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AI: Summary © The Surah of the third, which is about a handful of things, is the central focal point for Islam. It is essential for acceptance of Islam's truth, mental preparation, and faith. The speaker emphasizes the importance of holding onto one's faith and not giving up on others, as demoralized and punished by the enemy. The video discusses the confusion surrounding the merger of the Jewish and Christian communities, the misunderstandings of the merger, and the need for people to hold onto their faith. A donation campaign for Muslim Central is also highlighted.
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Lao salatu salam ala rasulillah

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salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. So inshallah Tada. Today I'll be sharing with you an overview. And hopefully, through this overview you and I get to know a little bit better some things about sort of Enron the third profound surah of the Quran. As far as the merits and narrations of the soul are concerned, I shared some of those with you. They're shared between bacala and Imran, how both of them come together as clouds on judgment day or flocks of birds protecting or making a case on behalf of the one who accompanied them. And the word Sahib is important to mention that someone who stayed spent a long, long time pondering and reflecting over the meanings of these

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profound solos, so to elaborate on is quite long, and it has many, many sections. But if you were to take a bird's eye view and kind of try to understand what the sutra is about, it's about a handful of things. And one of the words that really describes and, you know, summarizes the essence of the surah is choice, this new Muslim nation has been chosen. And Allah has given them profound responsibility. This messenger has been chosen with profound responsibility. And he has chosen to give the final revelation to this messenger at a subtle Salaam. And with that choice comes a great burden, a great sense of responsibility. So this will actually literally picks off from where we're

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Baccarat ends. And Baccarat, we asked a lot not to put a burden upon us more than we can bear. Now that we are newly formed nation on that and was entitled to Baccarat, and I'm Ron, that idea of choices taken further. Of course, on the one hand, it's choice but on the other hand, there's also a profound amount of hope that has been granted inside of this surah. Early on in the surah. Allah starts a long discourse with the people of the book, especially some narrators mentioned, this is in the context of a group of Christians that came to meet with the prophets. I saw them and we're wanting to see what this claim is that this man is claiming to be a prophet. We want to know what

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this is about. And these were people of religion. They stayed in the Prophet's mosque and they continued to ritual worship as Christians, while they engaged in conversation with the prophet SAW them. And so that's one of the subject matters that you will find the People of the Book being told this is the final testimony. This is the final revelation from Allah you need to accept this because it confirms what you people have. And so it takes them back to the story of a scientist, and retells the story. He tells them a story even of Jacobian how the law was mixed with some of his own personal preferences could look Tomica Hello Lebanese law in law mahalo, La La and NFC human company

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internets Allah Torah. He starts questioning how they allow you know, all kinds of food was permissible for Israel, for meaning Israel, meaning Jacob that says other name, except for what he made impermissible upon himself, you know, before the Torah was even revealed. So bring that and Torah was given to Musa Islam. So how can we say the Torah says that what Jacob wants is impermissible, I mean, that's even generations later. So the lessons are to be taught. But look, I'm going to bring the Torah, let's look at your evidence from the Torah itself. So let's actually questioning the way in which they engage with their own revelation, because if their approach to

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their own revolution would have been correct, and properly laid out, they would have arrived at the conclusion that the Quran is in fact, the final revelation. So instead of criticizing or saying, leave your revelation, come to the Quran, Allah saying, actually engage your own revolution as you should, and you will arrive at this conclusion. That's how they're told to come to this now, you know, final choice of Allah in Edina and Allah and Islam, one of the most profound interesting thematic shifts you'll notice between this surah and the previous lasota bacara is that I mentioned many matters having to do with spirituality and the heart. So from the very beginning, few Kaluga

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Maradona, Allah mentioned their hearts have a disease talking about the hypocrites from La Casa Kowloon, their hearts became hard a lot. We'll talk about eemaan faith, lolly Buffy, there's no doubt in it that that's a matter of the heart. So the heart and spirituality is actually a very recurring theme in sort of Bukhara and you can sum sum that up as Eamonn Eman. On the other hand in Milan, you'll find the word Islam come up over and over and over again. So it's almost as though how Eman and Islam go with each other. Islam being the outward manifestation of the faith, Eman being the inwardly. It's, that's the complimentary role. They play with each other. You can't just have

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faith on in your heart and not demonstrated on the outside as long as talked about. That's why the word Islam keeps coming up in this sort of over and over and over again. So that's the first theme about choice. The second theme is the clashes intensifying now that this has been chosen Congratulations. You are now the oma that represents the truth of God to all of humanity. Our our clashes with the disbelievers also intensified what I didn't say in my introduction to Baccarat because there wasn't any you know, I don't want to go into too far depth but it's good to connect with

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realized now in Baccarat actually commented mentally prepared us for the first coming battle, which is the Battle of budget. So there are this revelation inside sotto Baqarah that was given to mentally prepare Muslims to deal with what is coming against the coalition. It's really interesting that in Baqarah, what Allah did was he narrated the story of David and Goliath by Luton dilute

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and you know, the old and dilute even why because that was also small group taking on a large group just like the Muslims are going to be a small group in Medina, taking on the large group of college. So this battle of the Muslims and the Quraysh was actually made a battle by a battle of biblical proportions. It was compared to the biblical account of David and Goliath, right? And this was important, because in Medina, you have Christians and Jews. And when they see this as being compared to David and Goliath, they're going to go back to their own books. And they're going to read that account again, and say, Wow, you know, these people stood for one God, and they stood against idol

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worshipers, and pagans. And now these people, these because they assumed all the Arabs are the same. They're all pagan, then why are they fighting among each other, and they never fought about religion. You know, the Arabs never fought about religion. They fought about other things. They fought about land resources, somebody swept my sheep, I don't know. They fought about other silly things, but they didn't fight about religion. Why are they fighting on religion? On top of that, this one group is at odds with everybody else, because they believe in one God, this echoes the previous clash of David and Goliath and all the other clashes that they have in their books. So

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actually, what the Quran does, it exhaustively describes in this surah, not pre battle commentary that was nakara. In earlier on, he actually gives post about battle commentary. Now the Muslims have faced a terrible loss and the tables have been turned 70 of the greatest companions of the Prophet Tyson, including his uncle have been mercilessly slaughtered. And and the Muslims had to literally escape up a mountain is to say, do Noah Luna had when you were climbing up the mountain or even turning a back looking at anybody? That's the scene painted in this surah? And then the Muslims are told, now how do you hold on to your faith, it's easy to hold on to your faith, you know, before the

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fact you've been comfortable with hope this has happened before God's aid is going to come? Alright, we're going to be able to handle it on the other side. What about when you suffer horrible losses? Why did if we're the people of God, if we're the people who believe if we're Latina, Armando, how can we lost? And so Allah will explain that with profound wisdom in this surah? How are Muslims supposed to deal with victory? And more importantly, how are they supposed to deal with loss? How are they supposed to deal with loss and exhaustive, exhaustive camp commentary? And that also, it resonates with the people of the book that these people don't lose faith? Why? Why do they we know

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either they're winning on the battlefield, or they're losing on the battlefield, but they hold on to their faith. And then, of course, finally, in the surah, you find this this merger, which is strange mergers of hannula, the way Allah does it, he talked to the disbeliever. He told the Muslims, the believers and tomada alone in quantum meaning, you're going to be superior Supreme, you're going to win in the end, if you hold on to your faith, Just have faith and even the powerful armies of courage are going to be nothing you'll be able to deal with them. On the other hand, there was this ideological conversation with the Jewish and Christian communities, predominantly the Christian

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group that came to met with the Prophet slicin them, and that's more of an ideological clash, not a physical clash. But by the end, the groups among these that are stubborn in their ways are merged together, and they're just called Olivia NACA for those who have disbelieved. In other words, the Korans depiction of those who've truly disbelieved is a depiction of people who after knowing the truth inside and out rejected, Allah does not want to make sweeping comments about all the people over the book. So what is he doing this sorta when I mean allocator you know, man into manhood be denari. You know, the lake, is among the People of the Book, there is one if you never give them a

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single buck, they won't give it back to you. But others can bar you at the lake, you give them a pile of wealth, they'll give it back to you. They're trustworthy. And Allah will give good qualities of some of the people of the local prey, who have Taqwa, who compete and use it a lot. But will they come in a cellophane or my element hyperinsulinemic for Oh, Allah Halima 13. Amazing words, you know, they're from among good people, and whatever they do won't be taken away from them. Like the Prophet said hydro ConfigMgr Helios, Islam, the best of you. But in the days of ignorance at the best of you in Islam, Allah doesn't dismiss their good deeds in the surah. So he doesn't let us make

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sweeping comments. And as you conclude, when you when you get to the end of this amazing, amazing solo journey, the suta is really like when Muslims are in in tough times. This is a slaughter site, I would say. It's the slaughter site, especially the commentary, the dedicated IR to what happened at HUD is absolutely remarkable. You know, one of my favorite places in the Quran, Allah de Latina, Sabu de la hora, Sol, de la Saba homolka

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are in Arabic is a word for injury, but when an injury cuts you so deep it reaches the bone. That's when it's

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called, like a deep gash. Allah says those who responded to Allah and the messenger, even after a deep gash injury had hit them. And what does that mean? The Muslims are demoralized. They're like the prophesy. saddam had bled already. There was even a rumor that he's been killed. There are several companions that are lying there dead on the battlefield. We're running up the mountain and the police are talking trash, praising their false gods at the bottom of the hill as they see the Muslims running for their lives. We are completely a mess. We're a wreck, and now they have left. And we finally get to breathe. Okay, the enemy's gone. And then the rumor comes out. They're making

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they're coming around for round two. They're figuring we made a mistake. We let the Muslims breathe. We should kill them off while they stand. And the profitsystem says we don't wait for them to come to us. We'll go to them. Imagine these are all injured companions. They're bleeding and demoralized and he says we're gonna go meet them we're not going to wait for them to come to us. And they got up limping anyway. And a lot commented on their courage. A lot commented on the resolve that they got up no matter what you know, and so people who could do show me that kind of resilience as you want to have him and Federico Labine, Amati Minh Allahu ala me assassin so they came back with the

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blessing of Allah no harm, touch them, actually, the Quraysh heard that the Muslims are coming back, they're enough. They're enough, even though Muslim Muslims were in no real position to fight. This was a fever of a London a test of their faith. So we our faith is going to be tested. And that's why this one also has those iaat where when Muslims are a downtrodden, how they have to just really hold on to their face. And understand till, Yamanaka will have enough these days we flip up and down between people. The Anima la Latina, I'm unaware of Shahada. So look at know who really believes it's easy to root for the winning team. That's easy. How do you stay you know, even in sports, see

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the guy like, you know, the his team is down 40 points in a basketball game, there's one minute left, he's still waving the finger like he's a believer.

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That faith, that conviction. And that's the conviction of low ones from this moment that we remain optimistic. And so by the end of the surah, one of the most profound spiritual prayers that are in the entire Quran, it actually it becomes the twin to the prayer at the end of Bukhara. And this was a great incident in the life of the prophets. I saw them. So beautiful. In the middle of the night, he was sleeping. And he asked his wife, our mother, Ayesha permission, if you give permission, my master is calling. He asked the wife permission before he got out of bed. And he gets out of bed and he starts praying, and he starts reciting. And she knows she notices. He's watching him pray, she

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notices he started crying, and his beard got soaked. And he went into the cooler, and a puddle started forming because his tears were falling. When he went to the stage that there was his entire The place was literally a puddle where he was making such that and he wouldn't get up from Florida. He just stayed in there until it was fudger time. And the companions were gathered to pray. And the prophets are coming out of the apartment, now out of his quarters, and beloved came to get him like he also loved your Time's running out. And then he got up and he said how can you call me what Allah has given me these ayat and those are belong to me on what Allah describes the journey of a person's

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faith. These are eyes 192 195 towards the end of Ramadan. So in the beginning, we're told, we're chosen. The people in the book were told you were chosen. Now this is the right choice. And by the end, how does someone arrive at that choice. That's the beauty of the conclusion of this sort of 192 195 and then thereafter, now that you have this journey to faith, la hora, Nakata, colo Bula vinaka, follow Philby, la mataranka Lee, don't matter what the disbelievers are doing their activities, their schemes against you. Don't let that stuff bother you. That's all little little bit of resources here and there. That's nothing compared to what God's resources are. What allows

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resources are so once again, a sort of profound, profound hope. And I believe the more we develop a relationship with this water, the more your sense of identity as a Muslim gets stronger. The word Islam keeps coming up. And the sooner I can tell you when I was studying the surah one thing you could walk away from when you studied the school as you're proud to be a Muslim. Your sense of like, you're not ashamed to be able so you don't feel weak as a Muslim, you feel empowered as a Muslim. And that's one of the great benefits that comes out of silicon Emmeline Eliza which will make us committed to this profound flora and make it easy for all of us to even memorize it and ponder over

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it barakallahu li walakum wa salaamu Alaikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato

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Episode 3 – Surah Ali ‘imran – Nouman Ali Khan

June 8, 2016

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