the porcelain push their situation is tense. How would a woman react in a situation even though she's wrong? If the man like at least like touches yourself, you're going to say, What are you doing? I'm going to pack my clothes. I'm going to go and leave the house. And you have to come to my father and bring some gold or some silk to reconcile why she didn't do that. But she was very smart. That's a lesson for the sisters. When the situation is tense. What did I shadow? She said, Fine, Anna's O'Meara sola from either upward. If I go and visit them, Prophet of Allah, what should I say?

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She's changing the topic. That's a very good, you know, step. Do this when the situation is tense between you and your husband. Change the topic. Now, how did the person react to this? Another listen for the husbands? Don't say, hey, you're trying to outsmart me. You're changing the topic. No, let's finish the fight first. No, we didn't do that. Hydrogen, and most often, the best of men or those who are not picky. Let it go one time two times. No, it's not a big deal.

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The person said, Oh, if you were to go and visit them, you should say this. And this. Another lesson we learned from the holidays. What do we do when we go to the graveyard? In our culture, they say retail Fatiha in fact is the great store in the Koran, but it has it has nothing to do with the situation.

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The professor told us to say something we need to we need to follow the suit of their own solemn. He said say a seller in this interaction. You're talking to the people in the graveyard. Assalamu alaykum Dora, you're saying Sam, are you believers and to remind yourself you died first when you insha Allah, Allah harpoon, it's a reminder of Ashura.

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Last thing I want to share with you is that he didn't say to it so that I know women are forbidden to go to the grave. Because some people always say this and the Hadith that they use, is there an Allah who's a waratah Allah curse Allah curses means a lot of things out of his mercy. Those who frequently visit the graves the warlock lotsa Iran. Iraq means those who go up between now and then maybe like once a month, once every two months as a reminder because the problem to start with is it

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at the beginning, both

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Men and women were not allowed to go to the graveyard.

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remember, you go and visit the graves because they are a reminder for you that visit is a reminder free of the effort. That's the intention not like many of us today when you go to the graveyard we want to go there because there's a funeral and you want to shake hands with the family of the deceased. Yes, you need to give them condolences, but your main concern is what the person told us it's a reminder of when you are going behind the funeral imagine yourself I might be the next one coming to work for you if

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there's another Howdy. That also shows that the processing time so a woman in the grave and he advised her to do something but he didn't forbid her from going to the grave yard. Would you like to know that Heidi? Unfortunately my time is over. Shall annex time. I'll share it with you and we continue to Allah Salaam Alaikum warahmatullahi over work at