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Alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh your brothers and sisters Welcome back to the beautiful patience that seems so elusive last time we stopped at 24.

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And that scene where we were explaining how Yusuf Ali Salaam never had any bad intention, he never even thought about doing the act. And last time I ended up with a cliffhanger saying, we're going to conclude or make to conclude as of the end of this ayah that Allah subhanaw taala is justifying that use of did not have any bad intention and shaitan to have a lost battle at the end of this ayah he said in the home in a bed in a book, Laci, indeed is one of the selected servants of Allah subhanaw taala or slaves of Allah subhana wa Tada. If we go back to the dialogue between Allah subhanho wa Taala and children in the Quran, when Allah, Allah said, in a baddie laser luckily himself talk.

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Indeed, my slaves, you have no authority over them eliminate tobacco,

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except those who will follow your, you know, temptation and they will listen to your whispering. These are ones but Allah subhanaw taala said, My true slaves, you have no authority over them and allows them to shut up. Now, what does the last battle say about Yusuf Ali Salaam in number six? What are their dkg to be corrupt? buka when you

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read in the Indus, Allah subhanaw taala selects you. Why because he's a prophet, Prophet continue the ayah while you matter who I like

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to, and he perfects his blessing upon you and the family of yaku. What blessing is that it's

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karma it

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can mean who he is,

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as he perfected that the same blessings upon your forefathers, Abraham and Isaac Abraham in his heart. What do they share in common? Ibrahim alayhis salam Abraham, Isaac is half La Silla Jacob Jacobo la sala. They're all prophets. So perfecting the blessing upon him, is that selecting him as a prophet? And if prophets are not the selected ones, by Allah, how can you have an authority over?

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Think about this. So this is a testimony by itself on the last part as it is, indeed, and the here refers to Yusuf Ali Salaam, indeed use of in a bad colossian is amongst our selected slaves, selected servants. Now let's talk about shaitan. What did shaitan say to prove the innocence of use of La Silla?

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shaitan said, Kabir exotically we're nomads, la vaca. He's taking an oath upon himself and he knows that a loss of panatela is the most majestic is the most glorified. So he's taking an oath by the majesty and glory of Allah Exotica by Your Majesty, when

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I will ambush them, I'll try to tempt all of them. But then he made an exception in the event the common

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law, that's shaitan talking, he said the only ones that I cannot touch that I cannot attempt are those who are selected by you.

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Now, what's the difference between mozillazine and lucullus? In in the language, a lot didn't say

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more or less comes from a floss which is sincerity. So somebody if you describe somebody to be miraculous, it means he's sincere.

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But more clueless. The scholars of the few said it's somebody who's so sincere and he stays and maintains that sincerity for a long time. And he goes through many hardships and tests until Allah selects him.

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Who are the selected people but Allah, Allah stuff out and most about the other prophets. This is why Allah trusted them with giving the message.

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So there is a difference between mandalas which is sincere and meticulous, somebody who has been sincere for a long time until the last month or less.

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So let's finish this is because you were talking still about the proof that you said Alice, the Lamb did not do him. He did not have any bad intention to be involved in the act of the wife of Lazarus. So we mentioned number one was whenever like instantaneously once you told him Hey, Tara, I'm ready for you. Come on. Am I the law? Tell me. Look, there is no space of time between her offering herself to him and him right away.

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He didn't even say as I told you before, I was a Berliner. He said Mother, mother scholars, but she said, in our lives is the noun, it means something permanent. But when life is the verb, it's something temporary. When you describe somebody, he eats a lot. Okay? How long does it take? 20 minutes, 30 minutes and it's done. But when you describe somebody as being a cool whenever you look at him, whenever you see him, he's eating. So it's like it means like permanency. It means it's something permanent. Now, he used to buy less the lamb said ma either lot, as if you're saying the refuge, that I would resort to right away is a lot. So my refuge is Allah is different from our own

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Villa, I seek refuge with Allah. So did he ever stop? To be good conscious? Did he ever stop doing taqwa taqwa means if, if I don't see Allah Subhana, Allah, Allah can see me. And this is the highest level, which is called Sam. And Yusuf is mentioned in this surah, five times being described amongst the mazzini. And the first one that we saw at a no, you know, I am number 22. But later on shala, you know, we will stop and I will remind you how many times he was described by being from alloxan. He, later on, he goes to jail. The people who put him in the jail, they're going to say England, I recommend watching the reason they approached him because they saw his level of excellence when it

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comes to dealing with people.

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So Panama the law, that's number one.

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And then he said in the hora, Bs and Ms. Why, in the whole volume, no one ever called him and then he said, Allah said, well academically, so we know that from her side, she wants to seduce him. She wants the act. But unless it were him, maybe Hi, Lola we explained Last time, we should know that if he didn't kidnap you, dude.

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It's different from Laos, which the freedom to now I said loader, the ninja. If I started heart, I would have succeeded. So success did not happen because I did not study. So the condition was not fulfilled. This is why the result that was not reached, that's low, but low will lead to freedom. Meaning, I say now, if I am not with you here, I'm going to be with my family. So what stopped me from being with my family, the fact that I'm here I can be two at the same time, either here or with my family. So this is why I love say, Wareham, maybe Hi, Lola, it means he could have fought about the act.

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No, no.

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I mean, there are lots of so Elliot when it comes to our hand, okay, what does that mean? You know, you will find that some people say, you know what, he looked in the ceiling, you know, and he saw, you know, the ayah says, what are the troubles in? That's, you know, and sort of 17 so this is number 32. Hold on for a second. Was the Quran revealed?

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How could you see that? from the Quran when Prophet Muhammad Salah was not even born yet.

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That's nonsense. Some other people say you know what, he looked in the ceiling and he saw the image of his father iacob have done Allah was very like his biting his his, you know, his finger like it's a sign or it's symbolic of don't do this because you're going to be regretful after that. Don't do. And again, you can see this in a movie or something that's not realistic.

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So what happened beforehand arabe the scholar said, just go back when she invited him that he forgot about a lot. She's always conscious with a loss in his heart that was in front of him. So he wouldn't do something wrong, knowing that Allah can see him. So that's that's like another proof. The third proof, we mentioned that Allah subhanaw taala said in the event the laser like Allah Himself to him, so Allah negated that Chetan could have no authority over the selected people of Allah and Yusuf is one of them. shaitan also said Sabir is ethically aware and how much am I am I will tempt all of them all of your, you know, slave like all of the mankind except those who are

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selected by you. And Allah said he is very bad in InDesign. Moving on. Before I move on, some people also want to say they said, What stopped us from doing this? Maybe, maybe. And this was the last part that I said here. Lola Robert gonna be the only thing that stopped him is that his gut conscious, he see a lot better in front of his own eyes. Some people say maybe when he saw her and she's like the master and he's the he's the slave for Katara. Poor. I mean, like he lost his manliness and he couldn't do anything. That's nonsense, because Yusuf Ali Salaam, Allah said earlier, you know, in dire before, this is number 22. While I'm Bella I should know who he was full

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of vigor. He was, you know, you know, he was so powerful. Not only

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That he was like a young man.

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And he had the desire to because some people say, Well, maybe he was impotent or something. No, he was not.

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it could be that the reason that stopped him from doing this because he was afraid to lose his job, or to be kicked out of the of the house of Allah Aziz. No. So Allah said, Lola, are our 100 rupee. The only reason that stopped him is because he's got conscious, he can see Allah subhanaw taala all the time, and he wouldn't do that. So all these things, you know, are irrelevant. Allah smartasset. So after that what happened was,

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look, the verb here is in the dual form is Starbuck, it means both of them are racing comes from yesterday orietta Saba, when you raise to something, so both of them were racing to the door,

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upon a law, what a huge difference between the intention of use of Alice lamb, and the intention for realizes the wife as well as his his racing behind them, to stop him and try to do the act with him to commit adultery with him.

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And use of nslm is racing to the door to run away from bear. So both of them are racing, but two different intentions was tabacon. bear the race to the door, there are lots when I said wattpad that Tommy is on

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the board. And then she told his shirt from double meaning the back cover means front, double means back. So it's very clear now, if it was used if la salon was attacking here, and he wants to do the act, she's gonna push him and she will tear the shirt from the front. But it's very clearly a lost battle. I said, we'll cut that Tommy's are human.

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So what she did, she tore his shirt from the back.

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There what happened all of a sudden, what I didn't say either had

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a loss pattern described to her husband in say wildfires, oh Johanna than back. No, Allah said, What if I said to her, so I use the word master.

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Because this is the man of the house. But Subhanallah look at the very beginning the ayah 23 or Allah smart Allah introduced the whole scene and he said, What are the two lady who are feeding fee?

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That was a hint that that woman Subhanallah was so strong.

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And her husband was not.

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Even though Allah called him say either, he should be, and she should show respect to him. And she should wait. And now she's in a very hot seat. She's in a very bad situation. She should be very embarrassed. But look at this, you know, the audacity of that woman. She is doing what she's doing. And she will start lying. And she will show no respect to that master say either. Look at the way she's gonna deal with him. Now. What I will say is he

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right away, she should be low on her head because she was trying to betray him and commit adultery betray Allah and betray us

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and betray herself.

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And so hello, despite that loop, which is going to do bonnet matches.

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on any

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level. Now, let's analyze what you said. Now, here's why this dilemma is racing to the board thrown away from her. And she's racing behind him. She tried to stop him. She helped him from the shirt. She took the shirt from behind. That's the evidence. That's another evidence. The use of Elisa Lam did not do harm.

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Then all of a sudden, they found her husband in front of the door right away in a very conniving way. She didn't even stop she started accusing, accusing use of Elisa omega.

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To counter come, some people are like, I can't even just imagine the audacity of that woman.

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How could you do this? She shouldn't be ashamed. She'd be standing there with it was that with her head down.

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But you know how decent use of is. And he said he didn't say anything. But she jumped to judge him right away. She said to her husband, managers are on our other be ethnic. So what's the recompense? What's the punishment of anyone who wants to do evil? Africa, and let's start with this word again. A lot of them say matches one or other B so jotika democratica. So,

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he said, and this is why the scholar said so

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Other words, is used sometimes in the Quran and the Hadith to mean wife.

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And this is the importance of a woman because from that woman, you can start the whole family.

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Because when you're married, you make a family, but that family is a husband and a wife. But then if that woman gives birth to children, then you have an entire family. And this is why if a woman doesn't give birth to children, or she has a different faith than her husband,

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it will be always referred to as Emma and never soldier.

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And I asked you to do this homework inshallah. And next time, I'm going to give you a detailed explanation of this all the time, if a lot refers to a woman

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in the Quran, saying a bra meaning a woman, it means that she does not give birth to children, or if she gives birth of children, she has a different faith from her husband. But if she has the same faith, and she gives birth to children that allow would refer to her as a soldier

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Wakanda Adams couldn't enter without a pension.

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So lots of times, because she gave birth to children, and to the same fate of Adam, Allah, Allah. But Allah Allah subhanaw taala, referred to as he had been to Musa him, the wife of the Pharaoh,

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a lot always say in Morocco never sits out at flow.

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So apparently, the only story with a woman changed from a bra to wife was the wife of the courier. Why? Because at the beginning, she didn't give birth to children. So law said, you know what maratea refer to versus gomati.

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But Subhanallah once he visited Maria Maria Salam.

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And he saw that she has fruits

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of the summer season in the winter season. He said, Yeah, Maria, only lucky her that, where do you get this from? pilot woman in the lab, in the lawyers of omega ob, right? This is from Allah, Allah, you know, provides in abundance from ever he likes.

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That was like epiphany for the Korean. He should love what but if Allah can give Marian, the fruits that does not belong to the season, even though I'm a very old man with white hair, and my wife is better than she doesn't give birth to children I can make that he can give me children who are not in

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love, but at that moment is a clear middle. And Allah said, Allah who's older,

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once she gave birth to yahia, she became soldier's wife.

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So going back to the I hear, so ladies is the word. You know,

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if you ask an Arab, how do you translate the word you would say family. But of course, you know, in some areas, like you know, in the Gulf, they would refer to the woman also as why, because the proxies him use the same word and Howdy. He said, Hi, eurocom hydrocone, one of

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the best amongst you are the best when it comes to treating their wives. The word adalind is hard. It doesn't mean family, it means wife. And it said, and I, I am leading by example, and also the best to my wife's, I treat them the best treatment.

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So she said, Man, does that woman or other be alakazoo? And now isn't this a question? What's the punishment of somebody who wants to do something evil, you know, with your wife? What you should like, what should happen after that? When I ask a question, I should wait for the answer. And this is sayeda. This is her master irassman. But she knows. First of all, he is impotent. Second, he doesn't have any, you know, a charisma or strong character to make a decision.

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is standing there like looking at her and she made the decision. Why don't you didn't even wait to hear the answer.

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Ellie, she offered two proposals. He said he should be sent to jail.

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Or maybe he should like be beaten up.

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Should be exposed to torture should be punished physically. Why? Do you know why? Because he said she still loves him.

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And she has the upper hand. If you sent to jail, she can. She can reach him there.

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If he's beaten up, then bring somebody to take care of him and he'll be healthy again. So she can have access to him again.

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She didn't say ella neopterin. She could have said that you should be killed.

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But she didn't say that.

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So that tells you a lot about the character of the woman.

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This is why a lot the beginning of the season, he said, What are the two, I'll let you who have the beta.

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So the one in whose house he lives, she seduced him.

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He doesn't live in her house. He lives in the house of disease. This is the wife of Al Aziz. But Tapella she has the upper hand. She's the one who makes decisions.

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You know, those henpecked husband? You know, who are like shouting, Mashallah outside the house, and once they arrive at the house, they're very cold.

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They keep telling their friends, like, you know, I'm the lion, you know, when I go home now, you know, like, if I just like, roar like that, like the lion, you know, everybody would have a heart attack in the house. No.

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You just need to be wise you need to be merciful. You need to be kind.

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So now the situation is very tense. The man standing their use of shirt or asylums is stolen from the back.

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And she's accusing us of

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no would use if is the lampi silent? Or should he talk to defend himself?

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This is a situation when the scholars said they embedded that he will be

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you have to speak the truth at that point. But Lucas, about SLM is giving us a great Listen, when you are in a situation like this. What did he say? Paula here? Oh, my that knee? See.

00:21:38--> 00:21:45

That's all what he did a very short statement, where he stated The fact is that she's the one who seduced me done.

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He could have said a lot, by the way.

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You could have said she's a liar. She's the one trying to do this with me. And this is not the first time for the last 10 years she has been trying implicitly. And today, she fasten seven doors. And each door has seven fasteners. And she is predetermine she had the intention. And look, my shirt is stolen from the back. No, he didn't say anything except just one statement. She's the one who seduced me.

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And that's why this caller said, when you speak when you are in a situation like this, just be to the point.

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Make it clear, but don't add anything. Because sometimes when you are mad at someone will try to add some spices. And that's what happens in real life. Is this and this and this or she's this and this and this No, stick to the truth. And that's enough. Because the last part that I said in aloha Yoda here on the Latina ama, and indeed Allah defends the true believers. And as we will see, he will be defended.

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That's another testimonial. That's another evidence you said is the Lamb would never lie. So what did he say? He said, She's the one who seduced me, add this one to, to the evidence, or to the proofs that we have mentioned so far.

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Now, in the next day at which we're going to be starting shala Next time,

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what's going to happen?

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They will have to bring an arbitrator,

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somebody who will decide, you know, from the evidence that they can see because there was nobody with them except Allah subhanaw taala, who saw exactly what happened behind those seven doors, but then they will just try to see what happened to both of them, and they will try to use logic and wisdom to prove it.

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So what will happen, how the truth would be proved, and what are the other evidence and proves that will you know, that will provide us a lot to prove that Yusuf Ali Salaam never intended anything bad? Because he's always conscious of Allah Subhana Allah, that's what we will share inshallah, next week, but hopefully, inshallah we're going to change the time and we're going to announce this very soon inshallah we'll move this halaqa from 10pm it's going to be starting at 7pm and our answer Solange Allah at 730. So we're going to do it like half an hour before also and you will end up with us inshallah, so starting next week, and instead of having the Halla pattern because I think 10 is

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too late, so we're going to do it from seven to 7:30pm inshallah, we'll also try to move the other programs because I think 10 by 10 you know, especially the young Muslim show two also was going to be like 10 would be too late. So inshallah Stay tuned and we will be announcing the change in timings inshallah. desikan lokalen salaam alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh