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Sulaiman Moola
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other day in

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our solar Eema knowing what all Al Hamdulillah

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I would have been lying him in a shaytani R rajim Bismillah your Walkman you're walking him over is a tsunami man who would call

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him Nam Lim and teapot lady wound Tina I mean good lesion in the local well fog balloon will be sort of Allah who love him. So yep, we were discussing the amazing stories that the Quran references regarding Solomon Alayhi Salatu was Salam. And we spoke about this unique story from Surah Ambia father and son, and Jose DiNardo. The Alayhi Salatu was Salam was open to the edge of the heart and the thinking process of his son despite his son being junior, and yet there's another amazing incident of Tao Alayhi Salatu was Salam in the Quran in chapter 38 Surah stod verse 22. So Allah subhanaw taala says the time when Sedna doubled was in chamber and he was worshiping and he was

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you know by by by the if someone told me Haram is the Hulu Isla de woo fuzzy I mean, whom call Lulu the half went to disputants into litigants into adversities. Just came barging into the presence of Tao delays Salam and they said Hassan Ali Baba Baba Dona Allah Baba and we are to disputants we are to litigants. And we are having an argument in Nevada agree this is my brother, not biological but you know, brother as associate etc. the Hutus ruin what is ruined and Agia he has 99 sheep or literally you meaning a female sheep when he not jetten Wahida and I only have one for Karla artefill Neha has an even look that up and he wants to take my one and make it 100 And he is

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dominant. He is vociferous, he's articulate and fat combined, and our bill Hark, we want the truth from you. What are twisted, why dinner, Eliza is right, we want a fair, accurate, correct and honest judgment in this regard.

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And so now there is salatu salam was sitting and suddenly these two people just make their presence and you know what, there is this argument and altercation and each one coming across in a strong way and listen we need the truth from you. And it's amazing I mean, I've read the soul right up there in you know Romani what Allah Lucy Baghdadi writes the fact combined and Bill Hucky a wallet that was hope one or two bit read Daniel Hardy well Murad Phil Jimmy lotta Jura filled Akuma what are the we had an angry when nahi in Bihar al Hirsi Ali who real hearty worry Bobby minerais era Yabin be unknown Alayhis Salam Yo como Bill hacking wala you do roof will help me. Amazing Amazing that by

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adopting this expression and impressing upon Dowdell Islam we want truth. They were passionate to say we want a fair judgement, we want an honest judgment. I mean today you look at the you look at the legal system, and you look at the judges and you look at the court urine and proceedings, and you'll see how flawed and how bias and the nepotism and how double standard and how hypocritical it is that you know what there is no no truth left to this year. There is no weight and clout and muscle to it. It takes so long it drags on and really is the Absolute Truth passed in this regard. Because you know the credentials and the scruples and the values of people are just not there

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So we want the absolute truth and totally Salaam is calm and composed. We're free to humbly that will the Delica de la la tuna Allah Allahu yumbo really will hug him

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a year to humbler Mithuna Zadek menial Mahasi mean, la si Yama indica and amendment will have to that we learned from this that the fact that Dharwad was tolerant and accommodating to these two disputants and litigants and adversities that a person who is passing judgment, he needs to have a broad chest and broad shoulders. And sometimes a person might be more vociferous or assertive or articulate, especially when he feels his rights have been violated. And this idea impresses upon us and releases the hint. In fact, He further writes Allama Lucy Baghdadi

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We learned from this

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that Al Hakim woman LA who known Rujuta in LA he filho Zuma Cal Mufti K fillet architetti K fella yesterday behind the Nabil a Wahby fee Radek Bell yellow Babu when the angel when Ajiboye mean Hi came in Omaha coming oh man II know rejuran filhos Suma que phala yuck the DB has an Nabil Awapuhi Danek balliang tabula rasa be at dinner can you get in touch the room in our huddle house main window Felton yet ah ha moment. I'll have to later 310 Fuck graphene FC la Halima and no happiness but the ILAHA Nabil, a Webby la de la wala he Lavine medica to Bourbon. Oh my word. This is just next level. Allah Lucy Baghdadi writing Raphael money that so strange and so unfortunate that the

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judge of today

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the Mufti of today, or anyone who's been given some authority who's presiding, presiding over a matter, you are the panel that is presiding over this matter. Why don't you follow the example of that with Alayhi Salatu was Salam that you need to be calm and composed, and be absolute Frank, honest and candid, and that you should not stray from the truth. But you're on the reverse that you're tabula rasa Billy, I deny kalimat interest Drew. Well, oh Felton minoxidil hos mean, that if anybody has to say anything, which he feels is a violation to his self esteem, there's no limit to his anger and rage. And he feels that you know what that is degrading my my authority, you challenge

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in my expertise, you know how long I'm on the bench. So what we need accuracy, we need Honesty, we need transparency. We need the truth. We need you to be frank. And if you were to be frank and compare yourself to this Nebby that would Alayhis Salam Laulima and no openness, but ILAHA Nabhi you Hola Hola, Avi Mi La ya de la Monica Zubin. He says you don't even equal the proboscis of a fly. You know, the elongated feeding tube that's attached to the head of a fly or a mosquito or insects or creatures. You don't even equate that that's how trivial and insignificant you are. But you won't have the courage to display the courage, the confidence, the vision, the fortitude of this Nabhi so

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these are the lessons of Quran my brother, my sister, my listener, my viewer, if we had people of this caliber, to whom we could reach out and we could get justice, and of course in in a professional setting in a professional setting, you cannot impose yourself on someone who's doing it in a voluntary capacity and expect him to leave everything and come away because unfortunately that's the situation right? The Quran speaks about in the the longest ruku

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in Surah Baqarah about the scribe if you've got skill and ability and you can write and you literate, then make your your literacy and your ability available to help people but then Allah tells the other people what are you Barbara Katie Boone Walla. Shaheed, what are you Barbara Kathy Boone, Willa Shaheed you need justice. You need someone to write you need a witness to come to court, don't impose on them don't cause them pain. It's your issue. He was an eyewitness. Now he needs to come and give testimony. You need his literacy. Well, are you Darren giving you a bye don't cause harm to the scribe to the literate and to the to the witness at the time appropriate when and

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if possible, accordingly. That's the time you, you you, you know,

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arrange and facilitate whatever proceedings need to happen. So that's the beauty and the holistic approach of the Quran. In fact, there's a reflection then in biannual Quran on this year fie rebirth on little moto Ribbit aka dosi he either attained a little Massoud forgetting forbidden to wala answer them in amarilla. Hillel amerihome Fela taka burka, Iblees El Mirage June La ilaha illAllah. If a man assume a sinless person that is a newbie has been told, like this year that we want the truth. We want fairness, we want justice. We want honesty, we want transparency. Then what about the fallible mortal? What about the regular average individual for capable thaum? Well, I asked him I

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mean umbrella in lilmar home and only the one whom Allah guides and protects can be saved, guided fala ticket bar can easily have beliefs in June. So don't feel that I cannot make a mistake. I'm passing so my judgment I'm so anchored. I'm so well acquainted. I'm fine. No, no, a newbie has been told and a newbie is divinely protected. So every other person should be open to listening attentively should apply himself before passing judgment sometimes parents in their children. Now it's a feud between siblings and a parent. It's very sensitive because all are your children. It's awkward, it's sensitive. You might have a soft spot for one. These are very, very challenging

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things. And when you're in a car they

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And being a nurse for WWDC, again, if you've been appointed as a judge, then it's almost like you've been slotted without a knife. Imam Abu Hanifa Rahim Allah refused to accept the position of judge and then he was flogged for it, and he still refused. It's not an easy position. You need to understand and appreciate

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it I cannot talk to be man subliminal Moog la une Kuru Phaedra who wala huge Hello Kudrow who, for k Furby, mon sabe, topia and Rob bill and Rob Bill Alameen. Right. It's mentioned in Zulu, if that as well, that to be a signatory of a prominent person, or you know what to do to be, you know, what? coordinating the affairs of a cabinet minister or something is a sense of pride and honor and dignity. Can you imagine when you are passing judgment, and you are saying this is the ruling of Allah? Do you appreciate the weight of that judgment? Do you appreciate how daunting that responsibility is? Okay. So that's a quick look at two separate incidents pertaining to doubt. And

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Solomon Alayhi Salatu was Salam. And from both, we learned that we need to be very very circumspect calculated in passing judgment. And we also learn that we need to be amenable.

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My children could talk to me, they could advise me, my students could talk to me, they could advise me, yes, we would impress upon them, follow the necessary protocol. Appreciate the relationship that's your senior.

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But from the side of the senior and in in our rich history, scholars have differed, Judas have differed, and there was respect there was respect between between the jurors. I mean, there are so many differences between Imam Shafi and Imam Abu Hanifa Rahim Allah in so many aspects, but there was there was the respect.

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naka de Zanele Bella the woman Allah Imam Al Muslimeen, Abu Hanifa be Ackerman what Allah third in with him Gaieties the Buddha if his Haifa from Erbil machete clean Illa Hoonah Viren Allah Bill Murray benei Weatherby Kufa for Medora Bina Abaddon la he made a yummy La ilaha illallah Imam Shafi paying tribute to Imam Abu Hanifa look at Zanele Villa the woman Ali Imam Ali Muslim in Abu Hanifa refer to Imam Abu Hanifa as Imam Al Muslimeen the leader of the believers Zanele beloved he is adorn he is decorated this this earth be Ackerman what are 13 were fiddling with his juristic understanding deductions, rulings, guidance etc. For mobile machinery clean Illa Allah will must

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remain he will be good for the world couldn't produce another Abu Hanifa another Normanby tablet, it was just one even Kufa couldn't produce another one for Rama Tora Bina other than LA at the mercy of Allah descend upon him. And these are tribute being poured upon him from the giant Mohammed bin Idris, a chef theory himself. Okay, we move on.

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So, verse number 16, Allah subhanho wa Taala says, Well, what are your thoughts on any man who die would say man Alayhis Salam succeeded the his father succeeded? Yeah, what he thought as explained by the scholars doesn't mean material, monetary inheritance. Because in the galaxy of MBR Allahu wa Salatu was Salam. There is no transfer of inheritance. Whatever the MBR leave behind it is charity. So how a father dies and the son inherits that does not happen in the group and the galaxy of MBR Li Mo salat wa salam, Uri Thani via the forum in early October when I look for a beer of the year. Yes, it is that transmission of knowledge and Hekmat and freedom. Well what if this were a man or that

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would verse 16 We continue with this amazing discussion father and son Solomon and Solomon and David peace be upon them both are they him I mean Allah He has Salatu was Salam so they manually Salam succeeded Dawood in Kingdom in knowledge in wisdom in being the guidance is the guide for Bani Israel in and of course Allah crowned him with prophethood well what is so a man who the Buddha will call and he said yeah, you had nice oh, people are limnol men they got played we have been taught the language of birds let's process this yes Subhanallah you have a king in this world he's got cloud he's got muscle and the press of a button there's so many people that rally around him he's

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got his exclusive Dr. Is got his medical team and so what when it's time up in Toby Babbitt would be what they were hilarious talking are different. I'm not gonna doodle, Kedah, Malik Toby be your mood to be the 11th Can you bring Mithila who female mother helical Muda. We will muda will levy djellaba Dawa, who were managed by the doctor the medical the drug company everyone with all their expertise when Allah has decreed death, they cannot avert, divert or change destiny in any way.

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Look at the kingdom Allah gave to the man Allah His Salatu was Salam wa kala he said, Yeah, uns, oh people are limnol men, they got tired. We've been taught the language of birds, let's dissect this year, what was the need and the reason for so Emanuele salaam to tell this to his people? In BioNano Quran it is mentioned, to impress upon them, that we are I am the king and the Nabhi sent by Allah so that they appreciate and understand who he was, and that they follow the teachings and the guidance of Solomon Alayhis Salam. Now there's one expression here is a limb now we have been taught. Some say it's suggest and indicates that perhaps Tao would Alayhis Salam also knew the

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language of the birds. But the preferred verdict is that that's not the case, because there is no evidence to support that. So then how do we reconcile over the adoption of a plural expression we have been taught? And the answer given to this in the Tafseer is, this is a sense of authority. It's our rule. It's our command. It's our legislation. It's our decree, and often that's used in the context of power. It's used in the context of authority. So Allah subhanho wa Taala has authority and power is the greatest and Allah has reference a he is create, you know, he's his power his might in a plural form, halacha Sama, Swati will our we've created the skies and the earth, but it's Allah

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alone, meaning might end power, we also learned from this year is that this is the Hadoop banana, Daddy's banana. So the manual is some spoke about this in expressing the bounty of Allah. So what am I being Amira Baker for Hadith speak about the bounty of Allah. And this is exactly what he did. He spoke about it. But of course, there's a fine line in expressing it, and a person becoming proud, conceited and inflated. So the latter is forbidden, the former is fine and correct and encouraged, we need to speak Allah has been so kind Allah has given me good children. Allah has given me a house Allah has given me how Allah has given me this year, but we need to be very careful because the line

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is very fine between that yeah, the line is very fine between that. Is that where we start becoming bragging about yourself. So what is the Hadith been namah? Is you are revealing this, expressing the favours of Allah upon you, you displaying Allah has been so kind, but the aim is not to to magnify yourself to magnify the bounty of Allah subhanho wa taala. And that's exactly what's today, man. alayhi salatu salam did, yeah, you have NASA alumna Monty Kataya, the words of the Quran saying we've been taught the language of birds, but it's not exclusive to bird. Because as we progress, the topic that follows through is he intercepted the communication of an end. So that means it extended

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beyond birds, of course with the bird does a dialogue that's coming ahead. Can you imagine today science want to say we've tapped into this we understanding the alarm bells and with understanding the code that the animal kingdom share and how they they sound, a siren of danger, etc. And I mean, I have an eye for wildlife. I've seen it recently I was in a lot of busy in Lagos, NBC in Zambia, and we were on a safari and we seen a lion and a lioness stalking a prey. And then we also it was just a sunset we were going to do a sundown and then you know we were intrigued into this beauty of nature just display in itself. And then you would just see the siren and the whistle of the

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different birds and creatures and that's just alerting the entire surroundings of panic and alert and precaution. And of course this is the code with which they communicate, or eliminate Manteca tire. We know the language of the birds and beyond what routine I'm in Calais, che and we've been given everything and anything we need.

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