Riad Ouarzazi – Ramadhan Reflections Ep 09 Love Of Allah

Riad Ouarzazi
AI: Summary © The importance of finding the right partner in love is emphasized, as it is crucial for building a strong relationship. The speaker discusses the importance of obeying Prophet's orders and finding the right partner in love. The importance of honoring the Prophet's words in the culture of the world is also emphasized, along with a public prayer in the US that is a sign of love for the speaker's brother.
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It's mercy

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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah mighty brothers and sisters the viewers as salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. My name is Ricardo zazzy and I welcome you into another episode of reflections of Ramadan. Today is a special day

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because I'm going to talk about the love of Allah Subhana Allah

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Do you love Allah?

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Yes, I'm talking to you. My dear viewers, you're watching me right now are you? Do you love Allah? Really? How much?

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How much you love Alaska?

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Everybody claims that they love a lot.

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Do you love a lot more than your spouse?

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Okay, you love a lot more than your house.

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You love a lot more than your car.

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More than your property

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more than your money. Really?

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Are you serious?

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We all claim that we'll have a loss.

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I'm not saying that one should not love

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their belongings, their wealth, their

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spouses, properties, monies and kids and Kindred parents but

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God love them more than you love Allah subhana wa Tada.

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There's a lot love you.

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asked the question.

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We all claim that with Allah Subhana Allah.

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Allah subhana wa Taala puts us under test.

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And then he says by the wilhemina ship I was even sold as a Toba as number 24 he says by the Ministry Ponyo Jean

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Akuma one Akuma as well Jo komachi Allah to come. Why Sheila tokuma I'm one of tomo watty Java. Doc Shona Casa hi Sakina

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in a comin en la he was also he was he had FISA de Falco Basu had to mA will be Emory. One La Jolla del Carmen phacility. Say in Canada, welcome if your parents number one.

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We have now come and your children, your sons were born with Warner Brothers, sisters,

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wives as

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well as Shira to comb your Kindred.

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Well I want to start off to Moha and the way of which you have accumulated

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and want to move on what the gelatin does Shona casada

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and then a commerce which you may fear decline

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well I'm wondering if Dr. Maha

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and money which you which you feel decline,

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new commerce and in Canada welcome welcome.

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Sheila to come was was eucommia Sheila to come? Well, I'm wondering

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what is your authentic Shona Casa de Natal Donna and the properties which you are pleased with? I have a camino de Mogi love to you then Allah, Allah surely then Allah and His prophets. Fatah bustle hatakeyama Hobi. Amara, well, lovely comment, fess up, and then wait until the command of Allah subhana wa tada and the odor of Allah subhanaw taala comes to me.

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Whereas those that here, you know, we've been ordered. Now we have to love our parents and our children. But But do we love them as much as we love Allah subhanho wa Tada. So this is the question and the allies are just stating you here. You love your parents. You can judge your brother's your wife's worth and whatnot more than you love Allah

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when she had infeasibility and the struggle in his path

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So again,

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you really love Allah subhanho wa Taala Have you felt? Have you ever felt the sweetness of the

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sweetness of email? Yeah, because he has got a sweetness as reported by the prophet Mohammed it So Sam in Busan Muslim Salah settlement, he was the man.

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This is how you will feel the sweetness of the man, you have to acquire the three as per the Prophet Mohammed Ali Sultan, one of them is an akuna la hora

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that Allah and His Prophet is more beloved to you than anything else, then and only then you can feel the sweetness of all of

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the sweetness of a bed,

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that Allah and His Prophet is more beloved to you, that whatever that entire world contains more than your parents more than your wealth more than your spouse and your children more than anything else. You see.

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So, the question again?

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Do I have to love Allah? Is it? Is it mandatory? Or just as sooner or is it permissible? Do I have to now you have to

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woman nasima documento de anda?

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bien la la la Vina mano a shadow Chopin Illa Allah subhana wa Taala

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there are people who take idols others

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as drivers with Allah, others as rivals with Allah, they love them as they love Allah. Will levena Amma know and those who believe are shed the only law they have the utmost of Allah subhanho wa Taala.

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So it is a must love Allah subhanho wa Taala is ragin have will lie who will who will he? No?

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No, no, it will. It is to say the love of Allah is the power to the hearts.

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It is the sisters to the soul. Well who alone It is that light that radiant realizes and puts into your face. It is the law to love Allah subhanho wa Taala not like any love, a very the purest form of love.

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That's the highlight of love.

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Because there's hella love and hate and love. had a love loving Allah, loving the Prophet, loving your spouse, loving, loving the Muslims loving humanity, you know, loving your children. This is her love, her love, his heart and love that gets built and developed through the wrong means. That's hard on love. But here I want to talk about the heartland the purest form of love had enough. So how can we earn the love of Allah subhanho wa Taala How can we acquire How can we really earn and acquire the love of Allah subhanho wa Taala and that's what I'm going to share with you my brothers and sisters and my dear viewers in sha Allah died because I love you. That's what I want to tell you

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about how to earn the love of Allah subhanho wa Taala first and foremost, if you want Allah subhanho wa Taala to love you, you have to obey Him.

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Obedience of Allah, Allah to Allah, Allah, the love of Allah and if you want to earn the love of Allah Subhana Allah you have to obey His orders, you have to obey his commandments. Allah subhana wa tada

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Let me tell you a little story.

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The story is

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in the long time ago long time ago this in the time of Jamia there was this man by the name of ice we used to love this girl by the name of Layla ice and Layla like what they call today like Romeo and Juliet you know Antara Abdullah and whatnot so place used to love later right and then they were from the same you know tribe but

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one day all these people they were jealous of of

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all of them all the guys were jealous of ice because they that was beautiful and later only loved face so they were jealous of so what did they do? They disguised like face all of them disguised looking like face and they went to see later.

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So the first guy knocks out the door came the maid she opens the door and then she finds this guy and then a bunch of other guys looking like ice.

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Oh, she went back today that day that a bunch of guys out there are looking at case I don't know who's the fake one from the real one. And then they says okay, I know when case comes you know he comes in wants to see me Just tell him Layla wants a piece of of flesh from your buddy. From your skin from you buy a piece of flesh, a piece of meat from you. Then she goes the maid. She goes and then the first case comes and then she goes Laila wants a piece of flesh from you. And then because it's fake, it is fake. He says

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My thick leather has gone crazy. Somebody left does another second Ace game, who's fake too? And then he says, No, I think Linda has gone cuckoo, crazy. And then the third, and fourth and fifth, all the other free press comes and through the real genuine face game. And then the maid says Layla wants a piece of meat of your piece of flesh from your body

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as a gift as a present. And then he pauses and he says, Sure, but please go back and ask later. Where does she want it from? Where does she want it from? The she want it from my shoulder, from my chest, from my back from my leg? What does she want it from? I wanted to give her anything she wants. Why? Because I love her. What do you learn?

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How much are you willing to give for Allah? subhanho? wa Taala? How much sacrifice Are you willing to make for Allah subhanho wa Tada, those of you who are married? I have a question for you.

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Those of you who are married and watching me today, I just have a question for you, brothers, the brothers? How much sacrifice did you make to marry the one that you claim that you love your wife?

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Remember how much sacrifices you make? I know some of us I know some of you, they, they they were willing to do anything just to get married to the you know, the one that they claimed that they loved. Some of some of them are in fact, I know, you know, because I'm a counselor in the marriage officer. I know some people they in fact they want to do whatever it is whatever it takes. One guy called me on the phone one day just in love with this girl, but her father, her parents, now they they are disapproving our marriage, they don't want to get us you know, they let us get married. We just it happens that they fell in love with some wrong means wrong mediums. Maybe I don't know how.

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I don't want to get involved with that. But they just fell in love. Now what happens? They want to get married the parents they said no. So the guy calls me says, Can I American you give me a federal reason such that you can marry the one that you love without the consent of her parents. Look, he's willing to do anything. He doesn't care.

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This is not fair. He says, I love her. Why I mean isn't the fact worship.

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That means looking for a veteran for me.

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To get a veteran to go and marry you know the one that you love without the consent of her parents. Imagine.

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So, obedience of Allah,

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you're willing to do anything to get the one that you love, you know, obey her parents, even if they were to ask for anything you were willing to do. Now some of us some of us are willing to go to the extreme. And some of us in fact have gone to the extreme. So here is obedience of Allah earns you the love of Allah. What kind of obedience

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just obey Allah orders Yeah. I have

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been good.

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You know treating yourself with respect treating others with respect your than your spouse, your friends, your parents with honor with respect train, treating your children respect, being good. have been the you know the orders of Allah subhana wa tada the commands of Allah subhanho wa Tada. That's shallow data that will earn you the love of Allah subhanho wa Taala had number two, if you want to earn the love of Allah subhanho wa Taala what goes along with bachelor bachelor sarila right. What goes along in parallel with obeying Allah obey Allah Allah soon? Yeah, you

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know, I I challenge you. Go to the Quran and read the Quran, obey Allah and His Prophet. So obedience of Allah goes hand in hand with obedience of the Prophet Mohammed salah and all of us claimed that we love Prophet Mohammed.

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Everybody's Yes, yes, yes.

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I love the Prophet Mohammed ISIS.

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And then

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how do you love

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the Prophet ISIS, I'm used to love pmln you love the MLA?

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The perfect mohammedans Aslan is to la sala de la vidas Allah the Prophet Mohammed is also Mr. Love charity Do you love charity? The Prophet Mohammed used to love Did you love the the Prophet Mohammed is awesome was an example he was a role model for his kids was a role model for his wives. Are you a role model?

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a boon

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but Debbie Rooney you're

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pulling content ahead bounnam Ah, say if you can kill Obama fat daddy only yo como la then follow the footsteps of Rasulullah Allah shall love you is very simple, very clear from the Quran. If you claim that you love Allah follow the footsteps of Rasul Allah, Allah

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Have you look at the Sahaba and how much they used to love Rasulullah Ali his salatu salam. And they they walk the talk now and they did it look like I Love Little I just love him, let Allah they really practice that talk.

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Love you. And then the promises you will not love me and as I become more beloved to you than anything else, then then that says yes, well I love you more than more than my family more than my dream more than anything else except myself. I love myself actually more than you. And then the Prophet says, No, you want to believe it. You're not truly a believer until I become more beloved to you that everything else including yourself, then he pauses and he says yes or no, you will not be lost to me then everything else including myself, meaning I'm willing to sacrifice anything for you, for your sake. And then also was an omen now. Now, you have fully become a true believer.

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Love and Rasulullah following the steps of Rasulullah follow in the footsteps of Allah, reviving the Sunnah of the Prophet Mohammed Aristarchus. Then all of a sudden that sometimes you know these people have you know the ridicule, Prophet Mohammed Al Islam, people out there the decree and making fun of Rasulullah and mocking us Allah, Allah sustenance, this man whose main concern was for me and you as for the entire mankind to be saved from from the punishment of Allah subhanho wa Taala. This is his concern is concerned, he did not live for himself and he sought to sell him.

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He did not live for himself and he sort of said he lived for you and I and for the entire mankind. One day he was crying, and he said to sit and Kim Giblin, yeah, she believes Why are you crying? And then she

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says, Yeah, yes, you believe Almighty Almighty Almighty, my people, my people, my people under the law, and then she goes back to Allah Subhana Allah and Allah knows. And then he goes to Allah so Allah is crying for his own that he wants you to please his own man, and

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he or she will go and tell Mohammed, we shall pleasing, and we shall please this oma just enough to stop crying, we shall pleasing and we shall pieces.

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This is the Prophet as a sinner.

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How many students have we left off from a neglected the student that has died and have died?

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If you want to really love him, revived as soon as you start to sit down, follow his footsteps. It is up to them. He had no hatred for anyone. He had no animosity for anyone that is such that he had such a great heart. It is such a sin, no evil feelings towards anyone is excellent. No, no, no ill feelings, no hazard, no envy. For anyone. It is sad to say that he used to love for others. What used to love for himself is not to sell them.

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How many times did I mention the Prophet Mohammed? How many times did you say some Allah who it was selling them? Hmm. I'm asking you. Did you say something?

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You heard me saying the Prophet Mohammed. I said because the Prophet says, The miser the one who's not generous. The stingy is the one whom he hears my name and does not send his blessings upon me. He does not send the presence of of Allah Subhana Allah upon me. Yeah. And he, the one who hears the name of the Prophet Mohammed is awesome. And he does not say Sal, Allahu Allah, he was setting them or Allah histological say,

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loving Allah, obeying Allah subhanho wa Taala. obeying the Prophet Mohammed Ali, such as them will earn you the love of Allah subhanho wa Taala Hannah, reading the Quran will earn you the love of Allah subhanho wa Taala reciting the Quran, not only in Ramadan. Why? Why? Because you are not Ramadan. And remember, you're not Rama Ghanian, you are a banyan. You know, what's your Ramadan, you worship the role of Ramadan

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reciting the Quran will earn you the love of Allah subhanho wa Taala the Quran my brothers and sisters, our dignity isn't

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really our is in the Quran. The solution to all our problems is in the Quran. The solution to these problems that people have in nowadays in the world, we're lucky it's in the Quran, just like was said by this man who's not even a Muslim. He says what he says if Mohammed was to come, he will solve the entire problem of the entire world while he's drinking a cup of tea.

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saw this in the end, this man used to love to the site

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reported by Bukhari Muslim used to love so he was asked why it is because I love it. And then the Prophet issm says tell him that Allah loves him as he loves that sort of that he recites

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is he decided in the end will earn you the love of Allah subhanho wa Taala. So we talked about obedience.

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Allah obedience and reviving the Sunnah of the Prophet Mohammed it says today we talk about the recitation of the Quran that will earn you the love of Allah subhanho wa Taala. And now if it would earn you the love of Allah supererogatory prayers will earn you the love of Allah subhanho wa Taala. Now, the sooner the extra voluntary prayers will earn you the love of Allah subhana wa tada as reported by Bukhari

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alive, so just isn't helpful to see that there is nothing beloved to me, then when my servant does his obligatory prayers, and the more Allah says in this head policy, and the more supererogatory work that my servant does, that I shall love him.

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And then when Allah loves you, he says, I become the eyes with which he sees with his hand with which he strikes with his feet with which he walks with, if he were to ask me I shall give him

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he, if he were to seek refuge in me, I shall grant his whatever he you know, he asked for, and then when the lesson handler loves you, he goes and he goes to be oshibori I love so and so. So you love him? And then God loves you. Allah says your names does he believe? So? As long as you believe love Mohammed? Love I made use of cell man Emraan Fatima Khadija Malika Yuning is just Allah mentions your name to the angels, so as you believe, and then she will love you. And then she'll be will come up all the angels or angels Allah and I love so and so. So you love him and all the agents would love you

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so much and then all the angels will call upon the people of the earth or people of the earth Allah she believed in us love so and so mentioned your name. So you're loving, while Yoda hola hola como la fille and everybody on earth shall have you have

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imagined if I tell you that President so and so love you.

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President so and so he loves you. How would you feel? Well, if I were to tell you the king so and so he made a, you know, a public appearance today on TV and he says Ladies and gentlemen, I just want to let you know that I love that he mentions your name. How would you feel?

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How about if I tell you that? I will back He loves you. Man oh man.

00:22:17 --> 00:22:20

Would you feel proud of me if I tell you that? He loves you?

00:22:21 --> 00:22:22

How would you feel?

00:22:24 --> 00:22:27

How about if I tell you Allah loves you?

00:22:28 --> 00:22:29

Yes and

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by obeying His commands were vain and reviving the son of the Prophet Mohammed has just set up

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the site and will earn you the love of Allah subhanho wa Taala supererogatory works voluntary prayers will earn you the love of Allah subhanho wa Taala the members of Allah will earn you the love of Allah subhanho wa Taala Allah subhana wa Taala the dhikr of Allah Subhana Allah Alhamdulillah Allah Allah, Allah Allahu Akbar planting trees in general will earn you the love of Allah subhanho wa Taala keeping your tank moist and with the members of Allah subhanho wa Taala had also pm ln earns you the love of Allah subhanho wa Taala the night prayer which is in fact the most bit of prayer in the set of Allah supported by by Muslim you know after the obligatory prayer, the

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most bit of prayer in the sight of Allah is the night prayer pmla earns you the love of Allah Subhana Allah to Allah pm Elaine, it really softens the heart. Really, if you have a problem with your heart you know, feeling like it's been so rock and if you have a problem, you know, shedding some tears or failover let's try pmla try the night prayer, whether by Allah subhanaw taala comes down in a way that befits His Majesty and he answers the call the call of the needy. You will call my call our invocation, our supplication MP MLA that will earn you the love of Allah subhanho wa Taala repentance Allah loves those who repent. Allah loves those who repent. I love love those who

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who keep themselves clean your head Buta webinar, shabu Matata irine. And last but not least my brothers and sisters, the gatherings of lm Ernie the love of Allah subhanho wa Taala. As the Prophet Mohammed Ali Sato, Sam says in this beautiful Hadith, reported by km and hotjar. In fact, this is a very strong Hadith

00:24:17 --> 00:24:53

what you better have Betty I shall love those who love one another for my sake, I shall love those that sit in beautiful gatherings talking about my sake for a shot love them, those who again meet and they talk about the greatness of Allah subhanaw taala I shall of those who who meet one another, you know and visit one another for my sake. So three things. He says in his head. I shall love those who love one another for my sake. I shall love those who visit one another for my sake. I shall love those who sit in gatherings of lm for my sake. Allah says I shall love them. I shall love them.

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loving one another, loving one another and visiting one

00:25:00 --> 00:25:26

Another and sitting in the gathering just like this, talking about the greatness of Allah that will earn you the love of Allah subhanho wa Taala May Allah subhana wa tada as he has gathered us here upon love to resurrect us all in sha Allah tala upon love and to meet him upon love and to enter Jannah insha Allah tala would love. I mean, I mean, I mean, as I Camilla hair was said Mr. De La Hawla wa barakato

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