Reda Bedeir – Ramadan 2019 – Reminders 29

Reda Bedeir
AI: Summary © The group discusses the importance of provision, water, and getting ready for dinner, as well as the importance of learning to code and avoiding social anxiety. They also mention various examples of embarrassment and distraction, including a woman who refuses to pray and a woman who refuses to buy a house. The conversation touches on the development of oneself, the importance of deeds, and the use of "taq wa" to describe actions. They also mention various examples of embarrassment and distraction, including a woman who refuses to pray and a woman who refuses to buy a house.
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smilla hamdulillah salat wa salam ala rasulillah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, Allah Allah, he was a happy woman Allah.

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Good time. flies.

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Good Time flies. So

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I feel it was a week ago, we're talking about the beginning of Ramadan.

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And tonight I'm standing in front of you, maybe I'm saying maybe we'll not be paying for what I'm saying maybe. I know some people will take this right away and give her to okay.

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Power. how fast the good time connecting with Allah doing Vicar reciting the Quran. Just like went very fast to Panama.

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You know,

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Allah subhanho wa Taala

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says it's sort of Baccarat. So number 2197.

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What does he do?

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Like when you're traveling, you need that. That means provision in English. But that means you will need food

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you will need water you will need some money.

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You will need a camel I'm in a car. Right?

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But Allah Subhana Allah says in this ayah What does

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so what is a lot of about a lot less than about the longest travel this life as it

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was said we are born and the arrow of death is shot.

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And your life is the distance of traveling meeting that hour as the end.

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But he gives a very, very beautiful analogy he said in that travel back to Allah, we're like a bird

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with a head and two wings.

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The hand is the love of Allah

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and the two wings of hope.

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fear let me say this again. So in our flight back to a lion that travel were like a bird that has a hand and two wings, the hand is the love of Allah

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and the two wings are hope and fear.

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We go through stages and spikes in our life. Sometimes Ramadan comes we come to the masjid, we read more Koran, we listen to many reminders. So what happens to our level of Eman goes up right

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and then when you stay away from this

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what happens to the level of a man it goes down. So when we are at level of a man and our level of a man is up which we should be up to maintain the balance they said when you are very close to Allah you have to do what you have to raise the window fear because a lot put you in that position now Don't be conceited don't think highly of ourselves don't say ham the lamb close to gentlemen no make the window field go up a little bit and because Allah you know said that this fall it's called Calvin Arabic we say mass media Hello Calvin in

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the heart is being cold call because it always switches and changes.

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In one second Subhanallah you might forget everything you have learned to Ramadan and you do something bad.

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You get up again.

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So number 75.

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in Ramadan, we try to develop ourselves from the worst knifes that we mentioned before remember, so use of ff 53 and Nestle Amara. So did he develop yourself to be want to be an FC Loma? Would you do something wrong? It's like I shouldn't have said this. Or I shouldn't have done this stuck for Allah until you develop yourself into the next the chef was talking about in the last surah

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Number 27.

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amongst them, brothers and sisters, what's the ultimate goal of a Muslim?

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Our wife we develop from an Epson America suit to an F similar to an F So, where are you? That's your test tomorrow in the last day of Ramadan. See where you are, and how can I develop myself? Number two,

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just remember that

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certain Bukhara 197, Allah says what is overdue? We're talking about as overdue. When we're, when we're traveling. We need what? The second brothers mine

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briyani Okay, water. What else mango? Money, money. A car. Right. But talking about a completely different diet. He says.

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traveling back to Allah does not the end. It's taqwa. And what's the fruit of Ramadan? Let's go back to a one a three and

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look, what do we do in fasting?

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So Ramadan is a School where we learn to get ready for dinner.

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To get through the four gentlemen, this an IRA the shape also cited and number 24. in Surat, Al fudger.

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Allah subhanaw taala says before that two is when Johanna will be brought and people will see it.

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Begin to say

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you're living in what

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you've never imagined. But now it's in front of you. At that point, you remember everything. But it's too late. What

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was he gonna say next? Regret. Yeah.

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Tony, Tony.

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Hold on. I'm writing a book about this.

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Yeah, literally condemned to the hierarchy. What is this happening? What is this happening? It's in the Koran. What are you saying? I wish I have gotten something from my life.

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Which life

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the eternal life because this life is coming to an end. That's the restroom brothers and sisters. We need that. We need provision for that. And the best provision is taqwa. So try every day to ask yourself, did I really learn to code and Ramadan?

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Did I really learn taqwa and Ramadan. And we said before, taqwa just so many definitions, and touch Albania, COVID, and Natalia to me.

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That's nice.

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sight for statements that should be written in gold is a Taekwondo formula jelly. Remember the two ways to be conscious I hate to translate it fear to be conscious of the most glorified. Why, before you do anything, you know, when we commit a sin? What do we do? Shall

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we do like this?

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Everybody see me? No.

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But you know what? If you at that moment, instead of doing this, can anybody see me you do this? Can anybody see me? Yes.

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You will stop doing it. This way. The prof Salam said liars Museveni in his new home woman. What is represented as a woman, a person who commits adultery. There is a man at the point. It's lifted away from them. Why? Because he is hiding from home. People. So you didn't learn taqwa. When somebody wants to think something that's not his, what is he doing is hiding from people. Nobody can see me. But he at that moment says Allah can see me he wouldn't do it.

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That's the one and hopefully a genie will return z. What does that mean, to act upon the revelation coming from Allah and the revelation does not mean only the harar because Allah Mehta said about problem solving and certain magic

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In Hawaii,

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you have to assume that it's the words of the pasta, but the revelation and guidance from whom? from Allah. That's the second part. If you want to have taco allama Tansy, before you buy a house before you marry your daughter, before you choose your education, before you choose your neighbor, before you choose where to live,

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the most important thing is, go back to Allah would this be pleasing to you Allah?

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Third one is said, What Robin Ali, to be content with what Allah has given you. You know, our problem today, which makes us like stressed and depressed. We always when it comes to deal, we look at those who are below us. A brother comes to me once I was like, you know, I'm second shallow, we're going to pray. I said, Hamdulillah, I pray to? I said, Are you coming down? stuff? No, I just pray eight hamdulillah I'm not at that level yet.

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You see, I'm saying. So when it comes to the What do we do?

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We look at those below us, right? But when it comes to dunya

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we look at those who are above us. So to say Subhana Allah, Allah has given you a bus 11 and it's mobile. Right? It takes you from one spot to the other. Along giving it allows given you a bike hamdulillah there are some people on wheelchairs, they are billionaires, they wish to have the bus element.

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You have 199 but you see a BMW 2020 passing in front of you. So

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where do you get this money, man?

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So in dunya, we look at those who are above us. But indeed, we look at those who are

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the porcelain said Now, if you want to learn taqwa, which is the best provision, I'm sorry, I'm taking too much time because this could be the last slide and I want to share this this is very important.

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Are you okay? If I speak for another half an hour inshallah.

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Two hours. There's gonna be two minutes on the show.

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Okay, so, last part, when I leave the line with defining taqwa, what did he say? He said, What is the audacity

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to always be ready for the day, when you're going to leave.

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Brothers and sisters every day or every other day, we have an analyzer, but we never stop and reflect could be me tomorrow.

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There was a child here who was one day, it was another child who was seven days. There was a brother today who is like 97. And Allah sending us a wake up call a wake up call. Why? Like, wake up, get ready. It could be tomorrow, or meet with Allah subhanaw taala? That's the question. Because the last half that I said

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no one knows how much they will earn tomorrow. No one knows. Where are they going to die? So we have to build it all the time. I'm going to leave you with a smile.

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When I leave with a smile, we are less mental accept all of your deeds and Ramadan. And the likes in your life to witness an ad in sha Allah.

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No, amen.

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You remember not a man. Okay. One day there was a man who comes to Medina to sell sweets. So what did the eye man do when he saw him? He ordered something for himself. And he ordered like something for the processor.

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So he said to the man go and give this to the epsilon. So that was a decision, like who's offering this to me? He said, No, I man. It's the most awesome smile. And he was very happy. And then the man went to IML. Again, he said, Hey, wait, wait, what? I'm coming with you to the processor. So I men came and said, Man, thank you so much for the sweet sandwich. Sweet. So the one that you sent me? I said, No. I invited you and invited myself but you'll pay the bill.

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