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Yasir Qadhi
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hamdu Lillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah Ali, he was happy he won Wonder Woman wala hammerberg so today is our second to last hospital tomorrow is going to be our final hospital for this month. And today we're going to choose one of the most important draws of the Quran as well. And it is mentioned actually a number of times in the Koran. And the verse we're going to concentrate on is to the Adi and Milan verse 173. So the other Emraan verse 173. And the context of this verse, is that it describes when the Muslims first heard about the Battle of budder, and that Abu sufian and his army of 1000 was marching and they were not prepared and they did not have an army and they were in

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the middle of the desert. They were advised that they weren't weren't preparing to meet an army. What was their reaction? It was this. So Allah mentions in the Quran, Allah Dena Paulina humaneness in the NASA for the Gemma Oda confection. The believers are those the Sahaba the Prophet system are those when the people said, all of mankind has come to attack you 1000 was a large number for them. All of the people have come to attack you be scared of them. All. This is what they said, has been a law who are near Milwaukee. This is the drop that will be our heart era today, when the Muslims were attempted to be terrified by the people around them. And they were told, aren't you scared? Aren't

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you worried that you have 1000 people prepared to the hilt and army has come to attack you? What was the defense mechanism? What was the immediate protective response of the Muslims? What was the battle cry that day used all who has won a law who won here in Milwaukee, this was the phrase that they said has been a law. A law is sufficient for us when near Milwaukee. And what a beautiful protector What a beautiful Joaquin here is actually a very profound word. There's no one word in English, you know many cultures, including the Arabs and Pakistanis, they use the word war kill to mean lawyer, right? What kill is a lawyer. Why? Because a lawyer represents you, a lawyer, you take

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us back step you do nothing, and they will kill takes charge of your case. And they will kill defends you and the work he will make sure you get a good lawyer will get you out of the case. So the Joaquin is your representative, and he does a better job than you. That's why you hire him. That's why you hired the good lawyer. So what kill here means not only representative but caretaker, the one who's going to defend the one who will represent you better than you can represent yourself. So when the believers are surrounded, they said has sworn a law. A law is sufficient for us. We're near Milwaukee and what a beautiful protector. What a beautiful person that we are not person that

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what a beautiful entity we can put in charge instead of us. When Allah is going to defend us. Well then what else do we need? So this phrase here is actually mentioned multiple times in the Quran. Also, we have in sort of either as well, sorry, and sort of Toba as well. Verse 59. So the Toba verse 59, that Allah subhanho wa Taala says that will call you has been Allahu Allahu midfoot Li and they said has been Allah, Allah will give us from his bounty. We don't care about the people if they give her not Allah will give us from our from his bounty, as well in the ending of surah Toba, the very last verses of surah Toba, the famous vs. La Khadija Kumara, Sulu min and forsaken a messenger

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has come to you from amongst yourselves, he finds it difficult to bear your struggles. He is merciful to you he is compassionate to you, Bill many that are all for him for interval low, if they turn away for all has to be Allahu La Ilaha Illa who la Hito occult while he wanted to go to a horrible outer shell of him, if they turn away and they reject you then say has to be Allah. I only need Allah subhana wa Tada. There is no deity other than him. If an Ibis said has to be a law who are near Imelda Joaquin, this is the phrase that Ibrahim used when he was thrown into the fire when he was thrown into the fire of pneumonia. Would you remember the fire over the moon? when Abraham

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was thrown into the fire? What did you put on him safe has Viola who an airman were killed. That phrase protected him and that

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phrase caused the fire to become cool for him. Oni now lacunae burden was Salam and Allah Ibrahim Ibn Abbas said Abraham used it before he was thrown into that fire. And our Prophet says and i'm used it when he was told about the people of butter and the Sahaba used it when they were threatened with the people of the hunt duck when the trench battle took place, and 10,000 people surrounded Medina, they also said the same phrase has been Allahu wa near Milwaukee, in the Hadith in Timothy. And the chapter title in Timothy is what to say chapter what to say when you are scared. This is the chapter in determining what to say when you are scared what to say when you think you're going to be

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attacked. When you're in a time of panic, what should be said, the heat goes as follows. The Prophet system said, How can I relax when the owner of the trumpet means the Isreal field has put the trumpet to his lips, and he's waiting to call on the trumpet. So they said O Messenger of Allah, what should we do? And the fear was apparent in their face the Sahaba are now scared. What should we do Yasuda law, if this sort of field has put the trumpet on his lips, what should we do and the Sahaba had further they were terrified. Our Prophet sallallahu wasallam said kulu has spoon Allah who are near metalworking say, has spoon a lot one near me and Joaquin. And also when the incident

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of the slander took place, that famous incident of a Chateau de la Juana, when what happened happened? So far, they've been what they've discovered, our mother is in the middle of the desert. And he saw his shot alone, there was a first thing that came from his mouth has to be a law who are near him and Joaquin, it just came from his mouth, that has to be a loved one in Milwaukee, this is a tragedy at a law will protect us and a law protected and a load revealed for on because of that. Now, this phrase, when do you use it? You use it at any time of fear, anxiety, grief, when you are accused of something and you cannot respond back a false accusation when you are surrounded by an

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enemy when you are physically or emotionally threatened, you say has to be a law who wanted to kill what is interesting. Think about it. This phrase has no request. You're not asking. Think about it. Allah is sufficient for me. And what a beautiful protector. What a beautiful work he'll he is. Where is the request? I mean, we talked about Robin attina. for dunya. We talked about Robin I'm gonna fall for Elena. We talked about rugby, Sydney, we talked about so many hours, rubbish. Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday, we talked about 20 plus two hours up until now, in today's drop. Where is the DA you guys following the question? It's actually a statement has to be Allahu on him and

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Joaquin. Allah is sufficient for me. And he is sufficient. He is a great he is the best to put our work Carla in the response. The reason why this phrase is so powerful, and that it was used by Ibrahim alayhis salaam by the prophet Mohammed Salah Selim by the Sahaba. And why anybody who uses it is saved and freed. The reason why it is so powerful is that the request is actually included in the statements. you affirm a fact and you present it as a man solid Eamon Allah sufficient for me. And the story, unless sufficient has to be a lot included in that. Allah is hearing and seeing and knows Allah is aware of what is going on. Allah loves me, Allah cares about me, Allah will protect

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me, the very fact that Allah knows and is all powerful. That's all I need to know has to be a law. That's all that I need to know. It is an affirmation of your Eman in Allah and that is enough to get Allah Rama on you. You are simply stating a fact from your heart. I believe in you Oh Allah, I know you're watching I know you are all powerful and you are sufficient has to be a law. That declaration of your being in and of itself will bring about Allah's help has to be a law who when you're a man working so when you affirm your faith, when you affirm you're solid, you're clean in a law and the power of a law and the holder of a law in and of itself that is enough and allows mercy will come

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down on you. So memorize this phrase, at least four or five times it occurs in the Koran. It's slightly different variations but the main phrase has to be a lot when there has been a law who say within Aloma Thirdly, he has to be Allahu La Ilaha Illa. These are all variations but if the same thing is there, so memorize this phrase and use it at times of anxiety at times of stress at times of grief has been a law who won in Milwaukee.

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And we will inshallah conclude tomorrow with cinema

Shaykh Yasir Qadhi contemplates on the verse below. The context of this verse is when the Muslims first heard of the Battle of Badr and they heard the enemy army approaching for which they were unprepared.

They said,

“Sufficient for us is Allah, and [He is] the best Disposer of affairs.”
[Surah Ale Imran, 3:173]

The verse has also been recited in other places in the Qur’an.

“If only they had been satisfied with what Allah and His Messenger gave them and said, “Sufficient for us is Allah ; Allah will give us of His bounty, and [so will] His Messenger; indeed, we are desirous toward Allah,” [it would have been better for them].”
[Surah Tawbah, 9:59]

This dua is not a dua so much so as it is a statement. The reason why this verse is so powerful is that the request is included in the statement and we present it as firm Iman. it is an affirmation of one’s Iman and that is sufficient to obtain Allah’s Rahmah and Mercy.


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