Angels In Their Presence S2 #23 – The Throne of Allah Shook

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When he talks about using your time wisely and taking advantage of the years that you have on earth, the companion whose name comes up in my mind is always tied to the mile. It'll be a lot of time on now. Side the Benoit was a chief of a house in Medina and if you remember, most out of the Allahu Anhu went to Medina he basically got the buy in of three people and that spread Islam throughout Medina. It was say them in her late who we spoken about all the law and who And then Saturday, Benoit and Sarah Ivanova may Allah be pleased with them also, as these three men at the direction Musab that brought Islam to and through Medina.

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And Sarah, there'll be a lot of time on who was only 31 years old, and he died at the age of 36. So in those five years, the position that he's going to have with the profit slice alone is almost unheard of. It's absolutely stunning how much the profit slice I'm revered this particular man and of course, that was not just the profit slice on because of the profit slice on loves him that much then surely, that is the love of a lot for him in the love of the angels. Now sadly, there will be a lot of time on who participated in Hunt duck and he had a wound that he would not succumb to until sometime afterwards and of course that was after he would give the judgment on Bentall Kurata as he

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was looked at as the most trusted person to be able to do so anyway. When the profit side some hears about Sarel the Allah Tada and who is taking his last breaths. Prophets lie some prayed sloturi budget and he goes quickly towards sad little the alonside on its Pamela as he is making his way towards the end, the Sahaba are walking with him and the straps of their shoes are falling off and their shawls are being lost because of how fast the prophets lie. Selim is proceeding towards side little the allowance on and that was not common. So they said to the Prophet Seisen they said the other sort of lot. You're walking so fast that we're losing our shoes, we're losing our shells, what

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is it? Yeah, to sort of listen to what he says he says in the A Hafele and to speak on Al Mulla Iike today He came as a Kutna Illa hamdulillah panelizer I'm afraid that the angels are going to get to him before we do the way they got to humbler Subhan Allah so it's like I want to get to him before he passes away. And the Prophet slice alum quickly comes to the bedside of saggital the law Tada no and Rasulullah Seisen is looking around and he is seeing the angels filling the room of sad little the Allahu Tana And when he says honey and Nokia, honey and Nokia bamboo he said he's looking around he's saying congratulations to you. Oh a warm congratulations to you. You know what an amazing life

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that you live just five years in your 30s and what an amazing death that Allah subhanaw taala is blessing you with the angels are all over sad little the little town and home when he passes away. And in one narration 70,000 angels came down for the janazah of sad had been wild that had never tread the earth before 70,000 melodica especially sent for the sake of attending and participating in the janazah of this man sadly Ben wild little the Allahu Tada. And now when they took sat a little the low tide and hope to be buried. One of the things that the Sahaba said they said that it was as if his body was carrying us he was the body was so light and it was going so fast that it was

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proceeding and rushing towards the grave. And we couldn't keep up with it. And the hypocrites they mocked said they said he's light in a way of mockery and the prophets nice and I'm said what that that was the angels that were rushing him to his grave. Remember the believing soul says but the morning or the morning Hurry up, hurry up, take me to my grave, take me to my grave, so that they can enjoy what Allah subhanaw taala has prepared for them. One of the narrations as well as that the Prophet slice on him says, Does the absolute Rama the throne of the Most Merciful shook by the death of Saddam in my little the allot of time the man's death shook the throne of Iran. Now, that's a

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powerful narration and it needs some context. Because what does that even mean? Did it shake because of tragedy? Or did it shake out of joy? You might remember there's a heavy third and I liken this to that the prophets lie some was walking on Earth with aboubaker armor on Earth man, may Allah be pleased with them, and are heard shook. Why did I hurt shake the prophets I said, there's a mountain that loves us and we love it and the prophets lie Selim, he kneeled down and he tapped or hurt and he said to us Bucha are here to be firm or hurt, because you have upon you a prophet a Sadiq and to martyrs. So the prophets lie some elbow back

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Get on an earth month. So it shook out of love OUT OF HONOR out of haber for who was on it. And so when we talk about the throne of the Most Merciful, it shook out of joy for saddle the Allahu taala. And, and one of the ways that the scholars explained that is what the prophet slice Allah mentioned that the souls of the shahada, the souls of the martyrs, are placed in the bodies of green birds. Now, these green birds are not like the green birds that we would see or any birds that we would see something that is heavenly. And those birds roam the gardens and the sustenance of paradise and they eat from the fruits of Paradise as they please. And then they come back to these chandeliers that

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are nestled from the throne of Oman. So their nests, where they come back to are these lamps, the chandeliers that are hanging from the throne of the Most Merciful. And so the Throne of Allah subhanaw taala as they mentioned, the Throne of Allah shook in a way of joy from receiving the soul of this blessed man, for whom the angels crowded his janazah and accompanied him to his grave and a man that the prophets lie some love so much was finally said even saddle the law if anyone was going to be spared from the squeeze of the grape it would have been sad little the allowance I know, but even sad, there'll be a lot of time on who had the squeeze of the grave. So it's a reminder that

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every human being has to go through certain things. But all of us can aspire to receive what the soul is saddled alongside on who received

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