Episode 1 Embracing Resilience Prophet Yunus

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envelope in the darkness of the whale's belly, the darkness of the deep ocean surrounded by the darkness of night. Prophet Yunus Allah has Salam found himself admits the trial of three layers of darkness and the story of Prophet Yunus alayhi salam were reminded of Allah's infinite mercy, reaching his servants in the deepest and darkest of places, like the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. Prophet Yunus alayhi salam was rejected by his people during the early days of spreading his message. He was sent to warn them of their wrongdoings. But his people rejected his message and refuse to turn away from their actions. And his anger. Prophet Yunus alayhi salam walked

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away from his people without permission from Allah. And at that moment, Allah caused the storm to arise. But just as the clouds started to gather, we see a change in events.

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The people of Prophet Yunus Sati Saddam are alarmed by the storm and begin repenting to Allah subhanaw taala asking for forgiveness. Meanwhile, Allah calls the storm to arise in the sea where Prophet Yunus was on a ship. And after a game of draws, the Prophet Yunus is thrown overboard. And by Allah's command, a giant whale swallows the Prophet Yunus. It has Sinan three days and three nights and three layers of darkness, there inside the dark and acidic belly of the whale. Prophet Yunus bleh.

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Sometimes we to find ourselves in the deepest and darkest of places. Sometimes we see that as being inescapable. But we're reminded by Prophet Yunus a story that even in those dark places, there is refuge, there is hope. Allah is the all seeing the All Hearing and the All Knowing. So when the belly of the whale Prophet Yunus calls out

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for nada for vana Marathi Allah Illa illa Anta su the Hanoch in Nikulin terminal Bali mean

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there is no god but you, glory be to you. Truly, I have been one of the wrongdoers. acknowledging his wrongdoing, his imperfection, his humaneness. There, he prayed to Allah for forgiveness, and was eventually released from the whale's belly, returning to his people, only to find them having repented and accepted the message of Allah's mercy.

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We are reminded over and over again to never give up hope to trust in Allah's plan to strive to recognize our shortcomings and to hasten our repentance in asking for forgiveness.

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Please continue to join us for marathons, embracing resilience series, where we will delve into stories of the tribulations and trials of the Quran and through them, build a better understanding of what we can do when we find ourselves in developed in darkness.