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Daesh/ISIS, Stories you never hear about in the mainstream media, Bill Clinton, Basketball legend Abdul Karim Jabar, real terrorists but oops their not Muslim so it doesn’t get front page, Ufc and MMA fighters, and more on this week’s show

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Welcome to the Dean's show.

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Subscribe if you haven't already, already. And usually I'm doing the interviewing. We got Mark Schipper, here. How are you doing? Mark? good sir? yourself? Good thing God here with DNA info correct. Mark's gonna be interviewing me today and I thought we let you guys in on the action. How's it going Mark go very well, tired after a training session, I'll let you go ahead and do your job. Sure, absolutely. Let's start with a basic one up top. When and why did you start the deen show? And what is its purpose as a show, as you see the deen show, we started back in

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2006. And the primary purpose was, when I started to live this way of life. Islam, I started to see that it was bringing contentment, peace, satisfaction in my life, gave me discipline gave me a good set of rules to live by helped me to be a better human being all around, I started to see certain things on the media that were antithesis to what I was learning, I started seeing this beautiful way of life, this will live by over 1.6 7 billion people in the world being associated with terrorism and some of the ugly things out there. So I thought, okay, I'm an American, I love my country. People need to get educated. And I thought the media was a great way. I was learning this way of

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life. And I love sharing it. And I thought the more I can educate people to have a totally different perspective, we can break somebody's walls. And we can foster and nurture goodness instead of a lot of this hate that's arising from misinformation, and people just not knowing. Yeah. So that brings up another question. You've been very successful using social media, YouTube, other types of video media, some print media, I think, on the on the internet. So what are some of your numbers like, what are your Twitter numbers, YouTube numbers, what kind of followers will kind of be wins do you get for a show? I mean, thank God, we started off,

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just putting our content on what was available at that time, I think YouTube was was kind of new, we started putting it out there, then we got to involve with the local cable station here in Chicago can TV. And then from there, I kinda got on board late, with some of the Facebook, Twitter started utilizing this. And we also have people who have reached out and wanted to broadcast our shows on many of the satellite channels. So we're on several satellite channels that have potential viewership in the in the millions. So we have a good following amount of falling on the satellite TV. And also we have a few million on our a couple million on our Facebook and in the hundreds of

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1000s on the other big numbers. So a lot of people are watching, listening.

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So what do you see in popular culture news media. Now, you know, recently the misconstrues or misrepresents Islam.

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What we're seeing a lot is

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the almost like advertisement out there and fearmonger mongering that is creating a riff between the people. And today, we see such groups out there that are being given a platform that don't represent Islam, that don't represent Muslims. Give some specific examples where you're talking about Daesh Have you heard of this? This group called Daesh? ISIS, ISIS, ISIS. Yep. Now, Abdul Karim Jabbar, he had a wonderful quote, you know, six time world NBA champion, everybody knows Abdul Karim Jabbar. He's also a Muslim and I love on my show, you see, I define words, because people think, okay, Muslim, Arab, somebody may be an alien or something. But a Muslim is simply one who has chosen

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consciously to submit to the Creator,

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to have a direct dial up connection with the one who created creation, God Almighty, this is this is something that Jesus did Moses and all the messengers of God. So this is what a Muslim isn't Abdul Karim Jabbar, he also accepted Islam. And he makes this quote saying that when kkk Christians when they go and burn or have burned, crosses, and black people's yards, Christians don't have to come out condemning them because most people are intelligent enough to know that they don't represent mainstream Christianity. The same way if you look at for instance, there are over 1.7 billion Muslims all around the whole world from everywhere, Italy, Germany, France all over. And you see

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that CIA reports have estimated between 21,000 to 35,000 people who have joined this group, so now if we go with the high number, let's say 30

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5000 you'll see that compare 1.6 let's say 1.7 billion Muslims, what is that equal to the amount that's in this group? 0.019%. Right, tiny fraction. Now let's take 1920s when kkk were at their Pinnacle prime, they had 5 million members can you believe 5 million members out of a population of around 106,000,019 20s. Today, you still have functioning branches, you can go online and you can pick which one you want to join because they're all over the place. Now kkk is like the white ISIS. All right, this is the same thing. And most people are intelligent to know they don't represent Christians the same way this group who by the way, Mark, people don't know that they are killing

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actually, Muslims are the ones who hate this group the most. Yeah, not only are they defaming Islam,

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they're also killing more Muslims. And you don't get to see just recently you had in Beirut, you had an Istanbul Turkey, you had innocent people, Muslims who are killed, we don't have press coverage for that, you follow me? But as soon as some deranged lunatic does something and you know, has anything he ate with a Muslim, you know, he had a dog that had most I mean, a pet nameless and named it whatever the case anything link with Islam, there you go 24, press media press coverage, on, on, on, even reporting on by it, I mean, bias reporting, you see that this is something that is really disheartening, you know, to peaceful,

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people who are out there who just want to live like everyone else, you know, and, and, and live with their neighbors and be understood in the correct way. But then you have media twist in it. And we're obviously made to look like suspect now. Yeah. Yeah. So this is right down that same line. As a Muslim, do you feel it's an obligation for yourself and other Muslims to counter the narrative? Is it the responsibility of outsiders to educate themselves? Or ideally, would you like to see a combination of both Muslims out there countering the narrative, and people also educating themselves, who might not be Muslim to get to figure out what the truth is, despite what the

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popular, you know, narratives might be as Muslims, those who have, who live this way of life.

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were told to share this message to help

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eradicate any kind of false fears that anyone has through educating people. And it's everyone's individual duty, to go ahead and try to dispel one of these, many of these myths that are associated with Islam. But at the same time, you know, we will often hear, you know, these cliches that that are thrown out there that why don't Muslims condemn terrorism? You follow me? Yes. So every time let's say, someone will go and blow up

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a abortion clinic or commit a mass shooting or these kkk neo nazis, who do horrendous acts and their religion is not mentioned. They you don't have recently you had what was called Hiroshima and lightswitch. Many people didn't hear of a gentleman by the name of Crawford. He's developed a weapon of mass destruction. And he was a Christian members of their church started coming here to pray for them. They were unaware of the details that surrounded their wrath and unaware that Crawford was a self proclaimed member of the Ku Klux Klan. He's also accused of carrying an animosity toward Muslims and targeting them in this attack. Members of the Barkers Ville Christian church say they

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are shocked by this and think it's all mistake adding the Crawford's are nice giving people who aren't the type that would be involved in terrorist group there obviously as many more details and you didn't.

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We didn't expect his whole church to come out. They were actually saying good things about him say we didn't expect this is good family man whatnot. But he was planning to kill President Obama, he was planning to to decimate and kill Muslims with a murderous plan allegedly calling for attaching an industrial grade X ray machine to a specially designed triggering device stored in a truck. The weapon would be mobile shooting concentrated doses of radiation on unsuspected targets, who would die within two weeks. Among the potential target sources say Muslims and President Obama put this this contraption that this stuff you can make up this was this stuff out of a sci fi movie that this

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this x ray, type of, of mass weapon of mass destruction would go through a wall penetrate and 500 people Two weeks later can just end up dying. You didn't hear much about this at all in the media, people don't know about it. Imagine if Muslims were doing this did this this is something unheard of. So now we should as as human beings be making this human connection, getting to know our neighbors and really

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Not swallowing everything. We're being fed by many politicians who are using fear for a certain agenda to divide. And these are the things that at the end, if we are intelligent enough to go to the source go into you had many of these rallies recently in Arizona and other places, people having derogatory t shirts saying really hurtful things, demeaning things. And then when they went into one particular man, Jason ledger and his uncle say they've been invited back to the mosque For more discussions, and they plan to go, this time, that T shirt will stay at home, I feel that me and a few people like my uncle Paul, and the Muslim people taking time to talk to each other. I feel that

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we change the thoughts of some people, and they change the thoughts of me. Paul specifically said, I will never wear that shirt again, when I took a second to sit down and listen to them, and actually enter their mosque and go on and watch some of their prayers. It was a beautiful thing. And they answered some of my questions that I had, when he went into the mosque. He sat with Muslims, he had a totally different perspective. Yeah, because he was educated because he made the human connection. Yeah.

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Yeah. Okay, this is, um, this is right down the same line, maybe it's, it's going deeper into what we're talking about right here. So you'll often hear people say, Where are the Muslims out there shouting that, you know, we hate these murders, and I sold

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the government in Syria etc. are Muslims doing this and not being heard? Or is it a case of a double standard where because Islam is not the native religion of it, quote, native religion of the United States, maybe it faces tougher scrutiny and judgment than another group might? Thank God that the D show were going on since 2006. That's over 10 years, 500 episodes, we have brought on many of the prominent speakers, scholars in America and around the world. And we have condemned such actions, you know, in the Quran, this is very clear. In chapter five, verse 32, staged God Almighty stating that whoever kills one innocent being is after you killed, killed all of humanity, if saving one

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innocent being as if you saved the world. So the texts are clear, that hurting innocent people, non combatants, this is something that is definitely not a part of the teachings of Islam. Now, we've also had scholars, big organizations, such as care and other groups come out and condemned these things. But it's sad to say that we don't have the platform nor many of these organizations, such as the de show, and others are not being given the microphone, to go ahead and let the masses hear our voices. Another thing is real beautiful. When you hear I just heard a

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President Bill Clinton, you know him, everybody knows,

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Bill Clinton was giving an account of what he portrayed as the majority of Muslims how they are in the US, because there was a New York Daily article that was talking about a Yemeni Muslim, who had been working at a convenience store, and he got stuck up. Bill Clinton is narrating the story, looked at and said, I've just had this job for a year and this is not my money, and it's not yours. And he slept with the gun hand, the person standing closest to it. That guy is more representative of most Muslims in America.

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Since then, we have this on our Facebook page, you can see it and he said that a man came in at gunpoint to stick them up. So give me give me the money. The Muslim opened up the drawer took the money was about to give and he said, You know what? I just only had this job for a year. This is not your money. It's not my money. I'm not giving you the money. And he smacked the gun out of his hand. The gun actually

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went off, bullet hit the counter, the man realized, look, I'm in the middle of New York City. I've got to get out that he got away. He left off. The Muslim God did the rest of the day off. his employer was very happy, went home, prayed, and thank God. And then at the end, Bill Clinton said, You know what? That guy is more representative of most Muslims in America.

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This is the majority of Muslims here in America. These are the people that basically saying that Americans need to know about he gave another example of Kenya. So the Muslims went around giving headscarf to the Christian women and otherwise trying to disguise them. And they risked their lives to save the Christian minority. Where there was a group of Muslims and Christians riding on a bus and a terrorist group came and was trying to stop

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Separate the Muslims and the Christians. And what happened, the Muslims ended up disguising the women putting the jobs on them and risk their own lives to save the Christians risked their lives to save the Christian minority. So these stories, people don't hear about these stories, the majority, we talked about ISO Daesh, 0.019% over here, and 24 seven coverage all day and night. That's all you hear. But now all the good that Muslims are doing, you don't hear about these stories. It's nice to hear President Clinton. Yeah, no, share it share this, a couple good stories for him.

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All right, so bringing it back locally, a little bit. How is life in your opinion from what you've seen and what you hear in Chicago for a Muslim? Because sometimes you'll hear these claims that life in America as a Muslim after 911 has been a form of hell. But that doesn't seem quite accurate. So has there been any specific threats against your community been targeted for anything? Or do you find that it's a more complicated situation? Sometimes it's very good. Other times, you might run into pockets of people who are more prejudiced. What is life like Ben and Chicago? In your opinion? Is it a big dealer? I think Chicago, like New York, and some of these more urban cities, the big

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cities where you have a mixture of nationalities religions, is not as bad as if you go outside. Some of these are areas where people haven't really gotten out the box, right? Where you have many people who,

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if you don't look like them, talk like them.

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Sway like them, have an accent like them or slang like them, it's not you're not one of them. And anything else you just you're not in. And

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when you don't have access to the information, and someone also is not

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with you to make that human connection. You don't have a taxi driver, that's a Muslim, possibly like you do in Chicago. Maybe you don't have like here, most of the doctors are Muslim doctors, right? engineers, scientists, so you're able to professors, you're able to go to the university and your professors, professors and Muslim and you got you get to make the human connection. You go to the doctor, so Muslim doctor human connection, right. And there's that good in every human being. You follow me that needs to be nurtured. And when it's nurtured through the right channels. Then, like Nelson Mandela had said, beautiful statement, he said that nobody is born hating

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that people are taught this. So now you're in a rural area, you never met a Muslim and now you hear somebody politicians spewing this hate pumping you up making it seem like the boogeyman is coming to get you, you follow me that fosters that you're taught that. So we need to teach them how to love and that's what the D show is about. And Muslims are the majority, about trying to get the message out really trying to be represented the right way to show that we are a community of peace. We have a greeting of peace, peace be with you. We pray for peace. We want peace. We live away of peace. Yeah. Well said. All right, closing in here. Just a couple more questions for you.

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So we spoke a little bit the other day, and you gave me some specific examples of outreach you've done in the community? What were some of those? With your professor friends, your doctor friends, you go out and think there were some outreach to gang members, some other just community open houses? What were a few of those things that you do? Yeah, the Muslim community is very active in feeding the poor and setting up different we have a a free clinic, it's on the south side is called the man. And they're doing some great work. These are doctors who come together people who don't have insurance, they're not able to afford health care. They have free health care. They have pantry

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setup, feeding the poor. And this is what it's about making the connection helping the community. We also we do open houses recently, me and my good friend, Dr. Seville, we were at a a mosque in bloomin time. And we invited the mayor came in for a short time you had the police chief, the commander, a priest, and community members.

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And they got to hear what Islam was about. They got to ask questions. The human connection was made.

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At the end, nothing but good feedback. Everyone had a great time, ate some food, we got to interact. And everyone was like more people need to learn this. More people need to be educated. Because it's true that education through the human connection, that's where a lot of this hate false fear. And these misconceptions that are out there can decimate can be eradicated and we can start to understand each other's as neighbors because we have to understand that, you know, Muslims ain't going nowhere.

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crushes ain't going nowhere. But we're here we're living together. So we need to get to know each other, get to know our neighbors, and need to work together to live together in peace. Yeah, so these are these are friends and neighbors scenarios, this is going out and realizing these people. Muslims are not in any way others. They're Americans. They live next door deal. And they're just people exactly like you walk back with these things. Alright, so last question here. We're at your jujitsu Academy. So let's let's get one there. How do you think this academy fits into all of this in terms of the example it sets for how you live your life? Is it a great advertisement for how you

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live your life? Maybe for as long maybe for your friends or family? Or do you like to keep it neutral here and just lead by example, how does this all fit into your plan? As soon as you come in to the Academy, there's a statement on the wall that says the best of you are those who have the best manners and character. So along with when you go back and you look at some of the ancient Samurai traditions, there was principles that were involved in martial arts. A lot of we've lost a lot of that it was a controlling of one's ego oneself into now a lot of days what happens people learn and train martial arts the ego becomes bigger and they become this destructive community.

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Right doing some you see many of the UFC fighters MMA fighters disguise beat up this girl disguise in jail for this disguise and cocaine disguise on this drug. You see what you have when you learn. And you have a good teacher, not just teaching you how to throw a punch, how to knock someone out how to submit somebody, but at the same time helping to work on the heart, on the spirit, these things nurturing that good inside, that they can have a reference point to look back to, and to control that ego.

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By getting this confidence that the martial arts teaches you, at the end, when you have a complete

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ness to your martial art, not just I'm a tough guy, and I can knock someone out. But at the same time, my manners are better, my character is better my self confidence has been I'm a better human being all in every aspect. I now am confident that if someone tries to because it's self defense, defending oneself, I'm not. And we stress this that now, if anybody's caught doing anything disruptive in the community, or, or out there, you know, using this in the wrong way, they're not part of this. There'll be expelled from this team, they we stress that this is something that at the end is supposed to empower you but at the same time, you have a responsibility. At the same time

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now, you carry this with you, but you have a great responsibility. So we try to cover every aspect

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that now will help to make a complete martial artists. You follow me not just one or two. But every aspect, as was done in Karate Kid, have you seen karate kid? Yeah, he's the best around. Yeah. Yeah. Great movie. All right, let's, let's close down with that. What does the dean show the dean means something specifically doesn't that what is the dean show? Absolutely. The Dean is a word that means the way Dee Dee and yes, and people say oh, what's up, Mr. Dean? Dean is a way of life. And again, you know, they're in the essence of education. Look, we try to

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make the information known who Muslims aren't what Muslims believe. It's not our job to try to

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convert anybody. You know, a lot of times when we bring up religion, most people, they it's a personal subject. But here at the deen show, it's something that now there's all this mass hysteria about Islam, we want to show that Islam is an open book. This is what it teaches, is for everybody. If you like it, you can have it also. If not, at least you understand it now. So Dean is a way of life a way of life we say that was live by all the messengers that the creator sent to guide humanity out of his love. He sent Jesus and many people don't know this, that you cannot be a Muslim one who submitted to the will of the Creator, not the creation unless you love and revered Jesus as

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one of the mightiest messages of God. Again, commonalities we have. So imagine you're hanging out with somebody. And now you're like, you like baseball? Me too. You like jujitsu? Me too. You like Italian? Me too. You got all these you got about 100 things in common. But you've got a couple of things that you don't agree on. You can politely agree to disagree on these things, right? Because the small things that are actually the things that that we don't agree upon is that Jesus was God.

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That he called people to worship him, but we love Jesus as a messenger of God. And this is something that that we make clear, we believe in original goodness, not original sin. So those are the things that are are the differences. But now, there's so many commonalities that we love his blessing mother, there's a whole chapter

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Named after the Blessed Mother, the Virgin Mary in the crime, they were just recently a professor Hawkins, who is having her position I believe terminated because she stood in solidarity with Muslims. He's a Christian professor. And she wore what you see on Mary, Jesus's mother, and what's called the job, but just a modest dress that she put on. That's actually if you look at it's part of the teachings of Christianity, it's in the Bible. So now we point out the similarities in this way of life. Right, that we're not the Antichrist that we don't we love Christ, that we worship the same God, we have a different way. We believe in pure monotheism, that we don't worship anything in

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creation, but only the creator of creation. That's it. That's it done. And you have a right to your way we have a right to our way, but at the end, let's try to understand each other. And by understanding each other. That's how we can live in peace.

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Well says, hopefully we reached some understanding today. It was enlightening. I'm on a question. So thanks for thanks for having me on. And thanks for talking for DNA info. Thank you very much for having us. Thank you. And I thought I'll let you guys in on this interview. I'm usually interviewing people, but Mark had wanted to interview me so I thought you my viewers out there on the digital get the benefit. Hope you enjoyed. And stay tuned for more exciting episode as a dean show, subscribe. If you haven't already, please be with you.