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hamdu Lillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah

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sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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Salam alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.

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Our dear brothers and sisters in Islam, this is your brother psychologists in speaking to you from my Facebook Live platform.

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it is another episode of sky views. And I always like to remind people that sky views of my views the views of Shakeology,

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and I am entirely responsible

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for my views.

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And I'm not obligated

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to support the views of anyone in particular,

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as a senior, Muslim American,

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and a senior revert Muslim,

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it is my responsibility from time to time

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to address issues that I feel are necessary for our growth and our development.

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There are certain questions that come

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to me on my social media platform and as I move around the world or around the country,

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and there are times when I simply just give people a reference standard classical reference,

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you know, in order for them to basically understand because most Islamic questions dealing with

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that means Islamic jurisprudence or Tafseer, or commentary on the Quran, or the Syrah of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam, or issues of fatawa Islamic rulings, decisions.

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Most of these have been most of these have been codified,

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collected and codified,

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and are accessible in various ways. And a great deal of them have been translated from Arabic into English, so therefore, there's no mystique about Islamic knowledge, it is accessible to those who seek it.

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However, from time to time, there are questions that are relevant

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to us Muslims living in the West and especially the

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the revert Muslims. So a question came to me

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I have to answer

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and that question is

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is it an obligation upon revert Muslims

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in the United States of America or any western country to follow or subscribe to

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the major scholars or their students in the Muslim world?

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Let me repeat it so that everyone can understand the question.

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Is it an obligation upon revert Muslims

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in the Islamic jurisprudence, they are referred to we are referred to as Muslim on Judo that is, first generation Muslims or those who are new to Islam in their families.

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Is it an obligation upon revert Muslims in the USA

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or any western country to follow

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or subscribe to

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the major scholars or their students in the Muslim world? That's That's the question.

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the brothers and sisters I have been asked this question many times,

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especially by family members,

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relatives, friends and general supporters.

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Therefore, as a senior Muslim American spokesperson,

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I am compelled to answer

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is a part of my social and moral responsibility to answer

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because the well being of many Muslims in this country depends upon senior Muslim Americans

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just like myself,

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answering questions that have a direct impact upon the quality of our

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lives and the lives of other Muslim Americans.

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I am not concerned in the least

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about popularity,

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or the pseudo religious hierarchy, which exists in the Muslim world today?

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I'm not the least concerned about that.

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Now, I will answer this question in a few different parts, because I think, respectfully, that the question needs to be answered

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in three or four parts. So my first answer is this.

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The revert Muslims or the new Muslims, as they are referred to in Islamic jurisprudence, is a

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recent social phenomena,

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which has developed in the USA and the Western countries, generally,

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within the past 70 years.

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Now, in the United States of America, they number approximately 2.8 million

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of the estimated 6 million Muslims in the USA, or 42%, of that population. So we can see that the reverse Muslims in the United States of America represent a significant part of the population of Muslims

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in the United States of America and North America, as a continent.

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Now, it stands to reason

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that as a people with a distinct social and cultural

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and historical identity,

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these Muslims must have their own social, political, and religious leaders. I mean, that just stands to reason, you know, for those that are reasonable.

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It is

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those leaders or these leaders,

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who have more right,

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and more responsibility to resolve and respond to such inquiries, because it is these leaders who will understand the social, psychological and constitutional implications, and the dynamics, which are inevitably associated with such inquiries. Now.

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There is a terminology in the Arabic language for these social, psychological and constitutional implications and dynamics in this call.

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That's the terminology. Now any Muslim scholar or any Muslim Student of knowledge

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that doesn't

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prefix or doesn't

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their statements or their answers?

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To the new Muslims?

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In this regard, if they don't say, if they don't say that I'm answering this

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with full respect and understanding of your aura,

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or if they're not answering the question, giving respect to and sensitivity for the audit of the particular society where they are, that is the social, psychological, constitutional

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implications and dynamics which are inevitably associated with such questions,

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then they're not being fair.

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Or they're not being transparent.

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Or they are insensitive.

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Or they

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they're not being

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they're not being surgically correct in dealing with

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the new Muslims and their

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set of special dynamics.

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Now, the second part of my answer is this.

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There's a verse in lead to the moon. This is a part of the verse. This is a part of that verse. And there's a part of the verse that I want to deal with to lie right

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Rahim Allah, Allah mentions in this ayah first Allahu Ahad deker. In going to

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so in this verse, we have been instructed by Allah subhanho wa Taala

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to ask those who are the people of the remembrance,

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if we don't know.

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So, if there's something we don't know, Allahu Allah was addressing the prophets a lot of them.

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First Otto and the decree in good to lanta, Allah moon, he was addressing the profits a lot of them and therefore, he is addressing us

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to ask those who are the people who have remembered So, for us, the people remember is the core and the average Vicar is called n. And the sooner the people have the core and the people the sooner but in this particular I Allah was reminding the prophet SAW Sam that he should

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ask those who received scriptures before him.

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So he will get the benefit of those scriptures.

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Those documented divine scriptures first, and the decal

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he should

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ask them or make reference of them or those of his companions who had access to that they should access it on his behalf.

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Because these are matters which he didn't know.

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And it would help him to educate his followers if he knew that. So after the province allows them it becomes an obligation upon us Muslims to one follow seek reference to in coins. Yes.

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That's what it means generally, but more specifically, it also refers to

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it specifically refers to the court and the Sunnah. But it generally refers to previous scriptures, sources of guidance, principles of legislation, and people have wisdom,

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previous scriptures, sources of guidance, principles of legislation, and people of wisdom.

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And a very famous Hadith, a very famous and authentic Hadith of the Prophet SAW a lot of Islam.

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A Dena see her

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somewhat while he was alive. He said, a demon

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that is the dean, our system of faith.

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It is

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advice and compliance

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and his companions they asked him Yara sobre la sala La La alayhi wa sallam

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advice and compliance to whom?

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And the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam answered live lay

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advice and compliance to Allah

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wa they keep tabs IE advice and compliance to his book.

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Well, there are so many he and advice and compliance with his messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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one of the elemental muslimeen that means and advice and compliance with the leaders of the Muslims.

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What to him

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and advice and compliance with the generality of the Muslims now, three of these

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references they are conclusive.

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They are absolute

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advice with advice from Allah. The advice from Allah as he gave to his prophet SAW same as he delivered to us through the ye Okay, as he gave it to us in this manner,

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the advice and the compliance directly

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to Allah subhanaw taala

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and his tohave

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the advice and the compliance with his book that which was revealed and taught to us from Mohammed soul level and it was

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the advice of his messenger solo Alison, which we find in the authentic hadith

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In his behavior,

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and in his authentic Syrah, his example.

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Those three are absolute and conclusive.

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But the other two, they are not absolute or conclusive. And the advice of the leaders of the Muslims, now leaders of the Muslims could be the leading scholars of the past, it could be the leading scholars of the present. It could be generally the leaders of the Muslims, where they are those who represent the Muslims who speak on behalf of the Muslims, and those who have authority. There are Muslims, who themselves have general representatives, they have a general position of advice. They are general members of the community. And they are people who are reliable and ethical and responsible among the community and they also have a voice and they also should be

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This, Heidi's looking at this Quranic verse, and this prophetic saying of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam,

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we should always refer to the Quran.

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And the Sunnah.

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And those who are the most trained and endowed in these two sources, is no doubt about it. We don't want to make any apologies about it, or any compromises about it, we should always refer to the Quran and the Sunnah, and those who are the most trained, and in doubt,

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we don't have a priesthood or sudo priesthood.

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We don't have a religious hierarchy in Islam. We don't have anything like that. In other faiths, other systems and other religions, there is a hierarchy, there's a priesthood, they are those who are given some particular titles, and you have to refer to them No, in Islam, we don't, we don't have anything like that. We refer to the core and, and to the Sunnah of the prophet SAW Sam. And we refer to those people who are the most reliable,

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and trained and endowed in the Quran and the Sunnah.

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And those who are the most accessible, and what they have documented, that is true.

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But since we do not have a priesthood, and we don't have a hierarchy, which compels us to subscribe to,

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to follow or consult a certain circle of scholars, or their students, we don't have any compulsion like that in Islam.

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Regardless of the people who consider themselves to be more correct than others,

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we don't want to get into if they are if they are not in their arguments,

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Visa visa, what they have and regarding other people in Islam,

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which I cannot hope to ask anybody other than you,

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you know, this, all the students

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falls down.

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In fact,

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terms of the particular issue and just for the record, many of these local and accessible revert Muslims who have the particular issue, and just for the record, many of these local and accessible revert Muslims who are qualified

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are women.

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we're not limited to seeking the advice of Muslim men who are quote unquote, scholars and or students of knowledge as it is perceived,

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literally hundreds of conferences

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where 1000s of scholars have attended and students of all gatherings

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in the surah, which is called causes in the due to the 28th surah.

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living situation or the environment where we live, that's called wolf.

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They also called connotation to hear after

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but then he reminds us

00:19:54--> 00:19:54

will attend

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but do not forget

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There are many issues that these scholars and their students in other countries, their societies with insight about our sensitive and complex issues.

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It's not possible. Therefore, how is it possible for them to respond or to be responsible for providing us in Western societies with insight about our sensitive and complex issues?

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It's not possible. It's not even plausible.

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In summary,

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I do not feel I do not find it necessary. And want to just, this is my summary. I'm ending my statement with this particular summary. So please, just be patient with me.

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I want to make sure that I

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summarize this properly.

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Living in the USA or other Western societies to solicit religious, social or constitutional beloved than the weak one.

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The professor's have also said, Yeah, de la ola, Hiram miniato suit