Reda Bedeir – Ramadan 2019 – Reminders 26

Reda Bedeir
AI: Summary © The three stages of a process to change behavior are discussed, including changing by hand within authority, removing evil behavior, and staying safe in community settings. The use of shaming and spoiling movies for the audience, including a mention of a shAPRROB film, is also emphasized. The importance of healthy eating and staying safe is also highlighted.
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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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Okay, so we stopped last night, talking about the fact that the porcelain taught us when we see something wrong, what should we do? There are three stages is said meralco mukarram

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be added. And we said if you want to change by hand, you know, some people just take this generally speaking,

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everybody has a responsibility, your family is your responsibility. So, you can change at home by hand.

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And somebody in a community was in charge of a community these are the ones who can change by hand.

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Even sometimes, you cannot change by hand within your own authority, what should I do? The process lm says femoral vein lemmya, Stata, it means, there will be conditions there will be times where you cannot change by hand, then you move to the next level, which is for Billy Sally, and Sally, you can speak against it again in a proper way. Or you can admonish people and ask them and remind them of Allah subhanho wa Taala. And this is why Allah subhanaw taala said, where they are in the decra term for the whole Koran, one of its names is a vicar, sort of 15 number nine, in

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the Quran, we're in Allahu la halftone Indeed, we have sent down the reminder, which is the Quran, we're in Allahu la halftone indeed, we'll preserve it.

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Then if you cannot change by tongue, you move to the last and third and the least level, which is lm SATA, for the cold weather ellika for a man, then you hate it in your heart. And you make

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that Allah subhana wa Taala will change the situation. We have also a rule in Sharia that says the investor, boycott them eligible Muslims meaning if there is something evil happening, and to change that evil, you will make it worse. leave it as is for now. And you move to the next level. You know, admonish, remind hate on the heart make.

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I'll give you a scenario.

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You're walking in the street and you see somebody do something wrong. Somebody's stealing, for example, like robbing someone, and you can see a gun in his hand. So if you come close to him and say, Fear Allah, stop doing this. What do you think next step is going to do is going to pull up the gun and shoot you. So instead of stealing or robbing, committing one crime, you made him do what? Two crimes and you lost your life. Remember the Hadith that we shared? A couple of days ago, when the man who wanted to make Toba, he asked for what the most knowledgeable person, the first time doula.

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So he was guided to somebody who's a devout worshiper. If you're a devout worshiper, and you have no knowledge you might end up killing yourself and causing trouble to others, because the man came to him with a sword in his hand. And he said to him, the cartel to dishonor for halimun Toba like he's a serial killer serial killer. He said I killed 99 people with a lot except me if I go back to him. He said no.

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Can anybody say no? Allah Subhana thessalon sorta Zoomer at number. 53 punia

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Dena so for me.

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A lot of don't say, oh Mohamed, say to my slaves who committed one sin? No, it's rough means we just had extravagance they've committed all types of sins minor and major. lanta Natoma Rahmatullah never lose hope in the mercy of Allah. Why, in the Lucha de novo Jamia Indeed Allah forgives all types of sins in the homeowner photo Rahim indeed is the old forgiving the old merciful. So because of his ignorance, what did he do? He blocked the mercy of Allah in front of someone so he needed to kill one person more. So we need to learn that and on a on a funny note, I'm just going to share something you know Ramadan is coming to an end right? And Mashallah, we are maintaining a high level

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of Imam and everyday Mashallah increases. And tomorrow to your guys here. Could be lots of other right? I'll tell you today. Tomorrow look at the masjid there will be no space here.

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Right? Because some people they come in Ramadan, especially on the 27th of Ramadan. Then once the 27th over handler, we made it sooner.

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Next year and

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not only that, not only that, some people

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like can also question CSRS

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is through an affiliate or an affiliate.

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Hello auto is an affiliate an affiliate.

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Cheating I'm giving the answer right. Is there Asia afford or a forum?

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Excellent. Is the hazard an affiliate or a forum?

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Somebody eat too much and set forth somewhere head.

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Okay, is fragile foreigner or an Africa. I will remind you people will come to salata late and they will not come to slaughter.

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What did we learn in Ramadan? Is what I'm trying to say. So this oma is suffering because we don't set our priorities right. The form comes first. Right? Some people were invited today, Mashallah. And they said and they ate, you know, 3445 appetizers, two to three main courses and a dessert and some tea and some coffee. Right? And they end up coming here. We'll check whatever was started already. That's all Yeah. And they said, no problem inshallah is very important. Ramadan. No, the foreign still more important Ramadan than the nephila. So what do we learn in Ramadan? We want to take something out of Ramadan to after Ramadan? Would you like to know if Allah subhanaw taala

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accepted your hard work in Ramadan or not?

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Only five people Shame on you.

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Let's try again. Would you like to know one of the signs that he continued with the spirit of Ramadan? Not exactly I'm not going to ask you to pray like you know, we had to read wonders of the Quran at least continue by doing some extra

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acts of worship. But I'll tell you the story that I wanted to share with you once Ramadan is over people say

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oh, man, let's go back go back what

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normal life

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What do you want me to come here like for tonight we have Ramadan said What's wrong with you?

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And indeed, I used to go and visit my family and I give each like you know, member like 10 minutes

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and once I walked in, they were watching a movie

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and Mashallah, they're watching the movie according to the Sooners, Doctor, okay.

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Me meaning they have a screen for the brothers

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and a screen for the systems.

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You see no mixing and hamdulillah

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I could go in and say

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what are you doing brothers?

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This is how they're going to jahannam inshallah, see you.

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This is one way of giving Dawa. Right? But do you see how I interacted with them? The moment that they deny that Allah is in mercy, and he couldn't see them? I just to get them to think about a second stuck out there trying that luck and see them brothers. What are they going to do now?

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And like the N words like you know, share or Like what? Like this the other screens for the sisters that we're we're separating them hamdulillah Okay, so you can blame us? I said hold on, hold on. What are you watching?

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You see, so you see how we even the way we think we are mister.

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And Cipolla, the unskilled amongst them was coming from inside bring the shisha when he saw me, he ran away. I said, Come here. Are you afraid of we're not afraid from Allah subhanaw taala

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Why are you scared of me?

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Brothers and sisters, why am I sharing that story? Do you know what they what they was that they that they eat? Right next to Ramadan? And I said to them, I'm sorry. It seems I'm going to spoil the movie for you. I'm leaving inshallah. But you know what, I targeted the time of the visit to be close to Lahore because I wanted to take them with me to the home. So I was waiting for them.

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And then I said to them, okay, I'm sorry, I spoil the movie for you. You know, I have to go now.

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But remember, Allah can see all of us and remind you of one thing before I leave. Are you the same guys who were crying behind the Imam during the keynote?

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Last night, just last night, I was saying Yeah, Allah, Allah for the novena at Balto, but yeah, Allah Allah. We forgot about Allah, just like not even one day, just last night. Anyway, the moment I said a salaam aleikum, the event

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I said what is his hate?

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To repeat? What does it mean?

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Do we get the meaning is a lot greater than the movie? I'll leave you with this question. All of them turned of the movie I said hamdulillah schofer from Salah escoto salam alaikum

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