Abdullah Oduro – Nightly Reminder 16-11-2023

Abdullah Oduro
AI: Summary © The importance of Islam-IA (Jahid-IA) is discussed, including negative consequences such as loss of family members and the need for trust in Islam. The difficulty of hardship, including the need for trust in Islam, is emphasized. Consent on the Islam-IA rule is also emphasized, along with the importance of building on one's beliefs to achieve success. The need for faith in Allah's actions and attributes to his ability to assist others is also emphasized. The importance of acceptance and building on one's beliefs is emphasized, along with the need for people to have a strong understanding of their beliefs to achieve success.
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By and cannot is the dua that's made in salata winter

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you will hear this at tarawih on the last record the last record and so after winter when they come up from record and we have been explaining it portion by portion so we covered alarm ox and then I'm in Cushitic matter who will be made metal holder will be he been an Alabama mount sciatic, I mean thought I took him out to balloon IV Jana tech, which translates to mean, or Allah, a portion for us from our fear and mindfulness of you that which serves as a barrier between ourselves and our bad deeds. Or that serves as a barrier between sinful practices. Women thought I took him out to believe whenever we be agenda, tech, and also a portion for us, give us a portion of that obedience that

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allows us to reach Jenna. And we covered some very important points. And I have one question for this, that we covered before and it's very important. So what I just said is the portion of the DUA this and Allah a portion for us the obedience to you that allows us to reach agenda.

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So does Allah give us Jenna as an exchange for our good deeds?

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Is the question

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Yes, no, maybe so?

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No, the what's the answer?

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Not necessarily. So what is necessary for this necessarily portion?

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His Rama, anyone else?

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So we have Rama for 300.

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Exactly It is His mercy and that's authentic hadith of the prophets of Allah. I know some of them

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are the Prophet SAW Selim, he said that you will not enter Jannah by your actions, meaning by your actions alone. And and they even asked him well that answer yet also not even your messenger of Allah and even said Well, Anna, Allah, Allah and yet Assam Madani LA who Mati not even me, except that only if Allah if God in showers and encompasses me with his mercy. And I think it's very important for us to understand the whole concept of mercy, especially when times of hardship happen, and times of hardship will bring uncertainty to us because we are anticipating the end of hardship. So the greatest hardship generally that we are seeing now is what?

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war possible war were

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in Palestine, right, we only want to call it war, because it is there's an oppressor and oppressed as the only rewards. Right? So we see that there is a general hardship, and many of us want this hardship to be what

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we want the hardship to finish. Right? But we don't know. So that brings uncertainty. Now. And that's why it's important for us in regards to this, that we have this obedience to Allah and understand that the Mercy of Allah is manifest in hardship.

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It's hard to believe, but the Mercy of Allah is manifest in hardship. And that hardship may be Miss B, it may be particular to one person, or a genus of people, or a group of people or a nation of people. Or that hardship could be more intense with a group of people and less intense with another group of people. Or that hardship may be a different kind of hardship with the group of people, then a ladder group. So with Palisson right now, the hardship of not eating, not drinking, no electricity, and that's external instead of internal could be the Battle of Allah SCADA. But we see that the strength Subhanallah, is immaculate. With Allah SCADA. He's predestination, they're trusted

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him there, imagine him after they lose relatives, they see children dying, there has to be a level of trust in Allah and shaytaan will come to him and say, God, why would you allow children to that? What did they do? What did they do? Right away? Well, the last panel with data, with his booty and Allah subhanaw taala, with all of us, being that we are, we are, we are Muslims, and that we're parents and that we have all of this to take place in all that we love. The creation of Allah subhanaw taala know that it is ultimately a Mercy of Allah. But most of us at times will not understand the manifestation of that mercy. And remember, I give the example with the dentist, you

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walk in, you hear the drill, you hear the drill going on, and then we say, oh, what's going on? You know, you may think that it is hard that the dentist is being hard on the person or punishing them. But in actuality it is a mercy because it was a pain that the person was facing with their tooth and they had a toothache and the only way to take that toothache out was to pull the tooth out and then you know, read set out etc. At that time. We may have thought that's a hardship on it, but it's mercy because it alleviated pain that alleviated pain. So at times

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may feel something is hard, but in actuality it is in general it is a manifestation of the Rama and the mercy of Allah subhana wa Tada. So the next portion of the DUA that we want to cover is where last month Allah says, will be nearly againI met to her when Elena Messiah but dunya and Allah apportion for us, the certainty that makes the hardship or that makes that gives us the indifference of the hardship of this life.

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The certainty that makes it makes us indifferent to the hardships of this dunya so give us the team and what is your team who can tell us what your pain is?

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What is we mean by certainty

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there are many people that believe in Allah but they don't have your king

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they say I believe in Allah and Muslim I believe that God is one I believe I'm I'm so so. But they're not certain about what

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is it? Once it's in the back?

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I heard the sister

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when they're not certain about what

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many of our youth right now they believe in Allah is when they believe the Prophet Muhammad SAW Salam, but when they reach puberty, or when when they start to ask about God, and they start to voluntarily make the choice to believe in Allah, they go through that phase of uncertainty.

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Right. Some people that are not Muslim have become Muslim because of what's happening.

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So what is that certainty? In what

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What do we mean by certainty and Amen?

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Allah knows Allah is going to do that you have to have the trust and Allah, that yes, he is going to do it. You need to believe and you need to have trust on it. You should have faith in that kind of level that you are going to think whether it's the one that things will not in your direction or not in your favor, you have to have the belief that Allah is going to do it.

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Okay. So what you have mentioned right now are different are the actions of the servants of Allah, towards Allah.

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But those actions trust, believe that Allah is going to do something. All of those are actions from our heart towards Allah, but that action of the heart trust for example,

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came because of what you are certain that Allah is Able to do it.

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For you are certain that Allah is able to send mercy you are certain that Allah is Able to preserve you are certain that Allah is Able to punish, you are certain that Allah is able to change the historical situation.

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Right? You're certain in his capabilities.

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The Prophet SAW Selim, he said in a beautiful Hadith we always say this in Juma Allah will unto

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Mookie Nona Bill ejabberd.

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Calling Allah subhanho wa Taala and you are well while you are certain of his answering your DUA.

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Right? So does that mean when I make dua, should I be certain that Allah is going to answer it?

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Maybe not today

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it's a long road as long as you make an offer

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it's a highway isn't that a road that's like a Nam, we should be certain that our dua if it is with sincerity and what it is with since it is with truthfulness, and trust in His names and attributes, that he will answer it, when that will be how that will be is up to us, right?

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It's up to Allah subhanho wa Taala when he will answer and when and how

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all of us here I can guarantee we've made dua for our brothers and sisters in Palestine and Afghanistan, and Sudan, in Libya, in China, in all of these places, some of these are getting news coverage and some are not we've made dua for the Muslims in general. But when will he answer it? Any takers? Who knows when

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if you know when put it on the WhatsApp group Sharla

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I'd like to know myself. None of us.

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Okay, is it is it correct for him to say in the near future in sha Allah, is that correct thing to say?

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Allah has promised that he's going to assist this a wide Allah. So we can say in the near future, and then we say,

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Inshallah, yeah, so it's okay to say that. No, so we understand that Allah subhana wa Tala is going to protect his servants, servants servants on this earth, whether he protects them by taking them and their shahada, or who protects them in this

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Life with their Amen most importantly, and we have Yaqeen in that. So when you talked about we trusted him we trust in a lot because of his ability to do so. So when we call in Allah with certainty, we're certain that he will answer our dua if we have sincerity and trust in Him and so, we are saw that with Allah, we are true for the loss of chronoa Donna in our door.

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I remember katabi said to be if he said in Nila hammer, Hammer, hammer, Jabba lacking Mohammed dua.

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He said Verily, I am not so concerned with the E jab, that Allah will answer but I'm concerned with the sincerity of my calling on Allah subhanho wa taala. So when talking about Yaqeen it's beautiful how the process sunset will be nearly a teeny mare to her when Elena and to her when is like something that is weak, makes something weak or fable, Messiah dunya the difficulties of this life, when you have Yaqeen and certainty and Allah nothing fazes you from hardship.

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You are not altered to the degree that it affects your belief and Allah,

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that when you're faced with it, yes, as humans, you will face something you have any emotion. But that anchor and belief in Allah will bring you back to your strength and faith. Because you know, what happens in will in here? When something happens to someone,

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any event, any trial,

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there is an emotion,

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that emotion will eventually have an interpretation, how will you interpret that thing that has happened? Your interpretation of any events will rely on your belief system.

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There are people that Allah is taking in some parts of the world, he is taking them back to him.

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That's an event that we've seen happen, it makes us sad. It makes us angry. How do you interpret that?

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Do we interpret it and say, God punishes people.

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God wants evil for people.

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And because of my weak belief in God, so you know, why would a God of mercy do that?

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I don't believe in him.

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I talked to someone a couple of days ago, they were they were affected when they were young Yanni by someone older than them, you know what I mean? And I said, I will, I'm not going to worship a God that has that allows that to happen to me.

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Right, so that events take place, it elicits an emotion and that emotion will be interpreted a certain way. The one that has Yaqeen and Allah when they see things that they don't want to happen, or that is universally unfortunate, they realize with their anchor and Allah has put down their trust in Him. When Allah says in the motto city, what you saw very early with hardship comes ease with that is a guideline for life. That that hardship, hardship, there will be ease that will come and that ease will come from Allah because it's beyond you.

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If you truthfully believe that when that hardship comes, you say in sha Allah, Allah will alleviate or you say

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there's going to be those times you have any of you had those times in your life we had those

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like Allah, please I'm counting when I'm sorry, but I gotta ask when you know, it's those what you're struggling inside.

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You struggle each and every one of us have it, you struggle inside. But that anchor that you have a strong that Yaqeen to where you reach a point, any Masonic mercy but hardship of the dunya it doesn't really affect you to where it shakes your foundation of faith. You will reach a point to the hardship immediately you see it you see God the law minister, that's what Allah subhanho wa Taala was you don't seem unsympathetic, but you know that Allah has something well and planned in the future. So that's the dua of the province of Allah and it was sending them this portion he said well, menial Yekini met to her when Elena masala dunya and from certainty that makes us indifferent

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to the difficulties in this life. May Allah subhanho wa Taala make us of those who have certainty and all this certainty to make us indifferent in this life. You're a bit Alameen your Rahman and Rahim or Hamilton or Bill Alameen Allah my dad in our IDI Aika Ajay, the quadratic era but I mean for in the hula you're just gonna Allahumma if one of them also Dafina fee Philistine Yarrabah Alameen. One sort of homophobic or condemn humara but Allah Colombian Yara Bella, I mean,

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you had a bill Armina Filon as Illumina were cofina Anessa yet in our telephone number or your Rahman Rahim oh the merciful have mercy upon all of the ones that are living in ones that have passed away Yoruba that I mean Oh ALLAH blessed them with strength in their hearts and blessed us with strength in our hearts and the man to make us of those that call on you and sincerity you out a bit I mean, although the one that flips the hearts keep our hearts firm upon your religion out a bit I mean, all increases in our in our dua sincerely for your sake. Yeah, Robin. I mean

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While I answer the call of our dua that is with sincerity aerobill alameen wa sallahu wa salam of radical and Amina Muhammad wa ala Ali he wants to hear me

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