Ramadan 2020 – Reminder Day 08

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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. Dear brothers and sisters,

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can you imagine? It's Tara.

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Day eight.

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Almost one week has gone out of luck.

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Now the story is the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was prefetcher. And after he finished treasure, he turned back and he asked four questions. First question.

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When asked by me Mohammed Coolio Masai Mara, who's fasting today. And then a man raised his hand he sent me

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in the professor asked the second question.

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Men meachum haidara, janaza aleo, who attended a funeral today, and listen is talking about after Frederick. And in the same person raised his hand, he said me

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in the process, William said, Who gave sadaqa to a needy person today and the same person again raise his hand. And everybody's looking at him like what?

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And I'm always looking at him and say, Well, how could this happen? In the Prophet says, Hello, asked the fourth question.

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My minko Maria, Maria Maria, who amongst you today visited a sick person, and the same person raised his hand.

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And then the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, Mr. Man to marry in Atlanta halogen. Whoever combines these four acts are very bad in one day, he was intelligent. But the question remains, who is that man? Of course, everybody expects now, the best man after all profits, man number one is oma. It's none. Except abubaker. So the for your loved one. This is why he was always the top. Nobody can compete with him. And this is why. So Paul decided that I just mentioned is narrated by a violent Muslim. But then Abner asaka, in his history reported, like a weak generation. And I have to just to remind you of this, but one day, Omar Abdullah, who I've noticed abubaker, after a lot, and he

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doesn't go home directly, he goes to the outskirts of Medina, and there is a small heart.

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He used to enter there spends like close to, you know, one hour, and then he goes back home after the

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news, asking him something. What is that hump? Who lives there? And what does he do inside? So out of curiosity, and he wanted to learn from the best man in this room after all prophets have their love and humor.

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And he said, You know, one day I'm going to go and check. So after a bucket of finished, he went there. And he knocked on the door, and there was a very old lady with gray hair, and she can hardly move.

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And I said, Men, and who are you? woman has

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indicated Who's that man who was with you? What else now? And what does he do? She said, I'm Anna, for kamatera. I do some some thought on Amir. As you can tell, I'm a very old woman who's blind with gray hair, and I can hardly move

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us for that man. I don't know him. But he comes everyday at this time.

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And he cleans the place.

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And he prepares my food.

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And then he leaves

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down his knees. And he said, adopted for about a decade.

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You made it difficult for anyone who will be the ruler of the Muslims after you overcome.

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This is a worker the alarm. He's turning one day in his house. And he sees a bird flying from one tree to another tree. And he looked and he started crying. He said yeah, Allah.

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I wish a bird like this will move from one tree to another tree.

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And on the Day of Judgment, he would say to me, be dust. So I wouldn't be exposed to hellfire. He's the man who has the first position in general booked for him and he was given the glad tidings that he's going to be engendered by the processor while you're still alive.

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Yet he says while logging

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I'm into mcra law.

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He said on the Day of Judgment, if one of my feet if one of my feet is inside gentlemen, and the other one is outside, I wouldn't trust what's going to happen to me.

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When they use fasting, not too far outside of Ramadan.

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And they brought him some milk, mixed with some honey, that was his breakfast.

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And he took it close to his mouth.

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And before he drank, he started crying.

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And they said, Yeah, honey rasulillah

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Oh, successor of the prophets of love, and instead of Why are you crying?

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He says, I remember one day, we were sitting with the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and he was pushing something away from him. And we don't see what it is.

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I mean, started talking and we don't see who is he talking to? He said Li Kyani

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fell as an athlete.

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For pilot, inland Erdrich for sodoku. Ambassador. So the process Selim is pushing something away in the Sahaba don't know what is he doing? Why, what is he pushing? And then he started talking.

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And is it profitable law? What is that that you're pushing? And what's the conversation he said he had done he attacked me.

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It's the word the life the dunya came to acid Stay away from me, I don't belong to you.

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Then it said to me, if I can get you, I'll get those after you. That he said for her she to an akuna I'm afraid that the linear is controlling me now. For what? For some milk, mixed with some honey, he's gonna drink as his breakfast. That's his for all food

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production systems. This is the difference between us and them.

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This is the best generation ever

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have a bucket of your lover I'm after the process Elon passed away. And he was working with the army led by Simon 17 years old. And I was in the back of the horse.

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And buckless walking

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in a bucket is talking to Osama. And he said Osama Can I ask you for permission for something Allahu Akbar abubaker. The halifa of the prophets of Salaam is asking a 17 year old man but that man was appointed by the professor silent. So when they told him prophet of Allah, the person passed away. Why don't you appoint someone like like Omar like, you know, those people? Should?

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Do you want me to change something? The Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, Do you know what you're talking about?

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So he said to me, can I ask you permission for something? He said, Go ahead.

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He said Can I ask you to leave our behind with me? Because I need him as my advisor. He said of course. Let me step down. I can be on the back of the horse on your walking.

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He said love and why you will not come down and I will not be on the back of a horse. Well, Mariela bukata Mr. Adam feasability law, why can't I just walk and have some dust on my feet for the sake of Allah.

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Brothers and sisters, Ramadan is a golden chance for us to go back. We have lots of time at home to study the Syrah, the biography, the history of those great people. If this man wants to come back and become a pioneering Ummah, it's because of those people. Those people were warring Bedouins, they will have a fight over a woman or over water. But Islam made them the heroes of all time, not like the zeros.

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Islam made them the shepherds, not the sheep. Islam made them the leaders, not the followers listed up and imitate them because they're real men. Salaam Alaikum warahmatullahi.

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I'm sorry.