Why Would Allah Allow Massacres And Genocides To Happen

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Yasir Qadhi – In Memory of Srebenica Al-Izz b. Abd al-Salm & Some Wisdoms of the Existence of Evil –


AI: Summary © The history of Islam in Europe, including the implementation of Islam in Serbia and the Boston Bridge, is discussed. The spread of Islam in European regions and the use of images to symbolize their presence is also highlighted. The actions of Bosnian-ering Muslims, Christian-ering Muslims, and Bosnian-ering Christian-ering Muslims are discussed, with examples given of their actions. The importance of trial andulations in achieving success in Islam, and avoiding evil deeds is emphasized. The collapse of the Ottoman Empire during the collapse of the Saudi Arabia government is also discussed, along with the importance of achieving Islam's goal of happiness and ripple effect on one's behavior.
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Exactly 28 years ago today, literally 11th July 1995, the largest massacres since World War Two took place in Europe, the largest massacre on European soil took place. And all of you should be aware of this, it is something that is pertinent to us. It is relevant to our own history. And it is something that every single Muslim should be very painfully aware of. I am of course talking about the should we Nietzsche, or the Bosnian massacre that took place today, literally today. And today across the world. And especially in Serbia, Nisha, where the graveyard is actually buried, I believe, a dozen people that were whose bone fragments were found every year, they find more bone

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fragments in the fields of that region. And so throughout every year, today, on the 11th of July, they hold a special ceremony. The dignitaries, the Presidents they come and they give their respect. So today is that day, literally today 11th of July 1995. And I've spoken last year about the history of that I'm not going to go into that today. But very briefly, all of you should be aware that the Ottoman Empire conquered areas of Europe back in the 14th century. We're talking about Kosova, we're talking about Albania, we're talking about Bosnia, we're talking about her Zuko, Vina, these are like four provinces that from the 14th 1500s, the Ottoman Empire conquered them as a part of what

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was happening in those timeframes. And as you're aware of whatever Islam goes Alhamdulillah it trickles down. There's never been a force conversion in our history, never has a soul bond come and put a sword to the throats of the people and say convert. But when there is a doula Islamia when there is a result and power, when the people see the reality of Islam, organically, they begin to embrace it. And this is what happened in these regions. That's why to this day, the majority of Albania, the majority of Kosovo, the majority of Bosnia, and these are in the heartlands of Europe, right to this day, the majority of these regions are actually Muslim. So from the 1500s, the Ottoman

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Empire had conquered these lands, and slowly for the next 200 years, Islam began to spread until it's now a vast majority. And you all of these regions, 7080 90% of the people are Muslim. And long story short after World War One, when the republics of that region collapse to they created this fragile state. The state of Yugoslavia for those of you in the 90s remember Yugoslavia, whereas Yugoslavia, now it's gone. So Yugoslavia was a patched up state that was composed of enemies, you know, Serbians, Muslims and whatnot. The Serbs held in their hearts a grudge against the Muslims for 500 years, the Serbs held in their hearts anger that the Ottomans had come, and they had taken our

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people and our lands. And so long story short, when there was a referendum for freedom, the Bosnian Muslims, they wanted freedom. They wanted to break away they wanted their own independence. And the Serbs, even though they're the minority, they said, No, the Serbs were in power. The Serbs had the military. The Serbs said no, and so when the Bosnian is voted for freedom, the Serbs then attacked Long story short, again, I went over this last year, you can find it online. Today's Hatha is not about the history, it's about we're gonna move on something else. To make a long story short, when a civil war broke out, the UN got involved, and the UN sent in troops to monitor the situation to

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prevent a massacre. And the UN created an enclave in the city of Srebrenica, and they said in this area, we will protect the people don't worry. And so mass migration took place 1995 From February March up until July 10s of 1000s of Muslims fled across the country. And they made their way to Sherpa Nietzsche, this is now under UN territory, UN troops wearing the UN vests and the UN hats and there's color video footage, you can find it there protecting this city because the UN said we're not going to allow for a massacre. So 10s of 1000s of Muslims came, and the Serbian military, General, General Milosevic and others, they invaded Srebrenica, and they said to the UN get out of

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our way, and the UN agreed, the UN did not intervene. The UN literally went and allowed Milosevic and the war criminals to then invade Sherborn each year. And while the UN watch from the hills, this is the actually the Dutch government there were Dutch forces, the Dutch government reprimanded their own military generals slap on the wrist, nobody went to jail, but they basically said, you know, you didn't do your job, but Well, they didn't do their job and 10s of 1000s of people were killed. So the UN basically said, Okay, fine, you guys do whatever you want. And as they watched the United Nations as the troops watched, Milosevic and his troops invaded today, this is today 11th of July

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1995. They surrounded the entire city, they rounded up 10s of 1000s of Muslims and

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There's color video footage, it is very traumatic to witness this footage. And you have, you know, fathers calling their sons, you come back and they promised us protection. You have all of these video footage circulating today in memory of this, and they began massacring and they massacred roughly 8500 Muslim men 8500 today, and 10s of 1000s of women were raped, they were raped counsel along with Stein, it is what it is. I'm, I'm sorry, to be blunt here, people don't want to hear it. You mean not saying it is not gonna change reality. And you need to know this, that this is happening. And it happened in our lifetimes. 10s of 1000s of our sisters, you know, concentration

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camps and whatnot. And Alana was standing there are children from that there are children, there's a documentary about the children from that day, because, you know, obviously, it's an awkward reality that their mothers are this, their fathers are that and you know, so along with Stan. So this was the day that it happened. And every single year it is commemorated and people come and you know, give their respects and make dua and these are all Muslims, and they were killed because they are they were Muslims. Now, I've spoken last year more about the history. Today, I wanted to move on to a little bit about theology a little bit about a very difficult question to ask ourselves, and that

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is, how do we as Muslims understand how such

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evil can take place like in the end of the day, these were evil people, the people who did the massacre, they hated Islam for 400 years. And the general literally said this as well on record, he literally said This is revenge for the Turks for invading us 450 years, and his heart is full of anger. Can you believe and he said to Milosevic said today is the revenge of the Turks coming in. This is how much hatred they have. And it was a religious war through and through the Serbian version of Christianity. They have their own Orthodox Church against our Muslim brother in the Bosnian so the Serbs are predominantly Serbian Orthodox and the Bosnian are predominantly Muslim

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question arises. And this is a question that many of our youth struggle with, and also many of those who are outside of religion. They ask, why would a merciful God allow such a massacre to take place? It's so brutal if you see the video footage, and I don't encourage any of you to do that. But I mean, on the other hand, if some of you do, it will really make you understand how evil people can be at the same time. They had our brothers again, so many vivid stories. By the way, when I was in university of Medina, I got accepted the same year 1995. And

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this is an anecdote, here's Subhanallah, the institution of Medina, because there was a massacre taking place. They had changed their policies, and they had begun to accept any Bosnian who applied, because that was their ticket to be saved from massacre. So when I was in Medina, I got accepted 1995 When I was in Medina, every nationality had 510 15 from the Western world, you know, us Americans, we were 910 people. When I got accepted, there were nine Americans that sit Okay, none of them graduated from my budget. Understand that was those were different days. Bostonians hundreds.

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And I didn't understand why at the time, like how come there's hundreds of Bostonians, and there's only nine of us and seven Canadians and 10. British white, how come these guys have you know that much. And then I was told, if these people were not accepted, they would be dead.

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It was a change in policy, humanitarian change and Islamic policy to simply accept anybody who's applying so that that's their literally their ticket out. So we had during my whole five years, we have hundreds of students from that region, Kosovo, Albania, because I mean, there was the master was in Boston, but we had a large percentages from them, in any case, short hearted or today, was it actually the base hotter in memory of what happened to our brothers and sisters in Bosnia? And that question is, how can we understand as Muslims How can we rationalize even our youth ask us? Why would ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala allow 1500 Innocent people to be killed in one day? By the hands of

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those who literally hate religion, hate the Quran? Hate our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, what is the wisdom in all this? To respond to this? I wanted to summarize for you this is actually the the hotter I wanted to give. summarize for you, a treatise that was written by one of the greatest scholars of Islam, called soltana Lama, who is the Sultan, Allah Who can tell me the Sultan of Rama, who is he?

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And there is even Abdus Salam. He is called the leader of the roadmap for many reasons, maybe when they will give a longer talk about him. And he wrote an entire treaties the new treaties, is called Alphington. Well, Balaiah will be Handwara desire, in other words, the wisdom of trials and tribulations and sufferings and pain. He wrote an entire book

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booklet, an entire booklet it's not a massive book, it's a little booklet, but it's a booklet about why is there pain in this world? How do we understand suffering? And he goes over many points I want to summarize maybe 10 of them Inshallah, in the time that we have. So these are wisdoms from his book, but I'm doing it in memory of our brothers and sisters, and to allow us to understand and appreciate some of why there is pain in this world. And what is the wisdom of this suffering? Number one is if Abdus Salam says, It is through pain, through trial through tribulation, that we are constantly reminded that there is a Rob who is all powerful. It is when we get out of our comfort

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zone, when life is difficult, that we are reminded that we are not in control. There is a Rob who is alcohol, who is Al Jabbar, and that Rob has wisdoms we might never understand. Even the angels wondered, Oh Allah, why would you create a creation? Attach your Adolphe Ha, man, you've Sufi? How will your speaker demand, this creation will be causing bloodshed, this creation will be causing evil, why would you do this? And Allah replied, in a manner to Allah Moon, I know things you will never know. I understand what you will not understand. So even the angels questioned the wisdom of bloodshed, the wisdom of massacres, the wisdom of torture, literally the question of the angels Why

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would you create a species that's going to be killing one another? And this is the killing that took place and the angels are asking what's the wisdom no other species goes to Civil War the way man does for the sake of power for the sake of lines of nationalism for the sake of of you know their own ideas and whatnot, no animal kingdom goes to war like human beings do. So the angels asked and Allah said, Hi, I'm Rob, you will never understand in the Alamo. Murata, the moon, the second wisdom. So the first primary wisdom is to demonstrate we are not rubs we are not all powerful. When COVID happened, the first football game when the masjid was empty, when COVID happened, the football

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never forget to give it to an empty Masjid. I said, Where is now the power that we thought we had as a Western civilization? Where is that, that that sense of of arrogance that we control, we go to the morning come back, one virus comes and the entire world shuts down. If this is not teachers, humility, if this does not teach us of the existence of Arab than what is going to teach us so this is rule number one wisdom. Number two wisdom is to understand our own status as being the arbiter of that Rob, so once we recognize Allah is Rob, automatically, this should create in us humility, we are the abbot. And with that, status comes servitude and servitude is the essence of Islam. What is

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Islam other than submission to Allah other than submitting so via trials via tribulations, we find ourselves humbling, we find ourselves trembling in front of Allah subhanho wa taala. Our who sure comes at times of calamities, our ticket bore is broken at times of calamities, and that is wisdom in that number three, that when we suffer calamities, it increases our loss to Allah subhanaw taala Allah says in the Quran for the rocky boo fill full key that will Allah Maha Lucien Allahu Deen when the ship is about to drown, all of a sudden they are making a loss dua to Allah subhanho wa taala. When the child is sick, when the bankruptcy happens when the disaster occurs, instantaneously, it

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loss goes from zero to 100. And that is a wisdom and the benefit is loss is the essence of why Allah created us. I only created managing to worship me so via trials and tribulations in class comes out. Number four, that one of the benefits of pain. One of the benefits of trials is that during trials during pain, our Ibadah increases and when it increases then we are increasing our purpose of worship, and especially the Rebbe of dua, Allah says in the Quran for either mustard in Santa guru Donna, the Jambi he acquired and Okajima when calamity befalls mankind, he starts making dua, standing sitting and lying down. When calamity befalls mankind, all of a sudden, dua is made 24/7

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And this is a wisdom because when you make dua, this is why Allah created us. Allah created us to worship Him. And so via that pain, some benefit comes of that drop. The next point that ibn Abdullah has mentioned mentions is that through calamities and through suffering, ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada brings about circumstances in which

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We are forced to demonstrate sober and patience and suburb is the essence of Iman and Allah subhanho wa Taala mentions in the Quran that was saw BDNF Hilbert Sati will borrow up those that are patient at times of difficulty at times of drought and at times of war ASABE Idina Filbert Sati Oberoi heinous bus, those that are patient when life gets tough when there's droughts and calamities, and when there's war and bloodshed, so during times of difficulty Sobor is manifested. And Allah says in Noma yoga for sabudana Arjuna humbly lady is up, I will give the people of suburb their reward without any counting. And all of this by the way, it goes back to one of the wisdoms of trials and

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tribulations is to prepare us for the hereafter and to have a better here after the next point that he mentioned another three four points Inshallah, then we'll call it a again, there's much more to be mentioned. The next point that even after this Allah mentions is that during times of difficulty during times of stress during times of calamities, ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala uses evil to bring about the good from those who have good in their hearts. During times of evil, good people stand up to change that. And Allah loves the good, he doesn't love the evil. So how will you show good when there is no evil to fight against? How will you be generous when there's no poor people? How will

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you sponsor orphans when there are no orphans to sponsor? How will you defend the innocent when there are no innocent to be defended? So Allah does not love the evil but Allah loves the good that is generated because of the evil, the good that is generated to fight against the evil and in that we raise our ranks and the righteous get the rewards from Allah subhanho wa taala. Another benefit that he mentioned, I think we're number six now. And another benefit that he mentioned is that

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through calamities, Allah forgives our own sins so that on the Day of Judgment, we will enter agenda behavior hisab. Through trials in this world, Allah chooses some people to raise to the highest of the high and that's why Allah subhana wa Tada says, No calamity happens to you, except as because of your own sins were ya for and Kathy and because of it, Allah forgives a lot of your evil deeds. So it is possible through combating evil through the pain, anxiety, stress, grief, through the trials and tribulations. A person will go through one trial after another until he is cleansed of all sin, and He will meet Allah absolutely pure. And as soon as the miracle mode comes Jana to for those

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whose given to him, because he underwent calamities. And in fact, what is the status of a Shaheed except exactly this, he's given the ultimate sacrifice. And may Allah accept the shahada of all 8500 of our brothers. On that day, they've given the ultimate sacrifice, so they get the ultimate reward. The last two three points that he mentions, he says that via calamity via tragedy, that is how we can appreciate Allah's blessings on us. We only appreciate a blessing when we don't have it. So when we study Civil War, when we see massacre, when we see the evil that happens in these times of war, we can thank Allah Hamdulillah we have freedom. When we see pain, we thank Allah we don't have that

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when we are experiencing hunger with then when we don't have hunger, we appreciate Al Hamdulillah I don't have hunger. So by witnessing evil, it makes us more humble and appreciative of the good that we have. And that is a blessing that again, will only come because we are so callous. We don't even recognize the good until it's taken away from us. We don't appreciate a blessing until we no longer have it. So when we see people, even maybe ourselves suffering, it helps us when we are not suffering to appreciate those blessings. And the final point that we'll mention is that through trials and calamities, even others mentioned through trials and calamities, sometimes, repercussions

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happen even in this world. That would not have happened except through those trials and calamities. And he gives the story of Musa and hidden the three incidences and he meant, for example, the Treaty of Abia when it happened, the Sahaba thought this is a tragedy. When it happened the Sahaba thought this is a calamity. We're being turned away from Makkah. And you know it's a tragedy and Allah says this is a victory enough at the Halacha fed him Medina. So why sir and Takara who che and Wahoo a hydro Lacan, it's possible you don't like something and it is good for you as possible. You don't like something that is good for you. So Allah knows what might happen and every one of us who has

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gone through a personal tragedy, if you look back, you will

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recognize yourselves, I came out of it a better person, I learned something or something changed in my life, or I had to take a left to right from my course of my life. And now I'm in a better place because of that calamity. When that calamity happened, you're wondering, why is it happening? What's the wisdom, but the repercussions of that calamity are better for you, even in this world. And perhaps, perhaps when you look at that land, and again, this is not a justification in the end of the day, Allah azza wa jal is in charge. But when you look at that land, our brothers in that region are sisters in that region, because of the politics because of the Yugoslavian dictatorship because

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of the communist regime. They had almost forgotten their Islamic identity. There was really there was no Salah no Juma are taking place. They were Muslim, by and large by name, frankly, I remember those of you that were old enough, you know this in 1994 95, when the news began to spread. We were all shocked there. There are Muslims in Europe. These are like, you know, they look European, Caucasian blond hair, blue eyes. I mean, where are these Muslims coming from? We'd never heard of them. We'd never heard of Bosnia. Never heard of Albania and Kosovo. Never heard that these are all Muslim lands. And one of the reasons why we never heard is that because of their communist regimes

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since World War One, they were not allowed to practice Islam freely. They weren't they didn't have the, you know, mainstream Islam. They were cut off from much of the world because of the Ottoman Empires collapse and everything. So by and large, there was no I didn't know how to hots no dues, no activity, no activism. Now if you go Subhanallah massager, they're packed to fall. How many of us here Hamdulillah we know our Bosnian brothers and sisters. How many Boston's in the audience how many Bosnian? Is there any Bosnian zero? Usually messages in North America always have Boston's in them. So we have one in the back over there. So we have Bostonians everywhere Al Hamdulillah right?

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And mashallah, they're active. There's a Bostian Masjid here in Dallas as well. Subhanallah How did this happen? It was a result of the awakening. Again, it's not a justification awakening of what happens when this tragedy takes place. After this do arts began to come, Islam began to be vitalized these people who thought that, you know, their religion is going to be okay under the nation state. It didn't matter that they are the same skin color the same ethnicity didn't matter. Their religion was persecuted. And because of this, they had took pride in their religion. They rediscovered their religion, and they learned their religion. And now how many of them are from Bosnia? How many Porat

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from Bosnia the massager that Hamdulillah. Our Pack for Juma Islam is on the rise in that region. And without a doubt that is a blessing. And the final point that is mentioned. I mean, I'm going to mention he mentions a longer list. The final point he says through trials and tribulations, a person achieves the riddle of Allah subhanho wa Taala the pleasure of Allah when you are patient, and when you conduct yourself in accordance with how Allah wants you to do, Allah is pleased with you. And when Allah is pleased with you, it is more precious than Jen itself. As Allah says in the Quran, Allah talks about Jana that Allah says what is one oh min Allahu Akbar, and Allah is Rila is bigger

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than Jana. And there is a Abdus Salam says, The only way to achieve Allah Zilla is by pleasing Allah subhanho wa Taala and acting in accordance with his Sharia. And that is only going to be manifested in times of difficulty in times of stress and times of tribulation. So when you pass the stress of this dunya you will achieve the result of Allah and when you achieve the result of Allah, it is worth everything. Because when Allah is pleased with you, well then you have won everything that needs to be won. These are some wisdoms that Allah is mentioned. And we conclude by making a special dua for our brothers and sisters who died today and throughout the civil war in Bosnia. May Allah

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subhanho wa Taala accept the shahada amongst them may Allah azza wa jal grant Sabra to those who have vivid memories of that may Allah grant patience to our sisters who had to go through what they had to go through May Allah subhana wa Tada forgive all of them and guide them and may Allah bless them to be more righteous and may Allah protect us and although the Muslims from having to undergo such a calamity or SallAllahu Sallam about it, of the Mohamed Anwar Ali he was a big Marine.

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In Mussolini now almost Lima D one meaning well meaning the one quantity now I looked on it, the more slaw the Pina was for the bond the one saw the Rena was Slavia right the one before she you know before she

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was before she I mean I want to call her she is the one downside BP now one downside the party was all Amy now was all in.

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