Ramadan 2019 – Reminders 27

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So when it comes to labor, can

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you remember the story of a man of the love is one of the Sahaba who used to prank the other sahabas I'm going to remind you of the story that was before I'm going to add to to it inshallah, you know, when he traveled with Abu Bakr, the Alon, the one that I shared with you before, and there was a man in charge of food called swipe, swipe and harmala. And no, I man felt hungry during the travel. So said to, you know, swipe it. Give me some food, man, is it No, not before a worker comes back in Sharla? It said, I said, Man, I'm starving. Give me some food. He said, I told, you know, until a robot comes back and

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I said, Okay. It was it yourself. Then he had a plan. He left him. He went to the people who were coming to buy a slave.

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And he said, Are you guys interested in a slave? I said, Yeah. He said, I have a very good one for you. They said, who see this man over there. And Mashallah soy butter. harmala was very well built. He said, This is my slave. I'm selling him.

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And then he said, He's mad, as you can see him is almost perfect. He had one problem. He argues about. So you know, you talk to him, he's gonna argue. So once I sell him, just take him on go.

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How much are they going to give? They said, 10 camels in one comment at the time is almost like 100,000. So imagine now, you know, so I was gonna be sold for almost 1 million. So he said, deal. Give me the cameras. Go and take him. You know what? You go and talk to him. He's gonna say I'm free this, they just take him. So they went to him and said, like audio swiper. They said, yeah. They said, okay, we bought you. So what are you talking about?

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I'm free. They said, We know, we know. We know. They put a leash around his neck and they pulled him and they left.

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And of course, No, I meant ate the food. And he was waiting for the alarm to come back. When the alarm came back. He said what

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he said I sold him

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is like what? I sold him. Look 10 cameras better than him look.

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To start smiling. What are you talking about man, as how he left, you know, give them the candles and both know swipe it. And when they went back to the processor salon, they shared the story with him. It's narrated in the Hadith, that suppiler the processor level for an entire year. Every time we remember the story. He starts laughing

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another story with my man also,

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one day, like he was walking and then some of the Sahaba stopped him. They said, Are you hungry? No, I man. He said, I'm starving. They said, Look, can you see the camel over there? I said yeah. So what about that? suppiler there was a big one who came to see the professor lamb. And he parked his car. I mean, he left his camel, you know, in front of the door of the process along the way you park your cameras outside. I saw two cars much a lot. Taking three lanes.

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The halala retreiving cameras these days. Anyway, so

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he said, What about that? He said that's a good idea. So the big one is with the problem inside the cameras outside? No, I meant to the camera slaughtered it. They grilled it. They ate the camera and the video and came outside like oh my god, what is my karma?

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They said Oh, they slaughtered it and they ate like no, how come and he went to the hospital and cry was a prophet of Allah. This is the only thing I have in my life. They took my camel, they you know, they slaughter that they ate it. And the Muslim gave him a camel. And he went to investigate who did this. They said you know Am I met?

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He said What is he I met at that time he left. You know, he went to a place and he was hiding under some, you know, wood and like dust and stuff. He covered himself so nobody would notice him. So they got to his place. So in the process, Allen went there and he started removing the woods. And my man was digging from underneath. And I said What did you do? No, I man he said, What did I do profitable? I was hungry.

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And there was a camera there. He said, Look, so what did he do?

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He said those people who guided you to my place are the ones who instigated me to do this. So that he smiled and like he gave that man another

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one last story about my man when

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He was in the masjid.

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And there was a blind man in the masjid and Subhanallah he wanted to go to, you know, to respond to the call of nature to the washroom.

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So he said, Can anybody guide me? And I meant took him to the hub.

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He said, Go ahead, do it. So he did it right there. So the people like starts, like, you know, like being very angry with him. And he's like, eternal, what did I do? They said, Man, this is the mclubbe we can do this here. And he, you know, he moved around to find a man, I man, you know, left. So the next day, he got a stick in his hand, and he was looking for a man. And my man saw him.

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When he saw him, he changed his voice. He said,

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Do you want a man? He said, Yes, I'm looking for him. He took him to automotive now for Dylan. He was praying.

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And he said, How do you go to the guy with all of his power like he hit the nail on the head? Do you want to know what happened next? Tomorrow