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Ash-Shuara 69-104 Word-Analysis and Tafsir 90-104

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Well it was live until Jenna today Motoki and paradise will be brought near that day to the righteous when on the day that the people are resurrected on the Day of Judgment, when wealth and children are not going to help, when only Calvin Salim is going to help.

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On that day what's going to happen was leaflets just as a word as left zamfir to bring near to draw close. So, what is the fatty agenda to Paradise is going to be brought near to limit the clean Why? So that they can see it so that they can enter it quickly?

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What Buddha tell jMo and on the other hand, Hellfire will be brought forth for who levaquin for the deviator

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boo rezept Bell, the gurus and Burroughs is to come interview.

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So bursaries that it will be brought into view, it will be exposed, so that it becomes visible to them so that they can see it clearly. What barisal jehane model Halloween and Halloween florala are we who is lobby one who is in height, who isn't deviation, who is deviated from the right way. So Hellfire will be shown to them, they'll be made to see the Hellfire wikidata home, and it will be said to them. I know my content, our boon. Where is it that you used to worship where all those beings whom used to worship whom you thought were your gods, Ibrahim or Islam? Ask them? What is it that you worship? Have you thought about what you worship? Can they benefit you? Can they harm you?

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Not at all, who can really benefit you a lot of panel data. So on the Day of Judgment, the people who adhere to the worship of the idols, they will be asked and reproach that Where are those beings whom you use to worship?

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men do not lie. besides Allah Hylian sunako? Do they help you today? Are we on Tesla alone? Or can they at least help themselves?

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Soon from interesada in disorders to assist oneself to defend oneself? So where are they today? Can they help you today? Can they take you out of trouble today? This Hellfire that you can see can to save you from it? Or at least can save themselves from it? No, they cannot. If they cannot help themselves, then how can they help you

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for Kabuki woofie her so they will be overturned into the Hellfire home they will have wound and the deviator

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Kabuki boo, good cable from the roof address, gaff bear, the gumball inner is to put a container upside down. What does it mean to put a container upside down. So it gives a sense of overturning something. And that befallen is to push someone to throw someone on their face.

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So it is as though to push someone from behind so that they fall on their face upside down. Not on their back, but on their face upside down. So Google kibou, they'll be toppled over, they'll be turned upside down and thrown into the Hellfire who brought home the snam the idols that they used to worship, and along with them will have wound and the deviator is as well meaning those who worship them.

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So what do we learn from this, that on the Day of Judgment, after the heads up? After the accountability, what's going to happen?

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Jenna will be brought near,

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so that the distance between gender and the people of gender is shortened

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so that they can enter gender very quickly.

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And on the other hand, what's going to happen to the people of Hellfire, that they'll be made to see the Hellfire and they'll be reproached again and again that Where are those beings will be used to worship? Can they help you can they assist you? Not at all. And then they'll be thrown into the Hellfire face down Upside down overturned? Who? The idols as well as those who worship them?

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And they'll be thrown down from where from the

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who else will be thrown into the Hellfire would you know do you believe our own and the soldiers of Iblees all together junoon Laura, love Jen, who are the soldiers of a police those who follow Him, those who are obedient to Him, those who are misguided themselves and they also misguide others

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Judo to Emily's edge marone altogether, no matter how many there may be, no matter how numerous they may be, all of them are going to be thrown into the Hellfire into the rigid if 42 to 44. We learned that our last panel data set to at least

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That in everybody Lisa Carla himself on my servants you have no authority over them in laminate America middle of Halloween except for those people who follow you have the Halloween

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one in your hand number 11 Marie to whom a Jew marine and indeed Hellfire, it is their promise place altogether.

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And don't think the Hellfire is too small No, there has to work it has seven doors, seven gates. And according to other seven levels, they could leave every main home just knock. So, for every gate is often a portion that is designated

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ALU they will say who will say those people who worship the idols they will say one who has the highest azimuth while all of them are disputing there in

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the afternoon from

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an assignment dispute with one another to quarrel with one another. So who will be quarreling in the Hellfire? All these people that have been mentioned over here, the army, those who are deviated, the snam those who are worshipped besides Allah. And also Do you know the Emily's the troops of Emily's all of them will be disputing with one another.

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What will they say? What will the deviator say those who followed those who worship the idols, those who follow the footsteps of shaitaan they will say tala he, by Allah, in con Laffy Bora lima bean. Indeed, we were in manifest error. What was wrong with us?

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What were we doing? By Allah, we were clearly wrong. We were clearly in error.

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In this dunya they don't acknowledge

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when they're made to see the truth when they're made to realize the truth. They don't admit. They don't accept, but on that day, they will acknowledge the truth

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is Musa wiko when we used to equate you will have better al amin with the Lord of the worlds No, so we from the root that has seen Well, we have so why you start with us, we have to make equal.

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So when we use to make you equal to the Lord of the worlds,

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when we considered you equal to Allah subhanaw taala.

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When we worshipped you,

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we were clearly in error. When we commit a check, we were clearly wrong. But we did not use our mind,

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woman of Atlanta, and no one misguided us inland merge removed except the criminals,

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even then they will not realize it was their fault. Again, who will they blame others? Other people lead us astray? Who will lead us astray? I would remove the criminals and who are the criminals, our leaders, our predecessors, our forefathers?

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Because in the dunya, whenever they were asked, Why do you worship these idols? What was the answer? Would you have ever been good Attica for I know, this is how we found our forefathers. This is what they used to do, therefore we follow them in their footsteps. So while Maulana Elon was removed, we don't insult them. Zap is 67. That the people of Hellfire they will say, we'll call you robina in a thoroughness that Anna will kupala Anna, for Alba Luna sebelah. And they will say Our Lord, indeed, We obeyed our masters, and our dignitaries,

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those people who are above us, our dignitaries, our leaders, our predecessors, we followed them, and they led us astray from the right way

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for melanoma and Chef urien. So now we have no intercessors. No one can come and intercede for us, no one will come and intercede for us request that we should be saved from the punishment.

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Well, as you can hear me, and nor a devoted friend, we have no one to come and intercede for us. And at the same time, we have no devoted friend even who will come and request for us. If you notice, shaffir Enos fluoro. And so you can hear me singular Why? That's so you can hear me, not even one friend, not even one sincere, devoted, loyal friend from the dunya that we used to have. Not even one of them will come to defend us. So the UK is used for someone who has sodic view would be someone who is very sincere in his love.

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Someone who shows that he's very, very sincere to you who proves this friendship to be true.

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So in the dunya, all those friends who prove their friendship to be true, they were very, very loyal to us. They supported us in everything.

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Today, we don't even have one of them. Come

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To help us and how mean from how many mean hammer, it's used for heat. How many that which is very hot, also used for boiling hot water, but it's also used for a very close friend,

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the one who boiled in his love for you in his sincerity and loyalty for you that if somebody says anything against you, he boiled in anger.

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Well as you can hear me,

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not even one sincere friend will come and protect us.

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Over here, a scene from the Day of Judgment is being described

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that when the criminals are hurled one on top of the other into Hellfire, Kabuki goofy hat, one on top of the other, what will happen? The people of Hellfire they will begin to quarrel and dispute with one another.

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This is mentioned here and it's also mentioned elsewhere in the Quran. For example, the Sudoku era is 38 we learn all of the Hulu film in quite a while admin COVID communal Genie was insufficient. Colima. Matan learned to her every time a people will enter hellfire. It sister, meaning the following nation or the proceeding nation, what we'll do, what we'll do, Lana is going to curse. Today what happens? People are very proud of their friendship. People are very proud of what they do. People are very, very proud of the wrong ways. They're very proud to be followers of so and so. Friends of so and so, adherents of so and so

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owners of such and such.

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But on that day, all these connections will get cut off.

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And all these friendships will turn into enmity

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that people instead of supporting one another in that time of pain and hardship and Hellfire, what will they do? rebuke what another blame one another argue with one another dispute with one another.

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This is why Allah subhanaw taala says that a healer who you may even borrow to whom liberal than I do that close friends on that day some of them will be enemies to one another. Why?

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Because they lead one another astray. In the middle, except for those people who have

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what did we learn earlier about Ibrahim Renison, he recognized who his enemy was. And he recognized who was really his friend.

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He recognized that anything that took him away from the worship of Allah

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that took him to words punishment was what his enemy no matter how innocent it appears to be, no matter how harmless it appears to be. But in reality, what is it? enemy.

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But unfortunately, we see this today, but we overlook it.

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We know who our enemies are. We know that perhaps from among our friends, there are those who make us say things that are very wrong, that make us do things that are very wrong. But still just to please them, just to look cool, just to look good, just to be famous. We continue with these friendships and we keep on doing wrong things, one after the other.

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But on that day, these friendships will not bring any benefit to a person. There'll be a source of great regret for him. Yeah, we letter late and he loves his phoolan inhaler. I wish I had not taken so and so as my friend

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Alyssa Powell says and sort of sod is 64 in the helical have gone the hustle early now. Indeed, that is truth. What is the truth, the quarreling of the people of hellfire.

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Today they're together. Today, they might show they're close to one another. But on the Day of Judgment, they're going to fight with one another.

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You will notice that even in dunya people who may appear to be very close to each other, what happens they end up fighting with one another when

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when they suffer from some loss. Or if there's a conflict of interest. People may be very close to one another previously. But as soon as there's a conflict as soon as they suffer some loss, what happens immediately they start fighting with one another all their friendship goes down the drain. It's finished.

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The loss that people will suffer in the hereafter in Hellfire is greater than any other loss. So all those friendships, all those close connections will be finished.

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All those claims of love and friendship will be abolished that they will come to an end that they

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follow. So if only and Elena kabwata and If only we had a return gala is a return meaning another chance

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If we only had another chance to do what? To go back to the dunya for an akuna Minal meaning, then we would be after believers. If we only have one more chance we will become sincere believers

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in total are off, if 53 we learn that the people will say, oh, Nora do phenomenal Lila lady could Nana man If only we could be sent back. We will do deeds other than what we used to do before. But is anyone going to be sent back? Is anyone going to be given another chance? No way. Because even if people are given another chance, what do we learn in total unarmed 28. What I would do to the man who I knew who were in the home, look at even if they are sent back, they will go back to their ways. They're liars. Because if you think about it, even in this dunya, Allah subhanaw taala makes us see who is our enemy who is our friend.

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He makes us see that he makes us realize that, that those same friends because of them, we get into trouble. We end up failing our exams, we end up doing things that are inappropriate, we get into trouble, from our parents, from our teachers, from our loved ones. But what happens if we have truly learned a lesson we will change our ways. But those people who do not take a lesson, what happens they go back to those same friends, they go on doing the same things that they used to before they do not learn a lesson from even the greatest loss from even the greatest harmful consequences.

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So the person does not learn this lunia.

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If he says that he has learned in the year after he's not going to be given another chance, in a fee that he can, indeed in that there is surely aside, but still American meaning but still most of them are not believers, Allah subhanaw taala remind us again and again.

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Don't move on. Until you take a lesson from this. What is the lesson that we learned from this?

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From the story of Ibrahim right instead of from the description of the Day of Judgment? What do we learn? Think about her what I is there in this incident in this description.

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Whatever you think is close to you today. It will leave you tomorrow.

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Whether it's your wealth, or it's your children, or it's your wrong friends, they will leave you tomorrow unless and until

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you have a convincing because if you have a carbon Saleem, then you're welcome children how will you use them in the way of your friendships? What will they be for for the sake of Allah? And these are a source of benefit.

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What else do we learn?

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That we are not to follow everything blindly. Just because somebody called us to do something doesn't mean we have to listen to them. Unless obviously they're calling us to Quran and Sunnah. Something that is off the deen that we have to accept and follow. But anything other than that, don't follow a person blindly. Don't follow anything blindly use your mind that Allah has given what else

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that we must recognize who what is our enemy? It could be a place it could be a thing. It could be a person, it could be an action. What is our enemy? What is it that distracts me from Allah? From preparing for my hero? What is it that damages my heart? You understand? Calvin Salim is what safe and sound heart free of defects. What is it that damages my heart?

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What else

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that arguing if the Psalm is a quality of who the people don't Hellfire? So we should stay away from such behavior.

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And well wishing is the quality of the people of gentlemen

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Learn from your mistakes now so we don't regret later. So in the Fie Delica I wonder kind of meaning what is the said that despite the fact that people see the side despite the fact that people realize the AI still they don't change still their actions don't change one mechanic thought a little mini but still alive. so generous. We're in Arabic Allah hola Aziz. He is mighty against to against those who are arrogant, those who are proud. And he's also a Rahim at the same time towards those who are truthful, those who have well, wishing those who do good.

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will listen to the recitation of these iron.

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Boom boo

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