Ramadan 2019 – Reminders 12

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Salam Alaikum salaam aleikum wa

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rahmatullah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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while and he was a happy woman Hala

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Obi the Latin and Hadith

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but the Aloha and

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insight Muslim that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was never seen but smiling

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you can do it right?

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I'm just reminding you who's always seen smiling smile, Are you married?

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would make dinner for you.

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So sometimes today Subhanallah some young people when they start practicing Islam, because I classify Muslims into four types. First one is called non practicing Muslims the Muslims by now

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okay? And some of them are part time Muslims

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right Mashallah they first Ramadan sometimes they pressure with the Torah, but the rest is not there.

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And there are some people called full time Muslims and hamdulillah Can you take a guess? What's the four or five? Is there anything after full time Muslims?

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Yeah, old time Muslims.

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Because you could have two full time jobs. Right? But so can you stop being a Muslim for a second? Say No, no. You can never stop from the moment you come will love it. You cannot guarantee that breath is coming from Allah. So you have to be an old time Muslim, right?

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Okay, tonight, I'm just gonna put a smile on your face and I'm gonna disappear inshallah because people say I talk too much. This is why they say never give a mic to a shake.

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There was one of the Sahaba you know, by the name of noise man, I'm sorry.

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And you know, like the young people today who are addicted to YouTube you know something called pranks

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of the photographer. You know?

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Because of the fact that he was acting with us and Shall I gonna see new stars inshallah next scheduled shall on Friday?

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You know, practice right some people who trick you. So no, I man was like that.

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More than 14 centuries ago. Yeah, I'm gonna share one with you.

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One day he was traveling with Abu Bakr radi Allahu Allah. And there was another Sahaba called suai But Abraham Allah, what's his name?

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Yeah, what do you said, Okay.

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So able to harmala so so I was in charge of the food, okay? The alarm assignment to be in charge of food. So while they were traveling, I manful tangri and a man was like a comedian. So he said, so I will give you some food. He said, No, not before Abubakar, the alarm comes back. Is it? So I bet give me some food. He said no, not before Obamacare comes back. He said, this is the last time so I'm gonna ask you politely. Give me some food I'm starving is a lot before the market comes back. He said, Okay. Wait.

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He left him. He found some people, you know, with lots of camels, young camels.

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And they were looking for a slave servant to them. He said, Do you want to buy a slave? They said yeah, I said, I have one. Very well built. He has only one problem. He will argue a lot.

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Even if you want to go and take him now. After I send him to you. He's gonna say Listen, I'm free. I'm not a slave. Just take him and go.

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So are you willing to buy him? They said Who is he? So he pointed at him from far away. And Mashallah swipe it was was built they said, deal. How many cameras is a 10 cameras.

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You know, one camera at the time is 100,000. So it's talking about a million now. It's a deal. They give

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The 10 cameras, and they want to swipe it. They said

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let's go to go. Where is it? We bought two. What do you mean by buying them? I'm not a slave. We know we know we know.

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So they put a leash around his neck and they pulled him and they took him and they went

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along comes back. I meant ate the food. He said, what a soy but they said I sold him.

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What? I sold him screaming. So 10 camels are better than I look. 10 comments

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for me, you told him that's just a guy's lessons. So go back to the cameras, give him back and he brought him when they went through the process, the setup and they shared the story. They said, Every time the person would remember the story for a whole year, he will laugh again. So remember that one inshallah I'll leave you with a cliffhanger in sha Allah.

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Which is

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it's, it's not haram to smile. Why? You know, I know some people, you tell them smile, but they're gonna say

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how can we smile? And what's going in the omana?

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I say brother, would you frown change what's happening in the omana

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be positive.

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While La Jolla la would never change our conditions, until

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you know I can get the safe with his beautiful assertion to say the Hey, in Allah, Allah, Euro, Euro mobilehome.

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And Allah I was stopped by a brother. And he said, Please, please, he begged me to share this with you.

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If we cannot change our behavior around our loved ones will law he would never change. He told me shake outside. When the brothers are like coming in or leaving. They're driving at 30 or 50 kilometers per hour. Inside the parking lot.

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No curtsy for sisters who want to cross or people walking with children. I'm sorry. I'm like, I hate to do this to you. But it's still happening. Still until yesterday, there are people parking at the disabled area, and they don't have a permit. And we're lucky I see all people having to park away from the masjid. Would you accept this tour that will lie if we stopped at a second? Thinking selflessly. We will never do this. But it's laziness. It's selfishness. If we can change this trauma bond, I said, well, law here we come and listen to the beautiful, especially the shape unless we stop at one eye and then I will hit me and hit you in the heart. And then you start acting upon the

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ayah. What are we doing? Are we gonna meet Allah? Allah, we

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know what remains in your record is your good deeds. And I'll leave you the cliffhanger. The processor Lam had some guests in his house.

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And he said, Who will take this one?

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And Abu Saleh al Ansari took him.

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And he went to ask his wife said, what do we have for food? She said nothing except a little food for the children. Can you imagine? He said, trying to get the children to sleep without food, because we have a guest. And that guest is given to ask by the processor and we have to honor him.

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Imagine literally freeze the camera there and bring the 21st century now, if you say this to your wife, she's gonna call 311 child abuse

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Am I right? Right?

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Or at least nine on one she's gonna say my husband is he wants to start with the children to good food too.

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So Subhanallah she put the kids to sleep. And she brought the food and she didn't the light and she sat with her husband

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pretending that they are eating to leave the guest eat.

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Do you know what happened? Something amazing happen because of that.

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But my time is over. So continue to mourn Sharla