Mohammad Qutub – Tafsir al-Baqarah #24 – They don’t know their Book

Mohammad Qutub
AI: Summary © The history of the Bible and the use of "will" in English is discussed, including the history of the Bible and the use of "will" in religion. The speakers also touch on the difference between "med strict" and " illiteracy" in Arabic, and the importance of knowledge in the Bible. The holy book is discussed as a source of pride, but it is not in a language the speaker speaks.
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swindler Rahman Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa salatu salam ala Sayidina imam in our Have you been a bit of heart sing Mohammed Abdullah? All early he was suffering to hear what we have here in woman TBR from BSN in Isla Yomi de Subhana Allah Allah, Allah Allah Allah Allah Allah lantana in Accra until I Lehmann Hakim rubbish roughly so the reverse psyllium revival of determinedly 70 of probably,

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I praise the Lord mighty and I send prayers and blessings upon Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam his noble family, righteous companions and all those that follow them with the right guidance until the day of judgment. I mean,

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glory be to you over law, no knowledge have we accept that which you have taught us? Indeed, you are the All Knowing the all wise My dear brothers and sisters, as salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. May Allah subhanaw taala accept from us and new and make it sincere for his sake in sha Allah, and make us from the successful ones at the end of this blessed month in sha Allah,

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for those who have been forgiven, those who have been guaranteed a protection from hellfire, those in sha Allah, who have really

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performed the worship, the way they are supposed to in this blessed month, whether it is

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actual rituals and aspects of worship, or obedience in general.

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My brothers and sisters we continue today with the tip see, and we don't have a lot of time, but we'll try to cover what we can.

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The verses that we have been dealing with are talking about the Jews at the time of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and their actions and how they corrupt and adulterate the words of Allah subhanho wa taala.

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And after Allah azza wa jal reminded them now that was the mullah Hoonah chef Jamesville Rahim O Allah Allah.

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Allah Allah Momo, you will see a rule your lino on? Do they not know that Allah subhanaw taala knows what they conceal and what they reveal. It is all known to Allah subhanaw taala. But they are sitting there worrying, worrying about, oh, don't tell the Muslims this and don't tell them that and hide this and hide that as if that's going to change anything and therefore they're not going to be held accountable on the Day of Judgment. Again, they're always worried about what the here and now not about. What is metaphysical. It's all about the physical that that they can touch what is tangible, or if they know then they are going to argue against you on the Day of Judgment. The

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argument is going to happen because ALLAH knows and Allah subhanaw taala knows what you conceal and what you reveal. Then Allah azza wa jal said women whom ohm Miyun ly Allah Munna al Kitab in a man in whom in Laya, noon,

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women who Miyun this ayah Subhanallah

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it applies, obviously to that time, and to our time as well. Amazing Subhanallah but if we don't know the meaning of it, then we can't make that connection. Women home oh me Yun

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and off them again, still talking about the Jews and off them. There are only human what is only brothers sisters, or me or Miyun

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doesn't read or write unlettered illiterate, oh me. In the formal Arabic today, we use the same word in me, for me, meaning illiteracy, the lack of literacy. Woman who only Yun

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so if we take that word, just that word, it seems that this is what is being mentioned.

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That often the Jews are a group that are unlettered, they do not read or write, mind you.

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For the Jews. There used to be somebody used to read and write it's not like the Arabs for the Arabs. This is an accepted characteristic that they do not read or write the Prophet sallallahu Sallam used to say, in Omiya we are a omy nation and illiterate nation nation that does not read or write. He said this sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and he is

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Adena B l o me,

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the unlettered prophet he does not read or write. But when you mentioned that about the Jews now, it sounds different. Now Allah azza wa jal is telling us we're meaning home Furthermore, be cognizant of the fact that amongst them are only Yun

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once you do not read or write and women on me you lie yeah Allahu nella Kitab

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nya Allah wound al Kitab inlet and many they do not know the Book

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we might put a comma here

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lie Allah al Kitab

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accept a mani, what is a mani now?

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Scholars differ quite a bit.

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So, what are we talking about? We are talking about the uneducated, unlettered of the Jews Miyun. And they know nothing about the book.

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Lai Allah Munna, Kitab. Let's just say there for a second layer, Allah Muna al Kitab. They do not know the Book, they do not know the Torah.

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And this was the case with many

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where they would not know their own holy book. And it applies also to the Christians,

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the Jews and the Christians.

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They did not know their own book, and to a certain extent, they are justified.

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Wait, how can one be justified

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to be ignorant of the words of their Lord? Well, because they didn't have access to it.

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They didn't have access to their holy books. You know why? Because it wasn't quite in book form yet.

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Because the compilation of those books happened much later.

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Whether it is the Old Testament,

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which people may loosely call the Torah, the book of the Jews, the Hebrew Bible, the Old Testament,

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or whether it is the New Testament, it was compiled later.

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In fact, the Canon, meaning what is considered canonical, what is considered the Word of God, according to the Jews, and according to the Christians, was only agreed upon many, many centuries after.

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In the case of the Old Testament,

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very, very much later, in the case of the New Testament, maybe not that much, maybe just 300 years.

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Over 300 years later, and then the discussion is okay, this is part of the Bible, this is not part of the Bible.

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The uneducated, the masses, we didn't have access to it.

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Furthermore, it was not in a language they spoke.

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It is what it was in other languages.

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So they did not have access.

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They were uneducated, and they didn't know anything about the Word of God, the holy book, except that which they were taught by their teachers, by the rabbis, by the people who had access by the people who knew the language

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of the book. In the case of the Old Testament, we may say, but the Old Testament was in Hebrew.

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And they new Hebrew.

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Okay, maybe some of them.

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In the case of the New Testament,

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was it written in the original language of Jesus peace be upon him?

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No, it was it was there's no such thing as an Aramaic Bible if Jesus peace be upon him spoke Aramaic. So in what language was it was it in Hebrew?

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It was in Greek. It was later translated to Latin, who have these all mean? spoke Latin, or Greek?

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The ones who knew those languages are the

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educated ones, the priests, the rabbis the knowledgeable.

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So the masses did not have access.

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Specifically in the case of the New Testament, brothers and sisters, do you know when the masses had access to their Bible?

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More than 1500 years after Jesus peace be upon him? Can you believe it? 1500 years, they don't have access to their holy book. So what do they know about it? Nothing? May Allah al Kitab. Well, in home only you

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were in home in layover noon. What will you know about your book?

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This is only after someone who was branded as a heretic heretic at the time, but later on considered a hero, William Tyndall 1526, over 1500 years

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to actually have an English Bible that they can read and understand 1526

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Before that,

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no access. So what do they know about the Bible? What do they know about the Word of God? Just what they're being told. And some of it is made up

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and some of it are just things that they are being told wins things that they are

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that are being known only by conjecture.

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How would they know? Nya Munna al Kitab. This is the case with

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a lot of these will mean

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they are unlettered and they do not have access and therefore they do not know what is in the book.

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Allah Allah Allah Muna al Kitab Illa Mani

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What does a man need me?

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You will find that many of the translations that a man needs means wishful thinking, and that may be a correct interpretation based on the fact that a man he year a man he is just wishes, this is the meaning of money termina just something that you wish for. In other words, they do not have proper knowledge of the Word of God, except what their hearts desires, whatever they wish.

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Nothing factual, nothing real. It is all just wishful thinking and desires. Okay.

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And remember, Tabari

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says otherwise.

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Alabama, Pommery insists the meaning of a man here is lying, making things up. But this is the meaning of anatomy. And it couldn't be used in the Arabic language that way. termina meaning to make something up. And this is why when you wish for something, it's almost like it's something that is so far away, just like alive.

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And he quotes the saying of postman Robbie, Allah one when he says Mirtha Have a nice time and Nate meaning I never told a lie. I never made something up or fabricated something. So he insists in here means in love, except fabrications. The only thing they know about their book is not factual knowledge but fabrications in love and learning.

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Some of the university even said an early here

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is similar to the other IRA, which means to read or recite

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Illa money.

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But we just said there are no mean they do not read or write.

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Well, what if we understood or mean here figuratively,

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not that they actually do not know how to read or write, but because of their lack of knowledge in the book. They are as if they are unlettered and amis. They are uneducated. How many of you my brothers and sisters have run into Jews and Christians

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Today, not only at the time of the Prophet SAW Selim today, and when you listen to them hear, speak about their books, you realize they might as well be unlettered, they might as well be in me.

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They might as well be illiterate. Because the way they speak about the book that they claim is from God shows you they know nothing about their own books,

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Jews and Christians.

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It's like they haven't read it.

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It's happened to me over and over. After I give a whole seminar, full of details, not a one hour seminar. This was over the course of several days about the Bible and the compilation of the Bible. And then I got feedback from a Christian and I just had palm to forehead immediately. And I thought to myself, did she hear a single thing I said,

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they know nothing about their own books. They don't read their own books, they might as well be illiterate. Women who are Miyun lay on the moon and keytab in Gemini, were in home Illa Yahoo News.

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And they do not but conjecture, it is all one it is all conjecture. I have more to say about the idea. But unfortunately, we are out of time we will continue in sha Allah

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in the future Baraka Luffy comme des Zachman Lo, Hi Ron, are SallAllahu Sallam are about a calendar

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