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Al-Ankabut 1-15 Word-Analysis and Tafsir 4-7

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How's it going Nadine ar meluna sejati or do those people who do evil deeds do they think is the owner that they can outrun us? Sir Michael, how evil is what they judge how evil is what they think in the previous ayat, what was mentioned who was being addressed those people who believe that be prepared for tests you will definitely be tested and in this ayah who is being mentioned those people who oppose them those people who harm them

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that Allah subhanaw taala says um has he been Latina, Yama, Luna say those people who perform evil deeds, Dr. Medina say Dr. maluna from armor and armor includes different different types of actions, whether it is the action of the heart or it is the action of the tongue or it is of the limbs, action the heart could be thinking of something feeling something

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action of the tongue could be saying something action or the limbs could be doing something. So um, has he been Latina, Yama, Luna, say as a as a Florida say? And what is the year, say year is everything that makes its Dewar appear as ugly? Because what is so evil? Ugly? So say, Yeah, when a person does that, he appears ugly. He doesn't look nice anymore. everything, every single act of disobedience, what is it? It is something that makes a person filthy. It is something that makes a person ugly, no sin beautifies the sinner, if you put your hand in filth, will your hand become clean? Will your hand become beautiful? No, it will become filthy.

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So those people who commit to you ad, whether it is evil thoughts that they entertain in their hearts, or it is found words that they utter with their tongues, or it is extremely wrong actions that they commit with their bodies, those people who do say,

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do they think is the homeowner that they will outrun us, they will get ahead of us, we will not be able to catch them, we will not be able to hold them accountable, we will not be able to punish them. They think they can escape our grasp, no set Am I a human evil is what they judge evil is what they assume evil is what they think. Because a person should never ever think about Allah subhanaw taala like this, that I can do whatever I want to Allah will not be able to punish me. I can outsmart Allah, I can do this trick and get away through this way. And Allah will not be able to punish me, no semi Eco mode, it is wrong to think of a law like this, that a law cannot catch me. A

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law cannot punish me.

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And also says Am I a command that evil is what they think that it's going to grieve them. As this is not the case. They think they will not be held accountable. But Allah will catch them and He will punish them. If you think about it, people, they can do this to others, that they do something wrong. And they escape from them. Many criminals who commit great crimes, but what happens? They get away with it. They murder someone they steal, they commit robbery. And they're so smart. They're so clever. They're never caught. They're never found. They're never proven guilty. Or it takes years and years to prove them guilty. But can a person do this to Allah? No. Because who is Allah? He is a

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Sameer. He is asleep. He is an early He is God. No one at all can escape Allah. And where can he escape? If a person tries to hide somewhere in the earth? Will the earth give him any refuge? Well, they haven't given him any refuge, will the mountains give him any protection? No, this earth, this creation is loyal to Allah. Allah subhanaw taala challenges the people that go in his authority and then for the mean authority, somehow it will often follow, go ahead, try to escape you will not be able to do so. So the fact is that Allah subhanaw taala he is not weak, like people. He is not incapable like people,

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that the criminals, the sinful people, they can escape Allah, they think they can do whatever they want. And Allah will not be able to catch them, he will not be able to hold them accountable. Why is this being said over here? Why is this being mentioned right after the tests that the believers will be tested? And then it is mentioned that do these people think they will never be caught those people who do evil, as I mentioned to you earlier, that the first two I add there are about two believers who are being tortured, who are being persecuted. And this is about who those who persecute them. Many, many times it happens that those who persecute the believers who create

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difficulties for them, who oppose them, who torture them, who don't cooperate with them.

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What happens? They're successful. They get away with whatever they want. If you look at it in Makkah, who had the upper hand, who was being more victorious? Was it the Muslims or was the machine and when she came

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to the point that the Muslims had to leave Makkah, they had to migrate from Makkah. But what do we see over here, that this is just temporary? Allah subhanaw taala has given them to some rest by just some time. And at this time, the believers are being tested. And at the same time, those who are opposing them, those who are persecuting them, they're being given their Best Buy, but this restaurant is only for sometime, very soon, they will be caught and they will be held accountable.

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Many times when we see injustice in this world, people are dying out of hunger. People are getting 1000s and 1000s. There's a serial killer, one is raping the other, so many wrong things are happening. People wonder where is God? They say such things. They say such things that Where's God? If there is a God, where is he? How come? There are so many innocent people who are suffering? How come he does not have mercy on them? The fact is, that those who are suffering, they're being tested and those who are persecuting them, they're being given risk by this world is not a place of justice, this is not a place where justice is to be established. This is a place where people have

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been given freedom to do whatever they wish and at the same time, every single person is tested especially those who claim to have a man.

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So while they are going through difficulties, they should not give up hope of Allah.

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So Allah subhanaw taala is removing a misconception over here that do not think that those people who do evil, they can get away with it. No. Allah soprano Darla has set a day, a day of judgment, where he will give recommends to all such people, if they think they can outrun us, said Mr. kuhmo. Evil is what they judge.

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And also if you look at it in the general sense, that when a person is doing something wrong, if he thinks that I will get away with it, alone will not hold me accountable, there are going to be no consequences. He thinks wrong.

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Any say that a person does any evil action a person does. There are consequences for it in this dunya. And if not in dystonia, definitely, in the

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definitely. It's possible people never find out. They can never ever take revenge from you. They can never ever tell you what you're doing is wrong. It's quite possible. However, Allah knows what you're doing, and Allah can hold you accountable.

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Allah will give justice

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man can I Oh Julie, Allah He, whoever hopes for the meeting with Allah. Whoever hopes whoever looks forward to the meeting with Allah which meeting in the hereafter the good meeting with Allah and hopes for reward from Allah in Paradise, man kana yo juluca Allah, for in Agile, Allahu Allah, then indeed, the fixed time, the specified time that Allah has said, it is adding it is surely one that is coming. Well, who was Sameer and arnim. And he is the hearing, and he is the knowing.

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There are many, many things in this linear many matters that cannot be decided in this world.

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Who was like, who is truthful, the person who is unjust, the person who is being oppressed, Justice cannot necessarily be established in this dunya. But Allah subhanaw taala has captured it in which justice will be established. So Allah says that whoever desires the meeting with Allah, then he should know that this meeting is not too far away.

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So basically, the believers, they're being reassured over here, that when you face hardship, when you face injustice, when you face persecution, when you suffer because of your Amen. And other people, they can do whatever they want. And you have to bear so much difficulty. Don't think this difficulty is eternal. No, this is temporary.

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There is relief at the end. And this is only possible when you hope for the meeting with a lot of men can al juliaca Allah, you hope for the meeting with Allah, then what will happen, whatever you go through in this dunya it will become easy.

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Whatever difficulty you experience in this world, it will become easy for you to bear it because what will you remind yourself with? Okay, it's temporary. inshallah, this should be an increase in knowledge and intellect, this should be a means of getting closer to Allah. So who can go through difficulties successfully? Who can go through these fitten successfully, the one who hopes for the meeting with Allah, the One Who remembers that Allah is

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Hearing, he is watching me. He knows what's going on with me. He knows what difficulty I'm going through, and he will reward me.

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Many times it happens that you're going through a hardship. Other people don't even see it, isn't it? the difficulties that you go through in doing your lesson in taking your tests in completing your assignments and coming to school every single day, especially those with children, especially those with families, the difficulties that you go through, it's possible that other people have no idea. They have no idea that you didn't even get a chance to have your breakfast. They have no idea that you barely got to sleep last night. People don't know. People have no idea. But what should motivate you, the meeting with Allah, my lord knows what was sent me earlier, he is hearing he is

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knowing, and I hope for the meeting with Allah and Allah will reward me, Allah will recompense me for this. People don't know. But Allah knows.

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We see that people when they say that, where is God in difficult situations? Where is he? How come? You know he's not helping the people? How come I'm going through such difficult situations? How come I'm in such difficult circumstances and I see no relief, one difficulty after the other. And there are people who are perfectly fine. So where is God it's just like a person who doesn't go to a barber himself. And he has extremely long hair shall be here and he says there are no barbers in this world. You have to go to the barber, isn't it's a cemetery, if you want help, if you want relief, if you want comfort, you have to turn to Allah. So men can uh, yo judicata Allah, whoever

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holds for the meeting with Allah, then this meeting is coming. It's not too far away. What was semi early, and Allah is hearing, and he's also knowing.

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And also we see that when a person is afflicted with hardship, because of his Eman because of his faith. Very, very few people support him. If you remember, I shall the Dinah the incident of

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how she was all alone. No one supported her openly fully,

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isn't it? She didn't get any open full support from people. She was all by herself. So when you're going through a difficult situation such as this, that even your loved ones are turning against you. Even they're not supporting you. You feel you're all alone. You feel this is forever. Don't think like that. There is a meeting with Allah. There is a day of judgment. There is a day when justice will be established, and it's not too far away. It's so close that when that day will come What will people think? Instead of the Nazareth I have 46 that are under homeo morona her name el de su Ella she yet an OVA.

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That on the Day of Judgment, they see it as though they had not remained in the world except for an afternoon or morning. This is how short the dunya will feel. And right now, it seems to be eternal. It seems to be endless. The pains, the harsh words, the difficulties, they seem to have no end. But on the Day of Judgment, it will seem as though one afternoon one morning. That's it. It's a little cough I have 110 we learn from nkana yo juliaca of the foliar mela Ramadan saleha that whoever hopes for the meeting with his Lord then what should you do? Our madam sila Han What are you should very bad that you will be ahead and he should not associate in worship with Allah anyone at all. What's

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the objective of saying that for in Asia Allahu Allah, Allah that indeed the agenda of ally is coming. That prepare for it. Get ready for it. Do our masala don't spend your time sulking and thinking oh my god, I'm in such a difficult situation. I cannot do anything people oppose me. No. Spend your time preparing for that meeting, because that meeting is extremely important.

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me Oh lordy.

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If you think about it, many times people complain that why is it so difficult to be a Muslim?

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Is it? Why is it so hard? I can't eat this. I can't go there. I can't have fun. Children even complain. Why does it have to be so difficult? Why can't it be easy? Next time somebody complains like this tell them she won gentlemen return.

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And the price of gender is quite high. You have to prove it. This is a test.

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anything you'd like to say?

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We learned in sort of the corridor was there you know, the slavery was sila, that secale through patience, and through prayer, you will go through difficulties but you will seek help out through Sabbath and also through turning to allow for in an agile leader. Keep learning to prepare for that meeting. ask Allah for help. But Salah is difficult for everyone except for those who are cost sharing those who are crucial. Those who are humble before.

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So these are their like eye openers, that when you are going on this path, you will face difficulties and every person's difficulties will be different. Think about your life. Think about your situation. Your test, your difficulty could be controlling your

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naps, controlling your sleep, controlling your moods. burying people whom you don't like that you just have to live with them and you have to see them every day. Your difficulty could be not watching TV for too long. Your difficulty could be just turning the computer off and opening your juice. And you might wonder why does it have to be so difficult? Why can I just be good from inside? The thing is, you are good. This is why Allah has given you the Sophie, this is just a challenge that has come your way so that Allah can test you. Are you really truthful? Are you just claiming

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everyone's tests are different? Everyone's challenges are different.

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this middle man

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early for

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boo, boo.

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No soda,

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loss of data says woman gehad and whoever strives whoever struggled for innama yuja. He told enough say that indeed he is only struggling for himself, meaning he will benefit because of his struggle. When you go on this path, and you suffer from difficulties, you face challenges, you have to control yourself, you have to bear the opposition of people. You have to hear foul words from them. And you're struggling, you're putting in effort for in a major hurdle enough. See, whoever strives he's striving for himself, because he is the one who will benefit. You cannot benefit a lot by your struggle. Who will you benefit yourself by for example, if you're finding it extremely difficult to

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turn the television off, and you struggle you put in effort and you press that red button and you turn it off? Who's gonna benefit? Whew, isn't it you will get the time to get up and do something else and open up your doors and do your lesson for innama yuja hidden NFC

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many times when you share the IRS with other people when you share what Allah subhanaw taala said, they say no, no, I don't think the religion of Islam is that hard. Islam is about moderation. Islam is about taking it easy. Islam is not that difficult. You think of it as difficult. But what do these is tell us? It is difficult. It is challenging it

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is about going through difficulties. It is about striving. It's about struggling. And anyone who struggles, whether it is in order to evade Allah or it is in order to stay away from disobedience or it is in order to prepare for the meeting with Allah for innama yuja hidden enough see then in fact he is trying for himself in a lala land he united al amin, Indeed Allah shorty, free of one from the people of the worlds, he does not need your worship, he does not need your struggle. He does not need your effort. He does not need you to go through difficulties. No, he is running. If you struggle, if you go through hardships, you will benefit. If you bear with patience, you will

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If you think about in the previous ayah, what was mentioned, meeting with Allah. If you think about it, whenever you have to meet someone, don't you need to prepare from before? Don't you? Of course you do. And depending on who you're meeting with, your preparation will be different. If you're just going to meet someone for five minutes for two minutes, and they're not really that important. Your preparation will involve hardly anything. But if it's someone very, very important that you have to meet.

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What happens if you find out you have to meet them after a week, the whole week, you think about them? What am I going to say? What am I going to wear? How am I going to speak? How am I going to say it? You know, what is it that I'm going to discuss? You're constantly thinking about that you're constantly worried about that. You prepare yourself, you prepare yourself for the journey, you prepare yourself mentally, you prepare yourself in whatever way that is required.

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Similarly, we see that a girl, she is prepared for her meeting with her husband from a very young age, isn't it that you will be married one day so learn how to do this, you'll be married one day to learn how to do that. So the more important the meeting, the longer the preparation, the greater the preparation. So, if you want to have a good meeting with Allah, then you need to prepare and in order to prepare What do you need to do? strive struggle put in some effort. And when you do that, you will benefit only yourself.

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When jaha innama yuja. Hidden enough see into the facility I have 46 we learn Minami la sala handful enough say whoever does righteousness it is for his own soul. In total Islam is seven we learned in our central accidentally unphysical way in a certain fella, when larina amanu army lasala hurt and those people who believe and do righteous deeds, then you can feel anon whom say to him, we will surely remove from them their misdeeds, then Luca Philander calf, raw Kapha What does cafaro literally mean, to cover to hide? And cafaro Yuka Phil, is to erase a scene in such a way as if it was never committed before. Like when something is hidden, it's not visible anymore, you cannot see

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it, it's covered. Sometimes it says it's non existent. You can't even tell something is behind the carpet. Something is under the carpet. Like sometimes people are cleaning and instead of picking up the garbage, what do they do? They just shove it under the bed, shove it under the furniture, shove it under the carpet. So it's covered and you can't even tell it's there. Right? So cafaro Yuka furutech feed is to erase a sin in such a way as if it was never committed. It's gone, as if a person never ever committed that mistake, never committed that crime. So those people who believe and do righteous deeds, Luca Ferran and him say you admire him. Allah will remove their sins

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completely from them. He will obliterate them, he will finish them completely erase them. How? Why? Because they're going through difficulties. And they're doing Saba. They're struggling to perform righteous deeds. And what do we learn that in AlHassan ads, you'd have no say that good deeds, what do they do? They erase bad deeds. So then you can feel on their own home say to him, when an edge of the unknown and surely we will definitely reward them. Accidentally you can hear Malone, the best of what they used to do, we will reward them in the best way, in the best form for the best actions that they used to do. Because Mangia unhesitating fella who are still sad. So what do we see over

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here? What's the benefit of a man? Previously we learned about what that when a person has imagined he has to face some challenges. Now over here, we see the good side as well. But when a person has imagined he does Arnold Salyer, besides the challenges besides the difficulties, what else does Allah promise? What else does Allah promise forgiveness of sins and great reward. This is the good side as well, which we must also hope for, which we must also look into that first of all a person sins are removed and secondly, you will get more reward

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This is just like when a person takes a bath. When a person takes a shower, what happens? His body becomes clean, right? all the impurities are removed from his body, and at the same time he becomes nice and fresh, right? Double benefit. Similarly, when a person has a man, his sins are removed, and at the same time he will also get reward. It's as though he has taken a shower. It's as though he has taken a bath. his sins are washed away, his mind is rejuvenated, so that he can do more good. What else do we learn over here that Allah subhanaw taala would want an edge of the unknown accent and that he can have the aroma noon and he will reward them as well. Instead of Nyssa 40 we learned

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in the LA Lakers limo Miss Carla de la team were integral Hassan yubari Indeed, Allah does not do injustice, even as much as an atom's we were integral hacer Latin, and if it's a good dtlr if he multiplies it, this is how generous he is. Now some things that we must keep in mind, that when a person accepts Islam, because what is mentioned over here is that one Medina amanu wireman saleha, that when a person accepts Islam, then remember that all of his previous sins they are forgiven. And when he does good, and he keeps on doing good, then he will be given much reward for it. And when a person starts to do good, then what happens he naturally dislikes evil,

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isn't it? He naturally dislikes evil and he wants to do more good. And when he wants to do more good as a result, his sins will be forgiven and as a result, he will get more reward.