Mirza Yawar Baig – Ramadan Reminders – Day 12

Mirza Yawar Baig
AI: Summary © The importance of fasting and avoiding harmful language is discussed, as it is necessary to practice fasting to increase reward and control one's behavior. The danger of using profanity is highlighted, and negative language is discussed as disrespectful and harmful. It is also emphasized the need to avoid exaggerating actions and lie and cheat in sales and marketing.
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Palo Alto haven heavily rely on alameen wa salatu salam ala shafiul Amir mousseline, Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam doesn't even Kaziranga zerafa mavado My dear brothers and sisters

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in a beautiful Hadees in Muslim Sharif narrated by Abu Bakr Ansari alano, the host of resources seldom the first person who host knows so that when he came to Medina, individual or associate and stayed in the house of our abou, el Ansari.

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He reported There was also some said whoever fast in Ramadan and then follows it up by fasting six days of chawan. It is as if He fasted forever.

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I repeat, whoever fasting Ramadan, and then follows it up with fasting six days of chawan It is as if He fasted forever and this is in Muslim. Now, the first of such a while do not have to be fasted consecutively, as long as they are fasted in the month of chawan. You can you can do it one at a time all together or as you wish, but to follow up

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the 30 days or 29 days as the case might be of Ramadan plus six days of chawan is equal to fasting in this thing, it's as fasting forever. So you know, fasting for the whole year fasting forever, as Allah Subhana Allah wishes to reward We ask Allah to enable us to do this and to increase the reward that we get for Ramadan.

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In other Hadees Nagisa Salim said narrated by Abu hora de la who and these are this is also in Muslim and Muslim

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where as soon as salam is reported to have said fasting is a shield so when one of you is fasting, he should neither indulge in obscene language, nor should be raised his voice in anger. If someone attacks him or insults him, let him say I'm fasting and OSI.

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Now, again, let me repeat abora Delano reported from Russell Russell seldom that newbies are seldom said that fasting is a shield. So when so when one of you is fasting, he should neither indulge in obscene language, nor should he raise his voice in anger. If someone attacks him or insults him, let him say, I'm fasting. And I say, I'm fasting. Now,

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this is a very, very important thing for us to remember. And as I mentioned, dude, another these were some side effects of the same thing and he said that, if you cannot do this meaning if you cannot control your tongue, then Allah has no need for your hunger and thirst. Now, the as I mentioned do the key thing to understand and remember is that

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fasting came to enable us to learn to control ourselves and to control ourselves with the framework that we do only that which pleases Allah subhanho wa Taala. And we do not do that which displeases Allah Spanner that that is the framework of the control. So we control ourselves, yes. On what basis on the basis of what pleases Allah subhana wa. And we do not do that which does not please Allah subhanho wa Taala. This is the basis of control. Now.

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What does not please Allah subhanaw taala is bad character of any kind. Now, unfortunately, profanity has become so common, that people do not even have hesitation. It's not as if bad words and bad language is new. We've always had it every language has it. And

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we all know them. I mean, I can quite comfortably hold my own in three languages. But that's not the that's that doesn't mean that I have to do that or I should do it. I don't do it. The funny thing is that at least when I was growing up, people use profanity. But there was there were limits. You did not use profanity before when for example, you control your tongue. You did not use profanity, with your elders, you know, with your before your parents or before your teachers. But today there's no problem people are people are young people are perfectly comfortable. Using bad language, in front of their teachers in front of their parents in front of, of women, and they feel they don't feel any

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hesitation or shame in this behavior. This is absolutely utterly shameful and very,

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very disrespectful. Right? That you as a, that you as an individual, I mean, we young old doesn't matter what you are as an individual that you can actually use

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bad language in front of your father in front of your mother in front of your teacher. I mean, this is utterly despicable. But we do it. So this is very important. Second thing is that by almost by definition, all profanity is false. Right? It's, it's false. If you say something about somebody, which is a curse word, obviously that person is not like that you are cursing him. So this amounts to Riba. So if you are now say, using profanity about somebody, and somebody, maybe within courts did something wrong, so you know, one way of looking at it, you might say, Well, you know, he deserves it. He may deserve it or not, that's not for you to decide. But the point i'm saying is if

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you're using profanity, first of all, you're using profanity, which allows privated Secondly, you are using profanity and that profanity amounts to remember because you are or, or slander because you which is even worse, both because you are now calling that person and I, I unfortunately, because this is you know, in a Ramadan reminder, I don't want to use those words. But you know, the kinds of words are used. So those words are obviously that is not what the person is actually doing. Or he or she is not like that. But when you use those words, you are now casting aspersions you're you're slandering that person. So what is happening one you have angered Allah subhanaw taala by

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your behavior. Secondly, you have given away your good deeds to this person who you hate. Now, first of all, I would say don't even hate the person because the results will be not as great people. But the point is that even Okay, so this person, you know, you don't like that person and you don't have to like everybody, but the point is that why would you want to give your good deeds to somebody who would not even like, but that's what you did just by slandering by cursing by using profanity by using bad language.

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So also of course, obviously, you know, clear straightforward case of slandering straightforward case of, of backbiting lying, cheating. Now lying and cheating one of the most common places it is done is in sales.

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Right It's not even considered lying and cheating is just called you know, sales pitch and sales spiel where you exaggerate the

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the these so called file or the good things about something that made this very specific statement he said do not lie and cheat in selling and buying. He said the seller must not exaggerate the value, the benefits of his product or service and the buyer must not denigrate it with his other side of the story. Buyers come and say oh I've seen in a million years is not even a half as good as something which I saw somewhere else. So how much will you sell it for you try and drive the price down. By it by deliberately bad talking the thing which is also not true. And similarly this the sellers oh you know, this is the absolutely the best in the world, you don't know that. You see this

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good. hamdulillah but if you are if you want to exaggerate so this is very common. This is how lying and cheating have another another big big big place where we lie through our teeth and we don't realize it is our the way we are with our appointments and times where we claim to be on time and we you know, we give somebody a time and then we disappear are nowhere to be seen. You've told the person I will come I will do this I will deliver that I will I will demonstrate this what not and you don't come and you don't even have the courtesy to for and tell the person this is what is happening. I'm delayed or something. We just don't have it just just just normal right? Now this is

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a lie, because you promised to do something and you did not deliver. You did not come this is a lie. This is cheating. Now my brother and sisters please draw and came to help us to change our character. There's no such thing as a small thing. Everything has value everything is important. That's why as soon as I mentioned every single small thing, right is not small it is everything is big, because everything relates to the obedience or disobedience of Allah Subhana Allah and Allah is big Allah Akbar. Therefore anything related to Allah is also a burden. So let us practice this let us try to ensure that we do that which pleases Allah and we stay far away from that which does not

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please Allah subhanho wa Taala Ravi Karim Allah He was a member of the karma Rahimi, I said I'm only going to lowercase

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