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The epic battle between Musa (peace be upon him) and the magicians of the Pharaoh.


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A group of magicians march out of Cylon Moosa in Nigeria to win awards for the upcoming La tournament. They practice a trick called "athlete Hello mom and Star." The chaos and chaos seen in the US during the recent movie adaptation, N blood diamond, introduces a new group of characters, N blood diamond 2, and introduces a new group of characters, N blood diamond 2. The upcoming trial of Islam's supposedly perfect act of killing people by the Islamist movement is discussed, including the horrors of the operation and the potential consequences of it.

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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah are on weekly this Abdur Nasir Jenga coming to you with yet another episode of stories of the prophets in sha Allah. Today we're talking about Musa alayhis salam, the most commonly, you know frequently mentioned prophets of Allah in the entire Quran, and the story of Musa alayhis salaam is fascinating. Different different parts of the stories of the story are featured at different places within the Quran. I'm going to share a really powerful scene, not just a part of the story, not just an event, I'm going to share a scene with you from the life of musante salaam that is shared with us in the Quran by Allah subhanaw taala himself. So in Surah Taha, I'm

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taking this particular selection from Surah number 20 Surah Taha, Allah subhanaw taala tells us, we'll look at the array now who it Nakula for Canada Baba, talking about fear around that we showed him all of our signs, but he rejected them and he refused. He called them a bunch of lies. But legit tonight he took region I mean, out of the NA BC, aka Musa, he said, Did you come to us to kick us out of our own Lando Moosa? Is that what you're here? You're here to try to use your magic and kick kick us out of our own lands. Phil and at the end, Nick will be sadly mithuna He further Albanian Albania como Raiden la nuclear fu national wala and makanan Sua? He said, All right. Well, I'm gonna

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bring some magicians as well. Just like the magic that you do. So Moosa, I want you to fix a place fix a time fix a place where we won't, you know, flake, neither will you and everyone's going to show up. It's going to be an open space in front of everybody. So musante salaam said, All right. I ain't afraid of you. Maria tokuyama Xena, what are you Sharon NASA Doha? musala ceram said yeah, well guess what? We're gonna meet on a holiday Yo, Xena, which was like a national public holiday. Nobody's at work. Everybody's off from work. Everybody's off from school. national public holiday. Well, ain't you Sharon, NASA Doha and all the people will be gathered in like the morning time right

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before noon. Doha in the morning time before noon. Why that time, because the light is out. The sun is high and everything is visible. Everyone is there and everything is visible. So he said okay, that's fine, but the one laughing only for Gemma arcada huzzah. Mata Sophia downwind from there from this, this this setting of the terms and went and basically got his game plan together.

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Carla whom Moosa whaler come laughter walala He can't even so before I tell you anything more what the plan of fit on was that fit on basically send scouts out into His kingdom said find me every single magician that you can find. Bring them all here together. They were all brought to fit on. And when they got together with fit our own, then they basically said that okay for our own. If we beat Moosa, then you obviously get what you want what's in it for us, and he's like, I'll make y'all all VIPs I'll give you government positions. You'll be set for life. So now everything is good to go. Everything is set. The big day arrives. It's the time for the showdown. Before they head out,

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just to kind of discuss the terms. Make sure everybody understands what's going on here. musante Solomon's meeting with these magicians, now musante salaam says to them, whaler come, What are y'all doing? Welcome. Laughter Oh Allah, He can't even don't lie upon Allah meaning don't lie about these things. Don't go out there and support this falsehood. And put lies on a love for us hate that can be either, he will crush you. He will destroy you with punishment will cut the harbor minister and everyone who has ever defied a law. That person has always suffered. That old person has always been ruined. For 10 as a member of Home Buying a home now musante Sam says what he's got to say to them

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and he walks out of their locker room. Imagine is before the game. There's a stadium there's an arena, there's hundreds of 1000s people gathered there together. musante sam goes into their locker room and tells him What are y'all doing? You know, this is wrong. Why are you supporting this? Don't ruin yourself because of fit. I don't

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musala sam walks out of the locker room after sharing his message for the naza obey know whom I'm wrong. For the naza Oh,

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Home Buying a home now unless I know what Allah tells us what? They start fighting amongst one another. They start fighting and pushing and shoving and arguing with one another because they're saying like what Musashi said I'm saying makes a lot of sense. So they start fighting with each other while a certain one Nigeria and they said she should be quiet, be quiet. For long we'll hear that we don't that we that we have doubts that we're flaking kalu so some some of them they get up and they say in her danila, Cylon Moosa and Harun they're just two magicians, UT Danny and Euclid are coming out of the kombucha with her Bobby thought he is political, Muslim. They just want to

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kick you out of your lands using their magic and then they want to replace your way of life. They want to destroy your way of life. for for for for edgemont for me, okay the consumer to suffer. Waka afla hayama Minister Allah and they said so gather yourself together for me Okay, they'll come get yourself together

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to suffer and form into lines you know how we operate. We practice this we did drills, we got this down. So get yourself together, and then line up into your rose Walker, the athlete Hello mom and Starla today whoever wins will succeed. So we got to win we got to succeed. Success is ours. Victory is ours. We got a win today. We got a beat these two today and they march out. Now I want you to imagine, Musa and Harun alayhi wa sallam standing out there two men by themselves and out, come marching out some of the narration say there were 70,000 magicians.

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Some narration say there were 70 magicians. In either case, there's dozens of them. They come marching out. Can you know when a couple of 100 people a couple of 1000 people marched together the ground shakes. The ground is shaking this huge battalion of magicians come walking out the other side. Imagine how it looks how uneven it looks how intimidating you would be callooh they say yeah Moosa Emma until they were in an akuna or when I'm an old car, are you going to go first or should we go first? They showed a little bit of courtesy they said you can go first if you want, or will go first.

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callable alko masala Samson Jago first for either humare see you him. You hate yellow la him in theory him and na de. They threw down their staffs their sticks and ropes. And they did a trick. It was an optical illusion. Whose trickery that it looked like that they were snakes that they were moving around for old Josephine fctc for the moose and I want you to get the scene in your head. These dozens hundreds of magicians are standing there, they all throw down ropes and sticks and next thing you know they look like they're moving they look like snake serpents that are alive. musante said I'm standing there with his brother Harun just two guys. There's 1000s of people there yelling

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and screaming and cheering

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and, you know, berating them, heckling them,

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and they throw down and what looks like hundreds of snakes now the entire ground is full of hundreds of snakes. musante sam when he sees that, for all Josephine fctc fatten Moosa musala sam just felt just a little bit of fear deep down inside in the for answers for Odessa, Phoenix he didn't show it. He kept a brave face. He kept his game face on, but he felt too deep down inside. And Allah knew he felt that inside. Allah subhanaw taala tells him at that time, a lot of we said almost so don't be afraid. Don't you dare be afraid in NACA and tell you and only you can win today. you and only you will win today. Well, okay, mafia, meaning remember what I taught you a lot said when I asked you in

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the beginning of sudo ta Elias musante said I'm with my tin can be Amina K. musawah Ching, your right handle Moosa. He said, Remember I taught you what lt mafia meaning throw down what's in your right hand.

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Tough masa now it will literally eat everything they've made in nimasa. Now Okay, do sashayed. They just performed a little bit of trickery. While I usually say to hateful data in a magician will never ever be successful. So moose Ali, salaam Texas staff says Bismillah by the command of a lion throws it on the ground, it becomes a huge serpent moving around rapidly back and forth. People seeing get are terrified like oh my god, what is this thing? It's like a huge serpent. And it goes through the entire field and literally swallows up gobbles up the hundreds of ropes and sticks that they are thrown down. A minute ago this entire field was filled with snakes would look like snakes

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and musalla some serpent goes on to loose and literally within seconds.

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Within minutes, it clears out the entire ground comes all the way back to Musashi Salaam. He grabs the snake again, and it turns back into a staff with those ropes and staffs nowhere in sight.

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And the whole place goes pindrop silent.

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It is completely quiet in there. But our soul is even breathing. People are holding their breaths. They can't believe what they've just seen.

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And then what happens to here huge thud on the ground, boom, the ground shakes.

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And what happens for all the Sahara to suggest and all of those hundreds and 1000s of magicians fall into sujood before Allah callooh men Nabarro Bihar una Moosa, and in one voice in unison, making the walls of that auditorium that arena that stadium shake, they say amen Nabila be Haruna Moosa, we have believed in the Lord of Harun and Musa alayhis salaam.

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Now for our own.

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You can imagine what he's thinking. He can't believe what's going on. He's enraged. He's baffled.

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He says I meant to blue collar and oven and you believed in him before I gave you permission? In the hula Kabira como la de la como se. He is in charge. I understand what's going on here. You people had this planned out from the very beginning to make me look dumb fellow putting on a vehicle Margiela coming off, well, I was suddenly gonna configure doing nothing. Well, attalla Muna, shut down.

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He said I will cut your right arm off and your left leg off and then I will hang you from the branches of the trees and then you will know who is more Severe in punishment, you will know who is more harsh.

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So he threatens them. You leave this now. Otherwise you will regret it.

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They say Len theater aka Allah, Masha and Amina will begin at what level

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they said we can never choose you over the truth that has come to us. And over the one that created us we can choose you over a Law Faculty Miranda called you do what you got to do. Do your worst. Don't do what you got to do in America. He has to get hired to do what's the most you're going to do? What's the most that you can do in North Dakota he has to get hired to do the most she can do is end the life of this world in Denali ophira, La Jolla Anna Hama Katana la mina, la Hayden, other call them you know, we have believed in our Lord who will forgive all of our sins, and even the magic that you forced us to do.

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Well, Hayden, why because Allah is better and longer lasting. As long as we gotta like you can do whatever it is that you feel you need to do, because we'll be okay at the end of the day. And the last panel with Allah Himself, Allah Himself gives us the reflections that are beautiful the sutra is Allah gives us the reflections from this lesson in the humann yet Tierra whom would you demand for in Allah who Johanna somebody who comes to Eliza criminal

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without repenting without realizing without changing his or her ways? Female uncle Johanna, that person jahannam the fire of hell is reserved for that person. Now you move to fear when I get when I hear that person will never die in the fire of hell nor will that person really ever enjoy life because they won't be allowed to die and that's not called Living. That's no quality of life.

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Don't have a miserable existence. homie Yachty he moved me in the army last Sunday hottie for Allah, Allahu Allah, Allah. But somebody who comes to realize a firm believer and who has done good deeds, then for reserved specifically for them will be very high stages in the hereafter. nirala Jenna to identify that God mentality and her holiday interfere with allocators are human does occur. The gardens of Eden the gardens of Paradise rivers flowing from beneath these gardens. The Quran tells us rivers of pure water rivers of milk that will never go sour rivers of pure honey rivers of the pure wine of Paradise

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without like a desert woman to end Holly Dena Fie Adobe in these gardens of Paradise for all of eternity forever and ever was Annika desert woman to Zika. And this is a reward of those people who purified themselves. When they see an opportunity when they are dealt with the truth. When they hear the truth. They see the truth. They embrace that truth. They change themselves, if that's what the truth is asking them to do. These magicians

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Former magicians, believers, Shahada martyrs, they saw the truth. they witnessed a messenger of a lion action and they made the conscious decision to change their life and their purpose of life.

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We are sitting here talking about listening to that same story that same messenger, we are reading the poor are listening to the Quran interacting, witnessing a miracle. How much will it change us? That's a question we got to ask ourselves. So this was another installment of stories of the prophets and exclusive from Quran Weekly. I want to thank everyone for watching make sure you share this with others does akmola halen was Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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At this point, currently, I'm dehydrated out of water as well. So just putting this on record, so hopefully people see this and hear this and if anything happens to me when we did it, this audio is brought to you by Muslim Central. please consider donating to help cover our running costs and future projects by visiting www dot Muslim forward slash donate