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Muhammad Salah
AI: Summary © The segment discusses various aspects of a legal contract, including fulfilling promises, obtaining a marriage license, and obtaining a dowry. It also touches on the importance of a marriage license and a graduation certificate, as well as the desire for a new husband and continued education. The importance of settling debt and maintaining a positive attitude towards debt is emphasized. The segment also touches on the negative impact of actions on health and reputation, as well as the importance of praying for believers and not believing in Islam. The segment ends with a brief advertisement for a book and a song.
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love of God is the greatest

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glory to

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humans to be the best and give his best religion to Allah Our God is the Greatest. The long annoying Glory to him on any young must to be the best and give his best religion to

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a Salam o Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh Smilla Rahmanir Rahim Al hamdu lillah wa Salatu was Salam ALA and OBE almost affair with that. My dear viewers welcome to another edition of our program Guardians of the pious Today's episode is number 200 324. The blizzard series of real Salahaddin chapter number 86 W affair a bill ID or in Jersey Lottie the obligation of fulfilling promises and pledges. The first reference is the first I also wrote an EDA chapter number five in which Allah Almighty commanded the believers yeah you and Manuel l Fu, Bill row who would who you believe fulfill your contracts, what is the meaning of L fu bill or a code?

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alphabet A record means

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any contract that you agree to sign upon whether it is written or verbal, you gotta fulfill it, you got to stick to your promise, you gotta stick to your word.

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And the contracts are many as long as it is not an unlawful contract or condition which is in the contract. Sometimes we stipulate conditions, maybe the condition itself is

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not valid. In this case, the condition should be invalidated, and it should not be fulfilled. As we understand that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said Manobo, Allah valuta one another aerc Yahoo fella Yasay. Another is some sort of contract, it's a vow,

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you vow to do something before Allah Almighty or towards others. So whoever vows makes a vow. And the vow entail something which is perceived as an act of obedience, you must fulfill it. Somebody made a vow to go for Hajj, or to go for ombre, even though he have done Hajj before Yanni, any other Hajj afterward is recommended. is voluntary. He must fulfill it, it has become obligatory why? Because it's nuzzle. He vow to do it. Somebody made a vow to smoke two packs of cigarettes

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in one hour, challenging people.

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Can he say, Well, I'm only smoking that because I made a vow and it's another No. The Prophet sallallahu selama said women never annual to Allah failure. And whoever vows to do anything which is perceived as disobedience, he should not fulfill it. What should he do pay DECA Farah and abstain from fulfilling the vow which is an act of Marcia or disobedience? Man helluva Anna Yeah, meaning follow via let your higher minha

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who whosoever takes an oath to do anything? Then he realizes afterward that not fulfilling his oath is bearer for HA, HA HA Ramona, failure Atleti higher. So medica Ferrania, Mina, let him do whatever is bearer and pay the ransom. So in the case of another, in the case of de Val, in the case of taking an oath, if you realize that you've made a vow and entails a sin, you shouldn't do it. What shall I do is stop it. Don't do it and pay the ransom. You made an oath to do something but it is wrong. It is haram. You shouldn't do it. Not because it's an oath. And he said to Allah He that you have to do it. No. Rather you should cease from doing it. And pay the ransom like a Farah which is

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FACA ferrata who if I'm Juan shallaki Misaki. And I'm in El supplemental to a Munna. Alikum el que sua to whom Elijah hurry raka the reference is of Surah Al Qaeda. So either to say

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feed or the clothes 10 for people to buy an outfit for 10 Poor people, obviously we don't have slaves anymore. So we drop this for now. And if one cannot afford to feed 10 Poor people or to buy clothes for thin poor people, then family limited foreseeable, sell as at a Yap, let him fast for three days. Without convictive or not, it doesn't matter because Allah didn't stipulate this condition.

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So our formula code which are lawful, fulfill your contracts, which are lawful,

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the most important and the most valuable contract is the marriage contract. Because in the Hadith, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, in a hap cashew root, we will have our faith to maturity and to who we must the halal to be healed Forge.

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The most deserving deserving condition to be fulfilled

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is a condition that you stipulated upon yourself, or you agree to it, in order to make something which was forbidden lawful, such as having a marriage relationship, and summit in a marriage, sleeping with a woman share in bed with her, it is not permissible to do this outside marriage. Any outside marriage relationship is an act of adultery. Okay. But because of the marriage contract, which we both agree, there is a German Cabal, and her guardian is given his consent, and I'm paying the dowry, and there are witnesses, and there is publicity, everybody knows that we're married, it has become lawful. This is the most powerful contract, because it makes the private part of another

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woman, lawful for you to embrace because of this contract, before Allah and before people. So the most deserving and the most worthy condition to be fulfilled, is a condition that is stipulated in the marriage contract in order to make this relationship Halal lawful.

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That's a very important introduction, brothers and sisters, at the time of engagement, when the person is dying to marry this girl, because whether he is obsessed with her love, or because he loves to be a part of her novel family, or because of any worldly reason or religious reason, so he is wholeheartedly wants to be a part of this family. So sometimes, sometimes she stipulates a condition, I agree. And then his mother in law stipulates on our condition, I don't mind and the father in law, but I want you to do this. I agree. So if he agrees to any stipulated condition, as long as it is halal, then he must fulfill it. And that is the most important contract which it's

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stipulated conditions must be fulfilled.

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Many cases, we have a wife complaining, saying that when my husband

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got married, or wanting to marry me, I told him that, you know, I got to continue my education. I'm still a college student, and I want to finish my education. I want to get a degree. So he agreed, and he said, all the cause of the tuitions and education is on me. And I promised that I shall make everything accessible for you, I shall drop you off to the college and pick it up and okay. Then couple months after the marriage, he says, I changed my opinion, no, I don't have a wife to study and go to college or to take a job. This is not permissible. Why is it permissible? Because he agreed to this stipulated condition. Is this condition, halal, or haram? seeking knowledge for a

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woman is like a man Exactly.

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Tolerable me forever to Allah Cooley Muslim or Muslim, it is mandatory upon every Muslim male or female.

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So he must fulfill this condition. And if he doesn't, he's blameworthy.

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Sometimes the parents have only one child, one daughter, and because this person is lying to marry their daughter, and he is, you know, working for an international company, a multinational company and oil company, he keeps traveling from one place to another. You know, he's deployed here and there. Initially, they said so will not be able to give you $1 Because we like $1 to stay next to us. Okay, that's okay. Perfectly fine. I agree. I promise that she will not travel abroad. She will not have to relocate. She got to stay here. Then after marriage, three years went by

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Are you fine and now they have a child and says, I've been deployed to another country? And I'm not leaving my old parents and I have to be here. No, you're my wife and you must obey me. No remember, if taking an agreement, you agree to a stipulated condition not to travel with her, not to take her to another country. So in this case, you must fulfill your contract. Okay. That is the most worthy condition and contract to be fulfilled because it made what was unlawful love. Elfo Bill record. And here when Allah Almighty is calling upon people to fulfill their contracts, he is calling upon people reminding them with the faith with their belief, yeah. Are you loving him and, or who you

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believe Yanni remember? You believe in Allah. You must comply with these commands. He's addressing you if you truly believe in Him, then listen to his command.

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Another condition

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the contracts of debt.

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The Sunnah is whenever you take a loan, that both the lender and the editor must conclude in writing. The longest idea in the Quran is known as to date

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of Surah Al Baqarah. In which Allah Almighty says again, yeah, you have Lavina man who either Tada to Vida in in Isla,

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some fact to

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his addition whom the believers, you gotta keep in mind, he is stimulating in you, the faculty of faith. Remember, if you truly believe you got to fulfill this. This is like business transaction selling and buying and taking a loan and paying off the debt. Yeah, that is religious to do that today and to be raining. Whenever you take a loan, it must be number one, Eli removes him. We must mention the term when are you going to pay it off?

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And one time or in an installment? There is nothing that is called Okay. Can you give me like 10 grands? Oh, yeah, sure. Here, please. Then we don't name a term. When are you gonna pay off in sha Allah insha Allah when we are in sha Allah one day, that is not valid. You must name a time, we have to put a timetable frame that I'm going to pay it or fully a year from now, on the date that month on that week. And all I'm going to pay half of it three months from now then another half whenever and now must be concluded writing factor Whoa, why? And key to have a writing and concluding this is AP contract, it must be concluded writing in case

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that either the lender or the debtor pass away or both of them. So the IRS know that my father, oh, this person that much money, he was paying for my college tuition, and now it's time to pay off? Yeah, but it was his that. As long as you're one of the years Yeah. And if he left money you inherited, then you also have to pay and set it off his debt. And if you examine in Surah Nisa, Allah Almighty addressing the IRS, and how much are their shares, so it says the InBody will see it in too soon. Every day in the member there was a yeti you seen every day in the member there was a Yeti, you saw behind outdate. So in every case, in every condition, when somebody dies, and he

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leaves behind wealth, before dividing the inheritance before touching that wealth, we got to look into the record. Is this man

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in debt? Did he owe anyone any money or anything? Yes. So before dividing the inheritance and before fulfilling the will so yeah, they will, will get to pay off his or her debt. Oh, but guess what the debt have engulf the in the entire inheritance, okay, then

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you don't have any share will engulf the entire inheritance, and he still owe more money. We call the IRS who would expect and the son was expecting one half and the daughter was expecting one quarter, and the wife was expecting one eight and Come, come come. Each one shall give in order to settle the death of your beloved father, or your beloved mother or the person whom you're going to inherit from him. This is how important it is to fulfill this contract. You don't say but he

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He's dead. No, even if he's dead, it is your responsibility. Subhan Allah, when a man died during the life of the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him. And he was asked to lead his funeral prayer he just asked first, did he owe anyone any money? When the answer was in the affirmative, he said, Follow ALLAH. So he become, you go ahead and you pray. I'm not going to pray. He's not going to lead the funeral prayer. He's not going to attend his funeral prayer. Why not? Because he died while in debt. Until one of the companions said oh prophet of Allah, his debt is on me, I should settle it. In this case, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam started leading the prayer. Just to emphasize the

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importance of paying off the debt. Sitting in the loans. It's an act. Fact to go. Most of the trouble between people is due to

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word of mouth, over confidence and trust. I gave him share that much money because I trusted him and now he says, Well, I didn't think that it was alone. I thought he was a gift. That was like eight years ago. Then somebody bought a certain amount of money. He buys a lot he builds a house and Masha Allah is sauce his project and he prospers, he doesn't even think of paying off the debt. Why? Because you don't have a timeframe. Every time you talk to him. I said, I told him Inshallah, one day when they didn't say Ill agilely Musa. The IRS says it must be largely Muslim. You gotta name Musa Yanni named, you gotta name you got to determine when are you gonna pay it off? But this way,

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shit, you're strangling me? Because if you say gotta pay in three months, what if I can, that's a different story. From the beginning, when you're begging this person to lend you some money. You kept giving him excuses and promises, You'll promise that I'm expecting to get that much money and my salary, my retirement and want to sell my car. And I promise you, it's just a matter of a couple of months. Okay, couple months. Give me make them four. Okay, four months or Okay? Six months or okay? Yeah. This is very generous of you. Let's write it down here. Why? Because, you know, at the time have taken the person is really weak, is very humble, is begging. But when he has now the

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money, he's very arrogant, he's reluctant to pay and the prophets Allah Allah Allah Selena said, Man, I'm well a nurse, you read

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the law one

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woman, you read it laugh at laughter hula, whoever takes people money and he borrows from them with the intention of paying off and on time, because he needed this loan. Then Allah Almighty promises to assist them to help out to settle his debt and on time.

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Well, Mannahatta he will never end if your intent from the beginning was bad. That, you know, you saw somebody whom you knew that he's very rich. Or maybe he inherited 20 million, or he just sold the house and he's got that much money in his account. So you go and you talk to him and you give him all the excuses and my wife is going through a surgery and my son and my daughter bla bla bla if you can just give me 20 grands and I promise a promise.

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Why and you are giving him all these excuses and promises you're planning on once you collect the loan, you're not gonna pay it back. Why? Because he's got a lot. He has plenty of money. 20 grands will not hurt him. He's got 20 million. Okay, you collected the 20 grants, you deceived them in the name of Allah.

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Min ohada You apply for her and his intention was not to pay back any to ruin his wealth to destroy his property because he's not going to pay it off. Then at an ephah Allah, Allah will ruin him will ruin his wealth or ruin his family the stability of his family or ruin his business. Not once not twice he will keep rolling in him. Why? Because your bad intention? Yeah, you want to let in many Elfo Bill Roku many people ask, share hi oh that much money I borrowed this money from this person to help my daughter to get married or my son to graduate or my wife to go through a surgery. And now I have no money. But I want to go for Hajj. I've been saving this money for Hajj.

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Is it okay to go for Hajj and postpone the payment? No, it is not okay.

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pay off the debt first. Unless if they didn't

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They said that's okay you can pay it off next year I'm not on a hurry. So if he sought his permission and he said your money is here but I've been saving money to go for Hajj and now I have a very good opportunity I can afford both. If you give me a postpone and maybe three or four months more, I'll be able to perform Hajj and pay off the debt. So the lender say to the debtor no problem in this case you can go but the right choice from the beginning because the I have mandate in the Hadith says

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man is tapa in a Sevilla what does it say? Well Allah Allah and say, Hey, dude, Beatty manasota la Sabirah * is a duty that people owe to Allah Almighty, to the ancient house, provided they can afford the means if they can afford the means. They don't have to postpone it until you're able to I have the money shift, but it is not your money. It is a money that you owe somebody. So you must pay a first unless if the person pardons you or gives you a postponed and you're capable to do both. You see Yeah, you have Edina mn or alpha Biller Code is an AI which takes listens and listens to learn from the command of fulfilling the contracts and obligations. So remember, we've mentioned in the

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beginning provided it is not a contract to do something haram.

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Yeah, honey, somebody's parents are father. This is a question I just read I received on my page. Somebody's father rented a building for a business which is haram. Maybe to sell liquor to sell whatever, then the father died. I as a year have the right to honor this contract. Well, to avoid it, we got to ask first, is this contract halal or haram? It's haram because you assisted somebody to do what is forbidden to sell wine to sell lotto tickets to sell whatever is forbidden. In this case, renting and higher in this place for a business which is haram. According is haram and earnings haram. Now I have the right to renew the contract to honor it, or to seize it you must

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seize it. So you must not fulfill a contract which is forbidden or entail something which is haram. Brothers and sisters still more to come with the next beautiful yet Surah soft but before that we're going to take a short break and we'll be back in Sharla in a couple of minutes please stay tuned.

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Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh and welcome back. The following reference in the chapter the chapter of the obligation of fulfilling the promises and pledges is basically two verses a tiny of Surah soft chapter number 61. The two verses the second and the third in which a lot of mighty says

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Yeah, are you Hello, lovey, man whoa Lima Doku Luna Allah Turfan who

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caribou gobbled on that boat and the law here.

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The Pulu malecha Fine who? Which means or who you believe again? Yeah, you had levena.

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So he is reminding the audience by the means of their faith. If you truly believe pay attention. Why do you preach what you don't practice? It is most hateful in the sight of Allah that you say that which you do not do.

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It's such an evil trait and a very bad habit, that you preach something and you do its opposite. This is indeed one of the signs of hypocrisy. And Allah Almighty described it as Nakata, and not only Makaton. Caribou Makaton, what is the word mochten. And what is Capoeira Makaton and Nacht which means hatred,

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Kabbalah mochten. It is the worst of hatred. So,

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this practice of preaching something and doing its opposite,

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not being honest with yourself, is most hated by Allah Almighty.

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Okay, what is the reason behind the revelation of these verses? The companions in Medina before the prescription of jihad. And before this is revealed awefully have asked the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him what is the best deed? We're gonna learn about the best of deeds in order to do it what is the best ad that will bring us closer Allah Subhan Allah Almighty prescribed jihad. Some of the companions felt heavy,

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they did not really want to be involved in fighting in bloodshed in sacrificing the bodies and souls. You know,

00:25:44 --> 00:25:48

men come when you read the dunya women coma you read Will Asherah

00:25:49 --> 00:26:00

Allah Almighty describe the condition of some of the Sahaba at the time some they really, what after dunya and somewhat after the hereafter those who are after the hereafter.

00:26:01 --> 00:26:13

They were most willing to sacrifice their lives for the sake of Allah so they were seeking the matador. But those who are after the dunya were hoping only to obtain the Rene

00:26:15 --> 00:26:19

and on the battle of bed, Allah Almighty confronted them that

00:26:21 --> 00:26:42

some of them wanted the Iran EMA which is the caravan without fighting. But Allah Almighty made this whole setup so that Muslims for the first time will confront their enemies and will fight for the sake of Allah and it will be a turning point in the life of the entire Muslim Ummah.

00:26:43 --> 00:27:06

So, when Allah Almighty prescribed you had when a loved one it allowed them to fight back and defend themselves or the in any Latino cartel owner Vietnam war anymore. We're in Allah Allah Northrim Nocardia it was very obvious that some of the companions were reluctant and they felt heavy, and they thought it would be better not to fight.

00:27:07 --> 00:27:28

So Allah Almighty revealed these two verses to blame them you've been asking about what is the best deed and if Allah will to prescribe anything we'll do it here Allah Almighty prescribe Jihad upon you. La Mata colonna Meloetta following you've been saying, I will do this I will do that. And then once it was prescribed, you backed off.

00:27:29 --> 00:27:47

This is most hated by Allah Almighty to preach something or to promise something and you do not fulfill it. That is the meaning of Kabul Rama cotton and Allah He and the guru Meloetta falloon. Also brothers and sisters

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Allah the Almighty

00:27:56 --> 00:28:07

said in Surah, a Toba chapter number nine verse number 75. Women who meant I had hola hola in 10 Min fugly.

00:28:09 --> 00:28:14

Learners sod the kana Well, an akuna nominal Salehi.

00:28:16 --> 00:28:42

Wow. This is in the same line. Some people made covenants with Allah Almighty. If he were to give us out of His Bounty if he were to enrich us and make us rich. If you were to grant us prosperity, more certainly learn outside the corner there are different means of confirmation here the millennial cousin We swear.

00:28:43 --> 00:29:11

Now son that can and also the known by the end little kid, more certainly we shall give immaturity while Anna Coonan again same means of confirmation We swear we will be amongst the righteous because now we have plenty of words. So that will spare us plenty of time to worship to pray up might wouldn't have to worry about going to work earning our provision because we will we will be well off. And then what happened.

00:29:12 --> 00:29:59

What happened is that when Allah Almighty enriching them out of His Bounty, they backed off, they neglected the promises Furlanetto hoomin fogli Bercy to be what a well known, they turned to be very miser cheap. They didn't give any charity and they turn away and they neglected their covenants with Allah Almighty. As a result Allah Almighty punished them and l Jessa. Omen Jin Suleiman the person will be recompense according to his intention. And according to his action. Helpers, Olia, Sunny inland San Allah wars the good for God, and He punishes the evil with evil

00:30:00 --> 00:30:38

With punishment, Fela Mata Allah, then Allah Almighty says in the following Ayah 77 acaba, whom nifer comfortable OB him li l mi l Kona who been a lawful law her MA do who can we add to the moon? So Allah punish them by casting Nefab hypocrisy in their hearts until the day on which they should meet him. Why? Because they broke their covenant with Allah, they may have left Allah may Allah I do, and as a result of the lying

00:30:41 --> 00:31:29

the worst trade ever is lying, and it is a source behind the source of all evil. And it is a source of all the evil traits of hypocrisy, whether breaking the promise or not fulfilling the trust or constantly lying when you speak. It is because of Academy May Allah protect us again is that so Allah Almighty punish them and the punishment would was from the same from the nature of the same evil deed which is they bought the promise to Allah Almighty cast Nefab hypocrisy in the hearts and he was not transient. It was not temporary. He was lasting until the day of judgment until the meet Allah Almighty. This is a serious warning brothers and sisters, the ayat are not talking about some

00:31:29 --> 00:32:14

people in the past, who will become hypocrites and are gone. They are yet warning us against sometimes people make promises with Allah Almighty because they are in adversity, because they are in a big affliction in a big test a lot of people a lot of students before the finals, they say Oh Allah, if I pass the exam safely, if I school good this time, I promised I shall fast every Monday and Thursday. I promised that I will donate Oh, my saving in a charity. I promise that I will not miss a single prayer in JAMA in their matches some of these promises or obligations, you got to do it anyway. But he's confirming that he's gonna fulfill it. If you were to deliver if you were to

00:32:14 --> 00:32:20

deliver me out of this hardship, if you were to give me that much if you were to save me out of this calamity.

00:32:22 --> 00:32:27

In fact, the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam said about this another on one luck

00:32:29 --> 00:33:12

that it is an as well, which shall not change the decree of Allah Almighty enamel used to hold up hymnal dahil. It is simply one of the means through which Allah Almighty extracts the sadaqa from a stingy person, this person will not to give any charity unless if he was to be put in this situation. And Allah Almighty have already pre ordained that he will be delivered out of this hardship, his son will be cured, his wife will give birth safely or he will get a job after he was laid off, you know, after a month or two, but he's not very patient. So he keeps saying everyday, Oh Allah, if you give me a job, I will donate that much. I will slaughter a cow and distribute its

00:33:12 --> 00:33:58

meat. And that's why most of those people, if you are following the q&a session and ask her that, you will hear a lot a lot of people call in and say that I made another that if I find a good wife, we made another that if my wife and I get a child because we've been trying for six, seven years, that I would give that much immaturity, I made an error. That because I was tested positive, in you know, hip arthritis or liver disease, that if Allah Almighty will to cure me, that I shall not miss a single night of my prayer, I shall pray on every single night I have made another I have made a vow I have made. And now when Allah delivers, and whenever they are cured, whenever their need is

00:33:58 --> 00:34:43

fulfilled, they come to pick up the phone and said, Okay, what is the ransom? Because I'm not able to do it? Am I able to fast three days? Am I able to give that much in a charity or not? So they think that by giving this Nether are making this vow, they trick Allah, they can take their maker, they can actually change their destiny. No, that's not gonna happen at all. What is happening this is simply a means to disclose the reality of a miser person at cheap one. So some people will fulfill and will pay when it's not on the cow and distribute its meat. And some people will turn around and come in as Chef a made a vow to distribute a whole cow can I make it a rabbit?

00:34:44 --> 00:34:59

Can it be a rooster? You know, no, it can be and guess what? Your intention was to slaughter a goat a sheep a cow and distribute its meat amongst the poor you're not allowed to taste it is

00:35:00 --> 00:35:17

In the case of Ebola, in the case of the heavy, the case of the voluntary charity, in the case of Africa, it is recommended that you should eat out of the meat of your animal, it is recommended that you should serve your family, and you can keep 1/3 of it.

00:35:19 --> 00:35:55

You know, and distribute amongst your neighbors, even family members who are rich. But in the case of another when your intent was to give it to the poor, then you're not allowed to taste it. So will I give the whole cow the meat of the whole cow to the port? Yes, sir. Isn't it a condition that is depleted upon yourself? Yes. So that's why Allah Almighty disclosed the reality of those monoterpene because this is a treat of hypocrisy. They make promises even with Allah, the Almighty and when it comes to fulfill

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when Allah Almighty delivers, they do what they fail to fulfill.

00:36:04 --> 00:36:16

willingly and deliberately. And as a result for Acaba, whom nifer configure coleauxv him Lal mele kono Allah for Allah ma i do where we Mexican, yet the moon

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The following

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reference is the first Hadith in the chapter Hadith number 688. The hadith

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collected by both Imams Bukhari and Muslim may Allah have mercy on them. And it is narrated by the gate companion a warrior of the Allahu Anhu Anna rasool Allah He sallallahu alayhi wa sallam a call to pneumonia if up Seles either had difficulty or either what are the Flf? What is it to me in a hon. Mustapha canali. In another narration collected why Muslim or insomma was was arm and Muslim, Abu Hurayrah may Allah be pleased with him the rate that the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him said there are three signs of a hypocrite. When he speaks, he lies when he makes a promise, he breaks it. And when he is entrusted he betrayed his trust.

00:37:22 --> 00:38:09

After that, this is the integration which is agreed upon its authenticity. According to Imam Muslim, there is an extra statement in which the Prophet salaallah Salam says, even if he fast, even if he performs the prayers, and claims to be Muslim, he is not. What do we have here? We have a serious warning again is falling into hypocrisy simply due to breaking the promise betraying the trust and lying. And all the evil traits are revolving around the evil trade of lying. Whoever promises and does not fulfill his promise deliberately is Allah whoever is entrusted and does not fulfill the trust, and he betrays he is a liar because he has to deny it.

00:38:11 --> 00:38:15

There are two types of hypocrisy brothers and sisters, one which is family,

00:38:16 --> 00:38:18

and one which is APA D.

00:38:20 --> 00:39:11

The Arkadi which is pertaining to belief. This is similar to those who pretended to accept Islam in public, but in reality, they will never Muslims. There were many and purposes started after the migration, and particularly after the success that Muslims achieved on the battle of bed. So a lot of people pretended to accept Islam in order either to get protection under the umbrella of the Muslim ummah, or in order to gain worldly benefit and take advantage of you know, some privileges or in all to be the enemies within such as in the case of Abdullah even obey me salute. He was a chief of his people. And he declared his opposition to the Prophet and to Muslims all the time, but after

00:39:11 --> 00:39:20

the Battle of badge, and when the 314 defeated, utterly defeated, the 1000 napkins, oh, everyone shrunk,

00:39:21 --> 00:39:59

including Abdullayev no vagueness alone. Then he slowed down and he figured out that there is no point of publicly opposing Mohamed and the Muslims. It is better to pretend to accept Islam and to be the enemy within and he tried his best so long as he was alive after he pretended to accept Islam. Even through building another Masjid that's Shudra so that he will gather and meet with his Munna Fokin with his followers, How many were they they were many they were in hundreds, believe it or not on the battle of earth when the poor

00:40:00 --> 00:40:45

SallAllahu Alaihe Salam discuss the matter that the Americans are approaching Medina What shall we do? And the outcome the opinion of the vast majority was that we shall go out and confront them outside and Medina. So the Prophet sallallahu Sallam put on his armor and he proceeded on he marched forth with the army on the way and before reaching out the live no vagueness alone with rule with 300 of his followers, that's 1/3 of the army to the extent so let's call up buddy, they never believed in Allah. And that's why the Messenger of Allah in one Hadith says, The heaviest prayers for the believer for the non believers the mafia teen who pretended to accept faith but they were

00:40:46 --> 00:40:58

not believers in reality, federal nature, because they both come at the time of sleep, unrest. Federal particularly you're required to jump off your warm bed,

00:40:59 --> 00:41:41

remove your comfort, make window and go to the masjid and attend a prayer. Who would do that by a true believer believer and inshallah likewise, it's late. We want to sleep we've been working hard now we're gonna rest want to enjoy the company of our families. Now please make sure you pray Aisha before going to sleep for the believers is a piece of cake. It's a comfort for the eyes. It's a piece for their minds. It is a prayer original salata villa for the hypocrites, it was a source of pain it was extremely heavy and that's why they melt another message so that they can you know skip the prayers as much as they want and whenever they're missing we were in the other mesh it Allah the

00:41:41 --> 00:41:48

Almighty order the Prophet Salah Salem to burn down this message and it's gonna mess you don't There are the opposition headquarter.

00:41:49 --> 00:42:11

This is Nefab concerning Arpita and belief they will never believers, Allah Almighty warned us against them and against hypocrisy and the hypocrites in the Quran. heavily to the point that if you open the Quran from the beginning, besides that, there is an entire chapter in the Quran which is known as Surah Al Munna Afia cone.

00:42:12 --> 00:42:31

They shatter coatsworth Me known the believers and another chapter cusworth And one of your goon they hypocrites and there is of course okay through Kalia you healthcare through and the beginning of Surah Al Baqarah. Allah Almighty describe the traits of the believers only in three Ayat

00:42:32 --> 00:43:07

Delhi, Calcutta. bollore Buffy who delimiter Qin Alladhina you may know Nabil by BYU Ki Moon of salata, me merasa Karna. Home Yun fugu. Well let me know nabina on Zillow in a column that when Zillow men communicate, to whom you can own Allah, Allah who did not obey him, Allah Iike homophone three verses, third, fourth and fifth. Then he described the non believers in the sixth and the seventh verses of Surah Al Baqarah. Then from the eighth all the way to the 20th, verse 13.

00:43:09 --> 00:43:15

Allah the Almighty is talking only about the hypocrites will never fit in.

00:43:16 --> 00:44:05

It is that serious to warn us against them. And when did they prosper? When did they become you know, their number grow bigger whenever the OMA is strong and powerful, but when the OMA is weak, they have no interest. When the OMA is oppressed, they don't have interest in joining the OMA and pretending to be Muslims. Okay, so this is NIFA concerning belief happy for them. Allah Almighty says in Al Munna, Filipina Finn dar Killa s fairly Amina Nari well and turgid alone, no sera Surah, Tina said, more certainly the hypocrites will be on the lowest floor on the bottom of hellfire. Even beneath the non believers, they're even worse than the non believers, and he shall not find any

00:44:05 --> 00:44:06

support or no helper for them.

00:44:08 --> 00:44:23

The other kind of hypocrisy is an anomaly. In the practice, the person may be Muslim, but because of practicing some of the traits of the Manasa kin, he is practicing one or two or three, and he is at a big risk.

00:44:24 --> 00:44:35

Whoever possesses all the traits of the Mon Africanism. And whoever possesses one of the traits of hypocrisy, then he has this evil trait of the Mona Fokin.

00:44:36 --> 00:44:59

The Prophet sallallahu Sallam has said that the sign of a hypocrite or three, there are three signs either had difficulty there is a difference between that sometimes he lies and either had death occur. Whenever he speaks, he lies. He is a liar by nature. He can not lie. He cannot simply law

00:45:00 --> 00:45:31

It's what you know, Ida cliff and whenever he promises, he breaks his promise. And whenever he is interested, always always he's a teacher. Okay, he betrays his trust. So if a person does that on regular basis, then he's a pure Monash, and these are the traits. And these are not all the traits of the Mona Lisa, but some of the very prominent traits and as you see that do revolve around the evil trait of flying.

00:45:32 --> 00:46:21

The Prophet sallallahu Ania Selim says in the other narration of a Muslim, even if he prays performs, if he fast performs the prayer, and claims to be Muslim, which means that he's referring to the fact concerning Arcada he's a constant liar. He always breaks His promise, and he constantly betrays whenever he is entrusted. Brothers and sisters, we'll run out of time for this episode. May Allah protect us again is this evil traits. May Allah Cuba's always truthful, fulfilling our promises? These are the qualities of Eman and until next episode, I leave you all in the care and the protection of Allah Kulu Kohli had our stuff Rolla honey walakum wa salam ala Sayidina Muhammad

00:46:21 --> 00:46:25

wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa salaam wa salam alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh.

00:46:33 --> 00:46:35

Allah Our God is the greatest

00:46:37 --> 00:47:10

glory to Him, the only humans to be the best and gave his best religion to Allah Our God has been greatest, alone and going to hinge on any humans to be the best and give his best religion to them. So why did they know that forgetting all about an empire dies, we're shipping cows fire and stones, sending letters to the cheapest

00:47:12 --> 00:47:23

day ignore that forgetting all about how bad or dies or shipping cause fire and stones selling their best were the cheapest

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