Reda Bedeir – Ramadan 2019 – Reminders 14

Reda Bedeir
AI: Summary © The importance of avoiding anger and not giving up on others is emphasized in these conversations. The speaker also describes a story about a Prophet who found a tree and put it on top of his sword, followed by a story about a woman who lost her eye and was shot by a group of brothers, leading to her eventually becoming angry and upset. The speaker also describes a woman who complains about her coworkers and wants to stay at home, emphasizing the importance of staying at home during the pandemic.
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so I want to come up with labor cut

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two things before I start inshallah you have heard a special request now that literally I pray behind every single day now to literally push the people because this part is always empty and the brothers right away they start here and like the three lines here that are like half empty we can do that. But this is before we start a line at the back look at this area, please inshallah. Zack malarkey. Second thing, this is for the sisters.

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You know, it was reported to me that many sisters, they start their own line, everybody is preying on one spot, you have to do the exact same thing we're doing here. Allah subhanho wa Taala does not look at a crooked role in Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah soften ours, we have to be straight in front of Allah subhanaw taala. And the best advice for the brothers and sisters. If you put your heel on the line, it will be straight. It's not the opposite. Put your heel on the line, the line would be straight inshallah sisters, you have to make a line until it's full, then the second line then the third line. You know, it doesn't work when every sister starts his own zone of comfort and just

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preys on her by herself. So what's the benefit of the Jamaat and this is known as your ma So please, inshallah stick to this. Can I can I get a smile inshallah? Because I know people don't like criticism. You know, I'm just sharing advice. So the brother was almost laughing me, tell them this. I should have gone to Russia. Okay. Because Allah we have to be, this is what we call positive anger. When you when you when you channel your anger for the sake of Allah, this is what we do. But most of the time, what do we do we get angry for ourselves. Right.

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Okay, Mr. manleigh, let's continue the cliffhanger from last night. Remember? No, let's go on in shall remember.

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What was it? academic? Right. Okay. So academic,

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you know, wasn't the better as I told you, we're talking about the history of Islam. Now we're talking about the story of his death. I came out of the llama and was amongst the group and they ended up, you know, in the battle, and they were very thirsty. And as I told you, there was nothing left except, you know, like a container of water that are almost like have drops of water. And when they give the water to record a man, you know, he said, I can be more patient and he gave it to the one next to him. And the one next to him did the same. And the third did the same. By the time the water came back to Accra man, he passed away.

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What is this again, remember the story of selflessness. This is how the Sahaba loved each other. You know, whenever they heard an iron, whenever they heard the Hadith, they put this into action. So brothers, we're not here, the entire month of Ramadan, to listen to the Quran, and listen to the reminders. And then they go through one ear and they go through the other one. It's gonna be something for us on the Day of Judgment.

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Okay, or something against us. May Allah subhanaw taala make everything that we hear something that will be for us in the Day of Judgment. Sharla Okay, let's start another story. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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He was traveling with the Sahaba in one of the battles, and they call that battle that or a car, because when they came back, they were very tired. And so Pamela, the type of land that they were walking on, was mountainous. So they were like almost bleeding and their feet were swollen. So they used to put some pieces of cloth on top of their feet, just to because of the heat of Makkah. And then they came to a point where they couldn't walk anymore. So the porcelain said, Let's get some rest here.

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And so Pamela, once they stay there, they found a tree. They said prophet of Allah, you sleep under this tree, and we're going to be around you. So the Prophet silom took his sword, and he hanging the sword on the tree. And he slept.

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And all of a sudden, one of the machinery key was sneaking to go and kill the profits a lot harder

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He found his way to the prophets of Allah Allah Salim. And with the sword that his hand, he put it on the lake of the prophets of Salaam. He said, Millennium now, I mean,

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who would save you from me now?

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And the prophets of Salaam without hesitation, he said, Allah,

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what happened? The sword fell down of the hand of the Muslim. So the porcelain picked it up. And he put it on the neck of the machine. And he asked him the same question, many

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who would save you from me now? He said, Can hierarchy be better than me? Forgive me, because he wouldn't say a lot because he doesn't believe in Allah.

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Right? So the apostle Salim said, Go.

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So the man couldn't believe his eyes.

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And he went to his people. Look how he described the professor salon. He said, to come in and the hiring us

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Why? He said, I had an experience now with the best of all humanity. While when he was able, he forgave.

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Can we do that?

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if somebody were to wronged you, almost he was killing him. Right?

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Almost he was killing him. So if you are in a situation like this, would you be able to forget? Again, I'm not sharing stories to entertain you. I want you to think that last time when your wife lost it, how did you react? I'm the man. I can use my hand. I can raise my voice and you become abusive.

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I'm not saying abusive. I'm saying abusive. Okay. Don't misunderstand me. Okay. So going back.

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A man came to Amara de la Han.

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And he had a problem in his house. So he knocked on the door.

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And when he knows the law, he heard the wife of armour, yelling at him. He's like, Oh, my God. Is this the right address? Is this the house of armor?

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Because when when the two leaders of the two superpowers of that time, Heiser and Tesla, are talking about whom the Roman Empire and the Persian Empire, when they hit the name of the knees will be shaking. And now I'm standing in front of the house of Oman, and his wife is yelling at him. He couldn't believe his life. He said, You know what, I got to go home.

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And by the time he was leaving, you know, Omar came out and said, Hey, come here. What brought you to my house? I said, Look, I'm okay. I'm okay. I'm done. I have no problem. I said, No, no, come here. Tell me what's the problem? He said, I was coming to complain. On my wife, okay. So this is essential. Okay. Assume that. So I heard was happening. So I said, if, if this is happening, I should go home.

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Look at our mom, he said,

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if my wife

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gets angry, and frustrated,

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one time.

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At that point, I remember all the good things that she's doing for me. I remember that she's the one who cooks my food, who cleans my house? who raises my children? Who takes care of everything. So she gets angry on time?

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Can they be patient?

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So the man was like,

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and sisters are like, it's amazing. You wouldn't believe this, unless you live it.

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We as men, we cannot stay our kids and endure what the mothers endure at the house. Especially if Allah subhanaw taala you know, provided you with like four or five monkeys at home, I mean, angels rightward, right? And imagine your wife running around, like, you know, like somebody who didn't do the homework, please do the homework.

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And then the other one is running around, like, you know, scattering everything all around the place. And you know, the one who's not walking in for, you know, he's like, you know, bringing everything down. And the baby that's crying, and she's cooking, and she's cleaning. You don't see this. Shall I give you a personal story. One day, I was asked to stay with my kids for two hours.

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Two hours. First Five minutes. I heard the scream coming out of the next door. And she was running towards me in a historical way as if she was shot with a gun like Iran.

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We met halfway. And she's like,

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he, I said, Hold on, hold on, go and make, although she's like, Okay. Okay. And then she went and made although, and you know, one of the blessings that Allah has given women, even when they're still young, you know,

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they can move within five seconds to the same emotional state. Okay? And they can switch in five seconds and they smile.

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May Allah make my my words easy for the sisters to write themselves. Okay? You know, I have the prediction of Chicago.

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Okay. So she went and came back in five seconds, she was ready to go. I said, Listen, you can make we'll do 100 times we're not gonna talk until you're very calm. She's like, okay, he passed in front of my desk without my permission. I said, criminal.

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Bring him here. So she was like, No, come, come.

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So he came, and I found a bruise in his forehead here. I said, What happened? He said, I have no idea. All I remember is that I was passing in front of the desk, and somebody came, pushed my head against the desk. And that's what I have here. I didn't say anything.

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You know,

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if somebody comes to complain to you that he lost one eye way, because the other party might have lost his two eyes. And some people are very eloquent in presenting their case. And my youngest, I can testify, she's the best amongst them.

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And then she was like, Okay, what should you do now? I said, What do you mean? She said, Are you gonna discipline him? Aren't you gonna punish him? I said, when she said, Yes. You told us.

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The one who starts, he's the one who's wrong. I said, What did he do? She says, He passed in front of my desk without permission.

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And I said, Okay, so would you say, Sorry, he said, but that you didn't write in a sign that said, this is sacred, and I can just pass in front of it.

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I'm like, Yes, he has a point. So what do you say? What do you say to this? And she's like, that. Be fair. I asked him to apologize. I said, Would you apologize? He said, why not? I'm sorry.

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She said, we should still have an elbow.

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You know, it's not genuine. It's not from his heart. He said, Sorry, from my heart.

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He's like, is that he knows how to act, right? So she's like, this isn't the first five minutes. I said, Oh, my god, she's dealing with this on a daily basis.

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And they're still alive. This is how I created them. While they're very patient, I can be patient with my students at the University. But I can be patient with my own kids. And this is why you know, we always have a bad cop and a good cop in the house. Most of the time in our culture, who's the bad cop?

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The man, right? So she'll be begging them. Please do your homework. Okay? Did you do your homework? Not yet. When we do your homework, after I finished playing some time, please, your dad is going to come Don't worry. The moment they hear the door lock moving. In five minutes, they rush to the room, they do the homework and guess what they come to me I finished my homework.

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Because they know who is the bad cop? Right? So going back, we need to be patient with our wives, please. That's the message of tonight and to cliffhanger for tomorrow inshallah.

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Let's talk about

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the Prophet again.

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And the Sahaba.

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You know, after the battle was over the process lm used to divide alvernon which is called the booty or the spoils of war. So everybody has a share, and Allah and His Messenger, they have one fifth. So the professor is giving each one his share. And one of the Sahaba said Malahide, antibiotic era Salalah

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I did not follow you and become a Muslim to get a share.

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He said while I'm in Tibet and he then

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he said, Why did you follow me Then why did you become Muslim he said tobacco Allah and atoll America for automobiles, I mean, have

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a mood.

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He said I followed you. So that inshallah and one of the battles I will share in that battle

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I will be shocked with a spear right here and I will die and I will make it to gentlemen.

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Guess what? And the next battle after the battle was over, and the professor was checking all the Sahaba who was killed

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and my time is over Yeah.

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So we'll continue tomorrow inshallah. Exactly

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