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Episode 2 – Surah Al-Baqarah – Nouman Ali Khan

June 7, 2016

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I will be learning in a straight line on one team. I left

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me the Calcutta Bulava. Murphy who then lived in Russia Saudi was really angry at me lisanna only for hamdulillah salatu salam ala rasulillah Allah Alayhi

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salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. Everyone. But today I'd like to share with you some things that will help you get to know certain bacara there are a few very beautiful narrations that I want to go through. These are found in Bukhari and Muslim The first one is from Muslim and they didn't know send me a salami all had destiny malba Holly, Carlos America Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi salam, ala, Koran. So the long chain of narrators those are the names of the people that I mentioned. And then the prophets I send them says, recite the Quran for inelia to malkia Mati Shafi and he is happy because it will come on the Day of Resurrection as a maker of case meaning it will

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come on your behalf, it's pleading on your behalf. For its for its companion meaning the one who recited it became its companion. It's almost as though the Quran is personified on judgment and we'll see that theme continue. If closer when Al Baqarah, basura and Ron, recite the beautiful glowing, Zahara weighing meaning the two beautiful glowing ones, the glittering ones, which are baccala and an M one for in the Houma, Tatiana yamaki, Emma Tikka and mazama Matan because both of them will arrive on Judgement day as they're both, you know, happy clouds or puffy clouds, you know, on the day of judgment. There's this intense exposure and humanity standing before Allah and Allah

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azza wa jal give him the idea of hamam if you study social Bukhara itself, Allah will describe that that the Israelites were out in the desert, and they were going to die in the scorching sun and less than the clouds that gave them shade. So they're scary clouds. But these are not scary clouds. These are actually you can say white, puffy, happy clouds. And they take that that kind of image, and they come and hover over the people that used to recite them. This is important also because in another Hadith of the Prophet selection, and we learn that on the Day of Judgment, there is no shade except for a small group of people. In other words, people are going to be seeking shade on Judgement day

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when the entire sky is torn open faith and chocolaty sama for cabinet rather than can be hand you know, use a lot a commercial album analizzato you know, the sky will be ripped open, there's going to be meteors falling onto the earth, people are going to be looking for a place to find refuge. And here you have people of the Baqara and an Iran and two clouds are hovering over them providing them security, so Panama,

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oka and nomada tan or It is as though that they are higher than what he will buy in buying a billion in Maya kulu Edwin amin homophilic Asafa acaba interassay sahibi, Hema Lulu lil moto Jamia? Subhana Allah, it's so amazing. Clouds are way up there. He's a prophet. So I saw him said there could be clouds up there. But depending on your closeness with these soldiers, those clouds descend down upon you and they're literally right above you. They're just protecting you. Right, right right above you. So they come in, they come really close to you. And the image that some of this is commentary from scholars on the Hadith is that you know how kings when they're in the in the shade or in the in

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the sun, they traveled in the sun, and there's a servant kind of putting a thing over them so they get shade all the time. They're not completely in the dark, they can see what's going on, but they're also being provided a kind of shade. That's how the suta comes to serve. The one who accompanied Olga now who marfil Connie men played in tawaf all it's like to have massive flocks of birds that keep hovering around you. Like they're the ones protecting you from anything coming to her journey and as habima that are going to make a case on behalf of the people who come accompany them. These birds are there to protect us and hogen Arabic is to make a case against someone or to

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make a conclusive case in favor of someone. In other words, this these fools will make a case for us on Judgement Day like nobody else and you know we're saved because of the Sooners. closer to Allah Baqarah then the Prophet said, after highlighting both of them and he specifically focused on Bukhara This is the prophets words, recital for in Baraka, because holding on to it is blessing on top of blessing on top of blessing. Baraka means goodness that will continue to grow more than expected, but it also means goodness that that is there to stay, its effects are going to be residual across your life, and they will only multiply after the HA Baraka watarrka Hassan

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and leaving it alone abandoning the surah is regret. You're going to regret missing out on the good

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I would have come into your life if you didn't have a relationship with bacara want to study ruha and mattala and the the liars and people that falsify are never going to have any say over it, they're not going to be capable of doing any damage to it. Or the one who holds on to it. The idea about Allah Mahavira says that batalla here means sorcerer's people that are jealous they put an evil eye on somebody or they try to you know, you know, all kinds of crazy stuff they try to do to somebody hurt somebody. None of this will have an effect on you, if you are holding on to the certain Bukhara, but Allah also means people that try to make you doubt your faith. People that try

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to falsify about you, people that spread lies about you people that tried to hurt your reputation. They try to harm you in any way, but God will protect you. You hold on to this Hold on, and it will be your shield against all of them especially Sultan Baqarah Andrew Bailey bonafide

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lockdown policy, Martin Nawaz bin Salman and cannot be a whole Samaritan besides me a whole nother narration This is also found in in Sahih Muslim we're going to learn something new about this image now you could try he can he can we're gonna be

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a little Baccarat

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on the Day of Judgment, the Quran will be brought forward and along you know on the development along with its people, those of us to act on it. And so little because Allah and Ron will be leading the front meaning Quran itself is arriving. And in the front of that caravan of the Quran is the two soulless Baqarah and other one. Well, dorabella Houma Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam selesa Island manasi tahuna back. And this RV says that the Prophet gave three examples to help me appreciate what it's going to look like on Judgement Day to describe these suitors coming I could never forget them. Got them on Amazon. It says though they are two clouds we read this already. We heard this already.

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Oh, let me soda one saadani baina haMashiach, or dark shadows, dark shades between which there is light coming through. Dark clouds themselves are scary. But when dark clouds are accompanied with light, you have both effects, you have too much exposure to light will burn you. So you need the shadows to cover you. But if all you get a shadow, then darkness itself is scary. It's the best of both worlds. That between these two, you're going to be given protection, but not so much that you get overwhelmed by it. light will come through as well. oka anahola has got his guardian paintings of love to her journey and Sahiba once again, it's like flocks of birds coming and hovering around

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protecting the one and making a case in favor of the one who used to accompany the millimeters from them. Then writers narration will the long run and that was sort of like a long, long time. Nobutaka macabre he said don't make your homes integrates the profits that don't turn your home's integrates in the shape audio and film in elbaite and that he took no fees or tobacco. No doubt about it. shaitan runs from the house in which Baccarat is being recited so that our homes to be to save our homes from the effect of shape on recite sort of tobacco and of course, how would you turn a home into a grave when the hearts are dead? And let's not talking about zombies. He's not talking about

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people that are living dead or something or people die? No, he's talking about spiritually. Don't let your home spiritually die with the absence of social baccala what is in the surah that's so epic that you have no narration narration after narration and this is the most profound one I was just blown away by this one. This is in behati unassailable. Late on avena Malhotra Amina ladies with Al Baqarah. One night he's reciting SoTL bacala, the Sahaba. Who said, Well, for us who whom are Buddha Ando, and he's got a horse stable and his horses are all like, you know, they're tied up, right in this company. If Jonathan for us, for sakata sakata.

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All of a sudden his horses started acting up when he was reciting. So he got quiet, and the horses calmed down. So he recited it.

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Again, for gelatin for us. The horses started acting up again. For sakata was a cattle for us and so he stopped reciting and the horses come down again. It's like why do I recite Bukhara and these horses go nuts? For mokara then he recited for gelatin for us one sort of so then the the horses started acting up again. And so he left he moved back, but then he realized what kinda in New York Alabama, his little boy Yeah, this hobby has a little boy Yeah, he's at this table right by the horses, and the horses are acting up, and he's afraid that they're gonna trample him because they're acting up for Ashoka and to Cebu. So he got really scared that they'll strike him for the most

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thorough, Rafa sama. So when he pulled his son out, he lifted his head to the sky, and he noticed something in the sky, had tamyra and he went away until he couldn't see it anymore. So there's two weird things happening when the horses are acting funny. He's pulled this kid away, he's looking up and he sees something and he goes far away until he can't see it anymore.

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So now he comes for the mouse, but hadn't the next morning came, had nothing to be Sal, Allahu Allah, he'll send them a call.

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So he

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He came to talk to the prophets I send them but the prophets I said I'm preempted what he was gonna say he said if you have not obeyed,

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recite recite, like the brothers telling you why did you stop reciting? Like the Prophet already knows that he's gonna tell me about some recitation problem that happened the night before. The province preempts him and says, keep on reciting keep on reciting. So he says faqad calm for two years, will Allah and Taha I was really scared that they're gonna trample over my son? Yeah, we're kind of in hackery, but he was really close to them for far too long. And so after he, so I raised my hand and I just ran over to him and grabbed him for the fact that I see as I was pulling him away from the horses, I looked up to the sky, and I'll check this out for either metal latifi ha wasabia.

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So I see the likes of what looks like shadows, but their lamps inside the shadows. I can't describe it. It's kind of weird. They're like shades, but they're like lamps at the same time descending for Herat, so they started leaving hasta la until I couldn't see them anymore. And the prophet SAW Selim says, What Andrey Masak Do you know what that was? Allah? He said, No, I don't know. He says still called melodica. Definitely Celtic, those were angels that came down because of the beauty of your voice. You're reciting Baccarat, and attracted all kinds of angels. And they started coming down, and the horses would see the angels coming down, and the horses started freaking out, because they

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couldn't handle the sight of angels. And you looked up and you saw these little beacons of light, those were actually angels, when kurata let us back to NASA. And if you had kept on reciting the angels would have been so attracted, that they would have become visible, they will they left the world of the unseen to join the world of the scene just to enjoy your recitation of the Quran. That's how much it attracts the angels of Allah. And he says they would have come down so that people can see them Latta tawaran. Home, there would be no barrier left, people could have been able to see that people would have been able to see the angels because of your recitation so hard on law.

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Then, of course, there are so many IRA inside SoTL bacala generations but I won't go into them. Of course, I took courses a thing by itself, right? There's so much that was said about advocacy cracy but tell you what the last two is of bakura which will benefit you immediately. inshallah, the profit side sort of says, again, what the Hakuna had a bit I attainment,

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phenotypic avatar, who if whoever decided the last two is a sort of Bukhara in the nighttime, it's enough for him. That's enough for the person. And that means that this is something very, very beneficial for us to do to recite and ponder and by the way, you know, I come from, you know, indo Pak subcontinent culture, where we glorify recitation without pondering, when the prophet SAW seven says, recite this, he doesn't just mean verbatim, just read it without thinking about it. The Companions nobody ever did that. Every time they recited they were pondering the meanings like this is not an artificial chanting kind of relationship with the Quran, but a meaningful, deep, thought

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provoking relationship with the Quran. That's what Allah wants. He doesn't just want us to memorize and chant words, he wants us to engage with these words. So they melt our hearts. So they go these words go into our hearts, you know, an acknowledgement of the power of these words. So learn the Quran, memorize the Quran, recite the Quran, but recited being thoughtful of what it means. That is when these benefits actually come to life. Now, what I want to tell you quickly, inshallah is just some things about Sultan Baqarah. It's the biggest sort of the Quran. It's so so huge. I wanted to go through some of those narrations to tell you some of the merits and you know, profound beauties

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of the surah that the evil from the prophets time and so to sum we should appreciate, but some things you should know about its subject matter. Easily, you can divide the surah into nine parts. Okay, so let's along Surah 286 is and nine logical parts and I want to walk you through what happens in these parts and how they're all kind of connected to each other. Okay. So the first part of this is a lot dividing all of you know, the, the, the audience of the Quran into three groups, the people who engage the Quran, they're either going to be people who have faith, people who absolutely reject it, they want nothing to do with it, or people who claim to have faith but they don't really have

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faith, hypocrites, so believers, disbelievers and hypocrites. This is the first discussion of sort of Bukhara, you can call it part one. And part two, Allah says, Well, you know, this idea of people who openly believe people who openly disbelieve in people who can seal their faith, this is something that's always been the case and actually this legacy of faith, disbelief and hypocrisy. This story started with the story of Adam himself. So the next story is that of Adam Allison and how he ended up on the earth. And that's that's part two. Beyond part two, we move along in this surah and Allah so just has just like Adam was chosen as a special creature to take responsibility of the

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on the earth. He was actually made a halifa someone who will pass down a legacy one generation after another, as humanity spread enough, it was important not just to have one person represent and one person take over responsibility, but an entire nation. The Israelites, the children of Israel, were chosen to be model a model nation under God's guidance, so they can show the beauty of following God's guidance

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To all of humanity, that was their responsibility. And there's a long discourse on how Allah gave them that responsibility and that favor over all other nations. So they could be that role model, and how he how they disappointed his expectations. And that's the third part of the Bukhara, the Soto dakara. From there, you know, the Israelites towards the end, you notice that Israel highlights that the Israelites are not okay with the Prophet being the Prophet. They felt that this is something that was privileged to the Israelites, only an Israelite, he should be a prophet. How come? He's a child? He's an Arab, you know, how did an Arab ever receive revelation? So what Allah

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does is he takes a step back, and he starts talking about Ibrahim Abraham. Why? Because even if you don't have affinity to the Arabs, you should certainly have the Israelites should certainly have affinity to Abraham. You'll notice something so far, we started with Adam and the stories began in the soil. We started with Adam, who's the Father, and immediately you talk about a nation, then we're gonna talk about Ibrahim. And it's not too much after it's going to be the new nation. So Father, nation, Father, nation, is the correlation that's going on. Another really interesting thing is our family Salam was tested, right? And he failed that test. And then he was redeemed, the

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Israelites were tested, and they failed their tests, and they have a chance to be redeemed. Then you have Abraham who had who was tested, but he passed all of his tests. And finally, you're gonna get to the oma and Allah is gonna say, I'm gonna test you. He tells us what to do under condition. I'm going to be testing you, let's see how you do. Let's see if you make the mistake that Adam made? Or do you go down the path of the Israelites keeping making mistakes? Are you going to live up to the legacy of your father Abraham, who was able to pass through all of the tests at Amazon. So that's how things are now connected to each other? When Ibrahim Ali said I was talking about, it's amazing

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that a lot of takes half the passage and talks about his son smile, and the other half and talks about his son grandson, Jaco, Jacob, whose other name is Israel. Why was that important? Because the last thing both of these are legitimate lineages of Abraham. And both of them were Muslim. He uses the word Muslim from both of their tongues. So you understand that what the prophet is calling you towards is very true and very original to the Abrahamic message. And when you the Israelites are rejecting the Prophet because he's Arab, you're not being very different from at least from the devil, who rejected Adam, because he's made of clay. So don't go down that road except Him. And as

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this was done, then we switch over to what this father now that he's got two lineages, he's gonna leave a legacy behind an institution behind what is an institution. He built the Kaaba. He built this house in the middle of the desert. And as he built that house, he prayed for a profit to come. And now the Israelites are being told, Mohammed Salim, is the answer to the prayer of your own father Abraham. He's the answer to your own father's prayer. He's the fulfillment of the his own legacy. You should take ownership and you should have loyalty to profit models. I sell them just as you do to Abraham. And then they recognize the change of the Kaaba because the Prophet says, I'm

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stopped praying towards Jerusalem. And now because of these IOD that's the fifth subject of the surah, the change towards the Kaaba and beyond the Kaaba, now that the capitals have shifted, used to be that we prayed towards Jerusalem. So it was almost like even the Jews felt like we're not that different. But now we're praying towards Mecca. And this is totally different. There are a new nation now and let inaugurate as a new nation contemplate on Latino culture that's coming in Iran. But even now, cattolica Jana como Manasa, we made you a middle nation. You're a new nation. Now you stand on your own the Muslim Ummah, the young, Latina woman who starts getting used, those of you

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who believe those of you who believe that's the official address to the Muslim ummah. And you know, when you have a new nation, you need to have a capital, which is our Kaaba, then you need to have, you know, your inauguration ceremony, like, you know, nations have Independence Day, we were given independence month, Koran month, Ramadan, that was revealed in the surah. The rituals of that house were revealed in this folder, the name of this armor was revealed its profit was given, you know, so all we are basically now turned into a new independent oma, that is going to go through their own trials. That's the next subject matter. Beyond that, interestingly enough, it's a long passage of

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sort of Bukhara, that mentions a number of different laws and regularities and these laws have to do with fasting. But Hajj Divorce Laws mentioned social laws mentioned at some some preliminary inheritance law as mentioned, you know, Zakat is mentioned all kinds of laws dealing with each other, taking care of orphans, things like that. All of these kinds of things are mentioned in this incredible systematic order, which is too long to explain in this session. But at least that's the case. Now, let me walk you through where we are. So far. We started with believers, disbelievers, and hypocrites. That was section one story of Adam was section two. Then section three was the

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Israelites and how they failed expectations. Section four was they should have lived lived up to their legacy of their father Abraham. Speaking of Abraham, he's the one who built the car, but that's section five. Then section six is the Muslim Omar in our new nation, and they are going to be put to the test in Section seven now.

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What are you gonna be tested with these laws that you have to abide by so long section on laws? That's what we are up to Section seven. I told you there are nine sections in the surah in the eighth, moving along, you have the longest passage in the Koran, dealing with guidance on greed. Where should you spend your money? Where should you not spend your money? How should you make your money? How should you not make your money? How should you do business? And how should you not do business? Money Matters just given an exclusive deal exhaustive discourse and disorder unlike any other school and the entire Quran, that's dealt with. And this is important, by the way, because if

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you go back to the story of Adam alayhis, salaam, the problem was greed. And so that makes it makes makes it a point to know that human beings that have now come to the earth, greed is going to be a big problem. It needs to be dealt with exhaustively. And as we conclude, then we get to the last two, three out of akara, which you know, are the one the narration says whoever recites them at night, it's enough for them, one of the most profound prayers in the entire Koran. And those prayers actually tie up the entire solar, it actually wraps up where we began. Because at the end of the solar, we're basically asking Allah not to put a burden on us, like the one he placed on the people

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before us, because they weren't able to bear that burden, and they ended up being hypocritical with it. We're asking Allah to save our faith and not be hypocrites, and then we end as against the disbelievers. You recall, the first subject was believers, disbelievers and hypocrites. The last is a prayer, your law secure our faith, we believed you don't let it fall into hypocrisy and as against us believers. So it's actually almost a reaction to where the pseudo began. And in doing so it sums up pretty much the entire religion of Islam, one of the most profound soldiers of the Quran, the prophets, I saw him said about the first seven photos of the Quran that whoever holds on to them,

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for whom he's actually a scholar, like you, it's like you don't need more knowledge than the first seven Sutras, then you have profound profound knowledge. You know, so many lies, which will make us appreciate the power, the organization and the incredible lessons and sort of Baccarat I've been trying to study so maybe for 15 years, and I feel like I haven't even scratched the surface. Because I appreciate the power and the benefits of reflecting and pondering over the summer equinox.

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