Reda Bedeir – Ramadan 2020 – Reminder Day 10

Reda Bedeir
AI: Summary © The man named Jesus Christ discusses his actions, including drinking milk and forgiving sin, while also reciting a list of major sins. He also introduces a new guest for a coffee and drink and reminds viewers to donate to charities. The segment also touches on the impact of Islam's belief that it is a dying beast and potential consequences of not following rules.
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Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh your brothers and sisters,

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Masha Allah day 10 I cliffhanger you last night, I said that I borrowed your law and was almost starving. And when the processor saw him in the message, he asked him to join him right away. And they arrived at home and they found like a bowl full of milk. So when I saw this like him finally I'm going to have some food the president said about her Go and call the people of a sofa. And I told you the maximum number is 400 the minimum number was at let's say, at least 100 Can you imagine now Abu hurayrah couldn't even move he had no energy at all, but the president told him to go and call them and then he called them and they lined up and the processor would pour the milk give it to

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him hurayrah Nevada would hold the thing is gonna drink he's gonna say give so on so it's like, Okay, and then he gives it to the next person until the entire people have either so far drank their full and then the professor himself who has left about hurayrah he said me prophet of Allah and deal in the book Salim said okay. And the suburbs, Selim started pouring and drink and Absalom would start pouring in a word I would drink until at the end, the person said take more alcohol I said, Well, let the but I think I will happily level my project. Like by the one who sent you the truth. There is no way for me like I'm flew in the professor Lim drank what's left?

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That's a miracle.

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Just from a little bit of milk, the entire elsaffar tank before now, tonight I have something else for you. I want you to have a pen and a paper because we're going to share the two most hopeful items for you know, sometimes you commit a sin I feel like man I'm doomed. Allah will never forgive me. And then somebody comes is like, well not what did you do is that I did this like man like, but what about me? I'm going to join them. You know, there is no way for me. Listen, write down this I it's so number 39. And number 53. The Sora school Zoomer. And the story behind this is that I grew up with mushrikeen according to cite Muslim, they came to the prophet SAW. Allah says Allah Allah

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says Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and they said, Oh Mohammed because they were not Muslims. We can never say Oh, Mohammed, we have to say Prophet Muhammad and we have to say Salaam Salaam, but I'm just quoting what they were saying. So they said, Oh, Mohammed, I'm adding some olalia salaam Salaam Salaam. And then they said in nanohub boom. I said, like, we love that what you advocate but you know what we have committed so many sins and all of them are major sins, killing, Riba, adultery, you name it, is the expansion in Islam. If we accept Islam, God forgive us. And the Prophet Selim had no answer for them. But yet Allah revealed is

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one of the most hopeful atoms

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so 3953 bullier A baddie a Latina

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foresee him let Apollo to rock metal

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a loss it he's talking to them.

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Oh Hammad say to them these people are coming to ask you would I forgive them or not put here a bear the law honor them by saying these are my bad my slaves and levina answer for that question. Did not just commit one sin, a minor or a major sin. They committed all types of sins. The word of interpret language means extravagance itself means extravagance, going beyond all the limits. They have gone to the extreme and committing all types of sins. Allah said ladipo law to

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never lose hope in the mercy of Allah subhana wa Taala. Why in law, however, futile Zulu by Jeremy Indeed Allah forgives all types of sins. Don't say it's a major sin. If you say them be Kabir lo Akbar. If you say my sin is great, Allah saponified stunning you arm the greatest

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in the hall before Rahim Allah didn't say in the offer. He said indeed he's the one who forgives all the time. If he said referred means I will forgive one time but he forgives all the time. You come at us and then you come back and said Forgive me. You look you filled on another Sunday come back and said Forgive me it will forgive you. Why? Nila

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he said it

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I'm always forgiving. But then when it comes to the mentor if you make terrible one time, he's waiting for you to come back to him and he doesn't need you. But we need him to kind of have to either but what do we need to do? A lot or listen the next day here's the recipe write down you know the if you have opened a lot a lot would forgive you write down the steps were unable to become in ABA means go back to a lot right now. Don't say tomorrow because sometimes tomorrow never comes.

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It never means don't delay the Toba no procrastination. What is the moolah? Don't pick and choose submit completely to Allah subhanaw taala Why will probably a year before death comes to you from Morocco so you have the chicks next to you. You'll have the kids next year you'll have your titles next to you You'll have the land the property whatever proves that you are a billionaire. Nothing will benefit you except your deeds.

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What who What should I follow for X amount Incidentally, Komodo become the best that was sent down to you from Allah subhanaw taala What is it for uninettuno somebody tells you Allah said Samira. Now I know we didn't obey the Brazilian Sensei, we listen and obey. When he Akuma double Boxster before that comes to you and it comes suddenly quantum lateral meaning you don't know that death is right there. Maybe tomorrow, maybe tonight, maybe before I finish this talk. Now let me move to the second aim, which is to me it's the most hopeful and write down. So number 25. And for part number 70. But I'm going to recite 60 through 70 to give you an introduction again, because I was mentioning a

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cover and cover the biggest amongst the major sins that are already major sins but Allah is mentioning the biggest amongst the major sins along with forgive them, but the condition is the following. Let me recite that first. Again 25 upon 68 through 71 levena de

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la isla for that should and those who do not associate partners with Allah subhana wa tada what I

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love seletti aroma love

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and did not take the life of a person except with a valid reason killing cotton shirt and pattern. One eye is known adultery. The three biggest amongst the major sins. Well, I mean

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whoever commits any of these sins, they will receive a severe punishment from Allah subhanho wa Taala you'll go off lol either

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their punishment will be multiplied on the Day of Judgment, wire philosophy mohana and they will be the end for eternity with humiliation. Allahu Akbar. Listen the most hopeful

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is 70

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except for those who will go back to a lender and say you're a lot I'm sorry. Forgive me. Accept me. I'm coming back to you. Y'all I was wrong. Would you turn me back in lemon turn those who turn back to land repentance? Why are men and they believe in the promise of a lot of love and acceptance regardless of what they have done? What I mean I met him saw their heart and they start acting upon that and they do righteous deeds what's gonna happen to them?

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To him has done

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a lot of work not only with ALLAH forgive you know a lot with replace your record to bad deeds with ricotta booties a lot. Imagine the speaker the worst person amongst you tonight, if I have committed 5 million bad deeds. If I make Toba right now Allah would replace that 5 million bad deeds into 5 million good deeds.

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Would you delay your Toba after hearing this? This is an offer from Allah subhanho wa Taala. Would you do that? No. So when should I make Toba

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yesterday? Yesterday, so do it now because tomorrow sometimes never comes. That's Then see you tomorrow. But before I go, I would like to remind you tomorrow Don't forget the youth or the young Muslim show. Tomorrow we have a new guest with a new topic. Would you like to know the guest and the topic? their surprise? I can tell you now. Tomorrow I'll see you at 5pm was Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. to charities give to the message generously and give me a smile so

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that we

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