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Should I swim while fasting?

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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu this afternoon's agenda from Calum Institute, coming to you with once again, the alum hangout 30 days, 30 questions, a special series where we're trying to answer the questions related to the month of Ramadan. One of the questions that we got was, can I go swimming while fasting? So

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I'm going to answer this question in two parts. The first part of the question is, Can you swim while fasting? Technically speaking, yes. As long as you are careful about not swallowing any water, then you can absolutely go swimming. There are a few things that the scholars do mentioned, that help us kind of come to this conclusion. First and foremost, we do know the Sahaba radi Allahu taala, who inquired about taking a bath taking a hosel while fasting and the prophets Allah allowed for it. So the same idea immersing yourself in water is completely permissible and does not invalidate your fast in and of itself. second element of swimming is it's a physical activity.

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Again, a physical activity does not invalidate one's fast. So therefore, again, it will be permissible. However, the issue is because you are submerged within water and swimming, you have to be very cautious and careful by not swallowing any water. So as long as you do not swallow any water, you can technically fast. However, I'm going to answer the question in a second form, I'm going to rephrase the question and provide a different answer. Should you go swimming while fasting? Now that's another issue. Should you go swimming or fasting? My own personal recommendation is no. I spoke to some brothers even a couple of my students who Mashallah are great swimmers and even have,

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you know,

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swimming, swim professionally, if you will, you know, they've been, you know, in swimming competitions and things like that. They're they're very capable divers and swimmers. And they said, they were telling me that even as an expert swimmer, it is very, very difficult to not end up swallowing any water. So the I guess the issue needs a little bit more clarity, if you're just talking about just kind of taking a dip in the pool a little bit and keeping your head above the water, I don't see that being problematic. But if you are talking about actually swimming laps, like as a form of an exercise, then my personal recommendation to you would be not to do that, while

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you're fasting. Why we are talking about the month of Ramadan, we are talking about fasting that is an obligation, we are talking about an act of worship and ibadah of a loss of power to Allah. And it should be done to the best of our ability, and it should be protected and taken care of. And so if you do need to swim laps, or whatever the case may be, I would recommend that you try to do that, you know, before fudger you try to do that once you've had your thought broken, you're fast. But during your while you're actually fasting you'll be jeopardizing your fast and based off of the same understanding. Many of the scholars say that it would be disliked to properly like I'm talking about

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swimming laps. Actual swimming, would be disliked while fasting. But again, like I said before, if you're just going to sit in the pool, or if you're just going to kind of take a dip in the pool, then that really won't make a difference because your head will be above water. But if you will actually be swimming, you can technically as long as you don't swallow water, because if you do swallow water while fasting, that will not be considered oops, that was by mistake. It's okay, though because you were intentionally engaged in the act of swimming, knowing what you were doing and knowing the risk that you were taking. So if you do swallow water, fast will become invalidated.

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And you will have to make that up. Therefore recommendation. If you're talking about actually swimming laps, proper swimming, then I would recommend not doing that while you're fasting especially in the month of Ramadan. Because it is a very important act of worship. I hope and pray until everyone's fasts are going extremely well. You know, just to kind of add on the point at the end here. The purpose of my answer is not to restrict physical activity or exercise during the month of Ramadan. hamdulillah. myself I've been trying to work out every night with a couple of brothers. So definitely you want to stay in shape. You want to improve your health during the month of

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Ramadan. But it's also important to not jeopardize your fast and to take care of your fast as much as possible. Until next time is optimizer Jenga from column Institute. Remember if you got any questions you want answered about the month of Ramadan, you can tweet them you can Facebook them, leave them in the comments of the video, or you can email them to us questions at Pelham institute.org. Just remember to tag your questions or title your question with alum Hangout. Until next time Assalamu alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh