Ramadan 2021 – A Juz A Day #17 The Prophets’ Patience and Dua

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llamada Sula. While early he was heavy on wanna rubbish, Jackie. Sadly, I still agree with Lucas Amanda Cerny of all the robina add enough to the Santa

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Santa Monica Santa Monica de la he will get to a very welcome to a juice a day. Today we are covering the 17th jewels of the forearm.

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The 17 inches of the foreign has two sewers in it and these two sewers are in their entirety. It begins with Surah ambia which is Surah number 21. And so ambia ends in this juice and then sewer number 22 with a Surah Al Hajj that is also entirely in this just this just comprises of two surah of the Quran, ambia and Hajj. ambia means the prophets ambia means the prophets, those who will last month ascend with his messages. So this story, this surah is going to speak quite a bit about prophets, but not just about profits, like the stories of profits, as we have seen in other suitors of karate. In fact, what we're going to see here is

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something a little different. We're gonna see

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more about Ibrahima restaurant than anybody else. He's going to be featured very prominently in this surah and he's gonna be very featured very prominently in the next Surah Surah Al Hajj. That's one thing you'll notice about this. The other thing we'll notice about this is that this surah speaks about the patience of the prophets and there are in times of difficulty This is something that all of us need more

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in especially there are in times of of trial and difficulty. So let us get started with this surah Allah We live in a shakedown regime. It potara Ballina, cfsr boom, boom fear of Lattimore de Lune, the time of reckoning has drawn near for mankind, and yet they are heedless, and they turn away my team in victory. murabaha martyrs in illustre, Maru Houma, la Boone, whenever any fresh admonition comes to them from their Lord, they listen to it but do not take it seriously. Why don't do now tickets use de la Heaton blue boom, their hearts are distracted and forgetful. This is an interesting

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analysis of the Quran. Very interesting observation about people who are not who don't care about a purpose for life as in, in life that has a purpose, and there is salvation to be attained in the next life or the threat of an eternal, eternal eternal punishment. They don't take this worldview.

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The Quran says largely because lahia tonkotsu their hearts are distracted and forgetful. They're you know, enjoying this life, and it's making him forget about the life of the next life. What a sad run Nigel Levine of Allah muhabba illa Bashara Miss lucam the wrongdoers confer together secretly saying, Is this not? This is not it's not this man, excuse me, is not this man, a mortal like you? Will you succumb to magic with your eyes open effort to know how and don't to be certain he just, he's just a guy. He's just a guy. And when he says sounds so, so nice and sweet. It's almost like it's like magic. It did. It will deceive you. That's what you're going to follow. You're going to

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follow this guy who has this who says the sweet words.

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The response by Allah is a quarter of BLM cola for summer a woman who was severely my lord knows every word spoken in the heavens and in on the earth. He is all knowing, and all seeing

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and they say these are his confused dreams. And lots of others say he has invented it himself. Others say well washer, he is a poet. For Latina bi, I didn't come up with a Walloon the Quran is documenting what people of Makkah said about the Prophet. He is a site. He's got sweet words, and these sweet words will deceive you. He's one of these confused messages about profits and resurrection and all this. We've never heard this before. He has made it up himself invented himself. You know, he's not there's no revelation. He's making it himself. And it'll it's it's Yeah, it's really beautiful. That's because it's poetry. That's why it's so beautiful. And you know,

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what's the big deal? poetry is all the same Anyway, these are the ways they would what they will say to

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keep the keep from confronting a difficult reality that the Quran is actually revelation from Allah and stop poaching the process and did not invent it himself because he didn't know any of these details. It's actually very clear message it you know, as you can notice, the themes are very prominent.

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The messaging is very, very consistent in the Quran. This is how the Quran is.

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The rulings have nuance, but the core theology has, you know, consistency. And it's principled, and it doesn't change, you know, rulings are changing from time to time place to place. That diversity allows the religion to be lived in different times in different places. But the theology, the tenants of faith, the worldview, the idea of morality, all of that doesn't change. It's very clear. So to say it's confused dreams is actually you know, like a, it's like almost like a slur. Okay.

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The Quran says my son acaba locka, La Jolla, knowhy him, they want you Oh, prophet to be a Superman, every messenger before you was a men. Every messenger was a man, excuse me. And they were not so superhumans. They were a human beings, they were men, and they were received revelation, no, you know, he lay him that's different. That's the difference about them. You notice this is a very, very common motif in the Quran, the Quran is addressing the idea of prophethood. Very, very, you know, consistently in this manner. And as the People of the Book if you do not know this, okay. And these messengers, they were not like, again, they're not superhuman that did not need any food. They

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didn't like live for an eternity, they lived and died, right? And Allah made them a promise, Allah fulfilled his promise to them saved, who you pleased, and destroyed those who exceeded all bounds. This is a likes history. In brief, the Quran mentions and this is like the reminder for Quraysh this book has been revealed to you, it is a reminder for you local keytab and V crew comm it has a reminder for you, will you not understand Will you not take heed? This is what has happened before when knishes receive messengers openacc Take heed, okay.

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The what I mentioned here in Surah, number 16, number 16, excuse me,

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this is

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the central message of the profits has always been or the message of all the profits, excuse me has always been the oneness of God. And this surah is going to make you know, some examples or give some examples about that. Well masala sama, Allah Allah ma baina, whom Allah I mean, it was not in play that we created the heavens and the earth, and all that lies between them. And if Allah had wanted to find the past time, he would have found it. Right. He didn't need to go through this elaborate process of creation, and giving souls to people and giving them choices and creating the system for them to live in. And then there's all these dynamics in order to go through all that trouble if you

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just wanted some pastime, right? It could never even if they wanted to. But in reality, that's not the case. Allah has created this not as like a joke, not as by chance, or, you know, by just, you know, happenstance. No, it is it intentional creation, all in the cosmos. It's an intentional creation. But luckily for Bill hug, we heard the truth and falsehood, the false hood shall be crossed, to be crushed, and will disappear, bow to you, for what you utter, for what a cool way to meet matassa foon. It is a very inappropriate thing to say that this Cosmos came into existence without any purpose. It just happened to be here. We just happened to be born. This happened to

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have, you know,

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agency unlike any other animals, we just happened to have the faculties of reasoning and the extensive communications and history and history and civilization just happened to have that unlike any other creation around us. We just happen to be this way. This is why you look Manuela Matos even more do you want your utter? It's not just by that I number 22

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says our number 21 says a bit tougher. Do you have a middle of the human Sharon? Have they taken deities from the earth who can bring the debt to life? Like these deities Can they do anything? No. In fact, what is the reason why they cannot be more than one god logically, though, can Effie Hema early on in Lola hula fossa Tata had there been in the heavens and the earth, other deities besides the one true God Allah, both the heavens and the earth would be ruined the cosmos would be ruined. Why the order and the harmony of the creation of the cosmos. It tells you that there is one

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in an orderly chain of command, okay, that leads back to the one true God. I'm not talking about pure chaos of the world that evil I'm talking about. You look at the SMRT, one of the cosmos, that's actually what some of it will augments the skies on the earth is a expression for all that exists. You know, the earth, the solar system, everything we know, everything we don't know, actually. And the word for that, that we use generally is the cosmos, that particular

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you know, you know, those those, those planets, those stars, those galaxies, they exist in such perfect harmony, an order that speaks to what speaks to that there is harmony in order because there is unity of command, and that is the oneness of Allah. Because if there was a disunity in command, you have two conflicting people in charge, then obviously, that's gonna lead into disaster and chaos and the chaos will not be just seen at the top, the chaos will be seen everywhere. That is the idea even around the Earth, if you look at exclude the humans and the human evil, just a system of how the earth is, how the earth repairs itself, how the earth adapts, how all these things function like

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so panela, how amazing it is. That is again, evidence that there's only one true God, that can be any other festival Han Allah hirabayashi on my iPhone. So the Lord of the Throne, Allah is far above that wish to ascribe to him, he is the one who he is the one who no one can question him.

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But he is the one who questions while homeless alone also a better transition. None shall question him about his works, but they shall be questioned. We don't question Allah for why he did what he did, we will be questioned why we did what we did.

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That is the key part. And a very important I underline this if please, we don't question Allah for why he did what he did, no, he will question us why what we're doing, why we're doing it and whatnot, that is a very key thing. Okay.

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I number 30 mentions

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some beautiful I add of some beautiful ayat.

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A in the creation, and the I add in the creation of Allah subhanaw taala are very, you know, astonishing. And this is what we should pay attention to, to understand the reality who for our Lord who are to understand the reality of who our Lord is. Okay, what is it that it says here? Our lm er en la? Vina cafaro an SMRT while outdoor canada.com for tahona humar to them, Do not those who deny the truth, I don't know I can read to this way. Do not those who deny the truth see that the heavens and the earth were joined together, and that we then split them asunder for takahama. There is many interpretations of what this is talking about. I we don't project the big bang on this. Because the

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idea is not speaking about the theory of Big Bang, per se. Okay. That would be just like, you know, I think that would be intellectually dishonest. What it is perhaps referring to, as we find in the books of the sphere, is the idea that cat rat con is the earth and the sky, were lifeless. And then Allah brought them into life for fatahna, Houma and you know, that the process of life coming about is like, you know, a split has to happen, right? Like, something has to split for life to emerge.

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So this is a very interesting thing. And this, perhaps is something to you would question, how would the desert Arab understand this, right? The Bedouin Arab, how would they understand this concept, of course, our understanding of science and the universe is quite advanced. And we are able to grasp the idea quite easily. Yeah, this is definitely true, right. And this is not like this is a very, very precise statement. But for them to they had, you know, they would see similarities or similes around them, like, you know, you would see, like to get water, you have to split open the earth to get water out as well, right. So they would see these in a very small, very simplified ways. And

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were able to come to conceptualize this and then as you know, later generations, were able to conceptualize this more strongly. And as we started the university even more our understanding of this particular concept is even you know, stronger that they

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Were there, there was a time of lifelessness there was a time where, you know, it was the way things were, you know, in a imperfect or not in their complete shape, and the beings and then a lost mother brought them into existence, it was a process of creation. And we can appreciate that really well. And how precise is the Quran when it speaks about that. And again, I'm not dismissing the possibility of, you know, the Big Bang or whatnot, but I'm just saying, you know, you know, it could be it could be a low alum, but it does speak precisely about the nature of how

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we find the process of creation taking place, the process of creation all around us. What do I mean by equal in height? If Allah you know, and we made every living thing out of water? This is a beautiful statement. how precise also is this statement? how clear is the Qurans

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statements here?

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All of us are composed of large deal water, I don't know the percentage, but it's like a high percentage 70% or more,

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like ourselves are all water essentially, yes. And this is the case with all types of all types of creation. This is such a beautiful, such a precise statement. Again, a follow up on will this still not believe that these precision is coming from the Lord of the universe. The idea also here is actually a powerful one about everything has been made from water, that there's diversity in creation, but the Creator is one and the source they there's a common source element that all creation has a pier in the Quran is mentioned as water because we're composed largely of water, of course, you can break water down further into, you know, the, it's molecules and whatnot. But the

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point is that the appreciate the idea that there is a common link between all of Allah's creation, and that common link is because the Creator is common. And this is something that we should appreciate. And it should, you know, again, give us inspiring us humility, and inspire in his gratitude for our Lord and make us want to study His Signs more the study, the nature and the universe around us even more, but john laughing out the Ravasi we have set for mountains upon the earth, lest it should sweep under them.

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The mountains, if you know, it's like, it's like a little bit of the mountain is a peeping out from the earth, but the rest of the mountains under the surface of the earth, and it acts as a stabilizing force, it prevents, like, you know, on a, the tectonic plates, they cause the mountains when the earth was forming to spring up, right. And that sees the movement of the tectonic plates.

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In the places where there isn't a you know, that's not a mountainous range, or, you know, you know, if it's like a area that is a flat land, this is a possibility that there could be, you know,

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certain types of earthquakes that come there and whatnot. But this earth, the way the mountains are, it actually does provide stability, we can make that connection very clearly today, what do I Luffy ha fija, Jen sabula, la lomita dual, right, and the passages for paths so that they may find their way The earth is, you know, there's like a track to it, okay. And you could sense that if you travel, right, of course, we have paved roads. But even if you take like a off the beaten path, and you go up, you can sense that there is a you know, it's not just completely,

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you know, unchartered there is some tracks that Allah has left for us to allow to navigate this earth. And some of these are just, you know, the topography of the land. Some of it is people of course, but the idea is Allah has allowed that to be so we can explore and find out what this is like john in the summer. For my father, we have made the heaven here. The Heaven is talking about the sky. The sky is a well secured canopy, yet they turn away from our signs. Hmm, well, what are the Haleakala when the Hara was shumsa Well, come on. It is He will create the night and the day, the sun and the moon, Kowloon FIFA luckiness bajo every one of them gliding in its orbit. Right.

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Such a beautiful thing. This is

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we know that for a fact the sun has already it's moving right? The earth is moving around the sun, the moon is moving around the Earth. These are things that we know right couldn't have evil against behold, we can appreciate this today. Even more than men, the AI was revealed and the system of

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Life Lila and now her night and day, that's again, something for us to think about. Right? One of the challenges about say, like she living in on Venus or living on Mars is, night and day isn't as you know, like the days are like, it's not like the 24 hours that we know, it's a more difficult challenge for adaptability, I think they call it as a soul or a cell, I don't know what's called it precisely. But it's a challenge for adaptability for humans, because it the rotation of that planet is not like the rotation of the earth around this axis. The idea is, it's all this is by chance, right? All of this happened just like just randomly, of course, that they are generally beschermen

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public and hold, we have not granted everlasting life to any human being before you another sign of a loss patata is all of us will live, and all of us will die.

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That's the reality. We are finite beings, we are finite beings. And this is applicable also to the rest of what we see around us, the cosmos, cosmos is also got a deadline, when it expires, that's the Day of Judgment kulula send a call to almost every show soul, so taste that we shall test you with both good and evil circumstances as a trial. And to us, you shall return that the tests, the results of the test will come and we return to Allah. But the life right now is meant to be a test, Schmidle, Sherry will say is going to be a test with both good and evil. It's not that good is not a test and evil is a test. Allah says both of those tests.

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Good is a test of a person's

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Evil is a test of a person's patience. Both of these things are tested. And it's a very interesting thing that Allah concludes the passage by the statement because it's like, just like the creation around you is so apparent. And so, you know, manifest the same way your tests are going to be apparent as well. Right? Just as certain as you are about the existence of everything around you. Right be just as certain about life is going to be full of tests, trials and tribulations good and bad. And we ask Allah for his guidance in helping us navigate you see, like if you have a daily reading of the Quran that you do, right, you will notice the Quran reminds us again and again about

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life as a test. At these you might you will like I know that but the reminder comes in different different ways. That's why it's called a reminder, it's to remind us when we forget circumstances will make us forget our emotions make us forget that's that's the reality of being a human being. If you have a daily connection with the Koran, you're reading it at a frequency and a high volume by the a decent volume not like one iota or like a decent volume you're reading, say like a juice that allows you to constantly be reminded about the reality of life, constantly be reminded about your purpose, constantly. That thing is going to help you mitigate your emotions. And that's why it's so

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beautiful. So the Quran truly is meant to be a guidance for all of us. Last month I mentioned prophets in this surah Okay, he starts, he mentions it because the surah is named prophets. prophets of course, right?

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He says,

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first a little something interesting clinical assignment, agile man is a creature of haste.

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Soon I should also show you my science, but do not ask me to hasten that this is a reality where hasty and Allah Allah wants us to be patient. Okay, now

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messengers I have 41 blocker the stone is zero Solomon public messages have been marked before you but those who scoffed were overwhelmed by the very thing they marked

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the thing they were marking was the prophet and they were the message of the Prophet and the the divinity of Allah and that is what

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overwhelm them a lot overwhelm them and destroyed them. Okay, this is what last month reminds the people you are marking the profit. This is the thing that happened to people who marked profits before that was their end. Okay.

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A lot of other mentions here

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a very interesting passage

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above the about Hellfire, it's very severe I have number 46 Well, it must certainly have had to mean either be Robic there Poon Yahweh Ilana in Quran in acuna Follow me, even if a breadth of your Lord's punishment, touch them, they would say woe to us.

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War to us. We were indeed wrongdoers, whoa is like not like whoa, this war is, is the expression in Arabic is I am destroyed. Wally, I'm destroyed. That's the expression. That's what it means. Okay. So this people are going to say, you know, we are destroyed, and they would regret what they did. But that that point regret doesn't do anything. Because once life has finished and the person is in judgment comes by regret won't do anything. But the interesting thing is, they will say why Yeah, Wally? Oh, yeah. Why Ilana? You know, I'm destroyed. I'm destroyed, trying to come to grips with reality, but that reality is not going to be any easier. In cannavale mean, this, this repentance

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now doesn't mean anything.

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As we will see this very soon, I mentioned the story of a prophet who said the same thing, and that's fine. You can say that while you're alive. But on the Day of Judgment, the statement doesn't mean anything. When a lot of my words you know, Chris Talia, will clamor for latos law, we shall set up the scales of justice on the resurrection. So that no soul can be wrong in the least wronged, no one will be harmed, no one will be unfairly treated When can I miss call the hot button even harder actions as small as a grain of a mustard seed attain be how shall be weighed what could be the highest the mean, and we are sufficient as a reckoner meaning every good You did good, as small as

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you can imagine, as big as you can imagine, it will be weighed on the Day of Judgment, the idea of weight of the deed is not like necessarily a lot the quality, the quantity is not determining the weight, okay? Obviously, it will make the skill heavy, there's a lot, but the quality, the weight is alluding to that the quality makes a deed heavier.

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And this is the thing if a person has patience, excuse me is patient. And they've experienced tragedy after tragedy, their patients is heavier on the scale as greater quality then the patient of someone who experienced you know, a mild tragedy, okay?

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If someone is worshipping Allah, well, it's very difficult to worship Allah, their worship of Allah is heavier, because it's much more difficult

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for someone who's worshiping and it's easy. They're around Muslims all the time, and whatnot, then that handler still good counts as you know, actions, but because it's not as difficult. It's not as heavy. And this is the justice on the scale on the Day of Judgment. It is about the quality of the deeds, not the quantity, we asked a lot to make our deeds heavy on the Day of Judgment. Allah mentions prophets first Moosa and Harun Athena musawah Haruna for corner while the train began Moses and Aaron the criteria of right and wrong, any light and a reminder for the righteous, okay, the very beautiful thing was father gave to Moses. But now he turns his attention to Ibrahim Ali Salaam,

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is number 51. A very important story about Ibrahim Athena Ibrahim Agusta, whom and who couldn't be here, I mean, before this we gave Abraham his guidance we knew him about Russia is actually not just guidance, Russia is actually more like someone who's emotionally intelligent. And one who has a, you know, a good head on their shoulders. A lot smarter says about Ibrahim because what he's going to do is not just an emotional thing. He's doing this in a very methodical well thought out Wait, what he's going to do now? What is he going to do? he asked his people what are these images you're devoted to? What are these idols that you're devoted to? They said, we're just another hobby. Then

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we found our fathers worshipping them said, well, doesn't matter if your father's worship them. This is a misguidance unto quantum and quantum quantum computer Alamo when you when if others are clearly misguided because these idols don't do anything. Okay. All who will have the time in the library? Are you joking? Ibrahim said no. Your Lord is the Lord of the heavens and the earth who created them. Right? That is why you worship Allah subhanaw taala He is our Lord, the one who created everything. The heavens and the earth, photo Hoon is actually not just create, it's to bring it into existence. Without precedents. No blueprint existed. So probably about one of the communists shahidi

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I bear witness to that. And I swear by Allah, I will devise a plan against your deities after you've gone away and turned your back again. Surah the passage begin by saying Ibrahim was very methodical, very intelligent, very, you know, sound minded.

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This is his plan. He broke them all into pieces except for the biggest one of them, so that they might work.

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To him

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when they came back because they they would celebrate outside the city, they came back to the city. And they said, What happened? Who did this to our idols? That person must be a wrongdoer. They said something for 10 years guru whom you called Allahu Ibrahim, he heard a young man called Abraham talking about them. Like look at the expression. We heard a young man they call them Ibrahim mentioning them, right? He was so insignificant in their eyes. They said well bring him Let's ask him what happened under File to have a big night Abraham Abraham was a you who did this to our days. All our welfare Allah who can be rojava said rather this biggest one of them did it first Allu him

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in Canada, Interpol asked them if they can speak for Roger Isla unfussy him and look your Ibrahima. Listen I'm clearly is not speaking about the idol he says first Alou home ask them he wants them to understand and get the point. The point is these idols cannot speak these idols cannot speak that's why they're idols. That's why they're just rocks and stones. That's why they're not gods. Why don't you ask them for Roger Isla unfussy him for calling in a command to move volume when the turn to one another? instead? It is you yourselves who are in the wrong the better transition will be they

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you know we're introspective. Roger will unfussy him they thought to themselves. He's right and you're wrong.

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But then they hung their heads or better idea better position. They turned 180 degrees, no no keys to allow to see him. Right instead of recognizing what reality they were just you know, grappling with and accepting it the turn and flip the script completely as Abraham you know that they cannot speak Abraham sounds like exactly a terrible dude. I mean, do Nila mala And Pharaoh comerciais. And while I have no room to you worship something instead of God, that which can neither benefit you nor harm you notice brothers and sisters, this is always the case when it when we talk about idols, right, a lot of them speak to us, like directly from the sky, we're like, hey, God, and then there's

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a response coming from the sky, that doesn't happen, okay? In fact, that would be extremely arrogant for a person to expect them to, you know, for God to speak to them in this way, like, you would think you're that special, that the God of the universe is going to speak to you directly in this manner, you know,

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know yourself your limits, okay. But the idea is a large part that does speak to us, He gives he senses, you know, inspiration, inspiration that we find in our hearts, he speaks to us through His words to his book, it speaks to us by, you know, putting certain thoughts in our minds, and taking us away from certain situations that are detrimental to us, or bringing us to situations that are, you know, helpful to us, He guides us in a very gentle way. And that's his communication to us. We speak to him,

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through our prayers, he responds to our prayers. And you this is an experience, you have to experience it. Right. And when you experienced that, you know, that the reality of it and how truthful that response is that response from Allah, right? It's just like, someone's speaking to you is just as truthful if, in fact, in fact, if not more reassuring, and then the idea of harm and benefit idols don't harm and benefit idols don't speak of course, right? And then those don't harm and benefit either. They don't do anything. Allah is the one who's in charge of everything. And this is something you know, like, the pandemic is a terrible tragedy, but you look around, right and this

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is what Allah subhanaw taala This is not like a punishment is a leash, but it gives you a glimpse of his power, like we are powerless if Allah subhanaw taala allows something to harm us and until he stops it regardless, right? And then we are totally, you know,

00:34:08--> 00:34:12

completely at his mercy, my lion very

00:34:13--> 00:34:56

often local, how should Tao terrible Shame on you? and shame on what you worship besides Allah, do you not understand? Okay, so instead of understanding what are the say this endless burden and help you de tease if you are resolved to do something, but Allah, Allah who gave the fire the property of burning set to the fire, don't burn Ibrahim po Nyan Allah Cooney Cooney, Bardo Solomon, Allah, Ibrahim, or fire be cool and the means of safety for Abraham will arado v Caden for Allah whom will study in the sought to do him harm, but we frustrated them and made them the losers of studying from casada to lose the biggest losers.

00:34:57--> 00:34:59

They were the biggest losers because they got humiliate.

00:35:00--> 00:35:17

In this manner, they couldn't, you know, despite being the whole community, whole city versus one boy couldn't do anything to him, right. So that's humiliation. Number three, they had Prophet Ibrahim in their city he was from their town.

00:35:18--> 00:36:06

Imagine the loss. One of the greatest, the second greatest men to have ever lived was from your town, from your children. And what did you do? You decided to burn him and throw him out of the city? What a big loser. Right? Oh serene, truly the biggest losers. When Ajay now lupa, Abdullah de Burgh now if you had it, I mean, and we saved him and locked and brought them to a land which we have blessed for all people lot loot or Islam was his nephew actually. And hamdulillah he was one of those people who believed and we gave him the gift of Isaac, Isaac and Jacob was how can you apple and bow all them righteous? It speaks about leadership here. Well, you all know him. We made them

00:36:06--> 00:36:47

leaders, the prophet, Ibrahim Assam's kids, they were leaders not because they were, you know, just the kids of Ibrahima, sir No, they were leaders because yeah Do not be Amina the guided by our command or oh hi Nina la him fair LLC last week reveal to them the doing of good well, economists Sala will call masala excuse me, observance of prayer, but etha as aka and the giving of arms. every prophet before had salah and Zakat with them as well in some way shape or form. Maybe not the way we prayed. You know it doesn't have to refer to how maybe they didn't pray in Arabic right they prayed in whatever language they were, you know that they spoke

00:36:49--> 00:37:17

they didn't face the temblor they didn't do Allahu Akbar this way. Whatever right the movements were not exactly what we pray but they had a Salah, just like we have a Salah, a prayer, a set of rituals, a set of remembrances that connect us to last month Allah or Catalina Abilene and that's how we express our worship. This these two actions of salah and Zakat is how we express express our devotion to Allah Spanish Allah.

00:37:18--> 00:37:39

Lord as mentioned, he was given wisdom and knowledge and Allah delivered him from the city which practice abominations Okay, they were a wicked people okay, no Halberstam has mentioned Well, no one is not even close. But he cried out now look at this. The Do I have profits? Right? Remember this is a theme. The profits are making Dora

00:37:41--> 00:37:48

Ibrahim al Salam when he was in trouble he made dwara his dog is not you know, you know, it's not a

00:37:49--> 00:38:33

it's not mentioned in the Quran. But in a hadith literature we find he made due to Allah, Allah and, of course answered his door and saved him. localism as you saw in the other surah, right. Lo anelli become kuwa he is you know, asking for help from Allah spawn Tada. And wishing that he had support Allah Spano supported him know, hey, listen, I'm explicitly made do our inner Domine kaaboo. Right, he may do to Allah to save him from these people first, Javon Allah who for the Jena who Allahu middle Cairo vilavi. We saved him and his household from a great distress, and helped him and gave him victory over the people who rejected our revelations, and they were all drowned. But that's all

00:38:33--> 00:38:34

there was to the man.

00:38:35--> 00:39:21

Amazing prophets, father and son. They both passed judgment on the field into which some people's sheep had strayed, and grazed at night. And we bore witness to the judgment. This was a mistake that they made, he made a hasty judgment for him now has sued a man, we gave Solomon, the right understanding of the matter. And he corrected his father, he corrected his father about this matter. This is a very beautiful thing. It shows the prophets, the idea of the the experiencing different types of tests, though, that Islam was experiencing the tests of leadership of authority. And also, so the Muslim is experiencing the same test as well. And then they're experiencing the test or

00:39:21--> 00:39:59

whether they're gonna let their ego come in the way of doing the right thing, which they didn't. That is a test, that is a test. And so the man, that was also the man are examples of how beautifully to pass that test with humility, with grace or cold and Athena Folkman, while we missed out on the wisdom and knowledge on both. And the old was not some like, you know, mistake prone person, no, he was a great prophet, right? Subhana Allah azza wa jal Jeevan because the mountains to celebrate a cause the mountains, the birds to celebrate our praises, along with David, and we had the power to do so.

00:40:00--> 00:40:17

So the man was given a stormy wind subjected to him, he could make it go wherever he wants to God be Emily he, this was the, the become the power Allah father gave to this prophet, this, the great miracle that Allah gave to him.

00:40:19--> 00:40:48

YouTube member job when he called on his Lord saying, I have been afflicted with grade, excuse me with great distress, but you are the Most Merciful of the Merciful are under our hammer. I mean, he was paralyzed for years and years, had everything. family wealth, lost everything. Only had his wife left with him. But he continued to make dua and after many years Allah answered his door.

00:40:49--> 00:41:02

And but look at the beauty beauty in his door. He's not complaining. Well, how come this happened to me? I was good man. How come? How come outcome? No, it was Oh Allah. I need help. Must Sonny adore

00:41:03--> 00:41:42

you know how this harm has touched me? distress has touched, okay? Is that even saying oh are you caused it upon me? You know, it's like it happened to me, Allah and you are the Most Merciful. You can relieve it. See how we speak about love. That's how our prophets taught us to speak what Allah in this very beautiful manner. We ask Allah for this kind of wisdom. So Allah responded and heard his prayer and relieved his suffering, restored him to his family, to doubling their number as an act of grace. And as a reminder, for the worshipers is my Idris, the careful. These are all great prophets, all who are patient, all of them were righteous, and Allah accepted them in his mercy, the

00:41:42--> 00:42:26

Dora of the noon, Jonah. unison is that is the hava mall. lieben when he went away in anger, for one elder knock the rally, so he thought we had no power over him, meaning he thought that he was right, when he left his people, angrily, but he was wrong. So he suffered some consequences, and ended up being swallowed by a whale, and in the darkness of the belly of the whale of another field. lumad he cried out in the darkness, Allah ilaha illa Allah Subhana Allah in the continental salamin there is no de t but you Oh Allah, Laurie read to you I was indeed wrong. First Giovanna Allah who won a Jena hoomin alum.

00:42:27--> 00:42:59

So he heard his prayer and delivered him from sorrow, aka leka noon, meaning and thus Shall we deliver the true believers Subhanallah This is a very beautiful door I want you to underline this La ilaha illa Allah Subhana Allah in the controller body me, this is a DA member. This do I wish I was talking to I was telling you about that IRA previously, when the people of the past would say things like, yeah, Paula, Inna cannavale mean, right?

00:43:01--> 00:43:44

When they are in Hellfire, they say we are wrong doors, wrong doors, sorry, sorry, Allah, too late. But in the world, you can say in the consuming of volume and I was indeed wrong. And that's beautiful. And that's going to be a means of acceptance, a means of forgiveness, for stugeron Allah who want to join now whom in alarm, we heard his prayer and delivered him from sorrow. And that is how Allah delivers the true believers. zekeriya Zachariah who spoke about yesterday, right? He said, pried out to his Lord by Lord Do not leave me airless and you are the best of ears. Don't leave me without a child or Look, let me have a child, how many years you made. And then Allah answered his

00:43:44--> 00:44:28

door. And we'll have an Allah who we are here and bestowed upon him. JOHN, well, US law, Allah who was older and made his wife fit to bear him a child, right? How amazing. These profits never gave up hope. That's the lesson, the profits. They're showing us how to be patient. And the way we are patient is we make dua to Allah to help us through our problems. And we never give up hope. Because Allah is the only one worthy of worship is the only one who's in charge. So you don't give up hope in Him. They used to hasten to do good. We focused on doing good and we focused on where they una bah bah bah. And they would call us in hope and fear they would make dua, supplication, out of hope

00:44:28--> 00:44:45

of Allah's mercy out of fear of a loss punishment. Well cantilena harsh you're in there. We're humbled. How beautiful. What an amazing description of Zachary and his wife. How amazing was that couple. And this is again a beautiful this is like hashtag couple goals, right?

00:44:46--> 00:44:59

That's what this is. Okay. And of course, the one who guarded her chastity. So we read our spirits into her and made her and her son assigned for all people. This is of course Maria Maria Salaam and her son

00:45:00--> 00:45:52

Isa alehissalaam in the heavy metal comb, this is this community of yours is one community, all the profits are one community. All of them are one profit one nation. Okay we are we are part of that one nation of prophets, as believers in them. And all of us are not comfortable doing, all of us are joined by that we are worshipping the one true God. That's a beautiful thing. It connects us to people across time, across places, connected by the bonds of faith, faith in the true oneness of Allah, Allah and the worship of him. But of course, as I tell you, as the Chronicle tell you so many times, but the Kotaku amerihome Bay now home people are people, people are people, people who come

00:45:52--> 00:46:07

afterwards, don't live up to the standards of the prophets don't live up to the standards of the revelation divided themselves into fractions or to factions, not fractions, sorry, factions, and to us, they should all return.

00:46:09--> 00:46:38

Of course, we focus on what we can control. We quote, focus on doing good. We cannot fix the world. You cannot change the world. You can only change your world and maybe the world the people who you who whose lives you touch but the whole world you can change. You focus on what you can do my yard in Minnesota had whoever does good works. Were who were movement while he's a believer. fala kufra analisar ie we're in Allahu gatty Boone, we will record them this is a beautiful,

00:46:39--> 00:47:24

a beautiful reminder for us focus on what you can do. Allah will not let your deeds go to waste focus on the good that you're gonna do as a believer. Okay. The surah concludes Ayah number 107 by speaking about the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam What does it say for the prophets Allah? Mama or sanaka illa Rahmatullah name and of course, the Surah Surah spoke about all these prophets, concludes by speaking about the Prophet celeb, because he's the last prophet. He's the conclusion of the prophets. We have sent you forth as a mercy to all mankind. That is who the pasta was a mercy for everything and everyone will in nama, you have Elijah and that's how he lived. That's how he

00:47:24--> 00:48:08

lives off the lamb. Holy nama you Hi Ella Anima ilaha illa white it's been revealed to me that your God is but one god file and two Muslim on so will you submit to Him? right this is the Shahad La Ilaha Illa La ilaha illa Allah and in them are you Hi Ella Yamamoto Rasulullah right further into Muslim we become muslims for the except now. Okay, find our low if you turn away from other than to Kumara Saba, I have warmed you all like it's you know, you know what, what's up now and you don't have any, you know, you cannot feign ignorance at this point. And what is promised to you? I don't know whether it's close or far, but it's coming so I can tell you in now your element yahama Cody,

00:48:08--> 00:48:14

why are the Matata man surely God knows what you say openly in what you conceal. I don't know.

00:48:15--> 00:48:31

In Edina Allahu Allah kamatera in LA hain, I don't know whether it may mean a trial for you. And a short drive. I don't know what your life is going to be like. Okay, what I know is the end Allah is going to be the judge. All our Mishcon will

00:48:32--> 00:48:35

say, My Lord, Judge with the truth.

00:48:36--> 00:49:18

And our Lord, the Gracious one is the one who's help you seek against what you utter. That is true. ambia next surah speaks about is the soil to hedge and swells the hedge. The central figure in sortal hedge is Ibrahim alayhis salam. But before we get there first we look at a reminder of the Day of Judgment. And there is the reason why this is mentioned Allahu Alem is Hajj the gathering of hundreds of 1000s a few million people film few million people if you're standing there It almost seems like an incomprehensible number everywhere you look there's a person that's what feels like

00:49:20--> 00:49:59

that is like a preview of what the day of judgment will look like everywhere you see those people the whole of humanity that's ever lived every soul that ever existed brought back to life. Yeah UNICEF, UNICEF Dora back home in Zara de ser RT Shay en Avi or people fear your Lord. The catastrophe of the last hour show shall be terrible indeed. Yo matar Ah ha. That Hulu kulu morbier attend. I'm out a lot. When that day comes, every suckling mother shall forsake her infant, right? Imagine the scene. A mother who's been

00:50:00--> 00:50:45

feeding her baby will abandon her baby because she's, she doesn't. She doesn't care about the baby anymore. She all she cares about is yourself. Baby is dying, let them die. That's what's going to happen to a mother. That's how selfish people will become. The mother is the most selfless person. Because she literally gives her body up for her child who gives up her wellbeing for her child, she will become so selfish she wouldn't even care about whether the child lives or die. That is how chaotic The day will be. Whatever okumu Dottie Hamlin humla It's so chaotic that every pregnant woman would have a miscarriage out of the stress of the event. What are nurses Socotra, Socotra and

00:50:45--> 00:50:51

everyone will appear intoxicated, even though they're not intoxicated. People will act irrationally,

00:50:53--> 00:51:39

irrationally, like they're intoxicated. But they are not they're fully in charge of their they have full agency to what they're saying at that point. But they're acting so irrational as if they're drunk or lacking or who should be the punishment of God will be severe indeed, that's how stern of a day this is going to be. This is the day I lost one that says, if you're in doubt about this day in quantum theory, beam mineral bath, if you doubt that this thing is going to happen. Well, here's an example enough Allah Kanako mentor, Rob, we created you first from dust. First from dust is adamant it's up to me not far then from a sperm drop. That's the rest of us. Okay, so mamina Allah and then

00:51:39--> 00:52:13

from a clotted blood. Okay, so my main mode Guatemala, then a lump of flesh makalah cotton shaped and unshaped, a liuba unilock comb so that we might manifest to you our power. Look at how a fully human being like look at what the full human being was. A drop of sperm, if it wasn't a person's clothes, they'll be humiliated and embarrassed. Okay, clotted blood. If that was, you know, somewhere you will clean it up quickly, a lump of flesh outside of the womb you will consider it to be garbage.

00:52:15--> 00:52:18

That's the humble origins of a human being. That's the humble origins where you will

00:52:20--> 00:53:07

understand our we understand our origins, so we understand how small and powerless we are and how powerful allies one okay ruville are Javi Manisha Willa Ajay masama, because what we will to stay in the womb for an appointed time that's the term of pregnancy, the month of no clinical tefillah then we bring you forth as infants, a child is helpless, can't even burp can't even clean themselves can't even feed themselves. Okay. But then some little blue should come then because you to to grow and reach full growth to reach your the pinnacle. Now you are a strong man or a woman. But some of you will pass away early in life, while some of you will reach extreme old age in which they will

00:53:07--> 00:53:10

know nothing of what they once knew. Subhan Allah

00:53:11--> 00:53:47

He Kayla yamame, embody Elementary, it's like the cycle of life comes full circle started as an infant doing nothing reached full potential full strength full like the peak of your powers. And then the decline happens and you are almost like a child who didn't know anything. So panela what is the example here the example here is if Allah can bring you into existence from a sperm drop from a clot, clotted blood from this, these insignificant bits make you into a full grown human being

00:53:48--> 00:53:53

isn't able to make you resurrect you again. If he can

00:53:55--> 00:54:36

demonstrate his power over you by showing you how powerless you were in the very beginning of life and how powerless you will be at the end of life you think you will have any power on the day of judgment? Michaela My brother is member the elementary what tell me that and you see that the earth is dead and barren for either ends Allah Allah Allah but no sooner do we send down rain upon it? He does that robot in begins to stir and swell and produce every kind of luxuriant vegetation. Well, I'm better Nikolas Oh god, this is a glimpse of what resurrection looks like. Right? The earth that is dead and barren, brought to life by rain.

00:54:37--> 00:54:43

So metaphor also because rain is water and like Allah says, everything has been created from water.

00:54:44--> 00:55:00

The earth is that that dust the soil, that's where we're going to be buried. That's the origin of our father Adam. The water of life brings the earth back into existence into flourishing Earth. That same process can

00:55:00--> 00:55:37

happen when we are dead in the water of life can resurrect us again, as well. It's just as easy because that it can be in the Lucha wallhack. That is because God is the truth. But I don't know who your real motor is because he gives life to the dead or another condition, because he has power to do everything. We don't conceptualize that. Because our power, our abilities, our attention spans are on limited, unnecessary to labor and the last hour is bound to come. There is no doubt about it. And God will raise up those who are in their graves and the law. Yeah, but I thought, Man,

00:55:38--> 00:55:43

this is a very beautiful passage that it speaks about.

00:55:45--> 00:55:47

People who

00:55:48--> 00:56:35

it speaks about a few categories, categories of people, people who dispute about God without having any knowledge, guidance or enlightening book, they turn away arrogantly leading people from God's path. This is a dangerous characteristic Vania I prefer Helio Lanza. Hey, this is the person who shall incur disgrace even after example, after example is given yet this is a person who is you know, bound by what they want. arrogantly and this is a person who will suffer the consequences, not because the law is wrong or being unjust, but that is the reward of your misdeeds. Okay, and then there's also this is a person who was, this is a, you can think of this as like an atheist, right?

00:56:35--> 00:56:41

Who jadie do field disputing, arguing, okay, and it's conjecture. It's

00:56:42--> 00:57:17

logical fallacies. It's going against first principles. But he argues and argues thinking he's right, arrogantly, here is a person who perhaps isn't like an atheist. This is a person who is you know, maybe he's a Muslim. He's born a Muslim maybe accepted Islam, but half hearted. They're the kind of like, let's see, like, let's see how it goes. type thing. Okay. Not convinced. I mean, nasima YAHWAH, Allah Allah have there are some who worship God half heartedly then if some good befalls them

00:57:18--> 00:57:32

they are content that like oh this is good. Good religion. I like it. Well in asaba to fit not within Allah Allah wa t casilla, Daniela Sarah, but it's an ordeal befalls them, they revert to their former ways.

00:57:34--> 00:58:05

Like life, a good and bad is the good happening is validation for them that the religion is okay, bad happening to them is such a sign for them, or is, you know, a indictment of the religion but it's bad. So, they have to leave it this kind of person hasira dunya well after they lose in this world as well as the hereafter why this kind of fickle person will not succeed in anything, they will the moment that they hit adversity, they are going to quit that person is going to feel that everything okay?

00:58:06--> 00:58:45

Doesn't matter what they're trying to achieve in life. But more importantly in the next life, they are going to be losers, because the test donia is a test as the Quran reminds us repeatedly. So how can you the moment you are tested turn away and say this religion is not for me, right there is a failure. The alcohol has done well being that is a clear loss. Okay. That is you know a few examples we ask Allah to protect us from that but Allah also mentioned that he will admit those who act who believe in Act righteous the law in the law, you turn Latina Avenue or Minnesota, Jeanette into jurymen Tatiana in the law if I do my read, God does whatever he wills your interest into paradise

00:58:45--> 00:58:51

We ask Allah to make us all those people. The Koran now turns to speak about Ibrahim Ali has set up

00:58:54--> 00:58:57

a bright Ibrahim Ali Salam as mentioned

00:59:01--> 00:59:32

before he's mentioned Allah mentions that he will enter the people into paradise. One more time repeats this point to drive home that idea you Hello nafi Hammond Essaouira means the hub in wallula. interesting one, it mentions Gardens under which rivers are flowing, right or rivers are flowing at their feet. Again, this is that example of the most incredible piece of land. This is the most pristine real estate of that you can imagine. In fact, we can't even fully comprehend what this means. Okay, but it's so pristine that the rivers are flowing at your feet.

00:59:34--> 00:59:59

And then they're given bracelets of gold and pearls to wear and their clothing there will be of silk. This is now the Quran. As I told you most of the time Quran is speaking about the emotions you experience in paradise because really that's what you like, that's really what Paradise is that contentment, that lack of ill will that you know happiness of the what you have and and

01:00:00--> 01:00:02

The the the peace and serenity

01:00:04--> 01:00:11

that a person will experience but also there's materialistic pleasures. There's pleasures of, you know, beautiful things that you wear

01:00:12--> 01:00:38

gold and pearls, the best clothes silk, right? This is something in general is not an extravagance in general. This is what you are given. This is who you are, that's what you deserve. And you will wear that coats beautiful. Like you're you're beautiful inside. You're happy inside your content inside, and you're beautiful on the outside. That's what Jenna really as we asked her to give us that tofield.

01:00:41--> 01:01:28

The Quran actually mentioned after this, or if bawana Ibrahim is number 26. When we assigned to Abraham, the site of the house, meaning the house of Allah, the gamma was not built, but it's foundation. It's, you know, it was a place that was demarcated for the gatorback. Allah, Allah guided Ibrahim in Assam to that place. And then he as we saw in Surah. Number two, he commanded Ibrahim to build the house there. But then here in this passage, it says Allah to shriek be shy, to not associate with me anything what I hereby to purify my house, for those who make off the top ifim should come circumambulate sure to remember it. I always have problems pronouncing this word. And

01:01:28--> 01:01:56

those who stand upright too many EMS and ELS for me, when those who bow and prostrate themselves are route guys to shoot. well as in finance, he will hedge. By the way, this is what you do in the masjid, you in the harem, you make the Off you go around the Kaaba, you stand to pray, and you bow down in your prayer and you make such that a new prayer. That's what you know, spirituality represents

01:01:58--> 01:02:41

their rituals, their game. Well as infinity will Hodge call mankind to the pilgrimage to Korea, they will come to you on foot on every kind of lean candle by every distant track. They will come for everywhere to make Hajj or Ibrahim you call it brymer. Some made the call there was nobody there environment. Some said to Allah. If I make the call. There's nobody here who's got to listen to me. I lost my dad told him Your job is to call and our job is to make bring the people and when they brought him on some call people to hedge The Lost mother sent the souls of people who weren't born and they replied by saying the baker lahoma bake we are here answering your call or Allah. That was

01:02:41--> 01:03:27

a miraculous instant instance that whatever I hear Melissa lamb experience that was given to him and that's why we say in money go for Hajj, Allah Baga la mala bake that is a response that we gave to Ibrahim Aslan way back before we were just souls and that same response we give we give to Allah when we are making hij asked a lot to make us those who go for Hajj. Okay. It mentions the the the hedge hedge is on appointed days it's a you actually the name of God over the cattle you that he's provided there's a sacrifice at the end of Hajj. It is a purify themselves and fulfill their vows and perform the the tawaf around the ancient house, what is this, the the the, you know, the, the

01:03:27--> 01:04:01

shaming of the head, there is the stoning of the Jamaat, there is tawaf, all of these rituals are mentioned or alluded to, the sooner actually clarifies them very much. But what does the Quran say about them, it says, when you have them Sha you know, a very common use of the poodle. montilla for hire Allahu Allah be such is God's command, whoever honors that by which that which is declared sacred by God, me Sure, maybe sure that it counts for good in the sight of his Lord. And also it says

01:04:03--> 01:04:25

they're like a woman you have them, sha Allah in the heart mentok Well, hello, he who honors the symbol set up by God shows the piety of his heart. These are the rituals that Allah said of Sha Sha, Allah is like a, an obvious, you know, ritual, a symbol of Islam, the prayer, the

01:04:26--> 01:04:59

the Hajj, the rituals of Hajj, the places of Hodge, all of these are, you know, like symbolic. The one who honors them is not just being like ritualistic they're actually expressing the title of their heart, okay. It mentions also, piety, the heart heart isn't just, you know, going through the rituals as motions. It is also a spiritual state and levena ido chirala. What do you call boom, whose hearts are filled by this is the people sorry.

01:05:00--> 01:05:48

shall move within, give good surrender give good news to the humble those who are when they are meant whose hearts are filled with all a dimension of God. And they say there and they endure adversity with fortitude was savina Allah masaba this is like a such an important characteristic the Quran repeats again and again, this is a believers, you know, calling card savina Allah and your adversity with fortitude, with, you know, recognizing Allah has a plat inshallah, and they say their prayers regularly and spend from what we have given them. This is a spiritual state, the SHA, Allah there is like a ritualistic aspect, but the inner aspect is these, these things, we ask Allah to

01:05:48--> 01:06:31

give us the ability to do that. Then it mentions number 37 lejana Allahumma wala de ma. It's not the flesh or the blood that reaches God, when you sacrifice an animal. It's not like the blood is what you're giving to Allah, or the meat is what you're giving to Allah. No, these are, you know, just what, this is just the nature of the ritual. Well, Aki and Allahu amin come, what reaches to him, his piety, how sincere were you how devoted were you? How truthful were you in your action? And the one who does that handler has attained goodness kinetica. Saqqara Hola, como como la llamada calm and that's God has subjected them to you, so that you may glorify Him for the guidance he has given

01:06:31--> 01:06:34

you and give good tidings to those who do good. Okay.

01:06:36--> 01:07:22

I number 42. Allah Sparta says when you can see buka for hot cat cabela home komu Hanwha masamune como Ibrahima como note wasaga. Marian Okay, if they deny your profit. Then before them the people have no idea died. The profit profit nor the tribes are odd and more denied the messengers. The people who have Rahim the people have locked the people of Midian Moosa was charged with falsehoods. He was called a liar, but I'm late to this cafe, nothing matters to him. But every time I gave respect to those who deny the truth, and then I seize them, and how terrible was my punishment, the profit is being given, you know, consolation or profit, don't take their rejection.

01:07:23--> 01:07:49

You know, and don't let that depress you don't let that you know, make you down. Right? Because the Prophet would wonder what is going on? Why are these people used to love me and listen to me now they hate me. Something wrong with me. A lot. Mother says no, this is how people were. This is how these people are no jewelry or profit Your job is to convey the message. It is a beautiful passage in Surah.

01:07:51--> 01:07:52


01:07:53--> 01:07:57

and through the hedge here that I want to just show you and then we'll conclude with that

01:07:58--> 01:08:12

it will begin at number 16. Okay, and this passage will begin with lots of their Liga La Liga La Liga, right you will notice like three Valley cars in a row, okay?

01:08:14--> 01:08:57

That's it shall be speaks about how Allah Allah will enter people into paradise. Thus it shall be my uncle Bobby with Lima rocky Bobby from Abuja de Leon serrana. Hello. The one who retaliates to the same extent as he has suffered then then is again wrong, God will surely come to his aid God is Forgiving and Merciful gave meaning you don't overstep your boundaries when you are seeking justice. Okay, and if you have done right and still you are oppressed, don't worry Allah is part that will be there to come to your aid. That is because God is the one who makes the night PASS INTO THE DAY and makes the day pass into the night he's the one who runs the world. He can come to your aid for sure.

01:08:58--> 01:09:39

On the last me I'm gonna see that he got me on the law what half because God is the truth, and others that the invoke besides God or sheer force would he is the one who is sublime, the early Ellicottville, don't you see that God sends down water from the sky, where upon the earth becomes green, God is unfathomable, not different. That's actually not very trans. He's very fully aware, suddenly aware of what we do hobby Iran, all that's in the heavens and the earth surely belong to Him. The sutra concludes on page number or ID number 73 with a beautiful example. And then a reminder for the believers Yeah, are you on national duty by method? First America, all people here

01:09:39--> 01:09:59

is an example. So listen to it carefully. In alladhina to the room and Daniela layer gluco wala Vegeta Marula. Surely those whom you invoke other than God, other deities, whoever that may be. lainnya gluco bourbon cannot create

01:10:00--> 01:10:47

Even a fly well legitimate ruler even if they were to all combine together to do it. And if a fly should snatch anything away from them lie stankey boohooman who they cannot recover from it This is beautiful government of fly, take something the fly dissolves that thing and then sucks it up. It's kind of disgusting but that's how fly works. Okay, so the fly even if you were to catch the fly and kill the fly and extract the fluid from the fly, the fluids already changed chemically by the time you extracted so what you lost, you can't get back less than human who? That's how weak Baba polywell mclubbe both are indeed weak, the secret and the site right the worshipper of the false

01:10:47--> 01:11:25

idol idol and the worship idol. They are just as weak. Mercado de la casa de la la de from Hobbes. They did not give Allah His full right because he is powerful and mighty. Lord chooses whoever he wants as messengers from angels and for mankind. It is the choice of Allah. Angel prophets are not you don't apply for like a job Allah chooses. And it's purely his choice, purely his choice and nobody else Okay, and that's because he knows everything. And he has all the power and he is the one who holds people accountable. The sewer concludes Yeah, are you holiday in Menorca Oh, all believers

01:11:27--> 01:12:13

real mikuru core was to do prostrate yourself what we'll do Rebecca worship your Lord Look what our little Sarah and do good works law law come to your home so that you may succeed underline this is a beautiful idea. If you are proof we want to print something and put it on like your, you know on your desk to remind you, this is the idea that will remind you what a goofy law How could you strive for the cause of God as it behooves you to strive for it. Who would come he has chosen you and laid on you no burden in the matter of your religion. The religion is supposed to relieve our burdens, relieve our difficulties. It's not meant to add to them. Okay? And if it's adding to them, you know,

01:12:13--> 01:13:02

we should try to you know, re evaluate what we're doing and inshallah make dua that Allah guides us to the religion to the worship the religion that provides us with the peace and comfort, not with the burdensome, tiresome view that we might have. We should make dua sincerely to Allah Allah make this religion easy for me. Make the practice easy, put no burden in this religion upon me or that make this a burden less beautiful, serene experience for me, medulloblastoma, Brahim, the fate of your forefather Abraham. In this as in the former scriptures, he has given you the name of Muslims, so that the messenger may be a witness over you and that you may be witnesses or mankind. What does

01:13:02--> 01:13:31

this mean? That means no do judgment we will say yes, Oh Allah, The message was delivered by the prophets of Sunday. Okay, there are therefore Say your prayers regularly and pay yours a cat and hole faster God, who am I will come here is your master for Nirmal Mola, wanyama Nasir, an excellent match Master, and an excellent helper. Zack will log in for sticking around till the end. I'll see you all in sha Allah. Tomorrow, same time, same place. So polygala we have together should Allah Allah