Reda Bedeir – Ramadan 2020 – Reminder Day 09

Reda Bedeir
AI: Summary © The Prophet sall campaigns were designed to encourage people to eat and drink alcohol, with trenching and tree use being used to power buildings and construction. A woman who wanted to cook food for her army was embarrassed by her coworkers, while a woman who told her sister she wanted to become a tree was embarrassed by her coworkers. The importance of following the Prophet Muhammad and staying in the same place for the whole day is emphasized, along with a woman who was a teacher and professor who used to encourage children to practice sexuality. A program starting tomorrow is also mentioned.
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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh and welcome to tarawih reminder, day nine.

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Today we're talking about what we promised before we remember like one of the cliffhangers.

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We're gonna talk about the physical miracles of the best man who has laid foot on this earth prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. One of the cliffhangers if you remember I was talking about the better, the better of the ditch or the trench. When the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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asked the Sahaba for advice.

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And so the man or the lover and the purgin, he said, Prophet of Allah, in Persia, we used to dig a trench, so that we force like our enemies to be on the other camp. And then they can cross to us.

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And the professor and like the idea, so there were like more than 1000, close to about 1500 amongst the Sahaba and the proposal and distributed them, every 25 will take care of a spot and then there's a forum and on top of them, and then abubaker and Amara, their love and humor, were the quality control and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. Guess what? He used to do the toughest job ever. He's not just watching them or sitting on top of a mountain on an air conditioned tent or something. No. Guess what he used to take the dirt that they are digging, and he would carry it all the way outside LA. That's called leading by example. That's what we like today. Now what the

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prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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did after that one of the Sahaba came to him and he was complaining because he was so like, weak and so tired. And like, you know, he said, profitable. I'm so hungry. And Subhanallah he took office Lotus and he showed him that he's tying, you know, a stone to his stomach, just to, you know, to make it easy for him to endure the hunger that he was feeling and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. What he did is that he, you know, did the same thing. And he showed him that he's tying two scores to stomach if you're trying one, I'm trying to. He's not eating and leaving them out. And this is why adapt points upon a lot. One of the Great's of Harvard, you know, his name is

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jabber, Abdullah Abdullah bin haraam is a very famous hobby. When he saw this, he went to his wife and he told her Listen, the prophets of Salaam is covered all Dustin he's so weak. Is there any food that we can offer him? She said, Yes, but remember, there's only enough food for two. So you might bring him maybe like one of his companions, maybe abubaker. So jabber went to the professor Selim and he whispered in his ear, he said, Prophet of Allah. But my wife was preparing some food, but it's only for about two. So you can come and bring one of your companions. And the processor told him go and ask your wife to cook the food and cover it and leave it covered. And then the processor

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lamb turned around, and he made a public announcement in front of the whole army. He said, Hey, we're invited to put a job at his house. And Jeff almost had a heart attack. Imagine now his wife told him Be careful. The food is enough only for two. And now his wife sees the entire army marching to her house is like, Oh, my God, what's going on? And then she took jabber was like, you know, what did you do? You're embarrassing us. I told you the food is not enough except for two. He said, Well, look, I told the prophet and that's what he did. And the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam entered the house. And

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he started serving. Did you hear what I said? He started serving the Sahaba 10 by 10. Until the entire army, the entire army was full.

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And then the process of him at the very end, he ate and jabbered. And he lived the food exactly as it was as if it was not touched.

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Yes, because people always say, Oh, the miracle of all miracles is the Quran but your prophet doesn't have any physical miracles. That's one of them. Another one so panela there are many of them, many of them and you can go and check it Buhari under the miracles of Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. One day he would be walking with the Sahaba and he is holding

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Some people some small stones in his hands and people would hear the people saying subpanel

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the problem said, I will go and walk by a rock in Mecca or rock a piece of stone and the rock will say Assalamu alayka Rasul Allah. She's gonna offer Salaam to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, the prophet SAW Selim will go by the trees and the trees will will say Salaam to him. Whenever he like he used to go to answer the call of nature, there were there was no like something called washrooms at that time, every time he will go into the desert, and there will be some trees to power the branches of the trees and the trees themselves will come together to make like a wall to make like a shield like a curtain that nobody can see him while he's doing that.

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And subpanel law, the camel came on time to complain to him and he talked to him. He said, you know, messenger of Allah, my owner, he doesn't offer me enough food and he overworks me and the common was crying in the salon when advise the owner. He said, Fear Allah be conscious of of law.

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Don't like don't offer your common enough food. Like why don't you offer the cabinet enough food and then you overwork them. Be careful and be merciful when it comes to dealing with animals. Yet One day, the processor I'm used to give his foot bar on top of a trunk of a tree that was cut. And then one day a woman came amongst the Sahaba just a prophet of Allah. My son is a carpenter. So they asked him to make a member for you. And that was the beginning of the member there was no member. And the Muslim said yes. So she made them the member and the prophet SAW Selim. First time he left the trunk of the tree and he went to the member, the Sahaba said, Well, lucky, we heard the trunk

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crying like a baby. Okay, I'm child, why

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a piece of wood misses the profitsystem because he's just on top of it. And the process hilum had to leave the member and come down and hug the trunk of the tree. He said, If I didn't do this, it will keep crying from the day of judgment and the personal and whisper to the trunk of the tree. He said, You know, I have two options for you. I can make the analyst part that I would make you grow into a tree again. Or you be patient with your status quo, and you will be a three engine

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and the trunk of the tree choose to be a tree in gentlemen.

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rocks, trees, even a piece of wood would miss the process alone. What's happening to our hearts today.

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When you tell somebody This is 100 they say enough for the Quran.

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Listen, the way to gender is behind the footsteps of Prophet Muhammad Salim. No one can make it to gender without following him. And I'll conclude with another story. It may soften your heart and see how the personal love the Sahaba used to treat them in the best way ever before and all their love who was one of the poorest Sahaba is from Allah. So for those people the proximal he saw him that when he saw them the first time.

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You know, they had he said when you look at them, they could barely cover them out of the clothing. And they were tying stones to the stomach because they were hungry. So the professor silom asked everyone in the masjid to come and help and offer whatever they have extra. And so Paula in the in the books of the you know history of Islam, it says the like they used to increase and decrease. So the maximum number was almost like 400 and the middle number was at one day the Golan said he said I used to accompany the professor Selim, you know to learn from him. So used to stay in the masjid and Jaffa Vitaly, every time he would see him aboard, I would say I would just try to find a reason to

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start a conversation with them. Because I know he's gonna take me to his house to feed me. And then after Java, Dylan passed away in the bottle of water. You know, Dylan said in the last hour, I become like an epileptic person, like I just pass out in the message, not because I'm epileptic, no, it's because I'm hungry. So buckler passes by and I share an ayah from the Quran about food. I said, Maybe he understands my need. And then he would just smile and walk away or would pass by and then I asked him about and I in the book of Allah, just I want to start a conversation with him, and he will answer me and he would leave. But the problem so me in such a condition, he said about her,

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coming from him without even talking or complaining or trying to open a conversation, and then they went to the house of the Prophet sallallahu sallam. Remember, a Buddha was almost starving.

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And then the Prophet system went into his house and he found just like a small bowl of

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It was full of milk. And the prophets of Allah who listened and said about her, go and call the people of suffer.

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Who was very upset? That prophet of Allah, I'm starving. I'm almost passing out of anger. And now I'm going to call the people of a suffer. Do you know why? Right right above right, I was upset. And do you think that I will right? Or will this obey the prophet SAW Selim? And do you know what's going to happen after that? If you would like to know the answers to all of these questions, my time is over, I will continue this tomorrow in sha Allah. So the big smile, be in sha Allah, patiently waiting until I see you tomorrow inshallah, but I would like to remind you of something very important. This throwaway reminder, inshallah, starting tomorrow, we'll move to 1045 because the

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actual time is moving forward. So again, it's going to start tomorrow shala, we're not going to be broadcasting live at 1020. No, is going to move to 1045 in sha Allah, you know, for the next 10 days in sha Allah, like also to remind you that tomorrow we're starting the new program called, you know, the corner of the kids called the Imam with the Koran. So kids are welcome to code between 2pm to 3pm. Tomorrow, Saturday, and then they will live they will inshallah, recite some Quran and I'll be here to correct the recitation we would like to interact with the kids and give them time in sha Allah quality time, so please, you know, inshallah, our phone is 306-974-6564 again, 306974656 for

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write that number. You expect your kids to blossom schelotto between two to three was Salam alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.

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