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Shaykh Yasir Qadhi acquaints us with the dua to make to ask Allah to increase one’s knowledge.

“My Lord, Increase Me in Knowledge.”
[Surah Taha, Verse 114]

There is so much wisdom and power in these simple three words that it never ceases to amaze humanity. Allah tells us that the status of the Prophet (SAW) is so great because of the immense knowledge that Allah blessed him with.

We should always be more eager to gain knowledge. Is this only restricted only to Islamic knowledge? Allah has given importance of both. But the emphasis is on spiritual knowledge as this is the one which makes us better human beings and brings us closer to Allah.


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smilla al hamdu Lillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah Allah Allah He was so happy woman Well,

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today's short Torah, which inshallah all of you know as sudo Taha, verse 114 where Allah commands the prophets of Allah, why do you set them to say this to our will call Rob busy Dini? ilma three words. That's all that it is. We'll call and say Yasuda, LA. Rob busy Dini. ilma three simple words. And what makes this so powerful is that Allah subhana wa tada is speaking in the first person to our Navy, our Susana La Jolla Salim, and he is commanding him in the singular, he's speaking to him directly. And he is saying you make this door aliados rule of law. So he is teaching a two out of three words to our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and through him to all of us. And it is such

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a simple, easy to add. Most of us already know it and say, oh my lord, increase me in my knowledge. While call Rob busy. The name is Mira busy, the near in my three words, but in it, there's so much wisdom and so much power and realize my dear brothers and sisters that it is amazing that Allah is telling the one who has already taught the Quran to he's already communicating directly with him. I mean, if anybody did not need more knowledge, it is the human being that Allah is communicating with. But no one can ever be having not enough knowledge. You always want more knowledge and a lot of describes the status of the Prophet system is because of his knowledge. Allah says in the Quran,

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where Allah commanded them to contact them. We taught you Yasuda law, what you did not know what kind of fuggle law he had a Kadima. Because of that knowledge, Allah's blessings upon you was immense. We all know as well that what separates us human beings from the animal kingdom, what separates us from the other creation is not our size. It's not that we can fly or we can run faster. In fact, frankly, every single physical characteristic you will find more pronounced in the animal kingdom. Most animals are faster than us. Most animals are stronger than us. Animals can fly birds can fly, we cannot do that. Yet what makes us above the other species? Allah says in the Quran, when

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he created Adam, what did he say to the angels? The angel said, why would you create this species? So Allah azza wa jal why I lemma, smart Kula, a lot taught Adam something the angels did not know. And then he said to the angels, do you know this. And when the angels saw that Allah had given in to Adam that he had not given to them, the angels realized Allah has chosen them over us. Even though the angels are stronger than us. They are more powerful than us. They're physically bigger than us, they can fly. But still, it's not these things that make a superiority, superior species, it's not physical strength that makes one better than others. It is the knowledge there isn't. And this is

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proven as well in the story of pollute the famous king that was appointed during the time of God. He said, um, and that would, of course, you know, he was the child in the army, the young men in the army, the the army, the Bollywood versus Goliath. And Allah mentions in the Koran that one thought Ruth was appointed the people of Bani Israel said, Why did you choose this man? He's not rich. And so Allah subhana wa tada says, that was the who fill fill fill? Was that what was that abbastanza fill me well, Justin, that Allah has chosen him over you because of his knowledge and because of his strength. So pollut was indeed more stronger, but he also had more knowledge. And so Allah says

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through the tongue of the Prophet, the reason why I chose him was because of his knowledge and because of his strength as well. Allah subhana wa tada mentions in the Quran that one can never reach the level of true taqwa the highest levels of Eman except with knowledge, as Allah says in the Quran, that in Yahshua la Hummingbird the ruler Ma, it is only the people of knowledge that can truly reach the highest level of fear and of taqwa. And that is why our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam told us allama waratah to ambia it is the people of knowledge to study Islam, they know the reason they are the ones who are inheriting from the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam so we should

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always be more eager to gain knowledge. Now the question arises, this Dora will call Rob busy Dini. ilma is it only for Islamic knowledge? Or is it for any type of knowledge and the response? It is indeed for both types, but the emphasis is on the spiritual side, why? Because it is this

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spiritual knowledge that makes us better human beings. It makes us closer to Allah subhanho wa Taala the non spiritual knowledge is good, and it is nice and it makes us earn better money and whatnot. But how many are the people they might have mastered the non spiritual knowledge and spiritually, they are dead, they are not closer to Allah Subhana Allah to Allah, and how many are the people they don't know advanced physics and chemistry and whatnot, but they know Allah and the names and attributes of Allah, they know the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. And they are genuinely humbled with 13 pious people, and that person will enter agenda and the previous one will not so the real

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knowledge, the actual knowledge that we really want is the knowledge that brings us closer to Allah. Even though all knowledge that is beneficial is good, all knowledge that helps us whether it's architecture, or medicine or engineering or any science hamdulillah it's good, no problem there. So when I say well called Rob, busy near Elma, I want to know everything as much as I can. And it is truly amazing. My dear brothers and sisters, many of us don't think like this, we think that the brain is like a sponge. Once it reaches a max the city cannot absorb any more. No survey after survey and study after study has shown that the brain is like a muscle. The more you exercise it the

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stronger it gets, the more you absorb of knowledge, the more knowledge it can absorb. This is something that is well known in science and it is something that even in your own experience, you will realize this and so we should never be satisfied with the level of knowledge that we have our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said to seekers are never satisfied, tollywood dunia was all about him, the one who seeks this world and the one who seeks knowledge, they're never satisfied. Two seekers are never happy. If you want money, you will never be happy with the quantity that you have. Take this as a rule, you start off with nothing you say I want 100,000. And I guarantee you

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when you get to that 100,000 you're like, Oh, that's nothing I want the million when Allah blesses you with the million, oh, what's a million, I want the 10 million, and you keep on striving, you will never be happy with as much dunya as you have, if that is your goal. And the process of also said another seeker will never be happy volleyball isn't the one who wants to him will never be happy with what he has, he'll always want to study more and more and more. And that's what we want to be, we want to be on the side of the tolerable end. And realize my dear brothers and sisters, and I've said this many times, even if you're not going to become an alum, don't remain a giant. Even if

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you're not going to dedicate your whole life to Islamic Studies, then dedicate something to the study of Islam. dedicate some hours of the week to learn what your religion is about, and you will realize it makes a profound impact on your life. This is how you start without visiting EMA. But it's not just drop, you have to put it up in action, squeeze in some time to your schedule. When you're driving to work. Don't just listen to the news that you will forget about I swear to you who remembers the news of three days ago, four days ago, last week, last month, it's one ear and out the other that's it life goes on instead of just wasting time listen to a series of lectures about

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theology about a man about judgment day about the spirit of the Quran about spirit of the Prophet so some and every day you listen to 30 4050 minutes and you will realize oh wow, I've learned so much it will impact you make you a better person. Attend to any religious lectures that you have YouTube these days has made an hamdulillah so much knowledge it's literally around the globe. Any scholar that you like, listen to that scholar. The point is, even if you're not going to dedicate your life to Islamic Studies, dedicate something to the religion of Islam and make dua to Allah wa Cora visiting here in our Prophet sallallahu Sallam would make this dua and other about knowledge it is

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authentically reported and as soon as evanesce in there are prophecies and would make this drop Allahumma India will do becoming ill Mila young woman called Bella yaksha woman drug use smart woman Neff Scylla to Shiva Allahumma in the road to becoming Hakuna in Alabama. It's a beautiful day. And it begins Oh Allah, I seek refuge in You from knowledge that does not benefit me many Yun Fat Why? Because some knowledge does not benefit. Sometimes you learn and you don't act upon it. Sometimes you learn and it is useless knowledge it's not something that will benefit you. So we don't want to use less knowledge like the prophets like Allah describes in the Quran. We seek Allah's refuge from

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them. He describes another group that they are like donkeys with books on their back to be learned from that there are those who memorize memorize memorize, but they don't know they don't act they don't implement we seek Allah's refuge from that. We don't want to be like that. We want to have knowledge that benefits us. And also, it's soon an activity our profit system used to say as reported by Ibis, Aloma and finer Bhima Lambton, where I live in my own federal now was the dinner ilma This is the daughter of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam

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And he's implementing Sydney EMA in this drop over law. Teach us what benefits us and benefit us by what we learn, Oh Allah give us the income that is beneficial and teach us that which will benefit us was it any ilma and increase me in knowledge so our profit system would implement this draft and he will make it even longer and he would say and this is the door that you might want to also memorize Aloma and Fina Bhima I limped into a lot benefit us with what we learned what I live in Mayan foreigner and teach us what will be a benefit. Was it enough or is it an EMA? All of this is from the prophetic doors. So we ask Allah subhana wa tada to increase our drop to earn and we ask

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Allah subhana wa tada to teach us knowledge that is beneficial and to benefit us with our knowledge robina Xena ilma and will continue tomorrow is our Kamala Harris, Morocco to lawyer Baraka