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The history and success of Islam have been discussed, including the use of "medix" to describe actions and emotions, the use of "medix" to describe actions and emotions, and the importance of positive thinking and staying positive in order to achieve success. The success of Islam has been discussed, including the god's weight and the use of d point, the importance of understanding everything, and the use of remote control in the future. The segment also touches on the success of Islam in various industries and countries, including India and the United States.

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hamdu lillah wa Salatu was Salam ala Rasulillah while earlier he was beheaded Woman Well, tonight's story is entitled When Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam cracked the boulder. And we'll actually learn about what this actually means in a moment. The Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam and the companions were faced with a threat from the disbelievers, the kuffaar of Quraysh joined forces with other Arab tribes, who will also disbelievers. And they joined forces also with the hood. And they combined efforts to attack el Medina Subhan Allah. And this shows you that the enemies of Islam, even if you leave them alone, they won't leave you alone. They didn't say on the

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Prophet Muhammad left Mecca, and you know that he's gone now we don't have to worry. They even went to attack the Prophet and the Muslims in and Medina and of course, in Islam, you're allowed to defend yourself. So the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam and the Companions, they mustered up 3000 of the Muslims 3000 of the Muslim warriors of the Mujahideen, which also included some of the women as well, to go and defend and Medina and push back this attack from the kuffaar. And the kuffaar had 10,000 10,000 in number Subhan Allah. And this was the largest group that has ever attacked the Muslims. And before this, there was never a large group of 10,000. And this battle was called the

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Battle of Allah exam. What does that mean? The word that has a boys and girls is plural for the Arabic word has. And it has it means a group, a group or a party. So not a party, that type of party. Right? But you've probably heard of the word political party. You've probably heard this a lot on the news lately, right? The Labour Party, Liberal Party, the politicians, right party means a group. So zap literally means groups.

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Because those groups of the kuffaar they all came to attack the Prophet Muhammad the Sahaba the Muslims in and Medina SubhanAllah. And it was also called a zap for another reason. Because Hazaribagh in Arabic means to cause you worry and distress. So Allah could have called it the Battle of Jamaat. Okay, there's a surah Cassandra Zabala could have called it Surah to jump out Jamaat means groups. So why was it called aza? Because as we said, it has a hazard that also means to cause this to cause worry and distress. This was a a battle that even Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu sallam was worried about. This was a battle that even the companions were anxious, they were nervous, they

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were stressed about so much so that and how they fell on the ground with a great companion. He said that if we wanted to go to the bathroom, we feed even going to the bathroom, they feed going see back then, of course, to relieve yourself, you had to go further out and do your business there isn't have the modern day toilets that we have today. They said we were so scared that we even feared you know, just leaving the Muslims going, you know, 20 meters to go to the bathroom SubhanAllah. And to make matters worse, they didn't really have food and water.

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The only food they had was rotten animal fat.

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Not just animal fat. That's bad enough. Rotten animal fat. You know, people don't even want to eat animal fat. Even if you're taller, they'll say nice gelatine I don't want to even if it says Halal gelatin on the lollies not I don't want it. And that's a valid fair opinion. Right? We respect that opinion and receive other opinions that we can also respect as well. So they had to eat. Imagine that. Imagine your mama comes to you tonight. Who really locked down we're going to have he go on the table. Rotten animal fat your sides. Okay, the main meal is rotting animal fat, and a small side of animal fat. It's not run by it's not actually that's a desert. Desert is not an animal fat.

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Right. And and what are you drinking? You're probably drinking fat, right? Just a glass of fat. Yeah, I know. We're finding it funny now. But imagine actually, imagine that was your meal. Right? You wouldn't. You'd be complaining all night long, you probably wouldn't even eat it. And whoever said we were forced to eat that until the rotten animal fat will stick in our throat and a rotten stench would come up. Right bad breath. So not only are they hungry, are they thirsty? Are they fearful for the life Subhanallah terrified they couldn't even use the bathroom and look at us with a comfortable compare what we are facing compared to

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What they are facing Yes, it's still tough. We're not denying that. But at the same time when we look at what they faced, the Sahaba faced, it makes us be more resilient and more patient Inshallah, not that we can suffer. They have tests we have different tests, and we ask Allah azza wa jal to keep us patient and steadfast during these tests.

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He continues in the narration he said we were so scared that we would sleep with our arms and our pillows now arms yeah means weapons. Right? Um, there was sleep with your weapons. Imagine that imagine going to bed the Ayesha's, but they're not going to show you. Okay, I should bet imagine, you sleep with a bow and arrow underneath your pillow. Imagine that imagine sleeping with a weapon underneath your pillow. That's how scared the Sahaba were. There were that though that terrified. The great companions and they're scared. Once again, we've said this before, and I'll say it again, it's okay to be scared. It's a normal human emotion. But what does that feed do?

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If you're scared, and that makes you do the wrong thing? Then we say no. But if you're scared and you still do the right thing like Musa Ali salaam, when he was scared, when other magicians were there, he had 70 at least one narration said more 5000 and other narration says 70 will go with the minimum of 70. He was scared but that didn't stop him. Imagine that imagine. And this was Yama Xena. Imagine like they not a festival. The what's the Christian one called? The festivals.

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The Royal Christmas party, the Royal Easter Show. Imagine at the Royal Easter Show. You are facing everyone and they want to see a miracle from you. And all you have is a stick. And the 17 magicians in front of the Royal is to show Okay, many people probably run away. Now most of them were scared, but it didn't stop him from doing the right thing. So the Sahaba was scared. So much so that would slip with weapons underneath their pillow. So Paola, oh, and anything where they would sleep? Imagine that imagine you're sleeping, not knowing you got a weapon underneath your pillow not knowing whether the ADF or the army or the police are going to kick down your door because your mask

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fell off at Woolies or Kohl's.

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I shouldn't be laughing.

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So know where you are. Right? So imagine that. So it was a very, very difficult battle, you see why it was called a hazard. It wasn't just called jamat. Because Hazaribagh we said means to cause you worry to cause you stress to be very fearful. And this battle was also called the nose call it out the screen even that kind of in the Battle of the Trench. The Battle of the Trench. The battle will hunt duck Subhanallah so it was the same battle.

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So what happened in this battle? The Muslims were tired, hungry, fearful 10,000 of the kuffar coming to attack the Sahaba freaking out

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Sandman and fairies hero Delano great companion who shared with him gifts through notable Sandman and Pharisee was from Persia. He had a suggestion he also lot I have an idea of what Mohamed Salah Salem, do. You say I'm the leader?

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I give the orders around here. The Prophet was a humble man. And he took advice from everyone. If it's correct, we'll adopt it. If it's correct to follow it. Compare that to many of us today. Someone gives you advice. Okay, the way you prayed. There's a hadith that says we shouldn't do that. Of the maybe the hijab shouldn't be worn like this, because it exposes a part of the body that shouldn't be exposed. How do we take over someone gives us advice. We become arrogant, we become defensive, we make excuses. You know, the early Muslims, they would love when people would correct them. Because it's helping them get to Jannah it's helping them become better. Today when people

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correct us, you know we become defensive, we become angry, and we make 101 excuses. We should listen to what they have to say. And now we shouldn't be grateful. At least that person is honest and telling you Look there's a problem. Imagine you had something green stick another human or throw all day maybe I don't know I fell so I don't know.

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Anything. What a bad was not? Wouldn't you be happy if someone finally we'll have to say hey, you got you got a green asparagus sticking out of your teeth right? Zach Allah Hi, Ron.

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How long has this been? Amen? I had this very good for breakfast. I had it with my eggs. Man. It's been here all day and I was told me you'd actually be grateful for someone to correct you right to fix your problem. So the next time someone tells us something that is wrong with us, we should be grateful we should thank them.

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So going back to the Hadith What did I say? What was I saying? Is a man fairly see

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So said man and Pharisee

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he said jasola Back in back home in Persia, we would dig a trench, dig a trench all around our city or where the where the enemy was going to attack. And so they wouldn't be able to cross over with their horses. You know, basically we'll put a barrier around us. Okay, just like they did in Queensland. Now there's a red barrier for COVID. Okay, they put a red barrier, so people in Queensland can cross the border along, Stan, it's like we're in the in Berlin now and in the Nazis and you know, we have to put a border because, you know, so no one dares crosses the street to get

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Holly and Ben Matata from apartment. But anyway, anyway, so they said he said we would put a border would dig a huge trench SubhanAllah. And so the Prophet Muhammad Salim said, Great, fantastic idea. Let's do it. Showing us once again, how humble Rasul Allah was. And he does also have to accept his advice, is a messenger of Allah prophet of Allah receiving ye from Allah. Yet he takes his advice. So Pamela, takes his advice. There's some people they think they know at all. And after listened to that person, especially sometimes a person who's popular, maybe a person who's a speaker, or a person who advises other people, it could be a teacher, it could be a doctor, it could be anyone who

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talks to people, a counselor, okay, maybe you're popular, you talk to people, and those types of people sometimes they don't want to listen, but I want to listen, I just want to talk and he themselves talk all the time. But the profile is a Salam. He will teach but it also listen.

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So they start to dig a trench and it was extremely hard. Imagine digging a trench in the middle of the desert. When Baba asks you to put out the way through in the backyard you have you heard of tech bubble, really?

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Okay. All right. Pulling out weeds for an hour is very difficult. It's a big workout if you've done it Hands up if you've pulled our weight and you will saw the next day ends up you can see your hands coming up. Amana

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horse Amana

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Yes, for that waiter and we did a hotel got you to do a tortured USA Amina I paid you for that was

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like my cup by the way. I didn't buy it. It was a gift from Islamic. Masha Allah Zico Hayden was now me because

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kind of a boss who was anyone else pull out wait only Amana and Honda and asthma. Okay, how was it was tough.

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It's hard when digging, digging, not just pulling out weeds digging.

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The digging. It's hard. It's tiresome.

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They come across a huge boulder. A huge stone.

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There was so tough and difficult to crack and break. Not only could I not do it, I was breaking the access and pics of the Muslims of the Sahaba imagine that metal and metal X bang it would break the axe. No one could break it. They went and called Mohamed Salah Salem the man himself. Allahu Akbar, Allah. We need your help here. We need your Baraka. He comes Salallahu Salam,

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what does he do? He goes, he lifts his axe and as he's lifting his axe,

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a benefit shirt comes up and jab, arrow down one of the Sahaba he sees a stone tied to rasool Allah has body I started titanosaurs body and he said your Salah and what what does this mean a stone talk to the body when back then and turn the Prophet when someone was hungry that will tie stone to their stomach. You know, when you get a pain in some way? What do you do? You have a pain your stomach, what do you do? You got IE?

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You got to pay me hit. You press on it, you apply pressure so applying pressure actually reduces the pain so when they were hungry, they would actually apply pressure and you can't walk around like this okay? Or they would actually tie stone Rasul Allah, a messenger of Allah is tying the stone to his stomach because he didn't have food Yes. Subhanallah so the next time I'm on board, but then our food on time don't go crazy. Okay, don't don't get hangry but be patient. So he had this stone type debris, he says and what does he do? He rushes home.

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He rushes home and we're gonna get to the stone in a moment. Okay, the suspense is probably killing he rushes home to his wife into the house. He says you know my my dear wife, the profiler Switzerland. He's He's you know, it's got a stone tied to his stomach is really hungry. We have to give back the volume over how long he's a mess messenger of Allah. Do we have anything? Should all I've got is a little bit of wheat. So we can make some bread just a little bit like a handful, maybe three or four loaves of bread.

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And I've got a small sheep not even a big one small one we can sacrifice and we can offer you know this meat so go and and vital salah, Salah Salem and maybe one or two of his companions maximum and he may be Abubaker hammer. Let's see no more than that because we still need food for us and the kids are like harder. He's about to step out. She grabs it.

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She goes, you have it. She looks in she goes, you have made that of BATNA. Don't humiliate us. Don't embarrass us, okay. Don't bring any more than two. Other than the profile is Islam the only three maximum

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you can imagine, right? Yeah, but she grabbed his arm.

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He looked

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scared his wife

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as many people, okay, all right.

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All right. Okay, I only get three people. So he rushes Okay, he goes to the Prophet. I listen to them. In the meanwhile, while Jebin is being threatened by his wife, the prophet Alice, let's Salam is at the boulder. He lifts up the axe. He brings it down and hits the boulder cracks. Light comes out saying this light imagine light comes out of the boulder and the Prophet makes the Kabira Allahu Akbar. The Prophet again lifts up the axe brings it down on the boulder. That cracks again, light comes out. Second thing could be

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again third time cracks the boulder. Not only does it crack a third time it turns to dust light comes out the profit makes it good. And all this harbor erupted. Rock Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, St. Man and Pharisee witnessed the scene. He saw it. He said yes, Allah. What was that like? And why did you make the COVID Sao Paulo Yanni look at them the strength of Allah he was given the strength of 30 Min 30 Min as one of the narrations mentioned, what was this like? The prophet Ali Salam said,

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upon the first crack and Mike came out Allah azza wa jal showed me that we are going to conquer Rome. We're going to conquer the Roman Empire against the Christians who were the superpower of the time. Imagine you tell the Afghans last year in Afghanistan, you're going to defeat America, or someone was a year right then 20 years nothing. What happened in 2021? They they failed, they beat America Subhanallah with what? They beat him with fighter jets and tanks and guided missiles and amazing technology. guys with guns on pickup trucks, right? They they defeated America Subhan Allah. So he said, I saw this like, it's, you know, like a projector projects line, you can see something.

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It was similar to that, you know, I mean, in the sense that I like came out and the Prophet saw this vision. He said, we're going to conquer Rome, until I saw the white palaces before me. I mean, the Prophet saw that they're going to conquer Rome. And he saw white palaces upon what he said on the second crack and the light that came forth. I saw as conquering Persia, that is a prophecy the Prophet saying they were going to conquer Persia, until I saw the red palaces. And then on the third light, I saw that we're going to conquer Yemen, we're going to take over Yemen one day. And that's exactly what happened to Panama until I could saw the gates of sonar open before my very eyes. And

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many years later, that's exactly what happened to the Muslims. They beat the Romans they beat the Persians, and they conquered Yemen Topanga, how did the Prophet nervous? How did the Prophet Muhammad know this? miracle from Allah has prophecy from Allah azza wa jal, Allah gave him knowledge of the Unseen. Now the Prophet Muhammad didn't have knowledge of the Unseen only some things that Allah told him, okay, the prophets don't know that unseen, because if prophets knew the unseen then no one would come to them, but they are not God's prophets. Amen. So we don't worship men who worship the Creator Allah Azza Subhan Allah Now what's interesting boys and girls is when did the

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Prophet alayhi salam give these news give this great news to the Companions? Did he give it when the Muslims were victorious? When they beat the kuffaar in Baghdad? Did he say it when they conquered Mecca? Or when they had ruled three quarters of the globe?

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Rasul Allah Azza wa sallam gave his glad news is because Glad Tidings the good news.

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When the Muslims were at the lowest in the pits, they feed for their lives. There were so scared that they feed even using the bathroom to relieve themselves. They didn't have any food, teaching us boys and girls, that when we are in a difficult time when the old man is facing hardships, and trials and difficulties, this is when we encourage each other with good news and glad tidings no

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have to make us lose hope. And so gosh, look what's happening now we'll never, we'll never win. We're never going to get out of lockdown. We're never going to conquer COVID Nana COVID. Just as we said last year COVID cannot stop Ramadan. Ramadan can stop COVID COVID car stop da da custom COVID COVID will never break our spirit. Never. Because no matter what happens to us as Muslims, with an Islamic mindset, you will never be defeated. You know why? Because if the food is all gone from Willies and coals, then will food or fast I mean isolation is seclusion with my family and with Allah azza wa jal, I get sick from COVID. It's purification of my sins. And if I die, I die as a

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Shahida die as a martyr straight to Jana. Because, as a scholar said, COVID is a respiratory disease. And it is similar to tuberculosis and the Prophet Muhammad. Allah says, and I'm sad about that disease. It's martyrdom, if you die from that you die as a matter SubhanAllah. So really, what's the worst that can do to us? So with this mind frame, we're always positive, even in difficult situations. Yes, it's tough. But we know. That doesn't mean we can't face hardship. It's hard. But we know what's going to come later. It's better for us, we know that 100% We don't know. We'll end up.

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So the Prophet gave this good news when the Muslims were at the lowest and likewise, when the Muslims were defeated, they know how the Muslims lost the battle of aha. Now, of course, they won in terms of Deen, because if you die even as a Muslim in war, you get to Jinnah but they lost as a worldly defeat. They lost or hurt. But what did Allah say?

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Allah revealed the Iowa letter he no one has no don't worry, don't grieve, don't be sad. Don't be depressed. We're intimate alone in Contempo, meaning you are superior. If you are believers, notice boys and girls, Allah said what you are on top. Even when they last thought the bottom Subhanallah Imagine. Imagine with the kids teaching kids competition, okay, you lose, which is okay. Because what you've gained in knowledge, and other things is more important. what you discover is more important than what you win. Imagine you lost you lost and I say no, no, you won. So how did I win? I didn't win 400 oz Mr. Misery now but you won. Why? Because you're, you've learned so much. You've

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gained experience. You learn things about yourself. You learn you can do things. Right you can do difficult things. So Allah said you lost by Allah said you are superior on top. maddening loser racehorses. You want how do I win? I lost? No, no, you want to power what Allah is telling us. Even if you lose in dunya you're a winner. You know why? Because you're a Muslim.

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The fact that you're a Muslim, that's enough, you've won. You've won Subhanallah so this is how Allah as a real is teaching us even when things are difficult to always remain positive. And that yes, it is a dark time for many, but it doesn't stay dark forever.

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There's always sunlight. And it rains it's when owner rains you know every every storm runs out of water, things will pass things will always get easier. Inshallah as long as we patient on EMA and we sell hamdulillah going back to Jebel.

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Okay. He runs back to rasool Allah, he probably missed the fireworks but what happened

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right everyone's like the stone is cracked the right light is coming out. You missed it. It comes back

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Come Come closer for the law to tell you something.

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My wife she's invited you

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to other companions

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that have been known heard and listened well for and then we're gonna eat some food. So I asked him what do you have? Always got one

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okay, the coast is click

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three loaves of bread

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no one else knows. All right. The Prophet said, may Allah bless you may Allah give you extra goodness and hide. The Prophet stands up. What did you say?

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He says Yeah.

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Yeah, hello 100 People of the 100 jamboree at row calm. COMM li Beatty. Javid is inviting you to his house for food. You can imagine David

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was gonna kill me

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a lot. But he said you also love right to the profit that invite 200 invited over 1000 men and 100 and they're all hungry. Some of them were so hungry. They're on the floor, the sleeping. They're working hard. You know a person who works isn't like a person who doesn't a person who works measurement

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Oh boy comes home how to odd that the Office how'd that work? Lifting, building driving? Right? He's hungry, as opposed to at home, you just do the snacking, you know, you don't really feel like a big meal. Or maybe some of you, kids. So you can imagine the hard working men Sahaba jabber is inviting you to his house. Masala. What have you done to get to Salah? He said, but we didn't have much. The Prophet said it's okay. It's okay. I know. So you can imagine now all the Sahaba 1000 of those how by going to the house of Jabba Jabba says I ran home I beat everyone. I ran home to one my wife. He runs home. He says

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we've been exposed we're gonna be on a bad day. That's it. We're done. Finished. She says why? What happened? She said, The profile is sorted. I've seen here's what's happening. Who's coming? She goes he goes the Met the unsolved animal hygiene. Everyone's coming. She's just caught Allah Allah. What have you done? What have you done? Over there and I grabbed you and I'm gonna really grab you. What have you done? She says why? Who told you to bring everyone? They're not told you? It's happened a lot. Sometimes. Mamaw she does Baba or Ayala foods ready? I'm out with the boys. Okay, invite a couple of your friends. All right. And you know, yellow boys. We're going to my house. Okay. And on

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the way it gets a phone call from heavy, heavy booty doing nothing and grab a feed. Where's my house? When can I come?

00:26:35--> 00:26:43

He hesitate. My wife. Yeah, I'll come it's alright. Calm middle of this. Oh, what's one more gonna do and then have a cause?

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Habiba because his wife to sit with highs is you know, the other brother's wife. And then he calls me Abdullah and he calls. You know, Bilal, and he calls I'm on and soon everyone comes, what have you done? You've ordered the whole party all the Bankstown all of the Kimba all of Preston's all of Liverpool. Okay, we're locked down. We're gonna get in trouble. We swear Who told you to bring everyone? This is Rasul Allah. She said, in that case, we trust in whatever sunglasses in that case call us. We believe if Rasulullah SeRa is the truth. So power look at her Eman. Look at her image. She did a mathematical calculation the equation okay, we have 1000 companions times two and a half

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meals. Okay, so there's two and a half 1000 plates. So divided one shape, we're going to cut this one shape into 2000 and a half pieces. And by my calculations this is wrong because according to modern science, my mathematical calculations, basic physics and logic, this does not work. This is the way of the kuffar this is the way of a non Muslim this is the way of a disbeliever thinking when they put dunya over then now a Muslim, yes, we follow the natural laws of the world. But at the same time if Allah azza wa jal wants a miracle to happen, oh my God, and even if against all odds, it's a knuckle over Arkin. Which means Revelation above reasoning. Sometimes we don't understand why Allah

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said a word or Salah said it, but that's why we're Muslim. That's the meaning of Islam. Islam means at least Islam I submit, I give up around the stand, but I give up to your Allah because you know, best that Islam, we surrender and we send me Yes, sometimes you want to understand you ask a teacher, you ask a parent, you ask a chef, that's fine. Sometimes we know, sometimes we don't know. And if we don't know, that's okay. You know why? It's okay. Because we're not meant to know everything. I know we live in 2021 as some people on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and social media think they know everything. And sometimes people want to know everything or guess what's never going

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to happen. And even Osceola didn't know everything Allah told him to say to people, I've been given a little bit of knowledge. A little bit so far. Everything also knows is a little bit compatible illness. True, everything Rasul Allah knew. It's a little bit version of Quran, Hadith, everything the Prophet gave an advice. He had over 1000 miracles. He gave so much advice even to do with rakia and medicine. Yeah, he's say to the people, I've only given a little bit of knowledge kalila panel.

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So yeah, we're not meant to understand everything. We're not meant to know everything. So know this. You're not meant to know everything. Understand this. You're not meant to understand everything. Sometimes you said Hamdulillah. We just accept it. Do you understand how your eye works? You don't you understand how your body digests food you don't exactly know. Do you understand how your heart beats by itself? We don't we accept

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Do you understand how your body takes protein and makes it and you know, produces muscle with it and carbohydrates and produces energy? We don't know exactly how that happens Apparently, yes, some people do. Some people don't. But we don't understand everything. And that's okay. That's okay. If we're not even going to understand everything with the creation, how are we going to understand everything with the Creator? Sometimes people have doubts about Islam, they have doubts about God and I don't understand, well haven't been you don't even understand yourself. You want to you think you're gonna understand everything about Allah.

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And that's why sometimes questions that we don't delve into too much. Because Allah if Allah didn't tell us, if Allah didn't tell us also didn't tell us about talking about dinner. For what they didn't tell us about it. Or Salah didn't tell us about it in terms of our religion, then we leave, we won't go too much into it. But don't get because if Allah didn't tell us first of all the interest is not important. But for dunya you can go and study and learn no problem. No problem because Allah told us ask the people have knowledge. And you know, we can ask the people knowledge in various fields and sciences. So going back to the story, Jay Baer

00:31:12--> 00:31:14

he said his wife says holla

00:31:16--> 00:31:25

that's fine. The profile is excellent on job and very strict already says when you go home, do not remove the lid off the cooking pot. Do not stare stir the meat.

00:31:26--> 00:31:35

Do not touch the agenda don't. He gets their 1000 over 1000 office harbor outside job his house.

00:31:36--> 00:31:38

The prophet Ali Salam tells the wife of jabber

00:31:39--> 00:31:40

de cabeza

00:31:41--> 00:32:27

get another woman to help you make the bread. She has another woman I have only got enough to make three or four loads I don't need. He goes. You don't know what's about to happen. Get another woman. She calls her friend, someone she knows to help her make the hygiene the dough to make the bread. She didn't need help if it's only three loaves but she doesn't know what's about to happen. The Prophet told him the jabber. Bring only 10 in 10 companions in at a time only allowed 10 And tell them not to crowd and not to push and just take a seat and do not remove the lid and do not stir the pot. I'll do it. The Prophet was on cooking duty solo Nice job and what's the profit is Islam

00:32:27--> 00:32:37

stirring. And he and his job his wife gives the profile Islam the bread. The Prophet cuts it up gives it to jabbered with me puts on an applied job it hands it up.

00:32:38--> 00:32:42

Job it uses those 10 Men aid to the fill.

00:32:43--> 00:32:56

The eighth two they were full. They left. I looked towards the pot and the bread. Nothing was decreased. Nothing was decreased. The wife of Deborah says every time we took some dough out,

00:32:57--> 00:33:43

a new batch of dough miraculously came forth. Every time the Prophet put the lid back onto the pot and took it off again. The same amount of meat the same amount of meat was there. Another 10 came in the A to their fill. They left another 10 came in they until they will full left now the 10 came in. Also eight two there couldn't be any more. Another 1010 upon 10 upon 10 Jeopardy said the dough did not decrease. The MC did not decrease of Pamela how many came 100 Lots of 10 which is over 1000 that oh eight two, there were four they couldn't eat anymore. These are hungry men. And sometimes a bobble has one meal, okay, you can eat three, four plates three, four times what you can eat.

00:33:44--> 00:34:13

Many we're working hard to even more hungrier Allahu Akbar. And then at the end, there will still fit the same amount from the bulk and miracle of the profile Islam. Say man, the Prophet told Jeb his wife, he said, Give to your family, and also call others call your neighbors call your friends, they all came, they took what they needed, and they will still feel left over. It's upon Allah. This was a miracle given to the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam amazing. And

00:34:14--> 00:34:37

the profile is your son was given many miracles. This was a miracle that in terms of dunya and the Prophet was given different miracles to of course convince the people. And among them of course, we know when water flowed from his fingers at her they via when the camel spoke to him when the moon split, the moon split into two so much so that Allah mentioned the whole Surah

00:34:38--> 00:35:00

sort of cover extra mateesah When chapel comer and this was recited Duma it was restarted on aid. So it was something that was known it was recited so much that even the kuffaar couldn't deny it. Even the kuffaar couldn't say no, no, this didn't happen. No even they saw it. Even they saw it subpolar and if this was on

00:35:00--> 00:35:35

lie they would have said this was a lie. But even then this was in the Quran Subhanallah many miracles were given to the prophet Elisha salaam, but the greatest miracle was the miracle of Quran. Why was the miracle of Quran, the greatest miracle given to the Prophet Yunus and India? Because every prophet was given a miracle to convince the people at the time. So depending on what was common, what was famous, then the prophet would come with a miracle to convince the people to show them they were truly from Allah. So in the tongue most Ali Salam, what was common?

00:35:36--> 00:35:39

What was combination? She was up on a bed

00:35:42--> 00:36:10

was common. Magic. Yeah, magic was common. So Musa was given something that would defeat magic. And he saw Alison when he came most popular and common. People excelled in medicine. So people excelled in medicine. So is it something of something that was better than medicine, you would wipe over people and they would, they would cure they'll be cured and heal them or someone's with COVID? Okay, I started salaam, if he was alive today, he'd wipe. And that's it just didn't wipe and the COVID is gone along with

00:36:11--> 00:36:58

the profile. So Islam was given similar miracles to the earlier prophets. But because he was a prophet, sent to everyone. True, he wasn't a prophet sent to Quran only. He wasn't sent to the Christians only he wasn't sent to Arabia only. He wasn't sent to Bennett with Surah Al only he was sent to all of mankind. So he needs to come with a miracle. That's going to last forever. True. The miracle of the stick of Musa you can see it No. happen then I saw this and I'm wiping him people can't You can't see you know, it's temporary. True, it happened that time that place we can't see it now. The Quran, it's the greatest miracle, because it's an everlasting miracle. It will last

00:36:58--> 00:37:15

forever. It's upon Allah. It happened on the Prophet, someone says to you, and you ask a Christian, show me the miracle of Jesus. Now the country asked, Could you show me the miracle of Moses? Now honestly, the oceans? Please show me I can't show you Ask a Muslim show me the miracle of the Prophet Muhammad takes up the most suffering for blood.

00:37:17--> 00:37:28

The red, there's the miracle right there. No mistakes, no mistakes. Subhanallah imagine that. Imagine? You know, I wrote my C Monster Book. I'm still fixing it.

00:37:30--> 00:37:41

It's been a year. So fixing it still mistakes. You know you're there. We're writing stories in stage two and three, we're still fixing it, we still find errors. Never did an idea come down from the Quran.

00:37:42--> 00:37:49

And the prophecy mistake never came down perfect. First time last time, every time.

00:37:50--> 00:37:58

Every time that could earn from first aid the last day of perfect every single time. Never. Well, I made a mistake never to Panama.

00:37:59--> 00:38:17

It came down to stay that way until now. And until then just perfect. And guess what the Quran can be recited in many different ways. And even when you recite it in different ways, the code the Quran doesn't change the meaning Maliki and malakian with him

00:38:18--> 00:38:20

while I have worked that fat if

00:38:21--> 00:38:29

you see there's different ways of reciting particular if it doesn't change the meaning, more miraculous measure and hold the book, okay.

00:38:30--> 00:39:12

By the end of the book, yeah, hold the book, this book, okay, this verge a book, no mistakes beginning to end that's amazing. Man. Imagine I said you can read this book in seven different ways. Still no mistakes. That's beyond miraculous that's divine means. It's Ramallah, power that even the non Muslims realized it's the truth. But of course back then many of them had Gibberd had arrogance that didn't want to accept by the Quran is our greatest miracle. So we ask Allah to make us among people of the Quran to learn the Quran, read the Quran, understand the meanings of the Quran. And we upload the topsheet for kids every Monday on dojo. You know what those videos learn about the short

00:39:12--> 00:39:16

sword that you recite every day? How come when you're praying, okay.

00:39:20--> 00:39:28

Okay, we're praying, we're so tired, and we're just, you know, because we're not understanding what we're reciting. Okay, you're praying and looking at the TV? Sometimes some kids do.

00:39:29--> 00:39:49

You're laughing because you know what happens? Because we don't understand the meanings. So let's watch those videos understand what we're reciting and inshallah it'll improve our salah. Does that come later? So no Life Hope you enjoyed Starry Night. If you have any suggestions for a story that we should talk about next week, let us know.

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So now on the record, sir. Wow, let go Salam good to who's those that floss? Yes. So a lot of thanks for joining us first. So did you know that

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recently NASA found a 300 Kilometer rift in the moon and it's

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that was like where the moon split apart Allah I didn't know that

00:41:46--> 00:41:55

there you go wasn't go so we said the This happened on the Prophet and NASA found a rift where the moon actually split Subhanallah There you go

00:41:57--> 00:42:05

once again and what we have in our DNA of hamdulillah people have discovered and there's all signs of the truth

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